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Argus - the omniscient CI


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Title Argus - the omniscient CI
Title of Series EuroPython 2015
Part Number 92
Number of Parts 173
Author Poieana, Cosmin
License CC Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/20098
Publisher EuroPython
Release Date 2015
Language English
Production Place Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract Cosmin Poieana - Argus - the omniscient CI Bring the continuous integration to a new level, through a platform/project independent framework able to give you unittest-like reports. Argus is a scenario-based application written in Python, driven by custom recipes under configurable environments, that can be used for testing a wide variety of small and big projects, with the ability of querying live data from the in-test application. Until now, it's successfully used with [cloudbase-init] (a robust cloud initialization service for instances) under OpenStack and not only, due to its extensiveness and the ability to mimic different infrastructures. The goals of this talk are to show its generic scalability, how simple is to create such kind of recipes, the relationship between scenarios, introspection and tests and, but not last, the unlimited freedom of creating very custom aspects of these entities which lead to relevant and in-depth ready for analysis logs. There are no major prerequisites to understand it, just to be familiar with Python and optionally have a focus on cloud infrastructures.
Keywords EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015

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below the body of the entries go to and all the 1 of the co-founders of the applied and because by the in Romania and the of the gift of a lot of guys which are present in this room right here also have look that I working global solutions in what you want to other so today I'm going to talk about all that was the only since the article and put like is because can also give things and there is present everywhere we this just before country talk about progress with the above the clouds and a lot of interstitial services also of all the components of water rose from the support of the relation part of what we should should do actually there's a lot of and multiuser and also creating that so what
are the notes by the mean simply looked blogs or someplace posts on the network you reach all they are used processes for instance the user rather than a single local computer and such called K anymore prospect is all about 1 was a serious infrastructure of services and the software as a service model property infrastructure so there are so many people were infrastructures like what was that fulfillment local I don't know that is the biggest project for open source projects and endorsements written quite
so what we do in this class we mainly create instances the commissions like we used to create the the global also the and they are all utilized by looking at the words of most important things what love is when we're going to is instances we also need to initialize the whole period so what are these who make the matter that the metadata providers a very important the demand for all all or particular aspects of the are instance which should be on the roof also so what are the solutions to this article the solicitation services clothing which is the role of my canonical and the open source of worth vary on what some guy came across a lot of with a new idea for creating droplets instances services for Windows and many other parts this work in the future so that you can progress in it which is used infer the size of the solution so the whole looks like game in the shape of installer transfer service it's also worth of transparency exactly persistence and those open-source and we didn't quite and supports the popular plots lies within the workloads and the most of all I most of the matter metadata providers and it's also independent independent although high hypothesis of of the method which you're the instances in cluster because all the service itself it doesn't have have nothing to do with the infrastructure is only in it also leaves of stem from the research and just like that and there are some thoughts about managing the called project at the progeny and we're talking about with and canonical to still this is followed around its normal services and there are updated France in the text the middle of it but what happened using that service that flows there is uh using sample use to all confidence just because this is the most important thing like those names focus groups here you can use it can get on the machine also store received public and it also allows cooperation by which looks like this can specify username groups of workers for all of which is that this is this is 1 reason for thinking and also the audience if does this by the end of the executed so I have that this book is about August we In the example this this so at 1st but they and other day it's like the age like lately little on Nov just as the project itself we need to decide what kind of integration that's 2 actually common what's in it and also so what so what the the downsampling magnetic on the on the analysis of this directly and you can always work through greatest stories true or infrastructures like that's like women block called the and the medial so we need sampled the ultimate all this is just the
price to various and on the right is in the in the fossil so world this part was pretty hard we can also use and so we can be thought was properties of beautiful open source project conceived and designed by called for Polish squadron and while and also the environment so to this project we the creating of integration that's not what you call this the project we can create for everything we want to test because the courts in kind of interesting concept of just creates a distortion and from there you can do is think you want to right and so called to the project and the other 1 will all the aspects you know we're have been doing the area of the ratio of products services and bottom it uses them through
created instance itself tempest so 1 of the project the Bible stack community which you test them of the structure and although there are instances font and the works as so stationary based on how can we use so you know there's like reports for like kissing the right there are some very strange that the like those shows you when around there's 1st of all these you number of which this was wrong and in what type so so far as to understand the this lower will
