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Python in the Sky: In-Flight Entertainment with Python

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Python in the Sky: In-Flight Entertainment with Python
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Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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David Arcos - Python in the Sky: In-Flight Entertainment with Python Case study of [Immfly]'s Wireless In-Flight Entertainment system, built using Python. This talk will show the basic requirements for the system and the architecture decisions we took. Besides, running software at 10.000 meters implies new unexpected challenges, different from the ones we encounter day-to-day. We'll focus on how we solved them.
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Computer animation
I 1 of the ways
suppose we have this and I'm going to it was his
guidance as big get will you know there is very close as is going to lose any of those who used by a very strange thing today it's a problem with the variance is and was of the the classification
of intelligence and the value of the convicted of that so there if during this I what hi by right from understanding of presentation of magistrates this we build a
wireless in-flight flight independent system using by OK the goal will be developed in research 1st of all the requirements and then there is no decisions with those and at the end of the because challenges experiences that the same and as you are working with the police this told is
way of well right usable and the examples from there have been a examples of since the I am what I said by so so on we were monthly so if you have want to assume that you are working on a linear have what it's like
if I if this is that the most so we widely applied the data and we studied for airlines OK so that is not we
what's the white list of like to think through how to work on again and had is that the passengers inside the blame with their own devices they got rid of our white kind of data the and OK and then they just have a lot of services inside so we can use any kind of device laptops tablets and smart phones they could actually allow which is inside the plane using very well find relevant knowing that many of going and labeled and that the most used that is it were about just 1 of my website but we also have mobile apps so what kind of services the we provide inside the brain is policy in the east as we used to half years of all you're in a physical way but now with the so 1st of all of that
information you Ramsey Abbey my where you have the playing you the nature war that this is a short fly their flag of logical whatever speed 16 undergraduates it's not mine OK so you can see videos to be shows that gives me the news videos are an media you can read the newspapers magazines you going get stuff out of the nature of city offers this this is customized for its if you're flying you there are more more master and the problem is that there
have been when it's light it's applying content and so on so this is requires some kind of connectivity in the example if you want the that these if you want the latest data is less than use from the basic the synchronized or if you want to do a want and then the mean of the eventual connectivity
this means that when they the lands then we connect to the Internet to our platform and we the the soul and the requirement was what the content nobody wants yesterday's newspapers bookies under severe actions to express multivariate from other providers payments but then a vision of women's this morning I'll send e-mails were formulated binary everything also another
victory was that run so you have service inside the plane but once you you should keep being able to use
it right so it's the same experience before your flight inside the plane and and then later you can bring the condoms so content with your your numbering magazines and newspapers but not be here because of what licensing and you let the new conformation separating the idea is that you get into you this dimension and from there out and you can access the maps in the whatever it had been you that you will no OK so and now the interesting but that detective work how we deal with the system I will let you might malaria the bound from the most extreme of 1 to the most intimate datasets and litigation in each of these more complex about it gives you more what they the at the different layers so what happens in there and in the airplane the front and back in the system services when using on the final 1 and then after the after that and then what happens outside of with identities and that with machines which we believe the younger very imaginative unbelievable process a sentence that there so let's start
from the most extreme upon their different than applications users have of art device the open the website that's how would use them using underwriting years set for this CSS and rule for awaiting unlike you them away it's an idealist 1 which he's used to form an EPA you get to the that and that's it you don't need a back end to implement congregate is don't just indirectly the more I lapse on very ambiguous no surprise here and all of these steps this reacts use the same API from the
background OK so in the back and I I think you want within all these was used by the jungle in general this framework they
are very many useful to go in and out and got a restraining order it's also and we think that they the IB fast and this is a common thing we use the idea for a lot of things in front on the the lost it was really useful and also some a straight for our or for certain different things this system summaries as the
seeds for their what we use this as at that date to become population endings so what's that and also for the statics condensate my fears videos areas where there when he got to start with this and way it sees this wondrous event before I unsupervised so it is is an an age the that at 1 time point about many things so they is that your gender equality is 1 you would occur at supervisory calling we use it for the previous from only 1 without some 18 is that the rules that selects and received on and extend inconsistency and as the single best of the when it's
