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Parallelism Shootout: threads vs asyncio vs multiple processes

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and at the the OK so Alison should the rest of the process is basically just use that they have to this is not a the study of 3 of the of the of also according intermediate maybe even in the depending on your and how much of them so why Sharia armies of suffrage there another workable and I don't because a group of experts but today you move on to talk about patterns and the points of it needs to take 1 problem it will come up with less than that and try and approach to solving it using different techniques trading multiprocessing a
single line just get a feel for how it works that we want to take this problem that we have so we have little lot euros and and we want to download the point and so right and then the quantity into that is to use the trading what's processing audio libraries all models of separately and then the 1st begin to for the mechanics of how they work and secondly to it also to a simple benchmark the benchmarks were making the responses provided so don't take it too seriously it's just to give you an idea or a new idea of how they compare to each other you
so before we start something and problem into 3 name so the 1st is that 700 URL from the 2nd part needs to be downloaded from the Internet and they're going to store the right before we begin to quick reminder who is familiar
with I O bound and see if you types of information that is just a quick recap CPU what basically competitions that 404 CPU even more secure processes in the form posterior and the with the and I O-bound politicians are ones that have been tied to excellent completely different elements of the given really fast if you would want to because it's blocking so to go back to the original
cell problem reading euros from followed by this axis reading it downloading content by data to be aggressive again a lot of ways and storing machine again rewrite this so that I about and
just as a random thing generally a lot of things to do are you about for a the decision of generally but usually it's that's also our before we even highlighted so I think would be good to just quickly go through a sequential approach and within the baseline to compare how much actually proves that how different methods have different improvements so bit of a mouthful of my put the whole thing on the because you can actually understand the words on which is in the highlighted FIL sequential approach you know the goal of the URL of those functions but just participant in so that others have to write a lot of things again but they do what dictating so we go over the URLs get the consonants of the engine but we this sequential so if you want me to the next 1 and when we think about us when I think that's also only vast all you have to think about how system almost if you over time right so the way that is that the it's only running on of course that's a lot of and I think that's was I'm concerned study because this leads us to further my tossed instances of their so on the getting your URLs and again this story a change in the next slide just continues like but to even be more accurate what's actually happening is that reducing the tiny fraction of then we're other which is the bottom line because looking prior us it not the thing and then do a tiny amount most of you with the reaction this is not to scale so if I was to sure of the skills that they were deceive you for this particular task it's actually it is there there's and so this is a proper Ireland and just to show how this works
over most so have no 1 knew
what it takes time of outside 30 euros takes a lot more time but owing to get us said the problem statement is that we have lots and lots of your are just used 30 in this case because it is much easier to like running multiple imagine this over because it in your life it's not gonna happen with question of what is good you just predicted goes up in uh so the red is the 1st methods regarding
threatened Python or actually we real threat also there's no controversy in this not controlled that the people with lot or fixed or this just the expected that that's not gonna happen but I was just so threats are actually the threshold and this the what the the real threat right now and quick recap what happened again these are familiar with the use of different types so
good make into a letter subclass of red and or the run method or just function and use the threat of course is target that it's due to work that that's around the procedures for the start of the end of
the run method I will start methods and it goes and does stuff stops when you actual function so that left case the wrong method and the right 1 actually do work function with the threat stops when the functions used in private but what is that
function originally what if we have all true and we wanted to constantly then at the different effects so we posterior goes through to the constructor and that tells that you can you can stop whenever the nature of so when the interest of the other wasn't supposed to look if you don't the nature of what everyone else is running this country this Franco again this is the from so I don't
usually like putting multiple of this is that some of the people to go through what what was 1st and foremost the admiral's the Q admission we need q so that different threads can talk to each other but not to future directions different words can use something to get the what they want to next but uh again part of distances to most people in this it's let's say we don't have to worry about it you just created on this is your 1st thing I do I go on at euros to acute so laughter it's kinda consume from you get an interesting case if you do that separates the 2 you don't want to think of as your graduate you might have a good for all and that's going to be from and then thing is it's that the end of program was largely on the so there we go we have a number of workers and we go through the breach of the advantage of giving the a target function which this in your URLs which those for the sequential version that is that you that except it gets the URL the losses tossed unjustly you Due just say task the charter would trigger with friends and we started and that was the actual go back to our severe what time is here this would look something like this this is more accurate but this that reflects the new that we this and and what was the other as elements in this way the world because to the next 1 but it's being very very here's another way of sort someone sizes and so would be the same amount of time make better use of Our results as we do a lot more of what's right and then they get in there is the equivalent of which which amounts to about any more after this but that's just the same as I did not just make sure there's only 1 thread being run 1 more that particular time right so again our 2nd cost of doing and to protect the
