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EuroPython 2014: July 21, 2014 - Lightning Talks

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EuroPython 2014: July 21, 2014 - Lightning Talks
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Lightning Talks - A lightning talk is a short talk, typically only five minutes in duration, providing an opportunity for participants - particularly people not featured in the main programme - to deliver a presentation on a subject of their choosing: Python and Excel: Felix Zumstein, Packaging and Awesome: Richard Jones, django-reportmail: "hirokiky" Hiroki KIYOHARA, The new PSF: Marc-Andre Lemburg, Flying Elephant: Alexander Koelpin, Architect - Object Relational Mapper's best friend: Max Tepkeev, Matelight: Uwe Kamper, Sebastian, DevAssistant: Tomáš Raděj
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of speaker to happen correctly German there yeah just simple the kernel about having a panic some signed by vernacular given that so hello everybody my name is Felix
and I do Python for finance and in the next let minute and going to show you 2 packages they're called X awareness and like so Python and that what is most you have probably found out that it's all about programming access from python so excellence is my own package and Python on is a package from a guy called the agreement and the good thing about those 2 packages is that they're totally complementary so having both of them at hand you can actually do about anything you want to do with Excel and more so I'm going to jump ahead I'm not 1st thing I the 1 dimension for each of them is that we are actually going to mention 2 packages together into 1 at some point when they are a bit more mature because currently there are just a few months old and really just the beginning so I'm jumping into our demo excellence and I'm I'm doing this on my Mac because the not yet released versions your to it going to have some native Mac support it's going to be the 1st package ever from is actually caring about supporting and so on and so some I of you just you know
trader work for object from the excellence package it opens the stomach so it is not existing in it's not running and then you can type in SME then you can type so you know in a familiar fashion as there used to from from EVA and you can read it backwards say you can also use obviously index notation for yourselves you can also deal with daytime objects and I'm addressing unmet various also the same time so it's going to be correctly on correctly transferred into date of cells on excel side you can also bring over the whole tables as must itself as nested lists sorry and non types here is going to be transferred as and cells then there's also an easy mechanism to read back those tables so you just specify the upper left corner and say table and you're basically essentially back to whatever you have on pushed over to to excel before the good thing is this also works with a number parents so if I just say you know the identity matrix assigned to a term it just gonna push it over there if I want to read it back then I should
simply say here from May 7 give it back to me as every constitute is also automatically gonna handle and if there and 2 cells for instance the band state of friends were pretty much the same way so you can efficiently read in your data here again from a 6 of Table Tennis split of the column headers and the rest you put it into the data and you quickly after DataFrame back from in Python again taking care of the then pushing it back is as easy as before you just throw it over into a cell and if you you know don't care about index for example you just say index falls to candidates with the header the last thing here I'm going to show
it is a one-liner actually 2 and charts and automatically you know control the charter and source that so that's what the upcoming version 0 . 2 will feature on the Mac but then we have currently a lot more features on the Windows version so for instance you can actually invoked those subscripts that you write to with Excel Wingz you can invoke them from directly from external so we have a native way from excellent it's a bit slow but if you combine it with actual Python than the 1st call is slow but that is very very fast the all it needs is a 1 line of media in the back then and now I'm going to complete the switch over to Excel Python at the Python is just great because it allows you to expose existing Python code without having to do any changes into exile so for instance of a matrix here I have I want to calculate the inverse of it there's a function for that index so obviously an inverse but the thing is if I changed it into a single matrix them and inverse will not tell me the result anymore because it's not defined so in Mumbai it's easy we have the um p inverse the pseudo inverse that is actually made for these nonsingular matrices and we can still calculated so having actual Python I can natively expose the peak in the function here in Excel all that's needed is a little wrapper over here and the codes
section the VBE but it might look a little bit commode right now but there is an ad in a developer that connection produces code for you and then the last thing I want to show you is from
a complex well it's not to the complex but still it's 2 major publication and the transpose applied to large matrices so we have a 404 hundred matrix and if I change the value here then I have to wait a long time for the native Excel functionality to calculate almost for a lightning talk and if I do the same over here in some actual Python it's like clustering with facts thank you have correctly shown
please don't do that you get the