no surprise here because this very useful for security that because well we don't values using their already and you want to use it because they don't want a very bad fast and reliable I suppose with the other sections as we had payments so we have to be very sure that we don't lose anything OK With for them the sequel data will have many use cases here and therefore the sessions an example for everything in that and cannot that that that expires I'm so for metrics you can do a lot of stuff inside radius extended the why I'm and because of working and
this is states I come there are we on their graphs are connected to the central point the when they land so that uses the states everything in the way we go someplace to make say for sure we call for every P and it's not available in the internet we had the course we only use the a private key of indication I'm going States without Cities unstable and fabric molds are priced but 587 Mortimer it's our way to call commands on of his estates showed you have so some libraries in fabric and you can do on the end of for the proceedings of the populations interlacing machines many many years from when you have a clean bill of several machines we're doing data and c shown from having to answer but now we have both and is very useful for updating the so of the protein if got if you want to look at the management example I want to look at they there was a compilation of all machines this will take care and we're using them form all the is this is important usually an unsupported you you attributed as Bush so you say you know secured in these machines but as we're using and things that are out of line and the only get connectivity when they when they lacked we cannot do that because we would need to wait until late in a white if and that's a lot of time and it's developed by 1 so that almost that when they are playing is online it just gets the last bastion of spoken through book of the relation from the impulsivity and that is installed speed of the week every week it will be a series of heavily support we need however this is interesting this is some kind of plane In the name we have you can see here that really access points number of that and also the a then you that we using its and that this can be an n so keep in mind this idea of a the defendant connect all of the and of these it is they is connected to the server where
is set points so we used they provide a Wi-Fi based in here and easily each users so all I cannot see the traffic from the other users it said that we have in society but just in case so they don't they can there Edward or whatever and its use in a lot lab then this connects to the web so that this is an embedded computer back and yet they haven't been very very very low this is to be made solely it will catch fire people want buy them going to got problems it's very very reliable may expensive acidified means we use channel with people machines without people you mental because he came with so we have so far and the 1st and in the picture you can't see but the best athlete he had a kind of guess like yourself from the body without a lot of gigabytes which tell use when they have been lands to connect and them and then get more staff and and was later also often very important arguments most that we will see and later OK so this is the service that we have to install in explaining connected to the 3 what hearings everything
the the about the streams our mission to the plane that we get information from the this is only a week right so we can get information but we can wait no and the this is important because that there has been many many news media that say that happens go into airplanes under control of of the plane and you have like shut down there at the end genes or whether they are not possible even you the fact or the loss of 1 and needs read only use you can look right there OK so this is very important even if they their wireless color so what they machines even if they get silly for everything you can write yeah so the sea is if we used to developing more right of some information we have elected to the airplane and we have a lot of information on on everything that happens there OK there people the ideas of the you know only you will play the a flight simulator this is the same we are calling a its meaning not and it's very little reliable we use these to when we show the flag for it's amount I will then but using OpenStreetMap look the same so we we thanks to their their thing with their wives the lecture what you are going where you're are coming from and we're using these these data and 1 of the also described discrete times t denotes an air at and know what it means but we had is indeed is for some of the events In example if by the end this that seen there in front gate and they have a greater than they on then a unavailable when did the mean or the closer we get a signal and then our computer automatically cuts the that that cost that they intend to be certified you have to implement these distance of so from this we can all be there at plane is flying but it's grounded and then we can use the connection but don't the necessary because I would have no idea where D. and this is outside the grant to assist in the in the in the in the cloud platform the it means are also applied that formed in the output clouds but a single point for the platform to synchronize everything it the restraints that petitions it's time obtain the ants sense of data from many you status for use there how many payments their actions they did it gets new contents of the magazines videos whatever they need new versions so that utterances new versions they use everything even national operations with a lot of what my motivations we from the and minutes I will half of the processes that in this stuff from other sources with properties that centred data will provide us to the walking tour or whatever and we have an administration so our people kind that offers an an so that means when they land and only then they send information under new data again uh
an example interesting new resources we are approving thousands of