so to understand and we need to 1st understand its components so we started scenarios of In both scenarios are encapsulated from 1 to get of the is the best introspection modules and also the other research and so in of all and most important thing the corporation file which in which create this kind of thing so certainly this is a little of this results consistent
area just some of the people the abstract and they don't have to cost more on this on this object you can use the integrated 1 waterfront to do different things you can hear it from there and to create your custom thinks this whole volunteers thing the dispersion of you module which gathers and it and and the actual
tests which are on the market over these this but in your local of local computer
while these are working together or is this scenario which encapsulated the rest of the configures the instances of these created by the the scenario that using the introspection module you will get the details on the distance and cooperating with the inspectors expected sold as does the slope of this object and executed and the more you get better score success configuration file so but here we compare reasons systems like then shows that the small the image images of of the world view of indigenous and enforced will for the project you just 1 of the reasons for example Paul a basis in Iraq which model the bank and you can inherit it from there and feature on scenarios with own all the this because my all the other being like it or not there is the use of the expression module you don't like the old 1 this all means this is just as we speak from competition for the ability to find out the image you must use because to follow the gradient of emotional through that infrastructure also to provide a new image and that rich and broad to programs local staff and after that the infrastructures with the infrastructure and the scene of references from the and them this is hard models to use that you need to create a new and there is of the basic but of the area in which you good listing on his land use and from that basis to manually and critical constant scenarios we have on this is especially the images and other also how can you can also customize the instances in theory while you are provided in the middle of the instance which is the best way to that also custom user data the true progress can also create environments suppose you want to customized the environment for creating a new instance of for example I could find a configuration file the solution that used to stop the services and that through the use of racial violence people or component and the role that have the system for example what and up to you right there you have decided to host response services and then you will all parameters as normal so others for this kind of things to environments which can be specified in that region if I wouldn't have to do these things manually understood those of that all the other cool thing what i was is that it can mean the difference of the infrastructure so were you can make of it and have applauded transition services which those 1st things that you will and that transformed the difference the infrastructure we like also called on a blog evidence to support and you can do that light it can cost and web servers to always and and through additional changes in the the the area where there is the of a a way to go many of the quantization this is 1 of the answer use that particular service and when you're really feel is what it is that services in in just means that we all the answer to the 1 different to the structure of the robot idea same that the provide the of the and also Canada to drive with show on its name context on the stage for example and when it finds the violent incidents France or the opening the transfer opposite so this rate and there's different infrastructures which local criminal the song users of the of options and we you focus on the plug play because most of the time at this thing called listening what we don't think and this is what you want as unit this as long as this has a fear of transcription tools rely on the 1st step of 1st there you can us the most important thing for a configuration for simple also for the 1st of year also the terminal at this 1st operating systems knowledge sources new starts when you define the configuration parameters has this 1 the another important thing you can specify not directly this is very important because no 1 most of the things that are the parliament there are instances of are also making some rules and those those needs samples community because of the very you check those floats and this way you will make sure that they're wrong small form that things that can also be focused on and most of pictures another important thing is that you can modifying directions followed by providing a slightly different find learning by the obviously it was assumed to white number and do it links it seeks architecture I want to all those that exist for started to look at the cost which I was in the interest of and so like this this way I exist for to and command with you you can test patches which are not integrated because this is the main reason we are using a lot of so but this is just the nature the statute does what it should know and below is a summary of real life examples we start with this column new with almost not called relation for that but that wasn't it if I want to many room and that is specified also for a directory in then you also and that picture it's 6 4 and the most important thing to get command this begin section accounts all comments retrieved from the of if you'll documents that have already been so this is where we can affected by perfect so far developed whenever you have a badge not water well this man who in you want to something you can just use the those available as a lot of false negatives is used as an expression module of modern and create will will not so critical stance together all these things together in last scenario on the support of whatever the like name of groups in the configuration file and then you put all this things so then run out of this with that of the rich file panel by the David come across that that particular group just create a new instance using the specified scenario then people use that means since we heuristically on all on then it follows the actual that using the expression module for the 3 of details from the instance and components effective lost just to make sure that what is where the center of the universe and for so FIL what was fj I'm not usually put on the last slide many other things because people the with what we know is that on this project the 1st thing you talk and the the details of all the project to test conditions and that's sort questions so the questions
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