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EuroPython 2014: July 22, 2014 - Lightning Talks

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EuroPython 2014: July 22, 2014 - Lightning Talks
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Lightning Talks: Elliptics: Anton Tyurin, On Being Super: Austin Bingham, PYCON Finland: Mikko Ohtamaa, Regularities in language: Dmitrijs Milajevs, pip install pyladies: Lynn Root, Iktomi Forms: Harut Dagesyan, Killer Robots: Radomir Dopieralski, ZeroVM: Lars Butler, Zombies and Application Runtimes: Dmitry Jemerov, FritzConnection - Communicate with the AVM Fritz Box: Klaus Bremer, Argment Clinic: Larry Hastings, PEP 473: Adding structured data to builtin exceptions: Sebastian Kreft, Supporting Python 2 and Python 3 witth the same source code: Stefan Schwarzer, Birthday: Mark Shannon, nsupdate.info bepasty: Thomas Waldmann, Python Core Security: Christian Heimes, Hands On Unix: Rok Garbas, Deproulette: Joar Wandborg
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alright it's 4 o'clock it's time for light into its again thank you thank you however was the rest of Europe my completed it was good alright the right things I think all all the people with the green shirts everybody's putting work into this really appreciate that you like it but I guess it started on we don't have to set out again but we're gonna stick with them as a quick switch over so if you're giving a lightning talk today please be prepared to quickly set up I regard start with underlying Turing about the lip and the person after that is going to be Austin being him and being super Australia their
excellent best position you could pick the on the that's right of call my
name is on work at young the idea
yeah this is Russian company we provide services and like this changes and the something on the search may lead the
use of music and so on we have a lot of user-generated content services and today I would like to introduce you to 1 of our open source projects and learning the sticks and it takes is a
distributed fault-tolerant thinking will use storage these high availability and high scalability and a lot of other buzzwords we look we use it in our production tools for that the bytes of data and the billions of keys and that works perfectly it was founded tools solve problem and when 1 of our what data centers in gold the idea of on denominator is
in based on the storage of course that the text has GHG and provides the obligation and by using the thing is over it is good at each node a in 1 group it takes the form highly for some range but you for some range of keys and these energies during compounded when you storial data by key crashes calculated from these key and according to the
number data is transferred fall some node in the and the implication that you should write your data and 3 different groups for example in 3 different data centers elliptic state is not simply a
storage market prices adjust the cash Russian wants In lesions and and the we use in our for example and content delivery network we use this a cash and for example in In doing we use this cash in services which are related to some operations is sending files for example for this and
you find some photos the became way popular we would call PCs from 4 2 2 is a cash and closer to the user so we could save a lot of bio and network and as a
feature is that it takes provides you inability to most of your own program on the same note when you that the
started its service size teaching you I could write your own program on Python C + + and many other problems languages sorry and that is you have a guarantee that you to as set you water would lunch from the proper that and you need not all be any data strove never it is easy to use and that is it to enlarge it has a rich and powerful by guide it supports that inference operations so you could implement a really good scalable applications using this was really provide C + + and go and there will be
have of course http interface for our storage it has like its and he's like history as 3 interface story it's not compatible but meaningful history compatible interface is being developed now it holds for it is quite obvious that's it's impossible tools story billions soft keys on an ordinary file system for
example on X and X 3 and so on so we implemented all what on the counter for energy storage the name that you blow up and the 1st glance it looks like a simple what should bind they all and you just the bound that data to the end of this file and marked as deleted as the mother there is a lot of work in science in this part of the text and the exterminated fast sold waterline use if you need to distribute the storage in your own project and you would not rely on as 3 because of the browser or something like this I think I'm pretty sure that it takes is a good choice for you think of it's just
sort of metal is often being super and because of the mass is the the next 1 because the very variance 1st OK
if works that is that I can see Yumiko theory again your thinking right hi my name is or something and I
work for and in part of the small of a company in Norway called 16 hours and I wanna talk about well on being sued so who here uses simple just wait for nearly everybody that that sound about right who knows how subtraction works much smaller who knows about the possible proxy objects and method resolution ordering the C. 3 algorithms OK alright so basically a lot of this year's Super and don't really understand exactly what's going on inside and this position I was in a couple months ago I had developed and training for somebody in and I wanted to know how does it work I use it for a literally more than 10 years knowing that suppliers how access the base class implementation that was my model that I've never had to make anything it's that but as I looked into