resources it's more from it more than can be provided in different languages right now it seems that genome on an English and we're doing French-Italian sure the country because different countries have different magazines I'm not sure the they media readings deals and then the final thing here and thing is that some externality EPA from system operators based at OK then they don't give you the condition that they about using it's the years that the added using an activity that maybe the income approach money on each side they give you access that there was another great but it's not going inside their plane so it's easier to manage if you get out of the area it's it's easier it's not critical if you cannot be in just a minus I mean where and that the the will
we use what India's them from this CDB August 3 in Amazon and we use at the core of the Amazon Elastic transport that which is sad operatic would you send me the any format and tools their output and they reviews the writers have for you way you think it's a lesson which is very useful for for mobile devices of the anti-war from somewhere and the idealist on the synchronization is time Wait time and this means that the media files on the pieces and when synchronizing with is like this because if we wondered what role the view of the 100 men of rights in at once and then it's not possible because the underlying stock for maybe 10 15 minutes and you won't get much connectivity so they be desynchronize them it loses connectivity and then later stance again and again careful reading magazines and newspapers we get from the places as if they're curious to but we are using selected tasks so that a user of our process for that's a give doesn't OK so you say in these PDFs from the 7 and then build different different processes some of the most important review sites because the date of the interview PDF rests on the we 100 megabytes it's it's massive for what if I were wouldn't want most of the genetic because everybody wants see that defined inside the edition should more of the than any other last data unlabeled data it means that when the well I believe you before when they have planned for the assignment of data types and then you will see the the open an application which looks the same web alright my was and where other than the all look the same we take care and that depends on you what looks mostly what saying so mean of offences no videos we can understand these kind of content in the in the and then we have focused on this conditions of 1st because if you are going to us city you get you you fall from that city from restaurants and places from the New there some things and ideas you work online like that of my question you have all day Monday magazines you have that you will also it's very simple you in the plane you at that restaurant off and then later from they actually you have it there and you can as you get on the condom over here is that in the end in the in the graph I mean we are using a frequent this which have flight 180 passengers OK that's for for our platform that's case but know we don't have thousands of users at the same time we're not there yet but it is made to scare on the last day
defining 1 a difficult time this when you're working with aircraft you'll you'll have some specific matters with things that things but different that we would use it to OK there's something that challenges some problems that we we were expecting you have no idea and so we it's only states that with system
so then the first one is the revelations on certification why are we doing these problems now and not a few years ago because at the end of 2013 the yes the that regulation that allows all this some of the devices will be that 1 inside the brain of even in in landing mean take off OK but usually you you will you will then you would only that amount I would widen workplace so these these that was implemented in in Europe the following the error that go to these disco that if since it's
like a really be the end of 2015 it looked like 1 year on and at the end of 2014 we were not
having having some shot 2 or 3 airplanes with our the air flying day-to-day we got the notification to and we would be the 1st applied on the western so you have this issue of certified evidence that you do even in water somebody the certified even even if that points are the this is the 5 year little of stressed areas where there's everything OK the media mediation industry is very conservative and not the very safe and even the smallest
you are not giving this is it's called we do in the to to with cable so whatever that everything has to to be certified process and it's very very slow 2 as 69 and yes to to the Forgetron which was a book because then we have thankful to the implementation of a to be upgraded studied for their so the customers and then you have implemented so we had 9 months to implement everything and it was also among the 1st flight everything worked perfectly let this be the issuance
of more and identity to set the
legal issues and we saw them things would be connected that and it would be at the beginning of the project will have a lot of time at nights of the well was who operates on everything but in no way the state it like an hour of connectivity OK they accept and went like this it stays for maybe 5 1 0 and so would have been 15 minutes of connectivity because they shut down the computer that as many times so we'll have a lot of time to losing them stations and it's also that is the only that means that if you send data it was you know so we have to I think that mold when we are doing in countries where we don't have Roman so what we have here was to improve over the criminals and to optimize optimize the performance of this synchronization doing things like that of seeing more like the that times the media links that we're seeing a lot of so this was the issue because you are not useful to understand the system what offline and you don't get access to to structure of the this
