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Big data beautiful visualization on the browser with Bokeh

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Big data beautiful visualization on the browser with Bokeh
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Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Fabio Pliger - Big data beautiful visualization on the browser with Bokeh Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library for large datasets that natively uses the latest web technologies. Its goal is to provide elegant, concise construction of novel graphics in the style of Protovis/D3, while delivering high-performance interactivity over large data to thin clients. The talk will go through it’s design providing details of the different API layers (bottom to top) concluding with a comprehensive showcase of examples to expose many of the features that make Bokeh so powerful and easy.
Keywords EuroPython Conference EP 2015 EuroPython 2015
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thank you coming in I'm really happy to be here today um so we don't talk about a little bit more about OK and I thought you you know and I work for continually relates and content of the book in the library I'm involved in many things uh in open source communities that light helping with you when you find more itself so if you have anything to share you want to talk about later after the talk of the stories about your book experience on here road experience what you're doing so from documents from 1st some warnings and this is actually a highly inspired by will take torques so you may see them from the k contents and eventually a Brian meaning than and told that
sci-fi here cerebral talked this morning in 1 I can so interesting that tutorial in fact I feel and feeling a lot of material the most of you guys find using because there are great there's a 0 and it's worth to me reuse it and that's what open of all right so only because of the wealth and also sorry that you have to have very welcoming great speaker relied bright status and you need to to have me uh in this is inspired by developing teamwork and the reforms in here we have actually it turns out that this is very different from the talker wants to deal with the applied and I tried to
stick with the main guidelines about visualization and I this is an the data but it changed quite a bit from that originally but also because user feedback and requests there's there's been a lot of new things from the book aside you last month and I want to also give some the real world showed about of these things and and things that people are asking for data are already but apparently we look a better job of hydrogen uh yes of course there was the whole evolution of the book itself and what's going to be next me with something for the 1st
here part of will for just heard critical who here
uses volcanic avenues the OK that's what I was expecting that I so that the the idea was to show some a lot of word advances needle the users are actually changes that of it so I will try to be distilled most things that you can do but also text of real culture your code so that people can actually see what's what we're using experienced users can actually have some variation in this probably the most I don't think it's number so we needed for the most and probably means of working Special Review of the way by and by that's the that's what happens so was OK I the question of who here is all the more into the center the part finding the range of things computing OK and was here is more about whether the OK good the numbers are changing so um this is
good and what is OK with k is an interactive user additional library of move by but not only by could only using that lets you do novel and beautiful graphics but very data-driven and lets you do that in the extremely large data branching on the and have rules the assignments but in fact it's really available for everyone of the think of all nodes and the size is that it's part of with with some specific problems in mind but actually that's used a lot of that the web world so it's kind of reducing balanced and we used to play a lot about this you don't need to write just to to have their stuff read the browser what I wanted to respect little bit seeing you may want and we'll see about that later so but what OK here's some get is by design uh separated in few parts that actually let's your Python code talks with your you on your front and code for these generate of stuff and so will then basically that the facts to render if your blog on rather it it's generated by a specific people TTS library written in just because we have but basically consumes Jason lots in so it's kind of it's quite easy to have of the language bindings because what the don't lower level expressed each specific language just need to do is to implement the the the Jason interface to communicate to just to smoking GSO so right now we have book a by the body our Lewis do you have we have skull lining the and I'm pretty sure we have new ones in the next years so so also looking at the language-specific side and locate is composed by a series of that same modules facts one fact is stronger in the library interface we have 2 models or blips plotting and the charts interfaces will be are models on the law of interfaces we have Bermuda interface flooding that basically builds a lot of short cuts and 9 others use to help you create yourself and you have the new we have the new charts interface that needed just let you use canned charts of people you can charts to to be like the main stream streamlined charts life
allowing more time series or bar-chart or what right now we cannot put 2 different and outputs so we you can't output of both but I know to follow