it I I learned that actually super is really fascinating and it opens the door to a wide variety of really interesting design choices and so I thought it would be a great topic for something like a 5 minute like talk about so here and so
on so 1st thing need understand to understand super is that the resolution with which a lot of you probably know already you can use or use method resolution where all the time implicitly even without seeing all it is is an ordering of inheritance graph is I hear it created ABC India standard diamonds woman in a standard linear the idea was Diamond inheritance graph and you see the immoral for the in the there is the an object is course object is always in there so it's just an order that I can come up with for all of the classes and inheritance graphs from as I said this is useful this is useful method resolution you called the . through of then the method resolution is used by Python figure out which of these objects which of these classes sorry implements and the first one has to the 1 that gets used that's fundamentally tomorrow so how's tomorrow calculate indicators we randomly chose 10 must have some water that's the C. 3 of across the 3 linearization is the computer science this came out of the deal and language I think I know many many years ago now it's used in Python Perl deal promise in other languages it's very popular for dynamic of America activation it has 3 basic things that guarantees an account 1 isn't derived classes company immoral before the base classes so it guarantees that it guarantees that whatever base class water you give in your class definition is also preserved and so the relative ordering is always preserved and they so what you tell a lexically and finally the 1st 2 constraints Arkansas conserved anywhere in an inheritance graphs the relative ordering of classes is always the same no matter where you start these rules that C 3 provides and that's how I think is all functions of methods I should say see 3 brings with it a little bit about 1 of the interesting side effects that not all inheritance graphs for legal so in this case you see I created another inheritance preferably inherits here is from the ANC the network and because of the guarantees that C. 3 wants to make what's going to make it so you can't do that it can't have a foresee because they have some after because a is a of z village concerned about OK and that Ireland was not really and so
you can get yourself into a hole you may have seen this maybe not I've never seen but I thought it was interesting that 3 so finally we come to superpower would assume were actually doing and this is the the most picky terse
explanation I can come up with that's not a problem which may have idea but given that resolution or some immoral company by the 3 and a class c in that somewhere super gives you an object which will result function result method calls using everything after see in that in the world that is the definition of what a super does make sense that you read a few times later if you want when you call which are actually is is creating a proxy object a super proxy and that's the workhorse of simple that's the thing didn't invent all this logic about looking in more in the right place and using the tail and so forth so it's nice picture of not really forces the horse and donkey what 1 of them is named Mr. Sir Henry Java was a cool name for it on the side of of the workforce is a super of super practice or like is it just regular object you can take a reference to interrogate type you can see that it has a little more than the thing called this class which is that the class like passes the 1st argument so you can examine simple bit get a better sense of how it's together and what it's doing so in summary I think well in
time here 1 I think I calculated moral for all classes you might know already seen trees algorithm and does that super requires an arrow in the starting point in then tomorrow that's the How would knows what to trim off the moral and finally super proxies 1 1st class in the rest of the moral this supports function that you want to call in trying to call and that's how simple works thank you the next 1 after the
field will be them into the militant I hope I pronounced that arbitrarily wrong they are I continue thank you of would somebody like to share with the ring was about is that a nice message for the sound 10 other phones we all will be happy with that Hylobatidae so who is having
a fine in Europe item please raise their hands 1 of the again we have a very good my name is eagle and then I'm coming from you are going to have more fun so we had to have a bike on the land and I'm here to
tell you why is it gonna go to are the 1st of all because they are having fun
now so this company the model building so 1st of
all we have the the smaller community solely on the left uh muttering so we need a lot of guys come to see us and they tell us that the bitterness good and this was a proud of our by ladies come when you start at like the 1 you know the 2 members and now we have 60 members and then of course
in the moment it's not the best
so you can use a laptop for
that purpose it was created is warming up your laps also
a lot of cool technology comes from the land this so if you likely know says it's a RISC