is making what are the ones the for later it had had no means there is no other action no cent so they just leave about them or even gets disconnected and and want very bit and so there lexical however is similar most now our cities them and this is also known for for correcting systems and and everything happens very often many than they when they change they powering example there is balance and they shut down and the importance of monotonicity and they connect an external knowledge source In that the 2nd this was supposed to manage that about the world marketing and most so they find the person remains with them and build so they can discriminate what what's the risk of this has a lot more about maturity date and found that the rest of the nation state they can 7 set it down with a lot of money because said but most of it is that when changing their the power source circuit and here we can do nothing dashed if they do this at a user gets corrupted with using the machines so that was my thing he's never change we have pretending the and then middle machine so it gets correct we can
we have to fix inconsistencies again this was our 1st mistake we tested if I were to run the current system what corrupted a lot sometimes whether off some of them have their sights seed the content was the lead was very funny a and see if as ck and stuff so it's sex for their it's an assistant secretary it set for the corrupted things in there that if 1 of us using the emergencies it's global and so when the writing each time we deploy Arabic firearms smartphones whatever with approach we do watching a signal is of violence is found in of the system and forces to the operating system to fly data because access of this part of the life of the memory of the police of a so you'll and then you are 100 % 1 did that the the it would right for that this disease this is good because this has as a lot of problems anyway so a condition about why that investing in URIs that they that always appears to you have to completed but also us it what we did that would have a strong interest in the text with a thing for the convinced he made of a sizable because of this you already they either don't exist anymore because then you don't know that media with certain times and then sometimes is of the obvious ones to update the state of its content it's not available the of have to take it again and that is what may on the Internet grew up got corrupted data not aware of any of the child sometimes at the same time it was in flights and the things so we have its own entity checks and b is the is the saddest part of for updating there and the clock goes sex so that must approach and updates look that was the case so we only need 1 and that this is
the idea that the capsule in how many of you will know that capturing these radius of raising funds what that getting the staff in in industry systems that say that you cannot have a week you don't have to under the 3 out consistency so all of the nodes in your preference the same stuff in our case for the range of input I'm going to say that every node the same the FAA response you know what case from that means that and looking unconditional variance is that is an integral part of the they got home this is still working in the network that is shown means that maybe you have we have sentence you read 1 that sent them out and you still have serious in with some machines are without OK so see Allen is because it's the last thing I see a you go from CNN they have been or see on the OK if you tried to mediate and 1 of the 3 of you will have a time which I because of course consistency was a requirement we wanted on the ground to have other than the last bastion of the users the content the last I mean anything because a plane being of manifest what but the from the by the following up from this because it's plane used by the from from the network it's offline so from the without the partition dominance and then we wanted their availability so at the end we will go to this consistency we saw in our our system I will formally completion the lands and waters much of it what so what this means we set up for you don't want consistency that means In our case maybe I will have another region of the of that there is some of the estimate that may be today if we didn't have time to download their Latin it that matter it's still works OK it will eventually takes itself because it will give surprisingly it's the lands shows through this and distributed system came to and it's in 1 and in the
population we have a project with lots of figures I have only shown there are fewer but it's will where we have when these something in general what conditions you know what criteria of days so these can be viewed on they get them over site and doing different now absent keeping this event and places with been land things only when have a lot of my existing libraries and there were unexpected 10 telling as we learn how to fix them it was difficult at 1st but now we have learned a lot the
conclusions are that I can make it possible for you to believe that so we can use the it themselves meters governance of our use cases of then the 2 because we stand on from there so again it's which means for this source that we are very happy I will 1st do this part and to integrate different things together and it was developed in in a very short time because implementation happens for like 6 months since then and you have been adding new features of course we need needed more about the 5th so we need let the that will keep adding them but it's very high island it's very fast food environment and
that's the thing for attending I will post there is like a few minutes later I will them meaningful and we are fighting a this is the data and see if something that fits your now we question
