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Easy FullStack Deployments

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Easy FullStack Deployments
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Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Alvaro Aguirre - Easy FullStack Deployments During this talk we will discuss how to manage your full stack development life cycle using python technologies plus Docker. We will cover from, the project creation (using Pyramid web framework), to maintaining a consistent deployment infrastructure using buildout and docker containers.
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thank you I'm happy to see so if I die in in the middle of the taking into account is also people like and then we have for the minutes and what about the about a 1st of all how you right time in all of perfect so that continue said when today's all basically under the title of the seed was not deployment whether it's going to talk about deployments music so all my name is you yeah so they were working on a project
do you know that some of the material for OK this is sort of observatory located in Chile yeah contains formed by the this is a genus so this is our our work fundamentally not going to talk about it today but the best you can now we I'm very worried about how deployment right so they can also a component of the light into a group actually can refer to the yeah a lot farther than what is in the beaches OK let's start with the 1st of all we need to talk about the ways to build software M. we have different ways to solve for so if you see here we have an example of the into the example this is sort of the basic form that is so made at the top or in the database it is right or not the right the and probably depends on the context right so we have had it from a to B of software to on they would have a different ways
to be software here we have a different way this that job to be software understanding how did use Java so this is the enterprise way to build software right it's very useful
so to use the basic form with of we need a lot
of light it all I copied from the size of the conference and all these things triggering some some ways it's important that the concept that we see here are unimportant because we used to say that is quite a bit about that it isn't a real it's easy to test and it's easy to maintain right on what about our crimes
on the other hand we have something that we call black box deployment of the deployment are uh for example when you have a lot of time you want to watch it press the button and get all your affect or get all your products environment ready to be to be here that have a commercial solution that used these approaches right for example by canadian part of the these this is a sponsor offered by the different but for example if you if you have these where the center you have something that we call that deployment because you don't have the cultural of your reply right so but what about the
appointments the but the form software we have other to build software we should have all the survivors to details our application I mean to to create our deployment so we should try to do something to for any other factor or always to keep all of our deployment under control so what we're going to see today it what we're going to see today this approach if we want to solve a parameter provision uh know many of you have to the parameters of the last 20 years 2 people working we want to use this many of you have what want under the but the forward right so so the answer that basically what we are going to do today is the 2nd thing that we did yesterday during the training so what we're really going to be interesting basically my mom told me that this dual life boarding so what happens if we all dual life according to the what can be derived re-elected OK if you have a computer based take your computer and we tend to do something if it works what we work with that of the doesn't so if not would to days a what date what the microphone because they want to David a what you will see that OK everybody they have this URL looking that's going to this URL the following today in
that year old you will find something it right so we have 100 matching to
connect to right what we want to do this is each of era passed to connect to each matching here so we can want to start from here right my attitude is the number 1 right you have to freedom 5 feet such a 9 10 11 both 13 14 15 16 17 anybody for from OK OK OK but it's also possible think again all you 24 7 right 28 OK 29 29 yeah that is to OK but a and we work and each under pressure so we're tied to to do something the what what we want to do is just 2 1 of
this like to hear much of if you
don't have to just for computer you know where you can see everything what we're going to be so must have been
explained here what we want to do is of full employment of our obligation and using 1st of all I mean without possible and into 4 different layers right so I'm going to to find the
actual here out of the water just to there 2 columns the 1st column is too history your matching of early and the 2nd column is to see the application running right so we are going to connect to the much I would like to know if you
see but the password to each matching is 1 2 3 4 5 6 right in the eye got elected to on Amazon Web servers matching which has a lot of doctors containers inside it right so
I go to the next actually currently connecting to model container that has everything you can do everything what you want but with the gear sold because it had real axis so if you want you can install things but please don't do that that's followed training the
side the proof that it container you have the last compare that to both of these stars in this in a way that was a program of changes that is that you can get your the all the a full well that the annotation of web of fools right corals that you can that all of this sorts of all the other if you said here let me do