our server we have a presentation layer which we have a lot of models to to actually do sometimes standing to lose atoms you apply the outset directions and embedded plots of the will what's the difference between those those actually those API allows we have that lives in a level which is the lower levels and to create those shows you how to create a line chart as you see that the lives we use lower level you need to create a lot of objects to compose a chart in it's not that it's difficult but it's it lets you composed of really really custom lots of really noble with with those so if we have time I would love to show more and then we have the body interface that actually it just need a few lines real of our whole time for a plot on the on the justice specify the output you want this case you and filed greatest which is basically a plot object that we had aligned lifted that ending in right now we just to some styling and this detect these lines are the group of tax rate we avoid charts is even more going shrink we just need to have your own data set all linear data and you let those data you just as your data Miller and builds a new job OK so right now and new new users should invest popular work by the 1st ladies would be the documentation as and save for a later that the condition has been a big effort for us an initial a little bit more about what what's next what's new and others that they did have the right people so there are through the crown of our two-channel channel but actually show some some numerous examples in but I think you can learn a lot from cell to give you a rock conferences a consumer thoughts on on on YouTube channel or a new to of conference uh chair and of course you can watch the top so you so prolog saying from
Ryan presentation I want to show a little bit about what happened this year on so we have a lot of information so and use it to would the plots now we have a less of to plot post-election 2 points selections uh we have a new improved crosshead parents vector and over to Inspector we have finally over all of the above lines that we see that on an example later we have really improve the visual design especially on the tools but also and the small details we have a really improved dialog objects they get conditions said I will show later for a new directions and actually we have reference graph guy wanted to complete an generated so basically all all of our guys on the community and its past life a lot that you get interact with directly from the conditions so basically all glyphs models they have the doc strings that have called on prominence that our that the condition and change grabs events that quote executes integrates into the sum of the speech that changes generated that the object we actually generate that everything we have a new forms of of the Kullback mechanisms to deal with very sophisticated interactions into static plots the study documents factory documents that you can deal with with dynamic interactions and you can just integrate into an e-mail sense someone over the chat and they will see everything and we show that later so and actually I want to mention I'm looking we have a new improvements on many language bindings but I think you probably are the most of the big news media 1 you actually can integrate our with Boca plots that right and have been doing a lot of work on this and there's actually a really nice associations that you can do it in so what can you do with book
today so 1st just to show a little bit of difference between 1 year ago the project was in those with those 2 numbers version for and of this the the the numbers today we freezing it but it's increasing With an incredible speed and and speed became quite popular in the project and quite actually broke prior project that touches many different of technologies so many languages many technologists and it's it's really nice to see that users are using it and it's growing the user base of these
is something that really brought by by a great team there is growing a lot and I I I I don't have time to show and talk about what everybody's doing but we have added a lot of new people to that seem to work on specific problems of the on having a better to use to all other fora for styling and better and nice lots of of movement in order for specific competition problems so it's
a very excited to work with all people people in so the thing 1 of the main important new things are dynamically direction durations on static documents with JavaScript called acts that we have we have now capability to create a nice nice interactions with within the esthetic plots we just a few lines of job so pushing back from what we claim probably right if you like the JavaScript is of this everything because you're still in your group our users that integrating Europe the JavaScript code leading you buy the book I mean the future we want really to actually a lot of those properties sold we want actually to reduce subscript you need to to the interactions another very powerful addition is related to the source and that opens the re-use in areas the and so we're looking at data source is basically a bag of data that to tell you a lot 2 2 to used so for instance if you have a dictionary or any of their frame with X and Y X and Y are linear the race and they can just as that what call the source and a bag of data that you can use but so what happens when you pass that took a lot that data is utilized the Jason object sent just the size of the voltage of library which will consume that generate new blood that this static on on your on your your wife side the front ends up with the job with a major to source you don't pass any data said but track track this specific arrested being that with people that they that specific frequency and use fields facts and life from that from there from from that source and basically do we'll just interact life with a completely different service that you don't it's not not really book itself social from i've called later another nice addition is the book in that components and so basically now we can have you can create like 1 2 for 10 20 blocks and basically just call the components to to have a mapping between keys in your components and you can use those pieces 2 and that plots in your in your page I was to show that later as well then there in a lot of and more info knowledge that with our new years ago that quickly show you what that the and 1 cooking in you
