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Python Security & Cryptography


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Title Python Security & Cryptography
Title of Series EuroPython 2015
Part Number 52
Number of Parts 173
Author Ortega, Jose
License CC Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/20140
Publisher EuroPython
Release Date 2015
Language English
Production Place Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

Content Metadata

Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract Jose Ortega - Python Security & Cryptography The talk would aim to introduce cryptography and security from the developer point of view, showing ways to encrypt information with Python scripts and more sensitive information in web applications using django. I will introduce to security in python ,showing some libraries that allow encryption and decryption like PyCrypto or M2Crypto,comparing theses libraries with the cryptography module.At the same time,I will show the main ciphers and hashing algorithms used in these libraries like AES,DES,RSA and some examples illustrating each case.I wil show other techniques like steganography for hiding information in files(images,documents,programs) with some libraries like Stepic or ezPyCrypto. Finally,I will comment OWASP Python Security Project where we can find some useful practices and secure coding guidelines for detecting potential security vulnerabilities in our applications like SQL injection or Cross-site scripting.
Keywords EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015
the morning the 1 thank you for coming and that there are entitled to restore just
written by John Wiley the intuition for 4 but on for contaminated and
it must be the vector space I will I would roll this presentation and this in this the space I cut another presentation religion in which supporting the immobile and being with the the before starting my
presentation would continue once and for all 1st normal to have the data got before is that in which the person before and I would like to mention or that would the compressed in this uh 1 and these are submitted conferences being life
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is the index that will make I will make a crucial tool could go up the there uh they're must faster that we that we that would so as not that I will show some of some of the library science tools and I think people in in their escape I was so strong that connect these affordances and what kind of 1 these that we can find meaning in general powerful tool total orders for the with is on actually ality that intrusion the western order the with some library when we have to we
are we when we are talking about we brought the we got well I speak about the bus and the the firm the the 1st terrorist and we talked about audience all life areas history areas on a fast enjoys life and the fight on a state and they are unaware of their body that we see is that the period something for preventing a the brute force attacks in you know what I don't know what about what our model levels and
dance with boundary use can be brought out the oddly key that sees that the information that I will increase or in order to create a lot of them the plaintext there the information we got a tool to life or in great and that some of the all of them greedy the ciphertext on the on the 14 he's the for downloading a combat the thing that's in the ciphertext another 10
smaller bonds that I will mention on our side not on the news and vector on the status of the ILO's their randomized there and the generation of the keys I'm prevents an Indian on the brute force attacks for or a or B tonight attacks and 1 of the
fiercest the audience about uh but with half off it reports if in the information is the guys have safer disability in is that this is 1 of the 1st modern in their own mind the figure on in this effect we got without our secret that our seafarers basically set on the object the and replaced it's a symbol in this event in the in the city gates we've uh are a symbol in in the and thought it I would come up for a simple example if and for this we would have a tool and so the fact that this in the and the spacing that's occurring in in the in the in the in in the of insights we replaced by and then the best sentencing and saw professor somewhere and we plan to replace it with the with the other fight order of
consumers that would not include all of the other possible beyond the school and you answer uh and they use foreign aid that Willie that's insolence about that but 5 infinity all all all files generated by what on uh the you'll see I sold for the that's in the tools and the there are some of other 1 of them also known often on it's it's a body actions into 1 in general has
themselves in their is is
that a gene generate our output on the so called a there and then the rest of the that I have a feeling that everything process in a massively it if you would on it for a simple and we for supporting and the fight high school students and the In this 1 doing these people a few broken and he was he was not a with half past collisions in these have 14 on matter combination is used at least a pointillist uh like ace of our audience like a state aid it but it shows 2 1 In
bygone would not have alive library exactly of the slavery
its its use and also the 1 where the majority classes and supports there no I see no I see that will mean that there are signatories not himself order
conceal was a single man I is their take their take pointed did it the with undefined question In this from the 1st for simple we busses but I'm at the uh the final name on the tools the textual of their all the fight for for taking place in the when we