isn't going to be a city looking for a freedom and we have to own by going into but there we have a son a party I I need
to know the truth that I'm actually 1 of the organizers and because of the organizers I can't make any promises so if there is no sign of quality during my my home I have a some of the people
and what I hope that you would do not that you're going to find the bike and that's and what the like in the what is a good speaker so we have the problems that how these for a superstars come to a conference so if you have a torque and by companies reuse so can come to doubt the topic again there are like thank you learned your and the next most this book OK good OK my name is MatjaĆŸ I
student at the Mary University of London and and in communication linguistics 24
hours 7 this week so this talk will be about distributional semantics but semantics is the study is all about in meaning and because I'm doing languages so it's meaning of sentences and meaning of words and they're like the main ideas of the whole field are can be in this sentences so you should not word by the company it keeps form a little bit more formally that semantically similar words tend to appear in in similar contexts and so if you think about it then you will see the set of words like the euro or wine at at occurring together with the I don't bar and parties and probably such words as fighting will look at only occurs with some different words like right so of course on this side questions of confusing so now we can we get the text within just a look do then for every word we will look what are the other words our word of hookers together so for the boy will know what we we see was a 1 time and we see it with my at 1 time and so on and so forth and then we're going to many other sentences and or accounting and we get something like this so that our boys and we know that it was
together with time about 100 times and together with here about 102 times and then we do the same was goal and we and what we notice that this number is kind of similar age right that is they're not at the pattern is different than the notion an idea right so if we can measure a way of similarity so how coping how can we do similarity of things what we're what we're going to do it is that will see these words as vectors in a multidimensional space and like there's this suggest some directions in that the points in between 2 points and calculate the distance or
it can go calculate the cosine between these 2 forms right so that's what we're going to so just to give learn the you can ask is OK this like with the the distance and what we see that in the boy is much closer to the goal then to notions 2002 expected so can we go even further generation we can't make it loses invisible to us so now right there's they're kind of in that in a so huge that multidimensional space so that we cannot even imagine how it looks like so we what what would this code is doing that it's the trace of together the same points on a 2 dimensional space and tries to preserve the distances so while ways dimensions because then we can use of modern so and the plot we get something like and so
here you see it that boys close to the gulf mother what postal father it's and all their family words the cluster nicely in our view and then kind of business-related worser here and colleges their influence so this distributional semantics is about no my main messages is that of certain people so it was really
a few lines of code but there were some intuition differences Simon some signs of the times and then if that is the value that they kind of know but what to do with developers know how to do things and if you connect this to the things together you can achieve very great results and it doesn't really apply to linguistics any science and I really encourage you to look for some pools scientific results if you're a programmer all of our learned programming if you're a scientist engineer answer and the
next step after will be a convoluted decursin alright
also mention of the full of I don't have slide notes that I can kind of makeshift hold on on the enhancements of the right to tell him period OK so and 1st all that about me and I am when roots and actually the same Francisco environment built the 1st and I am also leaders last founder of the pilot is a vast amounts of In the board member on on the abundance of the foundation so as earlier and go from taken Finland talked about and then having been highly these for year announces pretty awesome sight no you should all go continent iced over the last time is awesome and then you might be wondering what exactly is highly so this is and so the
majority of for women friends and the ions flash open-source community were there to support women and diversity and we've been around since the fall thousand 11 in various sensors goes started in April thousand 12 and were not too late and 1800 memory and we have about 50 locations and all around the world the world except Antarctica and which has the purpose of this talk maybe even can get all by reason and
article payment by leaders and so why would you want to start a pilot is I'm presenting about various why would you want that and can the it is essentially the motivation for you to learn words very applied on knowledge about my started qualities by 1 to learn practical in Python and got
some friends of meaning and that kind of Boston from them and also gives you leadership in organizations and increases with and networking and and kind of web for you so you can kind of you know find jobs ability resonance and also we can take over the world so that's also that how
