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With modern peripherals: Python and Flask

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OK good afternoon of every 100 the now I'd like to discuss the residual moderate prevails in the bottom 1 little and I don't know we'll start having myself and I will not quantitatively what and other thing that for the use of all of marginal and last year uh laboratory with feelings toward the of the source were used in this presentation and all for all of the words we get from those not in the language of the quality our derived from properly early elements of the of all learning by the
Holy from the the of September last year on around the world it was enough to to get by
a bunch of combined which is the next original on using plastic triangle and various kernels among the of abilities of both the 1 where I work in the future for and for a younger generation and before that I was absolutely always working knowledge of local for 1 of the major publishing houses in Europe 1 when I was as to European mostly for literary and this is not the only time and programming to what's
what practical providing a fullblast communication channel over a single TCP
connection sorry using 1 of
the device that was talking about 2 per cent so the work of the institute and I will not go to the details of all that protocol analytical no just briefly explain how it works and it works with a start our oversight and which operates connection of it should be the goal was to get call and after that there's is Mrs. exchange from server to client triggered whatsoever depending on how to develop program and application and that's the part which interests us when to live there Over and after that there's ocular such that and the communication from 1 supplier there's a few ways to implement socket and I the 1st is that Putin 2nd circuit library which was very nice and fast but also understand and you have to create the job of different parts of yourself so I mean I was I didn't use that is that I was thinking about using the spoken dialog library uh which has both the art but it to the prior need to run a 2nd server just for what's OK so my solution what use cluster expansion fast I O library and
that which is only 1 solution all need to use just 1 server word for all the mitigation and there's us extra version of what we're doing at half past which has some major stream of communications engaged in the part and also a set of tools look at what and this
gage there's Iistening partner from for and which circuits it's very simple just connects to the to the application part on the back and then and meets or exceeds the signals from the bottom if you know flask of resources and the
you it's important that we will be using uh 0 . 9 version of the it's a good idea of application because the current ones is not supported by the extension so that it is from what you see on the introductory and this is the mean but in the culture which is responsible for quite some time and if you also ask you do you will is the using the fast I O extension because as you can see there's approach for fast and there's something on and connections that's all you have to of a really worry about and the 2nd thing that's interesting and you just you got and of the script so on the strips and the 1st divide up all this a tried aside from the hardware at hardware which is now this advertisers the cheapest solution on the market but despite the so that's when and what this on the truck I trucking inside process of using the resources of the made where a person is looking at Table gaze and they try to use the different service offered the harbor part is simple and more there's more complicated part on other of
a commercial site of the project and so i Turkey and can be used in a variety of publications passive and active uh I will call the outlook of model classes during the rest of the presentation of emissions from the active uh for example is that the this control you can I mean gained control of mouse pointer or even use to looking to and adopting isn't anything new because you can't get our photographic camera from what and ideas which will also unfolding focusing system like come along and here is a short
advertisement from the producer of the application yeah it's how they would like to see there
other device used they
concentrate more on their
usage and so as you probably think this is on other
side so well and
it's a early and to prove that there is so on the 2nd flight used and what they think is made up of future that a falling object and called
and it was working residency not so bad because some transport was to acceptable usage the there are a
few notable well obligations of this application that this is the first one analyzes online so what can do what the user see what what focus on what the focus on to improve the life out of the page of the design of the bridge and of course there application the right and that all the common use nowadays uh this against the application is to call for all whole side using prior trucking and it will you can severely disabled people with mental or to use everybody knows the minutes to say that there and probably more people will be able to use of the devices will be and the 1st the 3rd possible as and abstract trawl that will happen after that using a truck and will be more of their own just on the basis and then you will be blocked from everywhere right but that's not will just for your eyes and other places that meanwhile driving a car and when will be stop using keyboards and mouse a imagine that you have tool or on ice . horribly twice OK you can do all of those simple parts and forward uh from device the which is only a file that connects light strategy in which has to be a and during the usage of the ITER device and so it's a very straightforward and
and to provide all this data is the item cold start to connect to that I tried to they tried to do not let the user connects to the let's look at and after starting the event and its sensor data periodically at the height of solution wasn't too good to presented life life stream of data what it was much better as unlike from the same data government this is the part for
moving them to the title side I didn't make any of because it was too which is to sure so and deduce library the pugilist worldwide was even simple to use it was not linked to much but also required another minute around so to fully around the side you have to have of these 3 frequent each those 1 for each of the moles and which is quite demanding on their resources and