are in are for simple is where copper site and we need to tool which stores they could and their use of great ingesting award at delays in the usual least having generated by water the you on a story the costs of the of these but water but I think there bats
use and generate a a despite these thoughts although the Bible and concatenated and so on and so these are not an old and a single men in pro an and prevent for our belief in a brute-force all the and we and we generate these despite what we story in a more say things that I for a taking
the and this and this class that we have stolen life life is fast in the fight for taking that by for the facts and this is our quite honestly uh . 6 and the title of the fast we are we can't with a tool to check 1 of the 1st
assistant itself was uh the areas where the state the system and the faster 68 per cent late of . be on foreign degree the burning with these is that you we come up on that appear in a sneaking there in the melt water that we found 10 Life Mining the the state county scholar might be it might not on a largely
our off there the without uh there there this is the same the ingredient is known we would e-mail interest in this area in this case we have to plea police WKT and security the bully take this yields 1428 under great if you use for degrees their it In this is simple
and we can see that the uh Department if our ideas for simple it wants to send a mission tools to well you might use their books for will take on both for them may set needs to use the spirit of of the and this season most about not they're they're the prettier that metal that we are setting where we are studying them the at this
point we got thinning
saving goal to kind of confessed then creates still with without seen before on the signs the sign these and other process for uh but finds there the singer to or all that is to say you would have seen you will miss out on like that I'm aware indeed In the receiver therefore taking these missteps by this DVD unused value them effects use them and the public case maybe i is value sites on for a idiot collecting this in 2 use the preview provide on for by making the same In the receiver must set do you use their that 1 of the main idea is that we have by donors they the should Boston office operations to suddenly so now what is the physical man football status I modifying the woman's I we start with the the unity that
I need all of the the usual the or the fast but what you need or this or this task is similar to the I a have actually use it is the same we refer to this for
simple or a week after the we want to increase and said we have to use a key for they are going and we have to look we use the audience that the light it on side busses head around on on on the money and then the solution vector or on use we can use 120 like
it provides generally believed that the rate of the main part of obtained that even think for all the possible and in this case we can see that uh we can use it on a set for and on sequence the length for the for the key on the internet lead out 14 and the needs of the number of iterations for generating In this
case fact to generate a set of our 2 case the pulley and under under the cigarette on the and we found the
seeds are there in the and that I should when when we try to generate this condition is this to in formats has been
formats for the for this is the case this is like a
sophisticated which tools case prairie article 4
ingredients in various states a with have to use the bully their and for and they created we would have to use the this is and nobody flight that
they're not without is in the process the professor is the same with stuff that we need for Medicaid without the you generate India is steeper radios on a date information we've not in the past and the French and Indian within the parameter this is an example of how
we got where we can see that there we signed on set with the uh with these uh 14 and there we take them and we take that they made such east a body part this is the intensity of cost interview deal with there are a lot into to to them to and when when the sender is sending the information with
for that is that is we can use for the tour of the ECE outgoing and also you the we just like in the fight or a state aid in 1 myself and use of these a state is it's a by some to unhcr e for a single man for our boys at the rules false or the 20th uh another article men this shows that we have a you spend it's like based reading for a coordinating a strong strong by watch the stimulus for for there in the past what we got comfortable without any traditions and in each additions and we generate uh we concatenate the past understanding maybe we making on in each iteration is in a useful data the indicate and information on in this in this 4 week on preventing a brute force or the time attacks
and know that other the all of the the limit that would copies the directly cryptography and and the medium by they not is that it supports a 3 these cops and the fast uh they're they're they're bad for masses overlapping tool to like people and supports on in our audience as like idiots in city and so on this is the very fast
same practically the same it does not like people and use the they used in there for you to use this a small is more it's more profitable and that not by the uh
there and the delivery of social support assistance in greedy on on an icy material could to I say societies in for well
aware that that out tools security in general they had a set of questions that we to To make when we are developing a site and uh when we are testing our will on this if we deal foresight there would have to check for simple on we all use air a space in a poorly called the whistle for simple in like what kind of course I 1st we are using a more site for generating about what that you would use simple case for what you said for symbol and what kind of information I we're restoring that always aware of storing secretaries or you or call the 740 Museum of the USA well for taking