can you get pilot and you can do it in school and
and I didn't I pipeline that tension and right before pipeline in itself on pipeline and so you can go graph and the other is literally a plagiarism might be something people
ask me about that yes there is literally not figuratively or literally a Python package and
so it is operating and then run entirely handbook and
what it does what it gives you is that the handbook and checklist on how to start your own local chapters 1 has assets images you can promote entirely the workshop materials you don't have to like workshop a lot of them are beginning and workshops and I am still developing it will have more
scripts and stuff really global organizers to work with where need open up data mining about modern needed statistics so and if you don't
want it get installed you can also get a kit . plays that come to see what it's about it's just that through the docks and on the basis
I wanted everyone did and you will have their own priorities thank
you and the next 1 would be
a lot of media and the peanuts key that out of the year by year alright thank you against the them or not the
you think loans from the from there so can the place where the markets and sorry the the students we should do it like kind of work cool we have opted just in remaining over there and the you see that's there have been a very intelligent but just to remove the presentations of the shows my name is harold I was
I wanted to presented our foreign students
like gender only WG points but always forms the proposed
to real data the user input our convergence that input from formal representation tool uh by the internal representation the end of the forms and our kids future use that there is a book well these method that the following we have a little
bit at different abstraction layers 1 of the main objectives for it contains the message structure can also use few the presenter single atomic single maybe atomic all might be the complexity of structure data every field health circumvent has regions that has permissions and has that before converting the and of the community here is therefore to
create your informed you should the subclass form plus and define his of here you can see there on this field and then to use formulas in the so we 1st initial that and of then accept the call except we that you you want to convert to and it is again a dog in a form that but that or gets error and use the result of conventional from this structure sold
useless object that we have to remind of 1 is to find we should accept a unit stream and endurance all type of from what that would help you want and the 2nd the movement of the dust relevant as resources conversion and the you can define the validity functions that that just the really data loss of do simple ones light conditions so of and that from these 2 methods that can the following additional error which through which is written in the form of terrorists so
and you put from that they're in the fields and what that and this arguments through convergence the required or not required if there is implementation of something words the phone In the future of the gold us to the of what is on the same names this is a list of but there with the with necessary but and use the implementation of interval selects the by lethal from the the the you can easily the we could convert so by cooking them by colds and the year is an example for the implementation of a little bit too complex than that of the uh convert but not convention use is the thing that's skill that converts a dictionary to move this well to the object so we do
this are a little bit simpler and they just take a few days and the and the the through the 2 plates you can run their entire form single killed
and the where do we
use it as our with some key words presence so notice
last but literally there you
hello everybody when it was the because the time you know they there is there
saying that pattern is going identical the word of destroying and I think there are enough people working on the saving of size I wouldn't want can be shown that the strength of the of the vertical line
is the killer that's going to run around and king of about it and it's made with
that of the applied insights and parameter Michael obviously and it started as there
are actually 2 of them I can also say said thing with with some what doing that out of the but that didn't work too well so all I got several
controller for it and the so remember can kind of like great I program it came with
someone language based loosely on thought I don't know if for no fault it it wasn't as easy to promote I anticipated then
I decided to upgrade the and give it another needs so that it
has 3 degrees of freedom per and black and the thanks to that I can make it move much more than I can make it to you and so do all sorts of cool acrobatics uh but because of that I
have to do it something called inverse kinematics which
involves it'll be bit of my mostly trigonometry and algebra of Neurology Branch and doing that in anything but might almost too painful for me so I
decided to remake it again and and put as the binding site and also to put a bigger battery because all this extra civil servants who were too much for for for them to be able to reason they have you know and it's growing it's
still growing right now it has to be chiral sense so it can sense what when you do when you pick it out of friends and things like
