Citizen Science: Tracking Aliens with Python!

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Citizen Science: Tracking Aliens with Python!
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Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Alessio Siniscalchi - Citizen Science: Tracking Aliens with Python! The talk discusses the challenges of implementing a Citizen Science Paradigm in a Python-centric platform, and the solutions devised for the System for observation and monitoring of Marine Alien Species, currently used by the italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA). "Alien" Species means species introduced into a natural environment where they are not normally found. Topics includes strategies for crowd-friendly forms, work-flow definition for collected data, choice of the best technologies for its components: app for android devices, web application for citizens and experts, webGIS for data browsing and web services for data exporting.
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thank you welcome everybody to toolkit macbooks them and they're checking audience with part of
a citizen science applications sharply I introduced myself in a company a working on me skulking mentally in Europe and I work can be romantic my company is the open solutions from Rome Italy and so we use the mission in philosophy or an companies easier to use open source software as much as possible as for a Italian-American companies or for a larger industry standard and international institutes OK 1 all although main subject these oriented the tool developer geographical all about them such as the environmental downtown and that the major economy China and then the major uh bolting and so on OK my contact information is displayed here and therefore you will attend model but all kernel is about to go
out and say I don't know if you read the abstract of my toolkit and give their area little low and question for the I think the bigger question definitive question for we will use are we alone can we collected and then enhancing the east west stacked Ali and so on and so on on and offline objects and so on OK now of course not the giant than we do and I we are not told him about margins there of course then we are talking about the system to reduced to collect about that about their my reading Allianz species of marine Allianz piece that is to say 88 pieces seasonal not in vast even on our doctrines so of course the we are not along and thus take orders all of these that kind of application is not the telescope operators your idea of a truth about the user societies and marine biologist and then of course he did sensor divers professional and non-professional fishermen OK no air we speak about today is the
application of the importance of a history to collective doubt that about the alley and that that is to say non indigenous use this species of marine species there why because of they need the presence of these messages species there is the 1 of the major cases of data presented by diversity so not only the pollution of the sea we consider a I underline that we don't speak strictly about the should but all the jellyfish across stations and the only thing that he plants and so on and you can see in this picture 1 more efficient way to realize that the picture there near the coast of Springfield the you with the OK and about the how the travel the traveling the bus would herself commercial sheets that were dying we have various annotation of additional human introduction of descent and efficient annotation for example from are quite humans must also invitation introduction to balance a data day of the doctor of the speech is of course marine biologist do in interaction but then they should be strongly monitoring the 0 OK you when MIT species using the vector that indicates in your hobby doubt that they begin to multiply the price and increasing predation and competition so at the consuming could system erosive seas and so can the deeper changes of their habitat changes the species itself beginning and we know so we have the is a really important question so and Walter these kind of problem and deal with Python OK and these users in some characteristic of these uh this kind of problem and some are very typical and we considered in this case there is a geographical that the duplicated that in and then of course you know that the scientists that they do we might hold each scientists and to have and that is why they wide aria good will some collected this week collection of of that they knew would Janusz weight is about this of course that it is not always possible you know that resources are these cars and also will share scientists are few and they're worker is expensive and I don't know yeah about the immediately we have worked in few resources that fuel refined for researchers so a rare person is usually represent are very few they are accuse at that but will of data most populated I rests on the most interesting 1 so from the point of view of what the environmental law habitat and then by university and so and disease in this picture we see In the case of the such low and this the signal ation of this channel that very round and even use the going above all of so in soul this In the wrapper setting out of the few and there are what the world of the solution of this kind of problem is that the application of this he didn't science paradigm what is the citizen science paradigm to the citizen science means the public purse dissipation in scientific research and this is the Wikipedia definition it is the war on our century yeah so an what what theory needs in my opinion of course to be applicable they the needs of the supervision of a professional scientists why because we need cannot conceive during the data could be collected not from non-professional users citizens some known professionals and scientists as good as it so we have assessed the school validate the doctor collected the data and of course there we have to do a survey over these collected data and at the end of the survey we ever did the need that all the in it Pearson scientist that there have been in terms has been responsibility to to publish this every so only words we need that it worked for the definition of a workflow Of course there no proficient you should there should be emotionally involved in the project a and so we need the tool over there and if vector in some of in OK some are uh some information and and that there should be important that to the public precipitation is that it it should it is a public important issue of so also user should not be scared by the longer form along subscribing procedures complicated work so well that the and they should compile user friendly forms a we have to balance the tool needs that they needed to have a lot to all of that but more more information over each array Part 2 with the uh with a lot of information on each rare part about the the few reports and we profane to have a lot of records but each rapporteur should have be DVD fuel and information is so we have we need the tool to have a over-generous starting in a wider are is of course cited that site is seated than science paradigm In IEEE nowadays ease of use of the uh because the uh the reason and the diffusion of major devices and of course user should be a key but would tools for the report of all of the observations in so and I will be we can have we can use these that kind of paradigm and these are some examples of citizen science and the projects in project and the of the success stories and on not only and environmental projects in the for example this 1 from the National Geographic kidney the sends you a little keep the to gets your DNA for tracking history of human migrations for example a OK now I speak in general now I am going to to speak in a the most specific key the of my project this mark in system for checking in audience the client that defined audience was that the Spratlys broadly the Italian easy to for environmental