speed and the performance of this approach this is how it works the x axis and I'm afraid so that 1 but it takes ages it's a it's probably even take more than that sequential because there is over of what wanted I mean not the nature and 1 of the greatest of that will see that really more more stress this goes down how the it doesn't matter how often in this case that is between 11 to 17 and you know any getting all of this and that makes sense because the it by the time the 17 straight from there might be the things that would work but this is only facility where that exist in the world that was not out all so what is is with have reduced the time probably the sequential to allow the use of 2nd what are the key cases of lexical classical but we want from multiple sources CC outperform and multiprocessing again I assume most people are familiar and yeah and he would not
receive thought processes the actual process so they can just 1 month course and the what about this is that the is very very similar to that I think there is so it's sites that that the log on so much this is what from philosopher it's really easy to change offered examples a multiple step example front to do that this is exactly the book is only the height of rise of right so instead of getting from trading with different model and instead all the thread we create a process that is everything else is the same this is beautiful but so what has changed but I think that of the multiple cells unveiled amongst many other things as something of here which is a pool of other pool object is a way however as institutional function over a number of right so what this allows us to do these 2 so changing offering telephone to the use of the process can even change of sequential over the use of process and again this is a sequential code as other should be on the form precise all the changes that you read the euro evolves and the data and that all we have a map the end what matters that is a function of radius of all but not little 1 of that function there is articles engine became 1 of those titles list to a and sense to you and you can get a number of order processes that you expect to go out to the time and see if you can it we have to processes hopefully of how would look assuming that the election is different from those of course but the idea is that this should be multiple decisions allow you to such a thing in be able to planning properly and also true that as that total yeah I and if we had more and more processes then this is not accurate but decided it's like having 2 all those little things that you know will be the same it's the same as the other part and again this is not exactly accurate because this process is that you get much more work than you have lots of more costing the
noise and the performance very similar to reading in terms of the way to reduce the number of tasks last but 1st of all from just 1 single year 1 single process it takes longer than the sequential training because the overhead is a lot more to do with the process of threat is the less capitalism but again held the drop this was again used with the euro so after a certain point so this is not really doing much so that's going to be placing
within a single image to Python big Data is the middle management I think that this is a list of things it's gonna who was it's a single module made by 3 point 4 and increases the infrastructure for accessing the political it is necessary quite low levels and the point is that you can use other stuff that was going to with that on top of it argument in this presentation but it is quite and it's very complex with family of what it wasn't it was for and so on so this is the 1 is anyone familiar with the rule
of so i'm gonna go through this that has a lot of concepts I'm going to go through but through just because there I think the most important ones and also those of using In the 1 of the is that we have and call routines are basically functions that can cause the security in the middle of what they're doing it turned into something else does this work and then if can go out the function and carry on so this should immediately on view this is like a gender right there's changes they do something in the you do something else that you look at the pictures from where it wasn't uses this is a war or and the way they they argue is that if you have 3 separate functions and 1 run them in a row here on the wall and then run the exponent that the 1 whereas retains the concerns of the on the first one until it is not but if the sum of all the but in the stuff among the 2nd function and
it does does the element that think the thing this demonstrate well where we live in a row of trees of a function but if you take it you know it's bad because is blocking so it is just 1 of its run but they also that 2 of when grouped clarified it's just making progress that is so that it starts again is just unsolved blocking is ready to go again so it may provide for progress but I don't something that that is just not on in the same order parameter is that it will change so someone wants to keep track of you know how its digital agenda just keep track of all this 1st is going around and that's really
the the then who who is in charge of keeping track of the qualities that you think that and deciding which ones no I rats with this much richer than I did last traits yeah so the cold for using basic by looks like this yields from the it's citizens of we don't talk about it with from basic allows you a two-way channel medication and what it does is that it should be when it just to doing like a generator of it something as from allows you to the kind of the you generator out of it sounds really close to make sense of world the delegation of the delegation of and so just to walk through what's happening here 1st we get all of quantities that you want to go to the basically function this is the topic about we 1st create all of them we all Europe then we need an event so from this approach get then you don't want completely wrong answer completeness allows you to post a bunch of proteins or future what is this person's and they were randomly all over until the and then it's a good way because of them actually wait for everything to be completed and the way to work it works is that we 1st have to get a from the URL so at this point very I'm going right so if you'll from this single yields from get your content which again there's a lot of blocking so we can while the weights of the waiting for example you can just go back a long like the next step but is a lot of different ways of writing this stuff I was trying to make the shortest possible and some of but this is kind of works and then you get your it has used so halfway through it's is going to be just subject carry on work and the performance of
this looks pretty cool so with number of URL this particularly right and I think what's really cool about that is that the the the kind of realize that increases as you add more euros is less steep than it was that's insignificant the so this guy promises drama for
