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Diversity: We are not done yet

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to the he I am a little over caffeinated conveniently like 4 hours of sleep broken up so there will be a little bit seeking to yes good morning and so and I like expose myself as the people and last week I actually went down to my local or something and they played the full score of star trek to the star trek movies in 2009 1 on the economies and I'm going to remind me and some of you know the Gene Roddenberry is
that he is the creator producer whatever the started to be serious and many and if you did and comments about and that's really relevant to the disease can 1 start off with 1 and since so of search acronym and so
1 obstacle and to adulthood and needs to be solved immediately and we must learn not just accept the differences between ourselves and our idea ideas but to enthusiastically welcoming enjoy them diversity contains as many traders as those waiting for us in our world and we'll find it impossible to fear diversity and enter into the future at the same time but
and so on very comfort break bring here and someone that's so prominently culture and sent to say something like this right and actually figure out with my father always watching reruns of Star Trek and I think my favorite is next next-generation and better the I did not expect them to behave but my
father brought no 1 you know the rules because in Seattle making is like a real dollar being here for data
and they actually just opposition for 1 whole the you can get the black haired out but I have a suspicion that and start being in the background of my adolescence like a really shaped me when I was growing up and looking at the TV series as an adult they're very diplomatic and the characters had very alturistic views on and they apply them to very difficult situations and the the whole premise of this star fleet rate was 2 was purely humanitarian and peacekeeping efforts the series
itself and was used to reflect the current cultures and racism sexism class warfare among others and run very himself and even said by by creating a new world and with new rules and I can make statements about sex religion it on politics and intercontinental missiles knows very novel to have a show like this in the sixties right so I myself as a technique that and the more about me
and planner back engineer 1st Spotify and based in sentences that and I'm also Vice-Chair and PSF and lifting me and I leave the concept justify ladies as well as a lot of the global highly these efforts so perhaps you know find 1 or and maybe this is your 1st Python conference but to get everyone up to speed and as the years there's been a huge movement for to improve the communities the 4 years ago for pi your pipeline years your Python provinces ago 3 years ago tell people basically anything I am I gave a keynote and as a complete pipeline you you've been like had just started 1 pi bond and how was working to help increase the amount of women within the pipeline community and so I only found it appropriate to give an update so you want to know that this talk is mainly focused on women and that's because that's what I'm closely familiar with them but the ideals promise should be translated to undermine like other minority groups within the Python community with the tech community as a whole so also please like sit back close you computers and I have a link to everything at the end of the villagers love you to like enjoy
and so to give you some context and I could try to explain why something like this is important and but I have to do some research and there is some really great quotes that I want to share instead and so the first
one from Harvard Business Review that there is little correlation between a group's collective intelligence and the actions of its individual members but if a group includes more women it's collective intelligence rises the next 1 comes from the National Academy of Engineering treaty depends on our life experiences without diversity the life experiences we bring to an engineering problem are limited as a consequence we might not find the best engineering solutions and from Scientific American when groups of intelligent individuals are working to solve hard problems the diversity of the problem solvers matter more than their individual ability this diversity is not distinct from enhancing overall quality is interval into achieving it another 1 to the same article and chronic and will fall under the under representation of the workforce leads to the inescapable conclusion that we're missing Kurt critical contributors to our talent pool it is hard to go work for let alone the best workforce and there is broad under-representation of up to 75 per cent of the potential talent pool 1
last 1 from a different Harvard Business Review cases and after 10 years of work experience 41 per cent of women tackle the industry compared to 17 per cent of them but they are not likely to leave the women in other industries because of having family now when you look at the actual data numbers helped
a lot and you can see the lack of women across tech fields across the board and not going to take note some of this group that I introduce myself that and you have to is the only 1 that allows employers to self-report not identifying is male or female
and I mentioned earlier than that and there's been a large initiative within an and entire community to increase diversity so what exactly have we been doing
and I mentioned I was on the board and then on the board for the past 2 years and this is my 3rd term and in those years have seen a large influx of grant requests that specifically target diversity initiatives and just a month ago family approved 3 general girls funding requests to grant to apply can you can that specifically target kids and teachers to get to the conference and 2 grants for workshops and low economic areas are areas that would otherwise have difficulty accessing computer resources and just from some quick back-of-the-envelope calculations and so gender roles I it is celebrating with the 1 year anniversary of Austin and within that 1 year we've given 19 and Tolling over 22 thousand dollars and we're also try to to be a bit more introspective as well and this past selections and maybe you're in the case of members list and we made a call to members pleading to take diversity diversity into consideration for the nominating and voting for the new board and because of those efforts 11 directors and now have 7 women from 3 this past