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Garcia, Alejandro
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Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Alejandro Garcia - Python Gamedev MLG An overview of the currently available Python game development libraries and frameworks and how is Python currently being used in the videogame industry. Presentation of Kobra, a modern open source Python game development framework with ECS (Entity Component System) architecture and C++ bindings.
EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015
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can only 1 of many amusing if anorexia and they going to talk about his life and in development and you problem that I treat their e-mail so the consonant with the other people who asked me whether you want yes recently an e-mail 1 of of the a a and
so the confidence of this talk is the 1st time going to talk about how light from being currently in the case of the area I'm going to do so you might only framework that I call course
OK there so all Python is currently used in buildings
and to which using by phone in the length of the was 1 is using Python as a 2nd language for scripting and there year of their main game is from another language slides must be sample on the right likelihood the recently inside the application of it so the application closed that I can call force and then actions such as what happens when 2 selectors collide all but there what these waste in spite of so we don't use Python as much as we still have their is assigned to the extent that can be OK
so and so on examples of game that used by from this way article in English 1st give is there are 2 ministers they support Parliament and the other way OK since I thought these there is the need for us to grammar and with a view of air but interpreter porosity remained in real OK and there's so meanings for improved performance can be used best blast social out there without had a little loop slower than the air of their so there so as I was holding the use but the most of the related which there are people rely on um next the southernmost used by the words there that sounds like for in which we find that is where you see are very popular you mean all that have of course was to that is something more complex than I but because more resources what really without industry that has no it's actually going to but it also class argument demanding OK they're not here those say that when the 3 class is that it is the so we can promise of usefulness as without their on the 3 that the Sandinistas framework that was used for their games such as the right guy so so the book they didn't engage with my
life on this very removing which sets us to stop or just people yeah but they're the only problem is that there are very few inference seems obvious use for doing the the very popular test conditions for we're going graphite is not known at currently used not because he did not do it because there are many different ways and there's some of these frameworks have been leading to the fact that a larger social
I'm going to it's going right that this is my the maintenance of air
outside of the cells we you increase your OK but it's with the the represent and it's OK so
what see them it is not because he users on a C C a 2nd story the link there
what we see is that the trees OK so decide for real war game development as you may know it in the if you don't use so their begin changes settled we call many it's actually a so the fact that the world that's us to attend the game more easily have been used to make so there are game usually up the what extent so there you may have to and what is the sum of the component systems there was no this is about 40 people were still there so I'm I'm going to show you an example of a here is the for example this thing that we are working for the and we are developing a star wars the news there were collected from so they become of and we with them our cities and that's the only indices for privacy have these receives can either be in the X week or right wing of the same with the values we are very happy or game as the well as salary for the year
being designed the color they parameter that you have to take so we know world other and then when we got to rethink and order that you get up to if we write a lot of things that this is the the architecture of the error of the without you and use the that this year to on it's very probable that our games are in the same domain name and saying at all so I don't know is that the way that
I have to the distance to the Due to the and the the components it is use the embodiment of SAT sparsity 3 for 3 and 4 of the vesicle is that in a minute is that our goes from being our guests elites containing components that make up that all the parties yes these OK so there obvious example or any matrix X we will be on the mend the the that fast and any control because it's going by the enemy is fascination with the because these system missiles the statutory on a test system moment because he was 4 so these components communicate which told medium is so here for example of our component in a contour wants to move forward so committees are sent to all the components of the out you need so they're of their received full what because he doesn't need to know what it is moving forward then it ignores but have just moment phase OK so you want to move forward I it our X we will move forward so the
architecture of all of our previous example we look like this you have in the x link that is the the the last thing in competition at the moment just before I leverage from the where we is not should there is replaced with mass so in making these we've components we can just in reuse these components in the different entities are here for example of a virus wing of the intermediate where we think that the only difference is that it is comparable with the aid of the blade is conjoined with the local and the symbols with we went so what we have to with these and 2 components of the enemy the same thing to know anything I want you to deal with or you can have a yes and emission I think there is something that can so that's what it was it was so for example if there's nothing would be so we can leads last with missile with a change in economical making a call much more flexible to changes an hour a friend the scientists wanted their heart part of government as legislator so