something into that you can build allows you to use the is that like beaches what the thank you can go alone all these last in your computer if you have already doctrines install if you don't understand about common where's the something and you got followed as the time of the old if you connect to that at the Royal you will see the flat but we are going to do 5 to get we pretend you 5 laughter left you go to hell you would think about what the last these 4 right so so because we don't have lot of time actually we have just 15 minutes he's Your responsibility go to the last thing you want to follow or your for uniform
meaning here we go we have going to
connect to last 1 that that's what we are going to it's
important that you are activated the tall environment In the 2 last and of the activated once we finish it right so I going to activate the mutual environment if you however do you know about the environment where they're very much the way to isolated your height so we're using these in order to prevent and solve things in the dimension but so what we are going to do is basically where went to great would I would like to allow obligations we're going to try set these to get all libraries or didn't this all right finally we are going to try our vision is a very basic during the reason you see there is 1 that water
but in order to see it this obligation you have to use the report that was here right there
were 4 so if I remote
data I see that application so this is the basic information so what we want to use this
right we want to do now solution OK once again my last
summer from actions not what is be
allowed the result is the way to pack Old Europe had pattern you libraries sorry but by the leverage to create a most of the time you would use different software products to run your theory propagate in the real world fraudulent you have at added dependencies or giving the company different seems are we were words you use in difference of work might solvers the about the way things of all the different being now
a automatic way so we're going to deactivate the data we are going to that to group and you will see that that we have the love to style the other obligations if we're not really about we don't need to have the quality of the environment you because you develop works as we talked about what we have to run this time and this whole parameter at these to run this common problem all so this is not going to the Internet to get all the actors the if we what did we do therefore I what do we do the following which of see now our
application running but now so this is the the the what is
right singular OK if we go to the last 3 now we have a different view about you in the slide no the application of these don't let it from you have to go to that the role you will see they're getting a shown in under my feet we have account right so that this is basically the same thing so we have to this the we are going
to you'll see at the location of the line what and we see our
publication right OK perfect so
using that the slide that where
using we want to use also with sensible procedure that was that was the way a tool to his cell to develop by like our product in different costs right so we have these cooperation the idea is that from climate change we can solve given a specific cooperation highest priority is specific possible project we're going solve this in the at the same location in different policy or before images so under the that for for the 3 followers what is possible another 1 that's where however edition with style finally we have a bit of irony so we need to
talk to so we are going to today we
would you like to activate this environment if we go go 2 here we have the 1st time that possible you you know what our obligations we have by when we saw
a different world all rivals we a host with these 3 we've got their interests all our occasional locally by using on the other hand have from reverse or deferments is work however it would be following so here we go to we that that folder on the the roles of the averages we have these visits in thing I have to rely on possible all day what we call these rules which are all represented in this case a modification so in this case our might have division right so we have roles there are lot of something that I really like about daughter much of the possible is that you can have all these structures like book so you are able to read all structure that you need to consult the obligation this is a very basic obligation about that possible bridges that can be more common than this so in the case where doing but copies of the of would have been it work versus 5 of which used by the end of their where the hell most of of the them out we both of which is the basis to to run our being however location isn't not to find we run the model we create an application to start population so if we don't role let's about and all we'll see this what sort of the event which is called for these metrics i when we're the what we're so we're going to execute this were going to use let me check if your
implications of the I agreement
OK there is running so 1 minute so finally you should see your
picture so what using where are the
activities and we're going to last where father actually of our environment and you see that we have not writing we don't have any documentation of what what we I'm going every old overcome but you can find everything that lies have different and overview images that because most of you know about a very risky that have or future right
so if you go to the slides we have a lot of explanation you are these and you will see 1st of
all we need to this stop if you run
this look around however locations
around but now using so I think
we're ready as but basically
the idea that you can get from these is that we need to install all our vision of what we need but consider about the basic concepts to install our applications but is not just that is the best tools but we need to understand all we need to know all too recall were 1st of all of our the publication of the 1st half hour documenting another world or even the that is not the between the 2 is high reporters and so uh what gages was a talk we want it was very fast you're 1 everything what you need to run this time with work on the whole year obvious and in this light here have to have questions conflict remember of thank you much the thank you a lot