don't on so this is the new department have and we have like working demos most so so that those generated from foreign lots of critical to do let's see OK the final actions right now so for instance this is a static page and esthetic document you can actually define actions so for instance here is to find a new blog I say is the source and draw this and users that to to to open a New York now when I click and it just
opens the new and this is
created this as a static document in our documentation is the new concept of Kullback so right here you have aligned blood and the few years and normal data source and I create new call that have some javascript code that we would just take to analyze and the dust that side and book and ideas will take care of that and add this and is in the interaction when your plot so we're saying here I had this call that object to or focus lighter wages and basically when I moved the weighted I will call and I'm going actually able to pass it so so here I'm passing the MC map the source object of the pike inside to out source object to jump in the JavaScript site so I'm actually passing the Python object and booking shows that on the job was to decide this is the same source object and I will use that object from the source the the downstream side to get its data to create a new call that for
the value and update the values of the line um so here can see it in action removed is lighter adjusting changes that life there is a lot of the examples of someone recognized this and caring and here and you can see like it can create a fairly and large complex interactions from the binding inside that translates just site and is not communicating to any server is is just on static documents OK the goal
so this is this is this is another example of a of esthetic mice interactions and study documents this is this is this thanks to Sarah word for did and this is the creation of a famous that top but basically put together with mortality and birth rates over time so note to no notebook here presidency have it loads of static notebook but that's what I want to show here is that this is a very nice interactions by a nice example of cool blood and the blood being updated on a static document and this is this is being rendered on the to the notebook just because we set out to to if we save up to at least in amount 5 users of Nietzsche unified a self-contained but you can just e-mail to 21 or send over chat or whatever again see that uh on any device supported by the local cool the other 1 is
nice spectrogram example that those that already usable curable will carry have seen that an older version of basically it's streaming an example that shows some streams power that's collects information from the life that computes the most likely and then basically the pasted book plots so me show you
this example social the big 1
of them in there some a lot of improvements on this example 1 of the main ones actually is the customization of the layout you before it was just vocally out with of
here so as you see as a updates bottom and it just facts wiring voice shows everything I can move the sliders of the little red thing requests but I can also the have and this is everything is running an string and it's not using locus around all of and this is a very interesting demo this is because the effects of keep OK features and has that the the library itself evolves it's nice to get back to that and see how we can play with this example I 0 no I want to show something so this is a very
large example a so both of course the 1 to find OK so I just want for this parts of the example so we're basically getting OK reagents this field that we did the reason for the example I want I show showed what told you before is that right now we can use the mapping to say map of the sky to this OK objects this gains letters respects but said and when possible K components it returns us create that can integrate in Europe template and that gives for each 1 so you this is just basically a dictionary that has those and the values are just that the HTML tags and notes that you can use to place your objects within the page I mean you can do it and use your own templates script when whatever well you you want to use by cool because we don't have enough web frameworks and by the end end of the spectrogram remakes OK so as I said use components performs an instance mostly between 5 we replace a lot of jobs growth here but this 1 is in fact I think it's a nice example of of use of volcano in the real world that this is this shows and news fora our team next product team it's it's something that I cannot still program that into culturally entirely it's very large projects and it's a nice example of to show what you can do right now with with OK with and putting a lot of great things together in the last 4 and is not usable all all this is a static HTML page not so static because it it communicates with a lot of services by the use of agents that sources well so as you can see you can interact with the the middle of the plot to the 1 in some areas you have some nice tools again what Windows you can select and select this at this is a very nice that we need have so basically the possibility to use those elements on the bottom the legends are actually plain HTML objects that you can use to have hide or show vol chaotic so that that there is a really high interactivity between plane that jet telescope and it will take up to that time of year and so that's that then as I said this is the