that it has an alveolar it has speaker connected to it so we can talk for example the voices of started from very useful like will friends and going to give you and it's coming along nicely comforter I was planning on bringing it here and showing how it works but unfortunately it does have the conference is it burned 3 several in the late so there's a lot I'm not going to to risk that but this is how it
looked like looked like recently and that's all thank you by the way it's it's good
because so you can go with that and the there making very good progress everybody using the overflow slots has a very good chance to actually get the talks in here all of the similar dignitaries some moral are year-round excellent get ready words however so I get to practice this elevator pitch when
I was at the OpenStack Summit led to a few weeks ago so I've condensed that all 4 for you to just a couple of points so here we go this is 0 and the
water expressed by the way of
0 is not 0 and you it's not a doctor I can't tell you how many people ask me is that what Dr. after I explained it to them in a few sentences it's not
Dr. Dr. school but this is not doctor and it is not a drop-in replacement for any other type of virtual machine it's something completely different it's not natural but it's based on it and so sure no about medical and explain it to you just read about it and pretty cool and it's open source and Rackspace sponsoring but that doesn't mean it's Rackspace things and anyone who wants to get involved in it can just quick comparison
of different types of virtualization technologies and something like 80 and would be in the far left
column in there's no kernel there's no operating system the the overhead is extremely low
there's no interpretation it starts at about 5
ms and and it's extremely secure but of course there are some limitations some a couple other
and key aspects and there's there's no place to get entropy from the time of random functions behave completely deterministically so if you just like a pure function if you give it extra input you will always always always always get y what's another 1 and then there's no persistent state so you can't really write a demon with this thing it's more of like and don't think of it in somewhat like a program think of it as like a function your parents behave like functions so you you decompose your application to small tiny tiny little of so cost you need to do something with this so for friday 0 you have to map all the inputs and outputs beforehand and we do that through an abstraction what culture and the channel on the host on the outside through the and can be a file can you hide it can be socket whatever but insights street is 5 everything looks like a fun and the right you can declare OK read only or write or whatever and the sensors of the 5 ms no interpretation and the cool thing about it is that and this is this is really useful when when you have an environment where multiple users are running arbitrary code you don't want them to talk to each other probably so and the worst thing you can do with with his or her code is to just trash so that's they they can't break out of the if you worry about how that works there's something called suffer fault isolation that's the that's the the core concept in Napoli of clients and you can read about that there's this means you can embedded in data stores like oversexed with and without the sub today it works already were still developing into a small bowl the trough so the goal thing about this is that you can send code to the data do competitions in place of and you have lots and lots of kind of processes that lived for just a few seconds and is hard never used if you are parameters things you can write in years it was plus and we also ported C Python 2 . 7 working Python 3 and we also support Ursula's of why is this interesting to that people will most of our developer tools written Python testing tools and of course the the thing that enables this and uh that the glue between Swift things Europeans this 0 5 thing that's written in Python course but there is a positive result source to users contribute and if you want to go and find more about your N the check of these websites from process on piracy or for us that's
true the handle it and to that's all
and other just a gentle reminder your funds have other settings than rain tells the you're up
next alright I see OK so
that would have been everyone so my name is the major general I work for will and I'm here to talk
about zombies and application frameworks so 1st
always on business get up get this out of the way us to some kind of musical demand scientific paper on modeling and an outbreak of a zombie infection and the math involved there involves solving as like a system of differential equations and the sci-fi guys actually made it looks good example of this and what I did with this was deployed to Google App Engine so just to show that it actually works so here's my little website I can just change some values the this reach press about and there and provided by an invitation to find out what should the updated graphs can actually using Microsoft was put on the floor yeah so it works but we do this in Abidjan application how could I did was I find that the strategy this doesn't work actually what I used here was a real you feature of that engine which is called managed and serves the needs of some documentation of the and what is essentially what this allows me to do is to run the engine runtime understand Google Compute Engine via which means that I still get to use most of the attention the guys that are familiar like data store memcached authentification and in the in addition to that I don't get to do a lot of stuff that was previously possible such as running the grass present processes installing like binary models which I just did I can have direct network and disk access and I can't even with some caveats directly associated with the machine running on the edges I and I also get the compute engine pricing so unlike uh at the end and computer engineers a lot unlike entered instances of computer engineer Mr. not really started like millisecond they start minutes so I actually have a long-running game and I have to be to keep it running but still there is that the price and still use units so how can this actually accomplished so in you might have external file in addition to the