uh I was part of a science concurrent uh just JavaScript solution and the solution both for our usable but you have to choose what they want to do if you want to acquired data and then analyze the graph to improve their website look you should despite and because of that right of receiving the much higher to want to create on a formal logic can you tell us to it's may improve when the soccer title library streaming probabilities will be also all ready for quite some but no this is not an change that
uh when I was thinking about this project I came up with and the public debt of idea for application that will be analyzed and how the user is looking at the picture on on the parade his knowledge about the art by the end of class you looking where he focused on how the moved his eye on the picture or even how long was looking at that picture because we can measure that obviously OK and this is how the item looks like through simple a somewhat smaller and portable but it's hard to use in the book you can only use it and this is the to be honest and the 2nd devices new
new are about to which the nature of the action should excel which you
should let because it's still advertising as our ultimate presentation tools knowledge I would but maybe with some practice and there a little moving your hands you could use the more is use of the 1st flight was new way to interact with the computer the more from within the presentation because as I mentioned the church itself and the
unbound restore muscle activity using electromyography sensor with electrical impulses going from muscles it also have accelerometer to all who controlled software order to only 2 from the from the from the dishes or motion we are using and there is
also an art my among some of the good
works even good I didn't start the
game part that
doesn't or but I crashed
and compliance the controlling the movie or a the iTunes so good enough but
it's not our problem I
also and try to the soldiers and to be honest the reality as you can see is during this presentation is on us call for and philosophers and up in which Europeans the crawling
gesture so with and without the site the 1st part was 1 time it works fine for the 2nd and 2 times the same event hold page down so there's 2 religious under my own as the Capon
and there there are many possible with the teacher is
is that which control for example the governmental once by I an amount of up to which all see that what he's trying to make the famous Robert science and others make use of all these all and it's getting very tall and from compartments or when you have to work on something remotely for example and margin on the scientists working on kind of what it's worth using Cuba probably won't be possible because of the heat and you can still make any motions on by your hands and those to be precise and that usage I found could be useful that it will be perfect I'll into Europe application when your client is working too hard and type too many words you will have to make a pulse to make you guess trucks and then it q Q and continue the war was going it could be also useful for programmers full stop working and there are a large number of hand muscles of the frog in the background is still an active uh cover it nice and helpful in Egypt or from and off command and will be too helpful it's much bigger than that I tried rural part of it because it sends and receives much more data from the muscles and from the gestures and just the location of the base of the location of rise which does that make you a robber is the Python code which is very similar similar
to the I tried I tried to cultural right in terms of 0 forms on X and I started in the moment and I send them in the current gesture if it was wave energy and the down the event and so when I make way of the sign it should send me I'll wait not event which should strongly nature of or both and the
soccer and the talk on the
front and part of it similar the part of the job of the work by private and in this example missing oscillation because it's just from reading the of and stopping the connection I like to I think
about it in the application where you can dislike for like people and imagine using anybody recall I dislike and flat and or you can make us . si or come to me and it's interesting because you can use man tool uh unbalanced which for 1 and I think it will be other more useful and and the games where you could control your own of our body of all the there's also many the reason you to enter the toward squared this terrible this was the most of your body parts and other things and the 1st devices motion which is really small I think it's the it's the oldest 1 of the 3 million people could to authorities and something about it it's the most natural 1 uh that motion breaks a gesture strong from phones smartphones and tablets for your mobile or desktop divided into what you're doing in front of the screen it is to infer from the with infrared light in the world the In it's the
2nd character has to get done image of the hands and the other part which converts this image the precise through the image of your hand and its quality is enough to that you can get the data from each phone bonds drawing up to the gestures everything is that and how presented
by the and this time
than the other but doesn't is quite real and most of
these things bowl and what works In
other words you the the
most precise 1 of the 3
and this is how it was done using I was growing
up and moving this is the 4 times works perfectly but
it was a gesture when I was trying to make a similar thing collide i pointing block on and that she would give me a lot of advertisement this or being on the location of the problem that on the what circuit implementation which wasn't interested in lots because of the requests and responses all the time it was more often than right um and ability of the usage of mostly to control the site itself you can imagine that think of finger on the exact place could replace the mouse that would be difficult to important text or extending the current usage of the website the moral for their own and might imagine that part at the title proper was created by the manufacturer so we it's very precisely is the biggest 1 of them all and gives you the most data from all the 3 were part our and that only needs to to libraries war with the device that they don't have to even be installed and they will all on your machine this there I can call to just received just to get the index finger and so when you will be going to Gates it will send the data where the fingers and this is also a certain part of very small to I because because the user trust similar in this example and not I would like you to imagine our attributes applications uh where you see all the ingredients of on your screen and you can just move them on your pizza and