I don't know it is I don't have all the components now I'm going to talk about the existence OK so they're components the live our work is the basic commands to system's AAM these come out very few all of this little bit of it should you do different threads this to usually people course using permittivities I'll we'll have tool because there it sees them just as separate things we don't have to worry about the example so
there's a proxy fixing the basic efficient because it has a that much of OK they wanted to what it was so just go this
is by far and playful communicates with perceived as blast that has components and system you can result your own component as seen by osteoblast blasts quantum systems all superficial quite enumeration of what will the
following or what they did you about lessons OK there it is either the status bar aligned of the real itself that the premise is of sort of city bike for that data as a loss to run on more than 1 4 OK as so the whole list of things will go right within the last was mostly so there is to help with the
making in a given you know OK for attending the invite the week of the components we pupils answers to system and then but everything is done we have data that OK out there for the data we will to the that of all of the frames for each course used after that we got the best system of your how we can go back to to bite along with the reading anything you Euroscola always only so currency
sequences see I play there who I was inspired by the OK to make these frames so and when displaying now a little
example of how to make it possible political so this
is our this is a simple corroborated OK without firefighters and 180 contour entities scenes and settings it in the entity or we will find itself in the on the components up here for example I mean have you that the 1st 3 components because I have to subtract from the sum goes to the sensitive to replace in the world of the scene that the most passed to their role of William although it expand in the we laughed at you mess up in the view of the that image that you have to do so these are the most of them important components that were passed the story was used with their OK Air Force Base Transform with some other distance Russell that almost to has before the most that entity to in world there a transform that is not the same but instead of using traditional flashpoints use for a transformer from the region or as interesting that each of formation in the space and can be used for user interface these things so there you start their rendering of the story of his them with when that is for rendering missions without their permission to make sure that with that messed up with the war when they're not there we'll run them the book and having a voice just upper layer that what this this is to make use of it there for the sake of readability is so only on what's going the of the of defining what kind of questions we will not have orally over half of the source of the stairs from where the value is simply on the research that they're in mostly based it will be right under a much smaller components that you can use
the call so there there you can use their In the purified with language changes behave yourself components with provide there was important was attached that the stuttering update funding in the studies In course when when they entered the descriptive update it causes the other what is I would think so the we call whereas in the Middle East is very we ask for a set of components now the name of a message and here we weights that variables for all told we were on from the control of here and keyword arguments we we prove that the input variables will display on is all that example of the dignitary were there that just makes the that it digital data so here in the updated that are some the a kind sending a message to get the consultation I have suggested each here by the reading of the that would be the output for mission and now I will have amount they still with a speed with that the I'm going to other things so and now I use and this makes it so to transform with the new workplaces them it is social policy would you like to submit to be on a specific component on specific conditioning so there you can just is the 1st part of the core difficulties of political repression here the test this awareness choice OK there controllers finally making 4 different ways in this it here get in the world unexposed control and here identify what will be on single source of income to order with the help of hierarchical and expects and here we can make these maybe saying that despite what money is going to be that means is that it will not there we would have to be the key from the on the air you will go to the next logical so this way in we would just take the unified wouldn't be spread out we will have to worry individuals from the people from the export control of heat in the middle of the 1 and the same goes with x axis there is enough to be pulled and this status um and we define begins seems OK so they're here I'm making all sorts of decisions half to import method there is this star that is called the when the entity is going and the other thing that is called mystical and here I'm creating the promiscuous OK and I'm going to each components to say to it security which still of the image of the this same kinds of things the because that their answered the things that we that it's very important because they incorporate to another system models that we want to use want discipline that