this it with the the young woman suffering was that we plan for for implementing the 4 not 4 months after
formal draft for more so we give reason no was down thing was not like the by In gamma-rays when law when my team I so we have a 16 but when get with again support but that's not animals the rate would there and that was signed was In this case L right away what to realize this frame
was these frameworks air provide protection against the noble Larry these now we can't talk no side of will while precise preteens immersive wind that don't make sense acting and so on this frame was so should force status with the protocol and the and supports and so that when shown in we thought were simple are you share for for really this these frameworks support battlelines valuation for the for the for you know what on actual social boards on should have support for about 4 I wouldn't like they stated in a in into on or their order what that's aII show before and that the survives the indicated community so for right so long as you all you this is the only the the we were we should so all more you all then I will miss some of them for taking this it would do
all our society we can use this the site and the point set up this site provides a half
m for taking this if we do well site for simple it with and they actually PSI activate all our without a sample mean you know was silent and provides
information in the company Aurora provide information about the the but without ones as 1st
information about a solution now we can for every so that we saw there and that the program the some of the
best practices that would be the border and we are using we 3rd Conference on Information I wish to use at the BS there and it's very fine dust a In the protocol a scale is using for a simple and modified services if he gave enforce the use of the or the protocol in this interval many of the site and it with arms legally for simple in this size we're not the I'm not saying a at
a conference information so that we can iterate X tool to enforce attitude used of course important ways and we are a simple piece and so we kind of got the will of the world there there this site might we with simple these although actually yes we flat in this setting of the site In this city's fulfill which the site all the best that the that we got half if there is basically the case and it keeps keep the degree of the coarray cells in in in the story India operates in a secure more on the the without 2nd pollution airport there that will deflect that will uh to forest in the city all way and another point and that this greedy gullies and that black color with holes where symbolic not information this site this is this like it come in must be revised because it we for my followed these these fast are mysteries in in the 1 and it we come from a study this articles of tool all on fixed toward build this site toward for requests being in any In 1990 for them for I fall from an animal and human I mean we we comfortable you need a the active this site for and for simple there would have to change the bodily for I'd be all jewelry on June simple
4 by water studies so far were part was the basis was 1 of the ball and 0 . 1 more pretty got in the when and we are working in when we are working with the of USA or symbol on you might followed by a general class of this population is used as an indicator utilities in the winter with the common in with and that what he a state a body and to why isn't true 205 251 55 seats beats
it is in we will tool that concept that is that that is there and there but the semisimple simple that would come following indeed you copy population a we can see that use for their ideas and put them the passport of the user is using this window then the kid initial on the use of society I like him before passing the starts and need to be shown with the full turn generates the fast for not the Estonian after in the Internet Things well for Andrea
tool tool would pose to form there were the singer was side we cannot know what's the what's these assets always by these that would come up with a to for you to follow for the better for the public does we did you our know what site and we come up with like this you which and like I after uh and so when that the on or birthplace all of these these guys the the old West obvious fact these 4 days and these this kind of all what issues the
tool Main varieties out like what we call many artists with victims on precisely I didn't
ask will on these it's a problem that we component where we are making I request aware of this and that the on we have not escaping and apply in the parameters in according to the on we can inject this on the parliament that's in there In this setting for simple I'm obtain I'm actually useful order of that I know what the rate In down more of a priority it we have a full and killed so bad generates these In broke Beverly that generates properties covered in this parameters we can use for simple we are making a all select which aware of 1 the other ways we can use this the course metal ion binding department that's for our boys these 1 area another Fallujah that would happen then what is use the
young would all but these all give a lecture on mapping In this case we we create we use we are we use objects for a unproblematic early in the jungle the gift you honest about a goal state creates read retrieve would they or their late this of in the in this is important in this simple we don't see that there was our knowledge about and for a story for store for best then this look at this again In the latter case we use their dataset from adult that provide there are more than that is there and that like them on a class of all or in general and that products all the tools that