internal project using for on the it's the initiative to the text of me and you have to search for phrases from as again no server is used for that and another important thing is that there's no custom cold there every feature everything there is there is assuming the book last the most recent release of
I would like to show that there was no what and I don't have enough time to think so that was just cell that this is another quite known demo that we have for a long time that the shows a large data who will data that should be like 5 you go there you will motion data that is basically the mean of downsampled and sliced through time with life plot of surveys on the on the web so it's a very cool example than the thing that is really cool and this new version is that you don't have to it it's not usable to invoke a service at all is just using our a a data source in a small class script that you
can actually see here this is this is the code that is used in the blast site to receive the data from both OK downsampled a big chunk of data and then we sent back to the to the blood itself OK is another example nice associations with where OK from and basically in the previous example downsampled was that that the bruise example was done by Brian the book it even my properly who wrote that that the basically but also think called used as a guest user this is a fast step and therefore distributing arrays and and task on those arrays and it it generates and not files to show that the problem is execution of the tasks and those that this example so some local plots rendered using those files uh it's pretty cool thing and those are actually locate lives in Canada interactive needles and move them around our color the billions vision OK so I took a lot of I wanted to show those features would place so right now the 1st demo I wanted to show the stocks here Is there was
basically showing that the motion of a book a chart and that's the plot that shows the stock prices usually we show a lot of those examples where um stocks data have a day and so the critical for this 1 a simple blood or
or time is showing daily prices since 2000 until the end because it's very simple I do say out to a file creative figure figure with where the X is the time of day is the time axis of draw lines taken from some there is there is there is the basic DM on the rate of the no of prices the array of states sorry sorry of prices and it shows that the line connecting we will of all that the data itself is not so obvious so the next example is something
that we actually have on our examples of older and it shows the OK approach welcome it's also carrying or not now this was most people for now but basically you can see the example now approach based on and it shows conservative used to compute something like the throne of competitive starts what is really right
this 1 so to this right now
I will basically run the server that is used to and service agents their courses were I it's and then sold to 1 shows some
examples that to the source
that started we're what this time OK so this is basically the same thing just using the native state of sorts the
coded very simple you so to so as you can see it's
basically the same cold saying use this index the resource as a source that my and already at the end this data from the so was really cool about the external sources is that you can use them in a fancy way to cool things so called the 2nd example for this 1 I mean actually using both to new can think of the book components to place the components here so I 1 lot of another 1 year and this is basically the data that is the search for the class so that the fast server have arrested the idea I can use to say give me back a update this the source so and when I select a region here I'm telling the survey to said to resample that data for just using the raw data samples in real time as you saw thing you notice when I assuming that the the region itself what at 1st plot was different and there is a right now the same thing but what happens is that I update the ranges on the UI side I say to the rest of the API and update the range it resembles everything down symbols all the sources and sensors in the sense that the I was sort of more and as you can see I can add some nice to you I like that of the default over to but I can't better give war
because the 4 focus of the sperm and the interest in the use of
what I computational we want to use the for so this 1 shows a little bit more things I'm using and using the book components you actually place the components of the page I added ended up playing a in HTML to handle interactions and being come promote so right now if I the resampling that we did did new sample Neil Simon right now I said that the simple 15 thousand points so right now it it has 13 in solving points which is a nice thing about OK because it's using cameras instead of but if you try to place as many points and as it goes up very quickly on another some range face assuming quite my I really downsampled celestial hours so we'll see a factor of simply that is the high right now on the server side it's just don't simple of around 60 and 60 and 60 thousand points to to itself 12 thousand points and you can see that the data is really detailed years so I can try here we have a lot of points and everything is done in real time just just using a few lines of code that was shown you in the and a nice addition to this example and ended up being so you can actually be in plots so the same