term right so within and Python centric conference network and you may have noticed an influx of American products and there's definitely a lot opinion that seems to think code of conducts are not needed for conferences yet as you see is not for those folks those and those most likely to be affected by harassment resulting behavior and are often the minority invent and less likely to be there is even a timeline of events and then the Geek Feminism looking thing and then sort exhaustive about it collects and is actively maintaining and incidences so to show you that is do you happen and then when we do we as a community need to show and this shows that are affected that we can support them in that we want them to be here and to feel safe In unrelated layers of November 2012 and the Python solver Foundation past initiative and that state symbol only sponsored conferences that have a code of conduct in this and as well in the past few years conferences and have been organizing or supporting women-only events and including diabetes lunches and gender tutorials women only copulas hours and the like and let us see these myself and at the other end cavities lunch and have high con North America and I get Paul women up on will stage to talk about themselves with toxic giving the posters tutorial sessions lighting talked whatever to to talk about themselves and women and we may be a bit embarrassed to talk about ourselves and so having a form expressly Dean's OK and encourages them and does have a tremendous effect on top and I've heard regular praise its super also to be in a room full of smart inspiring woman and so am I think he was yesterday and here were the Python is for girls shared role familiar with that teachers the words so often it's pretty surprises like when work offers the intervals and so on but I'm having the creator of pipeline talk publicly about the need for diversity within the community the community would exist without him has had a significant impact and I am so very lucky that he lives in the bay area and I want to lead users close proximity and I I 1st met him and 2012 call the moment invited him into to start off a study group for a woman and 2 and I find it interesting warrant that Python for culture is used as an but and since then has been a regular speaker and for a pilot is simply see if you take a look at other communities so you can see a lack of support from leadership and it really affecting them and like the the Linux community and I don't see much insurance and by Linus himself has said and put all that diversity stuff and it's just details and not really important it's also well known that flame wars there a part of the community and therefore leadership and tone that and they said it has affected diversity 4 . 4 per cent and when there are a bunch of media women in 1 . 8 of the developer of the dead in developer community and I'm looking at the Ruby community and and you can even see like of leadership support there as well and the conference and a conversation response Ruby can't announcing the and 2013 top line up and they point out that they have a lot of diversity in the top line and that's the creator Ruby and said in response that and giving bias to minority does not solve the problem it creates reverse discrimination the center conferences and have been public about the lack of speed University 1 even actually sold the conference are it can have 1 very well known outspoken we develop an ashtray and she demonstrated that she is continually impressed by by the pipeline community and she's not even a Python community member virtues and think that she is that you and the everyday communication has done a lot of work and for gender diversity within the community including including rails girls rails bridge and similar things and the fact that these conversations over speaker diversity and says that the efforts are taking place taking effect my can ImageNet that have that matters more supportive that movement are even if they had a similar organization behind the Ruby language that we do with the PSF supporting and diversity and it may be a little bit better and something deeply involved with the high ladies and it started in 2012 it doesn't fall in love sentence with and a few women and Python developers and essentially said when this be awesome if we get together regularly In this approach it really
is the uncertain and so from their is expanded to over 70 locations and each we raise tens of thousands of dollars to send women to Picon North America and others a 70 locations 44 needed so use the new video and get all the information and so we have an over and 12 thousand members and in the hold regular events including because workshops top proposal brainstorming conference speaking preparation speaking preparations as actinides cost incurred with a lot of and it's only been found some following there's through pilot he's an but the idea is that we have API to Henderson data mining on the 44 million groups that are
parties and soluble they get the amount of new players joining every month so this represents every month how many new members of actually joined and I was super scientific linear regression right here just genera and complete not silicon when you're trying going up 1 of my and then taking the center contexts and you can see the Yemeni icon in North America may have some effect on its Frankfurt's joining pi radians but those who need it spikes right after and and you can see some effect and 1 actually looking at the largest 17 chapters on Elijah 17 but again and breeding season comes spikes right after and some of them started so what's the effect of
ladies and so on but before morning I am not a statistician I like to play 1 stage 2 them will be with me you me and for a high
confidence 13 cent by 13 and has held workshops for women and to help brainstorm talk proposals and with the help of past committee members and as well as give them an opportunity to practice their talks once the accepted and we've been doing that and since the referred to as in 13 14 15 and I and treat relate to this and proxy all wanted to propose a talk somewhere in Newark I have months ago literate later but it's only that my fancy suddenly dedicated time like really helps they found a lot of families do you wanna talk but they don't have an idea about what topic to speak Our are actually do you have an idea but they don't think it's that great of an idea so having an honest sounding board other women accompanied by people who selected talks requirements as they have given and confidence to submit a proposal so and toxic accepted we all know when the except you have the ocean movement pairs and but it's really competence boosting you have a group of your peers that selected you and your idea to allotted time you specifically speed we want to hear you so it's a brilliant feeling and so I like to think that giving that resource and time 2 pi radians have had an effect on the percentage of speaker that and on more regional level and