standard like at the edges of the values and have their eyes at least the parameter which is called the empirical equals the upper onto this means that I want to use this as you mentioned and stuff when I do that I also have to set up to deal with these kind of as I want and how many of them so in this case and so the answer just that I want manual scaling I just want 1 instance and here I specify the type of things that I want to use like and 1 standard 1 is just some it's has 1 it has some amount of memory just a default computer and this wonderful apt-get install line allows me to actually installed binary packages and my machine as a as installed and I want to install not by right in the middle of the package and now once I have done that I can actually go into their Google developers consul and check the state mind and so I see I see it so this is my instance I concede the 2nd seed inside the address and I can't even a
each but interconnected to it doesn't have an association during the group and the argument with people and this again and so this
connects reduce of to the mission directly from our browser without any native without any crawl maps without any native code without any blogging suggest just incomplete browser implementation of this and must
and now that I have got there I actually for example get list of processes in the collision bit under the hood so what's actually running there like there's like likes all kind all kinds of interesting cool stuff right there and for example you can see there and you can see through that my application was actually deployed as a doctor in so these is actually
not limited preview so if you want to use it for your own stuff
you have to sign up for the for the limited previous issues link where you can do that and if you have any more questions on this then you can find out there on the interest of the conference thanks are fat
the Larry Hastings sorry you next to know that models you
respond to it yes my name is
mostly mom and I'd like
to talk about so often and that's what's today box is the level of popular Internet execs will turn your these in Germany and what you see here is a picture of an odometer model but that doesn't matter some time ago I have tried to come
accessible the spokesman
means of high but unfortunately I was not able to find any library that that all of the and so I decided to divide by and 1 and I main difference connection and before you can talk to those books you 1st have to know all of this box talks to use and this is based on
you again teams and with style and because that the 1 which is in the exam based dialect 2 boxes to evolve the only it's and once you know that you can stop to exchange data by means of so we attached to the P. and the API instead this organized and services every service has a lot of fiction and any education may get some and may return that was that that depends on the action this workers with connection you 1st has to be started that's goes on it and some of its connection and then you may have to read it sometimes causes and something tests and the exam and it's extend the mind might have to be compiled so this can take a few minutes but after what you are able to inspect the API so this is just a few lines state import with connection has
see if c to make the long short and then use and API and you get to office of his sense of the rest of you on footstalks IP address but that's not the that's optional because its connection also hold to find you walks but remained have changed like p all may have more than 1 but also that and then you give your password and as a result you get the relevant long list of all the service and corresponding action and ends of family interest for the actions as toolkits here the 1st item 1 has to put his name off paramater 2nd 1 with that it's been involuntary all won't and the last 1 is type of and made once you know this you can start to use the API by the method called actually and collection needs the service section end optional some and he about simple example you can say call action 1 IP connections and forced termination as action and then the boxes we connect on you may get a new external IP from use of this over and because it's so remember all of service names in the picture names and you can vibrate and here's a shorter or you can just call it C we connect and that's there are more complicated examples for example of this person would would lend itself which is you all effective those which are connected to the box this is a snapshot of my all in all office because you can see and because there's a lot of control and see how it is that positive way forward and they are all alot of meanings the tools documentation of available so those names and aging thence and you can have a look at the code and if you say well this code is quite Cleveland and it but also the Sufi for improvement in this sense thank you very much what again exercise