initialization shown the dark or light the theme of call so the example of well that's a bit more complicated than the other but here it is and and basically what's happening is I have a lot of code this code is a style style so here I created a data source that you use later this is just an hour and a function that creates fear for the the main blood is the selection a smaller plots and his here's the cold the dust so cold that I wrote to say both of the the rate on the main slides tell them that they did service that is needs to update non-simple everything and send back the results the only thing is you can see that the only thing that is doing on the Kullback like I could do most of this is just without most of this goal but the thing that I want also used to create the that panel on the right so this is done by this part of cold beyond part is just a small last example this is all the gold as for the class classification which is very slowly small but OK so and it's running out of time but I want to show another this example which is the airports examples as you go this this example is based on the outside the scope of flights and that has an open flights for open data about all the airports in the world to of go airport just OK so the 1st thing I want to show you this an example where the focus so no lines task to be addressed the fact that you don't for no
not working for some reason and had that is it's a it's not something that I would like to show that everyone's so that the Jets 1 for that's so bad and but there was also the completes the full general the this 1
shows basically all of the
airports in the world and highlights the connection for on our part the cool thing about this is that basically did the architecture of this staff is that both yeah and the book is part of the Service Invoker part on the same last service so I can call a simple provide simple scripts that just send requests than the service saying updates airport and the this translates into the service changing the airports on the other so as you can see you constrain your data to your OK plots using the other patterns that than what we used to show them the book it's it's a you can have your own API any basically updates everything on your reward you are without you having to write fancy stuff is is something that is really useful for for for instance we have many people that have since users that they have sensors collecting data from somewhere we want to take the we stated their own the rest API we don't know how to integrate the stuff rests on the book inside is very simple and read the code is not so Big for this there I want to show you the cold right now because
we we're out of time but can that we have to break software so if you want I can extend the cold sorry for being so
slow in so what's coming next
humble case I just as briefly small words about some features that we have been asked a lot of the 1st 1 is latex annotations that this is a really painful feature and we have been looking at this for a long time and there weren't many promising technologies for that without huge amount of work right now we're very and positive about something it seems clear that uh that seems really pretty popular and really nice library we try to integrate that so so the other 1 we started out with so people would like to create static output and images right died from book 8 plots uh surprisingly it's very hard problem talk to me it's just that but it's 1 of our main priorities that right now that the bad that looks more promising than others from the or Cairo back and let let's see yeah charts and facing charts interface as is that of the most recent 1 evolving is is not really stable as in PI because he we learned a lot from from the 1st 1 is this I'm starting this this week with any crop to 2 work on that what have heavily we we have done lot of conversations and we're very excited about the new charts and the evaluation of highly affordable K which is something that we want for a long time so basically 1 of the problems we have this civilization is that it's easy when you go a lot of resistance from the front and the back and it's easy to put stuff that are not be correctly or is missing from this realization side right now if you know the politicians system if you forget to do that something or misspelled some the data aspect will warn you right now and then a a couple of really cool things are OK Apple fluorine news the new thing coming out I want to show you what I don't have time but I really vital message what's right and fundamental side by side shows that stuff new Our scholar and try and various improvements and we really want integrate changed all use new angular react stuff really promising and really cool thing that many people have been asking about L liking and I'm really happy to say that well actually wants show an example here we always been working that on that for the last months we have now branch where X is working and this really is really promising it's incredibly performance that we have an example of plotting to thank the points of view on on camera on Web jails but it did frolicking trees to 2 a lot of anything it did provide tried to increase to 100 thousand perform quite well so we're getting there we really with really really would like to reach from Wall 1 version by the end of the year which means that the this is going to be and not some years OK