protection and research and the disease that is danger the main infrastructure system infrastructure a we see on the left the this did the input so that the input to doubt in it's coming from our uh anonymous user over wanting to get it uses the at if feasible can haven't indication Facebook and indication API and these defined and then Facebook if it is not such a complicated in of course feedback that can be applicable only for a Facebook and loaded the users and and then that is the HTML 5 performance of the BBC ball rolling and making device with a web view it whether you belong on the stands up and and and we see that we have a tool blow on the census 1 blown East insists that is that the sign to be it has to be useful i that that by the major devices and then the 2nd 1 of 4 desktop and from desktop or working what places of so we need we that that these that kind of project have uh have over a tree that the bases noted that that you have a market to different corners the inca for and development software and light green and for the only coffee with the the software out that that these directed available so the what so what about the the babies so be you know and is that the you rock acknowledged to people uh that the bees that I I don't I don't know all I want to speak about these I designed it was graphs which was used as its speech so and to collect about them and or so it finds the stomach to collect the data uh pictures of 4 or all of the data in species that we have for local the bees although marine species that and for signal nations that all this marine species is and IEEE leave their work in 2 parts and of course the pictures signalization and outdated the biggest forest side that's so I needed to it considered in a project the scaleable as and because there you can't the predicted in advance you know and therefore a citizen science applications if you don't you don't know in advance that there is this participation the amount of their participation of sense so far and a away the file system of storing here you can of this species the story space that simply mounting annual parts of different systems Of course this project ever openly years open to use them for users therefore the Math blown eastern about the 1 on the left is the use of the tool mark the position of of the signal agents and the 2nd 1 on the right the use of the tool a Monday all the signal lesions by volume ring expert of course at the end of the that we have on the right the the difference is a tool used such doubt over here for a by external services so we have in XML all or C as the exporter and the GeoServer server instance tool and maybe q . i visible square with the video famous protocols such as WFS OK this is this simply crowd friendly format To make a signal Asian you see the top on the left and the bottom on the right to you see that it's only 1 page 1 blow on page 1 language while it was only a year and the mom mom it's very simple should be very simple and with
the the few information only picture and position cholera and so we have any docket reported the date of the observations that and some additional notes so the reason validation type of validation of that and after of course the duties that a validation all of this expert at the server side then of course we the the work for the Phoenicians and this is an example of the work for the definition but these very typical in this case studies and then we have a tool kind of experts that expert early but what we call the level of 1 of the major the validation and the creation of this army and this is so at the at the Bush enough of their rights species to this and yet signal and expert 11 through that there have been a responsibility to publish serving a anywhere in the Signal ation rate rejected or publisher that a generates a feedback to the citizens so this is should being full of those and should be consider and so now I the quickly in a sure you'll start vital piece of 3 little bite of these use a noted that that used by the unknown such an eccentric or strategy and about that's a general glued to make all the our tools working together this 1 that is a big piece of code data from the database model I use SQL of Kimi declarative these so this is the case classes signal shared you know that is with the one-to-one relationship with this salary the use least through use for some then there will be we know that logic and Logic . 2 floats about position and use the same geometry so I use it you will ultimately to and this simple of a simple function of 2 and main became the translation of the position to be used at the 4 hour window over many years another is that it the piece of code before the XML exporter it still uses the Committee on and uh we have to translate a B C D simply that visiting played uses the for exchanging biological or about that it is so it's so I think it's good enough to see people by the hydroxylated pages simply find IEEE affiliated with without and the 3rd day he is a little bit interesting and theories that a connection with the worms some worms he's there were at the register of marine species the de-facto standard them and therefore they taxonomy in the definition of species so all over the world that's a week note that the awareness of the research is area tool queries and it's that the bees in the US or polar protocol so I use a slope up by do we have to query these that the babies that with these with the use schema I mean I reached with the ability to to have been a classification of each of the species that out to matically and so In the biologists scientists should not insert and inserted the rank of the you on general of the species and now and man now is a metabolic momently at these leading and in any case not those points for either of those yet but they should be and probably should a song I hope and will k and this is almost thank you for listening this Stanford 2 questions for the owners question please visit and the like right so why did you choose to his brother OK a
yes that I mean I choose blown before I choose R. B. cools the fine of client and 1 not all the data and the reasons and define of client that will have it's is already skinfold with people and also the right due to a prolonged side so for a and and is it and the way didn't having this project that aim and after deployment of and assistance tool a disease that they're 1 of the best solution the 4 for the client is of course will I will also be you'll open the company working there is a stronger in while uh about these content management system sort by each of the them number 1 more phenomena as well OK thank you very much as to thank you all I will be back in 5 minutes was a talk on