I took 3 cities and and and looked at the media presents a on me to present so that that New York Boston and San Francisco specific community reflects any difference with the addition of highly and so this
graph it shows the number of new members and every month for forfeit 2 main units in Europe and the NIC Python Django and analyzing and so certainly some lizards and these communities growth is attributable to the popularity of Python language overall as well as the growth of the started seen in New York over that time 1 and that 1 can see and pilot is that started mid 2012 from New York and the respective units and saw sharper growth and new members in my super scientific like you get out
and then moving to Boston and Boston is also a great had 4 . 1 and has a
very active doing a mean of in Python user group and probably don't see much difference and at least within the Python user groups and in the growth of new members after entirely possible instead and but perhaps a familiar and some of the party's inspiration actually came from the women-only workshops that Boston Python user groups started back in early 2011 so you can see it as a large group operating once the region introduced a woman focused events I understand
my home and in home of the largest location and you're no point in and we
have a bunch of about 5 concentric being operates and I chose the most active largest ones that were around and when pilot users of certain so and the growth rate of the membership of these make that needed groups can be pretty noticeable when we started in April 2012 In against the scientific regression but what I saw and what's interesting is that when switching this graph to a line graph and you can see that when ladies and itself started that the rate of new membership specifically for as Python pardon I and me was not affected at all nasa's Becker has something to do with the promise of the presence of alcohol or the environment and that make up to attract highly there is this is just me trying to quantify original effective ratings on local minutes and you want the data and a lot of data and once get a breather I will and publish the IPython notebooks on my blog which I will link at the end the so we don't and don't
need but we're not done yet and there's so much word you can have more than just throwing money at but please continue giving more and so a lot of
people recruiters and developers alike and company to complain but not hiring women are about the lack of their corporate diversity in general evidence and same cases all time in China higher more diversely I couldn't find them where where meritocracy region as a matter but I'm going to introduce the super slick scientific term maybe you've heard it it's bullshit these excuses the bullshit I'll show you why
generic quality and that's not a problem here these things don't matter when you're actually saying is it's not a problem for me and this relation this anymore but essentially questions the the person's belief and if if that sometimes concerned to increase increase the generation should be treated as a legitimate problem if you think if you don't think it's a problem then ask questions really have so what would you think would be done trying to understand why problem because why else would someone say something about and another classic 1 we focus on quality not gender or similar excuse and we're meritocracy that's bullshit and when using any you find quality to mean software written by men but the called the quality is not an objective word and do we encourage but because test coverage elegant simplistic and but are the values of the ad to quality and so this excuses essentially saying we don't want change what we're doing here that's outrageous 1 4 and girls to women and are interested in this that's implying that it's no one's fault and are they really not that interested and that is complete yes thank you grew up in failure listening to the so last class I and we participated in an event called type 1 has meant for secondary school girls wear and sponsoring companies and held workshops to give a sampling of what the future and what the features you offer for technology so included like robots computers to printing on something he things and and proved that it is something girls interested in we had so many people there the event credit like the max amount of C-to-T take and it's true that the girls are interested in stuff like this and so long as the invited ran violence is proof of that too the imitation for what and from to join the kind of thing community actually works in the closet and his so often we can find the women's and yet when actually here is you don't put enough effort and I a single job someone's 1st by finding and my local police the mailing list and then I got 40 responses from women in much I'm not sure that there is more than 200 people on the mailing list so that's a super also response rate so challenge folks to take a look at you're going and professional work and instance linked in how diverse connections and how many people look like you know how many people died and if you reach out to the same network of yours and you're only going to get to the same people applied we will take work but the women's out there and as this on a string this 1 a lot like Twitter and quotas are bad reverse discrimination in and that is bullshit what are some of the main thing is that you just wanted her to your friends who venture look like you and this help that we have a referral bonus culture that encourages us to hire our friends and I get the reason why I have to hire good people like you and that has consequences and so what if we turned around and said OK let's be shared to higher 90 cent like that there is this incorrect thinking that there's some sacrifice to name that you are lowering of standards but that's also and I just put a bunch of recent research in the beginning that proves the opposite so we have all seen materials in studies that found when removing gender identifiers from resonators more women get through the recruitment process so we need to make sure that every 1 of those qualified is being considered so yeah Lawrence standards set also in favor of and right so yes tech hired technician is hiring like trees need more does now like will and went blood the what this means is that you don't actually care enough to put 5 about year diversity in the hiring process it's as simple as that do the work and wants to ensure that have the proper practices in place various networks and and remove gender identifying words in your application process that certainly doesn't take much effort to approval for a local communities to reach out to and so basically what this is is all of the available and answer not the only 1 to pick up on it either but this that a larger issue and the fallacy