thank you B you know also you're also area and this is happening 1 question but the research you I I I have a question regarding the aviation but also connected to use so this is IP-based or anything special this last point I item of the specific needs of us having our computer gets a cable companies connected and and and that's it we'll calling its meaning it updates its determinant and once you can if you keep a getting data and you cannot ask for the various reasons everything thing it sends you I don't know this the specifics but if you look for applying it just standard and that's OK thank you and the 2nd 1 rest deployed so which slide have to book 2 seasons identity whereas the system deployed some which flights of which a company like right now we have the right in the in the barrier as UBS this OK which he's from the I the rope we have a we did the 1st phase seems less December over 6 months if thought it was a pilot phase with 4 and it was a success so now we we have the gradient you In our planes but that their land we have right now we are in a airplanes and we will spend their and lines from the same OK thank you yeah it's very expensive the greatest and this path because of our race is that if you have a lot of operations you have billions ways of litigations talk we have to go 1 step ahead of time he said that there are problems with our power outages so you can the view in considered using like about 3 years something or is that no way because of the certifications justification and we're looking to move from a state of of something about society and that there's a lack of ideas and we have that eventually we will be losing that but the hardware would have it said in the in the marketing just think that the that the fats from something about other it's not enough this is how the question use of that you're using and civil and the almost so it's going other chapters and applying them to system I guess that's our so what if something goes wrong with the actual system and and therefore it can hold the data are you how do you think that and then we have a lot of talk about it but then we would need to connect to the machine yes said to be at and and then to use that that was offered all that kind of problems that led to this error is telling about growing there then dissemination of that and then I know most of its but only sensible I mean it's very small thing we're doing it 7 model possibility is think that so for the think of it OK you say that you decide to go to was consistency what you but that you planning to 1 the user account despite 2 stories are looking system inside the plane the so each thing has the complete database of users this so what we have and when you have 1 billion using nothing for the worst case what what you have in mind what's right now the worst case and have the is so that this induces data flight it lends we don't have time to the Washington synchronization OK and then in maybe the states and that there are no he doesn't have the user in the 2nd plane OK that's not sometimes and then when we get there from the plane when the user from a groups and you without people like that and that of of inconsistencies there this is the moment right now it's not very very offended mostly we pilots you know they they use their in depth but mediation that few that went flying later later in but they did problem
exists in that we set of 100 and then we cannot do anything else we can do what that meant a settlement by now needs would and the 2nd question and curious are you all of which the course any kind of events from the plane and then note that the the events like usually against yes not just events of playing events like this that we were thinking on that because without for the data from the mass and we would it's full essays in for a flight simulator or something like that we do you know flight rather than before which is a nice application that shows the development we get the same equation effect on the GPS positions of power plants and then at the end we could from big Data monthly them and also most of our many each flight dates are allowed and these kind of stuff but when now that we have small marketing we understand that we don't have much time for these funny things so they we will do it we are sitting on metadata and so they will this but the main question it's not as if you're actually doing it but if you are not allowed to do yeah sure yeah Caroline it's right that that that of with with so they found the man's mother with that that information I mean it's for it's probably it's public if you want to fly product and before or you can see it when raining well and not only that you did on the part of your attention also the rate of return let me know what can I do that I want to to you on the map where is that knowledge that I did with you know whatever it still is that the leading and that uses the data from this is that I don't think it is the most I would like to thank you have and from across the and of for ministers that a and the the idea is that you have to expect a lot of regulations to be able to launch this but how did you do the proof of concept that this system and how did you put the device invariant plane and make that it that way because we would have been a picture of the and compute that we have about half of this and the lack and that we can use emoticons in their in their well at this point down there with a passing grade that experienced by some of those and it's like like and so we have 1 that is that although there is is that the amount of is this the same way that you test that when you do updates for the synchronization part is that this is really morally at the same but obviously it failed botanical they often have with them in the these this something and then in the in integrand we we know that we would have like 4 hours 5 hours on the beach state and now we have like 1 hour we have the spending that we need data on our planet OK so that's several in might get this thing is not the same as action so how can you get a little connectivity because I've observed that when a plane lands that connects the gave of 100 people get out a clean the plane on people it back on it takes more than about wire you will only be getting monuments of coming if your application for an hour like 3 times to the aid they go out of the operations they maybe putting world and they focused on the use of the I don't know the specifics but I know when I think the effort that you can make it maybe we have 5 continues on nothing at all or maybe someday with half an hour but you cannot that OK with and so there is no way to to break down there was a question the and the I think that helped us so I know on some trans-Atlantic flight for example they have like wild boar while in flight can be used for synchronization for example so so you can get more all life time for for yeah the states at the moment maybe maybe thank thank well that's the thing were in use in a few of the this is because the the level of the violence was
not what is it that I have not the