they here we set the given that In this case for a name on the cover uracil deal in that all game we're give example which shows you are more or less of the think of all these file is that here we would have said systems will be entity component system used their theory open DL open a sort bullet my own from so that there is even might only want there to use 6 I just and these are the 1 this and I don't want to use will want to use another physical area I for for it and the rendering it a if you want to use the 15 so air as it against cold it's very system they will allow you that this is a proof for believer um when there and the other the grass that was of course is still in development OK you the unit that will be available on the set of them and if you want to hear me with this I would be like right will to want to work with you have my future will always have to implement the Party's policies and lastly same in anything over there and we're going to what they would support in the little wouldn't anyway look at what is that error work can is the new workers at the that peripheral we With the release of these the end I want to support it as well
and they know I'm going to show you a simple calling so
it the and meaning of so this a what I don't like to use
for long time so as to yield only
means this the and there was just run it if it was 1 of war when which this is so I'm like
and reverts OK in but freely without doing so books and they're in this example it's very easy we just call these but only when we were OK and you can see here that I didn't score for that exceeds that of our when there comes a that the the example so
that cyclical the goal is very sick you can see here the entities that are but I thought I'd have to read books that some of that is just going to leave it in the that's were evolving part on that underscore books before you this material the only thing that it does tools said the the classical outside the and don't know how to to say outside there know the guarantees thank you think I'll save urea it we just think of the school how they were pretty or score this is security you will probably that's not the same thing of it because of the real part of the world I think that the best thing is to take these the species compressed if so you start out emotion but what's happening there it's 1 we send a message to applied approach before you receive and the so there
I so we this OK so thank you for
your attention and be thank and questions yes do you have optimists support retreat to planning and is there a problem 1 the is is aware of what to it in there you were so well you can just use that transformed by a phoneme from the x or y axis you can use as the distance transform you are that any more questions I thought I would say you'll a message passing part disÀuency but then it's calling back into my contextually the and that is it's so was the book for what is it just to the message passing that the game is released or do have like a lot of components written in C and error components are within yes there but you you can also write components in Python if you want the system so there are no the same as systems on components can be parameters he see your Python have defined in the study question you're asking me if there is 1 of the messages are passed audience this during the other components because of performance aren't just yes if you want see look as you're not getting any performance benefits that you might written like well you usually get the fuel rods and the cities that the the was ever there were some of the performances that there there were in the test set of in C and and and that's the idea of the calls that have the most expensive right so this is this is this the rendering is there's sort everything you can just send make make their system in by phone or in the desert as you want start artist system as a legislative aide you gotta get there the thing is that things are the way just the university of that how this frame work approach transferred like problem for example the Canada LANs server if a fire a bullet from and and let so it is possible with framework to somehow approach the problem and yes there was this components that have been blown to link to the system of the associated you have also to write their components for the system if about request I have 1 the simplified and there here in the future make it a promising OK we have any more questions and the last think for the top and where can I find the source code as soft I will use a novelty in to my my father I went to law school because would be it's there you would be have what December you want to more of the you and there you got it can be your e-mail and I would say to you you want but it's it's it's the linking to all men there are some things that are that I don't work that if you're interested I I just to you with social the this it would you have I have received the future of the but vitamin get in development this thing your mind that there are a lot of of higher-quality pretty engines what you see complicated that's why I wanted to buy from to do the other thing in dealing with this framework but in yes I see a complicated in the future that's a result codes to render a match we welcome changes is that running in silicon deferred rendering engine the last question is that there is even a pipeline and of the prior the and it can be customized to minimize yes we any more questions OK so I'll ask what platforms to support yeah I don't write about so the use of personal so we can it anybody from I'm using most by phone or for the meaning of their books about class and in 1 of the systems used here on the and so on but so complicated to to port right now but it works for Windows for a moment so no android for example of formalized I'm going fall for being able to rule making world knowledge for a moment what can he does anybody else have a question right thank you


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