so reality so this 1 is really quick and we have working on new ways to to work with OK 1 of this is a very experimental grants not nothing really official the moment but it lets you sort of use this book a developed command tell us those services to extract a file that we are working on and wild type in new changes that we brought 1 only editor I don't know I would I would not need any I case that and you're going to get inside of flame words so is can here it's the nodes of the uh this is uh normal plot both as it updates on the right side of the editor it changes on on the left side it reloads the plot and change everything is really cool thing for people that once a prototype because usually that the main folder I see is like using a typewriter books but in if you have to use and you can see actually thinks that interacting wild type
and you you're editors people's major goal of while others said we are working on really against that as as I want that we are working on a changing of it the
focus of the read read read the nation it's it's really really critical piece of functionality but it probably would have we would like to support thanks to a bit of a bit more so keep the book it's several little bit cleaners smaller and simplified of it and had let's say they had complied see that you can plug in and on top of focuses on cool I want to throw and jailed them life didn't seem so caring so I really would like to invite everyone that is this once to use on trial located in Seoul for uh trying to provide feedback if you want to come talk to me in the conduct was and that is social media but we would like to hear about you need try to help you and tubules that's the mouse upstairs forests or integrate inference on front side to book it's a new open-source project and we really want people to help and that's all so
if you want to use the theft
the 1st thing the I have heard a lot of good edits that have the use of for which separates now we compose the data from this will be greatly so you're asking me book of provides a waste of which data from service from server yes you can well book book a server environments is environment and WebSockets so you can you can push data out directly but using exactly the source you can all only send request data requests to your server so it's not the same as WebSockets so but you can you know you can bowl on whatever frequency want so if you expose yourself service you can do that the 1 problem can with be seen updating all the source because want to transfer speed the chunks of data at time and then you can right now at the moment we can use a trick for that instead of using an data sources can use a normal source it it's basically on the JavaScript it's basically just a bag of data so if you have a call back and in your called by just they call your server service that just returns the last chunk of data you can just take that and wish to Europe a JavaScript arrays and it works well it's not the same as it's possible solutions I I I I have 2 questions once you said there were new charts so interested in what kind of charts those are common and the 2nd 1 is about the fact that book talk I remember seeing even all the good and I I was wondering of on that the top half of influence you OK so the 1st question was are forgot profession chance the chance OK so I think charts is an interesting API because we want it to be very high level and at the same time we want to give you all the flexibility we have on the lower level charge a lot interfaces so we had a lot of discussions on this and we are being we have included also the main user request and the user needs are usually link to to data grouping they facing data aggregation and all those so we want to I'm not saying we want to go in the same that plot assume on and on you are all aware of those but we want OK so this is very influenced by the grammar of graphics and inference Noble this but we want to follow this that somehow and let the user tell for instance I want to do the new scatter plot and I want those from this data set it's it's not normalized so unit appropriateness needed to do this this this area we want to add a new way to spell out of as regarding new charts we right now I think the you knew to 10 times regular 12 1 that is therefore ages is is waiting for a new workers bubble charts but what we are really opening a new you type of jobs we want to do that in a while in plots or how long you fancy we actually something consideration a lot of fancy charts and the other question was again title and I will defer that to service here a locally and she did that that day the check the example itself so I think she's about source for that come to the continent was later and you can talk thank you more questions yes it was mentioned before but they come about supporting maps they have seen some examples with maps they you on that yes of we already have fought for their own I shows me talk and we also support during the that's from men have
class generated map so in so we have a fairly support Geo special things that are made an area that we want to work a lot and so in for for task for instance is not really really well supported but it did it have
some examples that you have already use so for instance for people can so for if 1st points but if you want if you have other questions you know what faced of you so
basically this is a plot of loading at Google Maps and in a scatter plot on top of that very beginning of summer actually some interactivity the critical there of
of the windmill world and things of that we had that thought thank you thank you very much for coming in if the