pick up the phone looking check the item that says whether it's ring vibrate or silent make sure it's either vibration or silence we haven't heard anyone range for a lightning talk I think we can get the racial downloaded thank you it doesn't work this out of and apple connected it is you get about ladies and gentlemen my name is larry here since I was released manager for Python 3 foreign and having to do it
again 3 5 and I'm here to tell you a little bit about how to and works internally and show you a problem that we're having and how we solve it with the new tools and by we I kind of me I did most of this so let's talk about the problem here we have a Python interpreter and running a wonderful code
and you just happen to call that due to the past and to handle
trajectory Python images to this goes into the Python interpreter world around and
around and around it comes out here this is posits underscore due to this is a C function that is the implementation of due to how does this work and specifically
how do we turn those Python objects which are h and h to these Python images how do we turn them into native C integers which is what the code really wants to talk to so here's
posits due to this is sort of the external stuff there's the doctrine which is the string and there is the external interface for due to but most of it is
kind of thing it returns apply objects everything that is an object in Python is applied to stop but it takes in a module and here it takes the odds and KW arts and this is the interesting part of this for this part of odds is appointed to a tuple and that contains the position arguments kW argues is appointed to adapt and that contains the keyword arguments if there are but these are still Python values how we turn them into native C values which is what we wanted don't deal with this
is that you actually it's up to you to write this code and so there's code that looks a lot like this all over the place and the Python and every time you want to deal with a parameter you kind of have to write it in a bunch of different places so in Python 3 4 we have this new inheritable parameter to do to and we had touched for different places we had added to this keywords less so the new its name for a keyword parameter that actually declare the variable with the public type it was this little line means it's an integer and the pipe means it's optional and this inheritable that's how it actually right to then we actually had a touch of 5 different places but we forgot 1
with regard to touch the doctrine and the reason for this out because we're now up to 5 different places you touch energy parameter and it's kind of an error prone process so we're talking about having a 6 1 and to get introspection information right now if you call spectral signature on OS that the to you don't get a signature back we want to fix that that would mean adding a 6th place and now this seemed like was going be way too much work was going be which we're prone to manage all these things so I wrote
a new mutual called argument clinic and the way this works is you write a comment inside see file it's literally see comments and with these extra funny strings at the beginning and the end and inside of that this is machine readable information and formatted sort of vaguely Python as kind of a it's understandable by Python is intended to be convenient for the person is writing so you declare the name of the function you declare your arguments and you only have to write the once and here playing the arguments you declaring the default values you declaring their see fights and you're declaring her argument that strings and which is just a convention for encouraging people to document more really and then at the bottom you have the actual docstring for the entire function this is input the clinic clinic runs over the code finds this and then writes immediately afterwards indices file it's out of its output is C code and this is similar to a tool by the way called Cod reminded that children to the brilliant idea so this is C code and that dealing with in from informing type on about Due to so there's a doctor and that's actually by worried did the introspection information is that funny looking 1st line and here is a method that which is how we tell Python here's a function call due to fears of function call when you call this is the external implementation of due to an argument that he writes that in that has all all the argument parsing stuff and write a new function for you you right in the middle of a hold due to employ them and you know that the FT to inheritable it's done all the conversion for you is known lovely native C types and your code becomes much clearer to read inside C 5 all this upper code this stuff is actually hidden a separate file so you don't even see them anymore but that's
about all I gotta do 1 or more about it you can read the chapter that 436 or you can look at the source code is shift with Python tools clinic applied and only about 4 thousand ones thanks very much fj
the next 1 after Sebastian will be Stefan Schulz are you there
despite scene text analysis of the work the systems the this everyone and understood
and today going about therefore 73 bodies to through data to reading exceptions
itself address so if you like the idea of you have in common so please like what and
I have a like thinking about