wait for Brazil the past similar as you'll created using your the authorities something like that in furious around the public local from with yeah OK some
target the 5 omissions through devices and very briefly about the merits in last year's there's enough of everything you can put on your finger and make gestures the but some of that vastly over simple and useful and the and who's to say in this apology the to the there was an argument edition the device before of the old of access could be made with not every implementation was working that would also like to expect some work only goods and when it was all done on the client side especially I tried and then the microcircuits was just rip could do that as chairman was of logic all the time and I also have a the fun playing the role of the factors in sigh with documents 1 who was in full system where it's like a with some of them and I think they gave unlimited possible hazardous and I will get back to the called
part and tried to use system reservation thing on the denominator which I didn't want to try In the 1st of all of that 1 hard have if you think about the most common the I have to use it for suggested as the this lecture and the 2nd 1 was but
also the fact that they're all at
called that also use here and will be available on mind from with the slides from the presentation I just to clean some of the from the comments on the body of you can contact me on anything you want of course even if you forget that my e-mail and google it should have a good heuristic there and out as I was told only 1 of the presentation it's always a good thing to keep the cute of the presentation because that gives you 15 per cent but the feedback which I'm counting from 0 4 and the food but help to improve myself and the you can ask me no questions you want yes this is not the 1st World I don't know what that is no because of her head and the because of the lessons of so it it doesn't sound like whole maybe you can Jr and requested and just like says how do you complicate between the this slightest thing and the fast fast system of work at the duty that that active on your website and then committee or that's operating system to fast if you get out of the topic which you are using that will connect to do this list let's look at some of you who have lost your condition look up when are active top communicating with using what separates us I explained in the beginning of the system distinctive combat to it looked in because this year you have some tea but you get in the about the question when
I was only a I of this
is the longest and what is the end of the just life or it doesn't work now on the other way because worked
before during the a son was wondering
is there a way of using maybe Flash that to communicate with these devices so that's I something that already using browsers you don't have to deliver the icons to the user yes so it's possible to use flush you need to communicate with the bark and or commute with the west so with the device so that's it the device the user he installs a perceived and Marx was our petition which is on the server it's possible that even if only drafted for example there's a label for each device and the for the motion of the device and the among device you don't you just touch on adjusted library I tried this
moral it's harder to implement because you have to connect from the server to the client of the moment tool implemented and this is the hardest 1 to implement as they do have some connection and a browser can access it in which you read the the sensors TT born signals so the you because and browsers of system and the set and tends to use devices the feedstocks many mouse clicks so the send something right keystrokes or mouse clicks back to the browser if you are using just Weber yes you have you already have to do with the device to part of me and ask if you have the diversity of enough for of Austria to receive the signal you only have to old communicate In the grocer sample of the we show that this this this this and this application decide when to use your and your arm of the motion and it will connect to the associated to the just apart and will be all you'll be all the of is the role of the syllable I was thinking of because you can also communicate with touch it's also possible and introduction would only and the funny thing is that all of the data you are marked and the ocean also benefit from expansion and the looks perfect as design I any any other questions will know all of the community to use that to to
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Titel With modern peripherals: Python and Flask
Serientitel EuroPython 2015
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Autor Dyba, Piotr
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DOI 10.5446/20187
Herausgeber EuroPython
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
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Produktionsort Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Piotr Dyba - with modern peripherals: Python and Flask Auto-scrolling sites, glance-following ads, and gesture friendly web pages are coming! Over the last few years three products emerged that enable interaction with computer in a new way: Myo Armband, Leap Motion Controller and EyeTribe. The Myo Armband is a device that uses the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and tablet, which is especially useful when your hands are "tied" or dirty. This device will be used to navigate through the presentation. The Leap Motion Controller tracks both hands in front of the screen. From a web developer’s perspective, both devices allows us to use gestures, previously restricted to touch devices, on desktops. EyeTribe is an affordable eye-tracking device. The talk will briefly cover setting up SDKs and python wrappers, and then focus on possible uses in daily life, business and, of course, web app development. Code examples will be included. In addition, the trade-offs between processing this new type of input data in the client versus processing input on the server will be discussed.
Schlagwörter EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015

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