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The Salt Route
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Seminario, Pablo
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Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Pablo Seminario - The Salt Route An introduction to the devops culture by sharing our experience at PeopleDoc Inc. a successfully French start-up. The salt route talk presents some best practices and common mistakes that arise in everyday teamwork between developers and sysadmins using SaltStack for configuration management, server provisioning, orchestration and Django web applications deployment. As an introductory talk there is no prerequisites required.
EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015
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on the this week Michael working guys to that this thought that the that from from and conference on so our I will you I wanted to do was only 1 of the world's so of anyone who had operated due to this conversion much and you're looking so we have of me my name
is going against the item from Argentina so this is what happened in very bad news and and the so the false all 4 of the past 5 years I have a value but different accents so I work system is data that the fall the last 10 years have an answer from the middle of a foreign most of so over those story is
a the the thoughts and people don't people that is a front effect of creative ideas that gold in the cause of this is the reason behind and about the end of the small . 14 people across the country the occasional an we can say that the subjugation of values of France we the I found that people don't you come to the fore open source projects so
these ways to use start with the 1st this diagram you all think of more than 11 a companies here that is something we have to fight gender teams they work with this thing is that the use of the radius of that cell was on what man is dead occasions it's used as is trying go on looking on the front group project of home after that only because they don't what's going to they created by chance so we see some of the some of years using for the time of we also have a new round a single beta stations created with in the years on we just don't go for there to be a value on the left hand on as well is there develops is of deemed we existing there is so as possible for all the stuff of of ontologies and environments like the future output of so we will talk
about tools this is the you know we use so that of 7 from and I'm confident management so you will also we have all those that fall on the know answers we we have a look at the start there's some integration and so on the will of the Creator as well as possible the agencies that we have area of this thing right so we can have again and we have in this day and we can use the same tools for all of their environment look at all of the original but for the time canonical form to this new we used it for and my dying is a very good tool because entitled goes to share information between the different genes that sometimes you need to use a more a specific tools like suddenly century or of meaning so this is the latest to which we use the data for the for the then next question is what I want to his full stop you know there are some other solutions 1st but don't want to so why so stack for us there are 2 main reasons the 1st 1 is the goal of the study of themselves so that the people of the reuse of 4 of right there are so the valuable to the the 2nd 1 is because like because this something you want to and the top of the out of it is that they don't seem to use to look like all so that it is the reality of God Joyce and he certainly out of that used to say about it so the last 1 is possible possible needs the 2 conditions for the source of light that's so latest Morrison bounces back in 1 we choose we take a decision to use so monsoon was was a very early stage of the so a so that we there are many other results just use social that you want you can see the history of the feature of our that you're a in the variance those models died that you can think of the data you want and we felt interior we show you some medical concepts of sort stock that
so most of these they're not the same concept in the all cooperation management system on to and of the same concept is for example the main thing this far wiser must dominion so working on clients or model so it's very simple and the mass of the sword must political on the union and the known as Centaurus a look back to the master this is a very are most important thing to understand about then states and so this theory to describe him just which the system should be in by default this theory of state of the union of fire by which of
here for example we have decided to call it that it is the this is the at least been and if we should 1st of the affected in the 2nd row shows the contrast of the all of use of the naming of called several so this is a very competent problem state and
important instead of the and here are some of that defining the moment so it must that they are still not all the news you can install a bigger like about it is a way of about and will also think that that will be the share all songs in the and all all of the meaning of the sentence the other examples you can see a defined yourself so we use the use of name on so 0 we use kind of that I did credit for the use of all all all all it's all on my own the unions so you finally the
concept is great grace and ask that in from the example that I started in the is to not let the air out of the way of the aforementioned share of the all uses that information only a specific to to me and the for example if you have things like that they can make 1 of those under the name of the existence of on out of many of the infamous of of the union exchange tools were and so on right the concept of the on the now will
show you the workflow used people there I always use of sort this is a very simple notion of all of the workflow that's what it's video new release of the problem but they did not genes uh so stacked to deploy these these products to their into their products on systems uh so the example into so here is certain in that in create everything which I use that word for each other brother following so is that you have just 1 place to but all the 1st of for all your own environment and I know cases we have just 1 of the proposed I all the states to be deployed on every product of that people find it looks like this well very well but not for long
what the 1st 1 the performance of the but of the in in the this slide
this develops seeing is that in
10 made him that can do the same thing on the bottleneck of a system because you Coffman religious minerals in so many teams or the fact that we quickly a column 2 the centralized all the deployment only want just wanted 1 of the problem
and maybe complexity and you can have many different is that that's what remember that there are only 2 of us got tone that success was various readies you just of go out of complex relations this semantic so can be a problem in very
how hard to to change another prominent these we have only just want you to positive just stop all this for this so when you start can be talked about you have all of this in the same place that as the 1 with the will that may be hard to manage all of these states to get we have a model of the of the of the direction and the 1 brother that there some of as there is on from the 1st began in the final version of the cell itself is not so easy to manage following so we we seen all these problems on what about people so we have some ideas you can you're aware that you're
writing is that the quotes from a number of other and a history of the operation of the facilities to develop that and that is the present on the day to day operation of problem so this can avoid the problem of development as its we have the responsibility of the the deployment of the so it the the 1st and the 2nd 1 is if you also so that good
for on the formula used in our brain writing state so this is I you during the break state the project into the project Due to the that's like this of the entities is that the sum of also know many of the problems but with the phonological some of them will be a sign of because they are you can avoid the problem wanted to states so cool also the load you all of the seems to to right there on the inside so it's a good idea practice use this sort of problem finally there for its jails you in your answer to the you need to do this to these days somewhere because you you think about the effect of the skull the problem to the test so you need to it's not usage there's going be during simulated all environment in William environment and the following content or in the time machine where computer that is very complex to simulate the same effect Europe because in their approach is you can have different are are where uh and dominant connection our knowledge base can taste so it's not easy but we used start to use
contain genes part the ceiling of container so this in this I know what you choose in greatest saying so this is horrible thing that you can have you know the name of a study yourself but you can you got wrong in the point in the same just so it's not the because we we need to do you think about all this this kind of relation of interaction between time brother who resides states grains PDF of the of is tracked for its environment so is not these days so also this in the local and the local environment you you can never be sure that that exactly the same in the from environment because you have to know how this is the heart of of of the which insisted but you need to approach all the text uh it's 2 problems before all that that the approach system so this is an idea is what we use for by the fire so it is is the idea that there is no more than there is not much uh the formation about this subject ourselves that hope is that the Republican this year or early was that so we checked we'll all of our own formula that we didn't say our thinking the to go to this formula repository of slow step there is and they said repository all the data from why don't you can find many years is whole to test stage our that is a whole so you the there are any questions so and what the reasons why haven't sold recently discovered this goes to that for building development environment and it was fundamentally on in the world the troubles was the problem we have dividing was souls invariance table has that some will come down decision version soul search sold from local stable it was 2 years ago was my question you mean the sort more stable for some years yeah yeah yeah that's that of role of very model last 1 and 2 years so now I think is very very stable and how how different parties using sold in looking at development environments as well or you do not just local and then deployed in separate that's the story on on this area so on things of clustering result was using inside very practical near-identical development parts what we deploy why is that what you're doing already still using so that can be using solve in development as well the we use integral yeah yeah the yes I yes I gave some up to him and his slow start to be deployed to the of the applied piece of its brother in their in their local environment that thanks the we were questions that's of thinking


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