that there is a bad guy and certainly you get a wide diversity is important in we see so me try some people trying involves excuses there's a notion that there is a bad guy behind the lack of diversity in what of attention is given to someone who says something bad and everyone's like a hot is the bad guys look at that and but were we get here because of 1 bad world about role complacent and we have our friends we have uniform looking networks this is something that everyone has to consciously in actively worked so there's a lot of bullshit
and perhaps you agree that 1 of only available shit and that we need to do more than and so what can we do
and the 1st google right and the numerous sometimes accompanied educator and I'm not a teacher and yeah I I speak a lot about a lot quicker will your hands if you want to learn more about feminism unconscious bias of privilege that's a super fantastic and given 2 thumbs up but I'm not going to do the work for you who have time for that location that that comes out that is needed for the big debates that come with it I'm also not your network for women and there are meaningless meetups events going to go to them join them I reach out here in the engineers involved right to build those relationships but I will not do your labor work for you use Google it's a fantastic untapped resource us but for this 1 time only to whom
I have I mentioned that a set of readings and they're going to memorize this link also that the and again I'm glad that I quite a lot of resources to help kickstart the learning process
and right so after some self-education some Google and flames and there are my corrections that we all can take the 1st is super simple for
like and switch and the use of the word female to women for example female attendees to women and these and why may ask them the 1st reason is being mean different things female as a scientific term for the and reverse ability to produce offspring that term woman refers to a human while our 1st set of any species In the 2nd reason it's quite dehumanizing and to be reduced to reproductive abilities and to ignore them human and he also exclude folks that well identified as a woman may not have the physical ability to bear children not all women are biologically the when used as a noun it can imply inferiority something used when users endowments of news with the native tongue and for instance I mean the mistake of searching on Twitter on and I found a quote female should stop make so we all know that you I can't trust females anymore so with the use of the word females we are and reduced to a species and we're separately or other and you you can see into any if you go on Twitter but please take some wine with you before in search of any any of releasing any people referring to males so long as 1 I really want you to think that people like if you need a gendered identifier and more often than not you probably don't know for instance that where can I get introduced and a lot has this is lent user female there's no need for for that is already a word for for what I am fucking engineer I I might be happy might be lazy 7 you can call me that's fine but please I'm not a female or woman developed only 1 gender is really relevant should use you specify it like an event specifically for women another example of this happened last week so had included and I received the increments spam and we don't even know I have like this big vendors some contact me for jobs on the intruder's said this I'm really interested profile and especially impressed because you're a woman displayed with Facebook only if you have any was founded in my garage actions assumed knowledge and assume that everyone has a reason to be at this conference at this meeting at this workshop but no 1 the plus 1 and then I began at the nariokotone child Intel and assumed allow them to reveal whatever that is that they want to but assume the reasons for attending is the same as you and the surprise and better if it was a female 1st designed for the alliteration but there's no other reason than for the alliteration so when 1st designed I love this and so nature and the depot pronouns in imaging and reflect the woman's solute documentation the products they make use of profiles form default values whatever and the reason that this is so impactful is that it's signaling that signals to women that as a developer and you've thought about that this is not mean patronizing women by painting flowers across your product or making pink everywhere and I doubt that Apple and considered how women would react and when they 1st introduced the idea 1 of the American thing but apparently insulated centering Anakin so that was my 1st instinct a nearest and the last my action this is a novel thing I know but reach out and a couple months ago Donald 1 of them the maintenance of the iron keeping me and he asks for help for and propriety I'm both with and maintenance discussion about fixing them as well as more greenfield projects and then he actually find that and he recognized there were no women In a type VI behind the scenes so he wanted to exactly so that the assets I gas countries to help alleviate the workload and to 2 and honest and Donald that really think they should get many responses but his disbelief then use that happened and he got for volunteers within the 1st hour and that he so this should actually works in a below blowing and no but it works right
so my corrections are for other low-hanging fruit of small actions that we can all do to really help and welcome women into pipelines announced more difficult difficult ships and