understand fruits all the for this purpose that is more sequential down to the next each other to see how they perform costs 30 euros again not get in which is the whole point of the of this work is the sequential is just not gonna happen on very processing so they are both very good I tried drawing this on
those lose lots and lots of more and a single bit of perform properly in this but again these are have taken the fish sold because they are very data dependent of the need for all you about ask that you can use relative to this affair and that's fine but this this was a severe out of reading wouldn't central as a unit of the basic body along with what he will do that later as far as I understand it uh so that person would be the answer this I am tempted to conclude here but you like making
decisions about just happened and I think the whole point of it is every single task there every some of from the costs of itself just different just look at how is this is that I want to hello there is actually so side the anatomic conclusions they were used always of missing values or whatever I think you have to the pragmatic about the tarsier and and just play with have to see which 1 works well on different order phase
always use this study the
ways enclosed much but it's really because of what you doing and the
time competition so this was not enough natural otherwise Swaminathan would think but this is the case what is this what few with this with the the movement of all in the if you want to see that other than you talk to me and the based Dutch we talk about it but and if you want to try other stuff my code and from other sources that puts together some great things in videos of stuff that will be on the on that URL in the top right the style of the when I get out there it's there's a big problem yeah this is a real big too unclear we have
a kind of what's left 5 1 4 thousand questions sure did you ever do something crazy like combine these techniques have molded processes from France and use a single your window words so the idea for the soul initially when I propose that was that the end do something the but the thing that I get so I really love about 12 minutes of this is selected I hi this little closer to interesting point to a concise uh this something from it's a quality something really puzzles me if you can again the slides with them the threading of multiprocessing time reading that in some way we have 1 than the 1 thread the dates and we'll see them on the other of this world you on the diagram that the times please check this the the next 1 that's all what we show the process of doing this 1 is a place 1 I really think someone we have 1 process it takes more than 30 seconds 0 yeah says what wrong on the other hand I think this is 1 process for 30 what does it mean the following right so the sequential version if you have if you benefits Europe this is basically sequential so it sure takes roughly levels of just under so as I said the end of understanding the person who love what so I got when x is wrong but you don't can make you the same that so what life to the right of course another 15 public allowed life and everything 42 but besides that what about the achievements the and threats so if can use of flat g ven on top of it was pretty good by having done so at the different uses of the word was that everything I was something of the ways in there was designed for it to be a the framework like the of the of of of that was quite low level of but I don't have any of drop process work candlelight of reduces the of is but if you that added this level 1 of 1st 1 being the of that will be made given does not run on top of this is its own eventually it's a completely different of what it was yeah but you have to look that yeah it's not but what I was looking at a version of this on yeah I was just saying that you do so students samples of the dilution from but not for the American American president there's vitamin properties the of achievements of removing yours was more although I wasn't strong willed it the direction you coverage even on top of I have to discuss the roles of the same data a set of interfaces to this level but my primary source of someone move into to prevent look from those words the additional ministerial out Heaven through a file will have to to use some of their power which was used numerous changes so that is the promise you your friends and it's generators to generous and were of proteins through because all of and so it just using this model corresponding the quality of our lives and the new synthesis of defining priorities I'm going to serve you from sort of working you would use words yesterday so I had yeah actually opened a a policies and the resources show you what readers response we chose use from the that didn't have that's that's also the resources the signatories we just those loyal to the final the weights and then as you mentioned by the end of the East-West the and the largest set something quick what about memory overhead because of the training process is still all the interesting thing much more memory than Mexico for example yeah the so the lake and I don't I really get nervous when I have to do a conclusion like that yes they do other things you have the data sets have to say that they are thinking about the overheads did you have to give them a chance of testing something silly like say form or threading processor for them all the processing but you should my interest a flow of what the lot of people that 1 of the guys trying to find is that if I did there is you of that at all but this book will the use of a lot of development and like to get free give you the next of the spectral there there questions
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Titel Parallelism Shootout: threads vs asyncio vs multiple processes
Serientitel EuroPython 2015
Teil 143
Anzahl der Teile 173
Autor Tajbakhsh, Shahriar
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DOI 10.5446/20203
Herausgeber EuroPython
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Shahriar Tajbakhsh - Parallelism Shootout: threads vs asyncio vs multiple processes You need to download data from lots and lots of URLs stored in a text file and then save them on your machine. Sure, you could write a loop and get each URL in sequence, but imagine that there are so many URLs that the sun may burn out before that loop is finished; or, you're just too impatient. For the sake of making this instructive, pretend you can only use one box. So, what do you do? Here are some typical solutions: Use a single process that creates lots of threads. Use many processes. Use a single process and a library like asyncio, gevent or eventlet to yield between coroutines when the OS blocks on IO. The talk will walk through the mechanics of each approach, and then show benchmarks of the three different approaches.
Schlagwörter EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015

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