we have for taking this kind of were ideas with a square made map is map I lost taking their then for simple and the parameters and making an injection 1 but depth on this and makes mice and then you'll be morning for of all if you decide to the at the least gummy and when in family when I told to have that on we call we use this a tool we come a cyclic country for simple uh in the their and their and their passports and that distortion they ended up having even the checks in this class for their parts were not story based on under tools and then their cast in economy and can be weak tool on for for the society all or brute force to order or do forged attack
don't will deal with that qualifies creeping this follows technical thing that sense information on this issues this is using for simple in a of increasing size for simple all on for class creative we that we can't and it's an attack at got a secluded in much the on faced there this is information on the use of corpora and a without
and and download them and complaints about ultimately escape or violent but was in this Indian and
out of the when we're working with importance in general and the most important and the most important issues of waste the Departamento for it's not a name with was was born metals and they ended up that roles in the fetus but I know that I missed that use them and then on the force but that's for better evaluation on security in the in the form using them atop the hill more well for and final for finishing the and the start the this directive is certainly not an old exciting and that that dates 40 marks or whatever we want there might be that in image on the western is stored that but was there
that that is installed in the big cells in there the is the the combining asking name in big 17 minutes in there and the least significant beat the store form still that we thought that we know we have to tool to cite In biking
without form forest directly with that some libraries for simple and that state B for provide some from our point so that a bust of from a good they they match on anomalous create Mises for simple we see save these Mises IndyMac's on for we got angry at him sat and the green image sets the all
the years that we use standard the stand on all the foods and is the same there was a
year we got in this case we got a high text on a much in the in there in the same month and we can't fight on on there and MSS but we site
analytical without without spring appropriately that's it on a screen the base there is in the same this
is an example of that we can and I would call for a type of basing in any much using their and their least significant bits on we can see that uh you in the space in a minute and we store the information that they would they would cut with what we want tool to fight and they their
arresting process the use of the existing but so uh we have to generate all aware the match on all change their disagree OK with the exceeding in at this idea but these same people and we don't
on the maximum state and other new Macs for simple In this is simple we got we don't see that would a found the max and we thought we have to tool to increase the ante max we obtained the individual the max uh they that we see in In this like no and we got a slight understanding much not east site in the in the
and finally in my view up the possibility that we can't follow and some of the the simplest life that we can see not on this finally
the schools it's interesting because when it introduced tool to integrate erupting bygone and use of free on each shoreline and we can in simple words light we can see in this presentation and that sort of thing
few instances rather comment and the question of about a password stuff but jungle it does it by default mostly correctly but but I'm not sure if they they had this whole signal hashes still in the list maybe you want you can remove those simple hashes and just use the betrayed you have to and if you use anything else than triangle you really want to use possibly he had a as as and he these it does a lot of the stuff of with possible storage and of course the crypt of and script of PPK tool you know what I want to write your own simple + sold parts wrote code that's mostly wrong thank you I have another comment that that's sometimes it is very useful to use a 2 D Ps even when have only public information to protect from the modifying your data and transits including the malicious scripts and then the that's is z permeable enlightenment tax mind any that or before our thoughts on on on on on broadly we we kind of broad with these with these are any more questions I got low relative comments to include HTTP as you recommended so that's it's cute to redirect from http to GPS and the use of actual law that's true of us the attacker can use illustrate so all of continued to Coleman Institute because you can modify the redirect so kind of problem but a solution this is to use a just 2 years of age GPU of strict transport security it gets its own flaws but it's slightly by the concept of the making of the force Paulson users to access the HTTP uh I come phone on known or on this on the news and then there's the frame was nothing command that rely our security is that this is going to affect I have seen on other than the thing will lined will basically about diet the thought the sky the fastest feature and part of Berlin's embodies the only solution that actually student in thank
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