origin of like being told me the super neural model where you connections but giving about the topic about next week I will be Richard shown from down under talking about targeting and also these can I get Europe he know with the non asking love me to the states and while we're not talking about all the pixels that the project management for the new Berlin airport was also done in 1 week extension that brings us to my infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar the 1st of all as 1 of the the 2nd 1 all half of the year was the wife order of a quarter of a the year the next 1 order of 8 off bureau but next 1 1 6 above a bureau and then the bottom just pools to peers and there's some guys you have to know your limits the we acquired in the in the historic date in the year what happened yesterday 45 years ago more that and in a very good some still very it was fake and this morning consented told us they spent 51 and 54 billion in the let's say black box that's all spying and other the moon landing only cost 100 billion and you know the blue marble photo with the euro with the planet about the most epochs we can get it for 2 years of spying we can have this self poles that every year another quite sure you could make the statement that would tries monks almost that affects our it represents the writing yeah it is relevant about packaging and also well yeah I get so I can see my notes some of
doing it again so but you own but so i'm veil fairly deeply involved in and packaging and the guy guys use the admin for the the Python Package Index and I've got a bit of a premise here of packaging is or who agrees with this the packaging is often really
I think
really a case I wouldn't necessarily say that myself and I think it's certainly getting out of it's been pretty terrible and but we are working on it's improving there's uh a pike Python packaging authority now which is a group of people have been working on tools Cassini independently and we're all kind of working together now to try make things better and
when the issues with that kind of the parts and packaging story is that there's a lot going on here and so Python has this motto about there being 1 and 1 obvious way of doing things so it's a bit of a complex story another issue
that we've had is that the story has been told on in many different places so we've got different people documenting their projects in different places so you often end up finding documentation for this stuff on StackOverflow words also 2 disparate locations and some of it is quite out of died because packagings yeah it moves on with the times so you what the parton packaging authority has done is create a
single point of documentation for all this and packaging don't Python little known nice thing about this is but it's being kept
up to it's not complete but the stuff that most people need to know about creating packages installing packages distributing them even things like patient them locally and mirroring K and mirroring that that the whole index those things are documented this some of the edge cases and unnecessarily documented yet but so that such a work in progress but is being kept up to date and the really nice thing about it is that but not the top right hand side
where if you fancy a problem you can go straight ahead
and this suggest a physics or just make the fixed and submitted to the to the people who were looking after so I think that's pretty cool and a great improvement over way we've been in the
past so packaging that Python little if you ever need to know where to look for documentation for how to do anything packaging that's the place to go on will also organize organizing an eigenspace about packaging and if you're interested in and would like to contribute to the general it seems to be going on in packaging up then on Thursday at 11 o'clock that in the garden area so when we start yelling at each other you know it's a kind open space and into free to run away but that will again be talking about those things and I had a good year interested people to come along and contribute so thank you this is 1
of the guys who to call bingo because for like important part the only 1 in the world now somebody submitted to talk about reading the documentation that stuff the nucleus that according yeah I will suspecting it anyway these we prepare for the state of the next speaker will be you know who wants to last name she of you will have to have a medical and you analyze the man yeah use that that up the on so what want think about that traveling as I always have a lot of like it's with me and always acts from the the use of technology there and people say to me you don't have to to change your clothes everyday and I'm a little bit because many special somebody calls the deal I just have to do it and I did some research it would be much more expensive to get there at the end just to pay that extra luggage next for you you you have cells with no further review Europe you about what I will report on many you because this is
really something and today I introduce the gentleman called Mao RI by breaking yeah the
algorithm yields line manager daylight from coming from Japan rather license
and the and off then what he did John Redwood mail it is then generated right to freely provided we both male models are able to and challenges some general management model and used as an accurate but somewhere applications require user some 90 reports and operating some summary
1 now running KB and the stories again and song we have we need we need an idea about and read some reports
all once that the money that the or what kind of time and and what kind of right Alan prostate as we need rebel as some that we can't read so natural much or something
and we need a rebel well some of simply yeah I don't answers application TO
map aggregator null so that it provides a that's called and and it provides that and take evolves and they to provide with cations of you know yeah it's a really great project I know I know that rapidly results we can run this centuries of them go result we we have also agreed that the sum of all the cells of the the as something that is made a tiny tiny product we don't have enough enough resources so I recommend just says gender label and this is a very common and I you know the