it's very comfortable hiring working with hanging out with Oracle providing businesses with people like you and but we must be prepared to be uncomfortable and 1 way to take 1 1 take on this is like intentional curiosity so and remember that many Google that for you you remember the good and well I find it annoying that it is indeed commendable to want to educate yourself and but actually takes work and again we can do it for you but himself education is key and so have 1 thing that's very model is curiosity curiosity when meeting people not like yourself with social workplaces whatever and curiosity about what makes the team work altogether and how to make that team better and essentially going beyond your comfort zone another point and technologies to find companies that have been super as being introspective and certainly embarrassing uncomfortable to admit mistakes in fact that's straight at the service goes down and the company is often not very transparent and apologetic we tend to share we learn and that there isn't that same transparency among the lack of diversity we should have postmortems and on the subject like here were our numbers for 2010 is what we're doing in his or very well Maria and we need to that reflect the diversity as a similar problem when a service is down our fail whale and documented for the world to have an open source a diversity and certainly scary definitely and it's not comfortable to admit fault and but it's a it's the Austin to see that see what companies are doing how doing it so we can learn from them and the last day and if you look and for the women here and if you're the only woman in the room and say what you really think I mean that seriously and I spent a few meetings and work noticing how often I would be interrupted acknowledged unacknowledged just talked over an impediment really made me mad and what 1 meeting in particular and I was actually reading it and I was being perpetually talked over interrupted just got fed up and that really said for fuck's sake let me fucking speed and filtering the images which is like so and then all honesty let's say what you think rates but the meaning if you have to fulfill his otherwise it will continue and will probably get worse and I mean you company maybe super and diversity but if you don't have a fucking voice at the table what is the fucking point and
right so no sign of this talk is turning into a bit of the range induce monolog concerned but I want to finish on a positive note so I'm from the star trek philosophy and gene very says and humanity
will reach maturity and wisdom on the that that against not just a tolerance but it takes special delight and the differences in ideas and differences in life forms the worst possible thing that can happen to all of us is for the future to somehow process into a common mold where we begin to act and talk and look and think alike if we cannot learn to actually enjoy those small differences to take part delight of small differences between around time here on this planet than we do not deserve to go into space and meet the diversity that is almost certainly out there thank you and
you you
you you you you you you you you think you know we still have time full possibly 1 or 2 questions if a teacher everything goes from on high of we had the recently discussion about the ladies in France and the problem is that some people say has used these bullshit but so did hear about reverse discrimination and we haven't found a way to explain that but that's not discrimination person it's more about bringing people you have examples to competes such people but it's not something we should exclude very well I mean the whole energy has been exchanged exclusionary to begin with parameter were going to counteract that so the only propagating being exclusionary when they don't allow like groups like priorities and but I would and suggests and going right on the let me Google let free like I actually have a couple of really good like articles that and I often centered on what a highly is often send to people that have that reaction to help him convert them maybe the new converters not the right word but that push them over the edge to accept that and they I approach to find out that those resources that that I went through this link that makes sense the all the last question it's kind of the same question because I'm organizing please this and why did you do what you want what do you do recommend you do association the most important institution of bytes in France decided that that I want to change the data do anything like I'm tired of explaining to them and that's why it's important so where do you think that's just let them on the road and hit the model model items is good without I mean you can only talk to a wall for early so long range so it is not listen and fuck them bring I mean that that this is not something you like other priorities have encountered this and I can connect you with them and I don't wanna like all of the groups but essentially said both the property welcoming them and understand and you know my own thing and I mean but not wholly right talking to it the and and maybe yeah I don't know if we have time for maybe 1 more time no we're not yet OK alright so if you wanna talk of this period the thank you so much
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Titel Diversity: We are not done yet
Serientitel EuroPython 2015
Teil 30
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Autor Root, Lynn
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DOI 10.5446/20153
Herausgeber EuroPython
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Lynn Root - Diversity: We are not done yet The past few years, we have made large strides to welcome more diverse people into our community. You see better gender ratios in attendance numbers at Python conferences, the billed speakers, the amount of women-centric programs. We can see the benefits of outreach. But we're not done yet. While a lot of the Python community embraces the importance of being diverse, we haven't taken that mindset to our workplace. From recruiting, we still hear, "sure, we wanted to recruit women, but we couldn't find them" and "we only focus on quality here, not gender!" Within company cultures, we hear "gender equality isn't a problem here!" or "women don't ask for a higher salary" and to "just lean in!" This talk will recount the diversity efforts of the past few years and quantify the effects on the Python community. But this talk will also address the not-so-low-hanging fruit; the deeper-rooted problems that still plague the community from inside where we work. And it will talk the audience through actionable items to improve one's work place that welcomes more diversity.
Schlagwörter EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015

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