the the temple management months and every you need to import that upright report down and greater an upright they do that from the middle when they are found on most of the staff report all at the 2nd argument and you get a user interface right out you down a band the some stream you want to report and this is a very very very simple an example right feet Comparex example yes the use of this report object in that for and at these reports so that really count the number of media reporting and and this command you and you will receive that an e-mail other that very common you know that Unamuno amount of gender and this subject but it's it's it's written about yeah subject you right you would get and that body that's local audio the mail you get that information all that month now what kind
while you what kind of options of pride and so on and that it's of superego about that you get them and results showed that precede this report that up is
up and there the string will be at the end is it so you don't know you can know and you don't know the data as a result all of the command other male and more the
command of idea and I have hungry then that commands dinner nightly but will fail although much generates candidate down and that of man and this how and
from it that Medicare and that in In name there will be sent and you can customize American break and then customized to report to the Council reporting a lot of money yeah
all other mean and so on and
welcome and did not yield July generated with no the world but the I
can tell you the correct molecule like this because those states in Nigeria by using it to notify me every time they have found somebody that they need to transfer to me it works every time there is a lot of time and it's not that it's not the kind thing about the right thank you prepare now ionic speaker will be monitored and about about the new Department of refunded the rest the hello I'm mark member at
times when the board members of the presence of definition many of you know the crisis of a foundation almost everyone let's get how many of our members of the Python Software Foundation so we definitely have
a problem there and which we
decide to change something about this because the presence of information has traditionally a very close kind of organization and in April this year we open up the presence of conditions so that everyone In the present community can become a heightened suffers foundation member and I'm just going to show you how that stands for the easy so you just go to
present or so the scroll to
the very bottom if a button you become a member you go here you
the already have a sign in the eyes of the Oracle you registers you click here yeah tells you
hit the button sign up the sign up
to the to the website then you go back to that but again you can
register is a memory and you details you have accepted the code of conduct which businesses everyone treat everyone nicely the you click OK and appears that number what does it give you well at the moment
not much of a good thing but there's
an upgrade option you can get an upgrade to the managing member if you're managing an open source project for example
that uses present or you can be a contributing member of the contributing some as an open source project and that is the voting rights and the PSF so you actually have influence in years and we're going to have a piece of members meetings all the people that we now take the books out and find this that member they can attend this meeting is on wednesday it's it's at 5
PM will be 0 9 is right next to the the presence of foundation display that we have there and I'd like to invite you all to
that to that meeting thank you I thought that
was set up in the sun and I need on stage additionally not much surprise during the year prepared that get so all you don't need a lot of lot of all and have to press the button to numerous that really yet yeah thank you
for having me monomers that examined exonic content from sequential so have sort of an unusual participants here because the developers the investors you 1 of the shortest way to come usable is a big advantage for offices the back probably 10 minutes from here and so what I wanted to tell you about about project flying elephants and the signatures legal entity reinvesting young start and seems the face to face where you have already developed something like a product quality of the 1st uses to showing customers and the universe 50 thousand a thousand 1 thousand euros in this company so that this company has 6 months 12 months depending on on what other people 2 to this project to bring it into the market the right now run about a a little bit more than 20 portfolio companies most of them are here in Germany and England retinal ergonomics and among these are some of the stuff the testing companies 1 is a lost cause test substance copies suffered testing the other 1 is called test object it's at testing and so on if you look at all of outside rest segments as you see that you can understand it and a lot of different industries like suffered testing is along the other sort of an indication others and and all project an offense and we tried to focus on 1 of these and articles let's say and to invest and again from the teams to build the 1st new company and to make so that's spiral idea a project planning and and to make something like this really having and really difficult to do and if we choose to name project flying elephant and that means that we idea open for young founders young people who wanted to of the from the company or wherever they come from from the all that comes from the only thing we ask is that you are comfortable and for the 1st 3 to 6 months of the come to the 1st steps together so we offer you office space support and all the things you might not do so well at the fund-raising and form a new company and so on and we also invest 25 to 50 thousand euros in those companies and so imagine a lot of other cells so whenever you feel that you have the feeling that you want to look for yourself uh your friends who wants to tell him of all project flying elephant fear it's who you from centers in the union of recorded summer columns my name and that the sum of these postcards on left and southern got might be habits with these meets 1 or 2 of you uh again thank you very much and you
remove it the half the of the and then around you where you can in less than this project so it's already right longer than 1 year so maybe it's not the case anymore I lovely just formate life Johnson so that during the Great Britain so there was the MIT language professor the talented students in English as if you have a double negative it will be positive again in Russia if you have a double negative it still stays negative and it also because there no language road double positive to be negative of whether would have been a joke and so on and so from the time were and Germany was still separated by the quality the ready known here so that you know that and will the so whatever is the usual in the summertime there were always of reflection in a cross-platform thing to say it's the late range of the socialist to the pole but they got the cross symbol and the other 1 has the highest number of socialism that the burden jungle now artistic and object relational mapper best friends given to next what hi everyone at
1st I have to deal you little story so last year I was severe Europe-wide influence and there was
given the light and dark also about the baggage called Jango to divide the idea of the achieves so to make table petitioning absolutely automatically on the flight I won't go into the details of about what people partition is basically the idea is that when the record is inserted into D to be stable you that the people petitions by some conditions for example we want to the table petition once and then
record is inserted into the corresponding prediction the good thing is that used to see record from the main table but behind the scenes recognize stored in these traditions and after that I also gave a full-length talk on this topic on some other conferences and everywhere people was asking the same questions and I will this be available for SQL alchemy or P we all or some of the all around and I thought like why I show now I would like to represent you via marketing and think OK that gives
used for a moment and talk
about some features architects of words Python through 2 . 6 to 3 . 4 1 uh the task absolutely no external dependencies except for the people around will be working with of course each has extensive documentation actually the dogs and it has named due process and this coverage is the moment of few
and supports databases are was minuscule and was really the the moment but more are coming this supported around Django PV Bornean SQL alchemy and is killed this coming soon talking about the installation is usual from point here right it is very easy to using computers and basically whom can just avoid partitionable makes sense for the duration and added to the model this is a general example but it can be PV Boigny for his children then you add the partition of only the cost of the the settings for the model and then you run a special initialization comment which will insert some triggers and some other data stuff and that's all it's very simple now every rocket will be inserted into the respective petition for the needed 1 absolutely automatically for of course I will end up with the Joneses will support more all around small airways blahblahblah but the main purpose of this package he's together a lot of
different features like different fuel types you know different model types that duties and other the database related features in 1 place under a single API so that no matter no matter what our Brown you were using you always get the same Of course this is a big amount of work but they've anybody's
willing to help that would be very cool you can contact me by Skype e-mail or just talk to me during the conference in the hope that together we can make the architects and object-relational mappers best friend thank you think about using the right database to support the problem I with positive from unity and the the terrain say rate say whoever you are I can't that but we try to to come on stage give our next speaker will be talking about the me like it's not like all I have to promote the German not is the thing you drink so I assume something with while they're getting ready to real obstacles to walk into a bar above and also do you want to drink it via the 1st logic says no I don't know the 2nd logic of that I don't know that both logic and says yes not that but at the heart this joke and 30 degrees but wait until 2 0 this evening the neuron you're condition
Roman tomorrow morning it took me 1 although I or any I'm ready some new motor or do we not want to use union so my name
is over this is the best in wind you to presented Marty light hours 640 pixels in the display made out of could Monte Bubbles and traits and if you're wondering why this is so funny or cool I then you probably not Germany because a commodity itself or caffeinated drinks made from South American Marty t have become the the signature drink for German hackers and so on so we build a display of of use of bottles and crates and this installations usually uh based at sea bass which is a precious space station and also hackerspace I you should totally visited while you're building you can find everything about it that is the best based on or g and what during
Europe this thing is here it's all and it's well it's on this level 1 level see comes years after the lightning talks and it's well it's 640 elegies um each 1 is placed inside 1 bottle and this is why
crates out of 33 soul and and each of the LED is connected to the next energy so it looks kind of like a a Christmas lights as strand and at the end of the strand so they all connected to microcontroller which is connected to PC and that's running a Python Southern and yet it does it will tell you said basically we took this 15 year old laptop computer and I started carrying out everything in Python that was too slow then we mates everything that was kind of performance because sensitive out into a sea model loaded y types and now we have is running fine at 640 pixels were resolution on a like 900 megahertz Pentium so yeah there's there's lots of uh lots of stuff that you can do with it so people that we have with 2 ways you can talk to this thing 1 by TCP you can see basically just send text and will display the text has not but yeah there's isn't there isn't also map on the Google Play store so if you have an Android to the following you can just use answer format to light in a concerted consent like messages to the despite and but there's also people who built games and gaming libraries in Python the for this so we have tapped the of moral problem we have a snake clone quiz we have Conway's Game of Life that's always good to have uh we have a video streaming so you can start a little Python script on your computer that takes your video of your your webcam then streams that to the modified and we have animated gif players we also have an emulator full blinking lights if anyone knows what that this there was an installation with the really big pixels in the house next to this building so there's no yet and we have painting of libraries for no yes and batch and will be to use this thing so again if you'd like to know more I go to get up that comes Leskovec slash
Martin light or visit during your Python somewhere around here thank you thank you very much people trekking into collections of bureaucrats and Montauk talk OK that's fine but at Thracian also an external very very good and want to repeat if you go out of their holes this little how although the teacher it was built and for those who are not from Germany Europe migrated from Australia and there was a big installations blinking lights they took the windows and they got some programming done so that they could use the windows and switching on lights off and on the method of this very and they played tetris on the halls way equals way cool no and all of us think of a day will will be interest at about that this in the ideals that's not just slide he was writing keep on fighting real this it was there what do you get
if you cross octopus with the underlining from you and this apartment and you lose all your
funding no that's that's a step forward the good and
you doing fine and you still have time enough that's the sort
the because it doesn't want to wanted to do but I have always wanted if you good now
like and talk tomorrow or 1 of the based on just as
you can that the wireless will not work yeah that's what but by
the users through the development of work yeah why was that this is why it
doesn't work like that so I uh then that law it will take longer and you need to take into consideration that will take longer this is the new Lenovo people don't get it this new laptop PC all thinking that's great OK whatever without that head of the phrase people but given that we can put do in with but I have want to get sort of 29 seconds was speaking with all the slides about getting a microphone in you have to make a lot of my microphone OK ladies and an amendment my name is so the much I work at Red Hat and I want to presented this sort of project we're working on is a community project is called the assistant and it's useful to automate include much anything that is related to programming programming except for the actual programming so a if if you want to know if you want to like develop your Django project off last project I you need to download dependencies set up some variables things in the right places on the uh on the on the system is always the same thing so you can either write a self shell script which won't be portable or you can use devoice ascent which is very much portable along with this you can also would you can also
make it pretty much the
dementia destroy agnostic or even the operating system
agnostic of the running on Fedora now how we can only run on a belittling exists and we even have rudimentary elicit X support probably
the coolest thing a of about a . assistant is that you can include a script this is what I can do this only 0 that's kind of bad so I can show you the year I again should be doing this is this is what it looks like if you want to create a Python project for example you go with the flask you had a size window I could do the project name you can bet against of all other if you want to run it in Virtual and always wanted to push it to get half of all these all these nice things and we also have the command line interface which was the very same way it's works with the script is written in young so that no actually no developer can complain that fair use that of language we had this this is the national language I also yes of this will be a system file looks like I'll be construed as specify dependencies you can specify of you can even a subclass the the assistance scripts and this 1st hello it works most of the time to just run create heightened flask project that's going to be called revival last and as you can see we get a standard class project and training during the on the but a we get a working class project within like 3 seconds of so if want to do use this is this project is going to make it easier for collaborators to to contribute again includes an assistant script of your own with your project and uh you can also filed books submit to submit patches will be a really good really glad this you are this really simple it's death assistant delta log organs in this was time so it's been merged into some of the things about and that concludes today's lightning talks these give
all the speaker and use of a big and thank you for being here