this when when I was there working on the GTD on a huge good based and either because like I was lacking the some understanding of the goal of the right type was later it some does would fail and the error messages are like much of what at told so the worst example is in that so you don't get back the the the
offending there's no the size of the container and civil wars when you have a nested indexicals you we you don't have said and so I said it we really have solution an instrument that code
actually temporary score some additional information about the data the index and the the receiving object and which is open source by the way and then they have at this run that collects all this information and output the slate nicely so in this case is kind of much much more there to see that we have a kind of a 1 and so we can go and 6 the code without having to to divide into like adding extra print statements or whatever method you like and of course the limitations of these is not portable even worse with this the Python 2 and also relies on error messages we they're like not stand the within their this library itself so I
decided to reach the community I want to a by some ideas and they were really supportive and they put me to some pre-existing issues related to later on some of those are like all the and you solve and basically it is that what it is it's a summary of all the evidence of late all these people including we don't and trying to have like more useful in more useful exceptions so for the case of the 0 which we would like to that like the target I mean which is just an idea of the king and for example for value where are we from we have like units in the value so they're like this runners would like get this information and try to like do some ultimatum divided for you the same would be could be possibility meaning radical selected by phone late for diagnosing and a fairly requesting will obligation or I'm running processes and in the long term a DAG yeah it's like we this information to provide that uniform normalized error message for all the standard library so if you
if you find this interesting and went to see the implemented or have any comments
go read the paper and the minimum a small announcement
of the local Bitcoin group on there having the opening ceremony for the new office tonight at 6 30 of them in their office obviously on from there to the booth and the check of the details you wanna go there of the next after Stephane will be marked and
marked the and excellent the so my name 2nd thoughts I'm giving a talk on this thing about supporting Python 2 and 3 with the same color and I got a few questions on
this yesterday and you know what this is about and what they
might say a few words about this old rule of all of whom this this is for the talks
intended for developers
maintaining a library for Python 2 and your users asking you all the time please and I and we support we need Python 3 really do OK but you are a bit reluctant maybe and don't know or how much work this will be and of course this is very and view of the user actually think for someone else to support this library on the library for Python 3 and working about the talk is not about that all the differences so big and small difference between patent 2 and 3 and the other documents with summarize this quite nicely 1 this of course what's the implied 3 or 4 3 0 actually and to 1 another 1 this wanting to Python 3 or something very good guide the the talk is about some differences between Python 2 and 3 most usually rated to heightened does this by insisting vote and issues because this is I think the most complex part of which might require you thought I mean we just not so straight straightforward to be applied as OK I discuss some steps to take to take to get to a Python 3 years motion of the library and apply them to code so it runs on both sides through 2 and 3 unchanged and also some got designed API designed an advisor how you how you can do this and some other useful tips on best practices I also want to give the US Sprint all of friend on Saturday at least and possibly Sunday I don't know how much of there would be used and so if you have a library that you want to port or adapt for Python 3 again with the same source code for Python 2 and 3 and beyond you would come in thanks I think that might come to
remove poor and I think there's lots of this is again this
talk will birthday and you'll see why
in a 2nd but when you're pythons really did and even better if you get your birthday hands of your birthday this week just need 1 of these other people yeah it's my birthday today is not just an attempt to get free K can be a there is future but will birthday is just the number the number between 1 and 3 and 66 is just not arbitrary function mapping a person to some small numbers of is a hash function that know the hash function so but he's had his birthday paradox there are good number most is OK for those
who haven't in the hands of again whose
birthday was this week that you have received the visit said I can't
see from here got some the must have that handles the really the history of a catalyst so so that's quite a good hash function at this
is not too many collisions but the problem is that if you take a group of people and they find it more than half probability of more than half of them having the same birthday you need 23 people for that to be the case that your birthday paradox paradox so you might think you got quite a hash function which has collisions a slightly different but if you got a bit hash functions to get close to at 2 to the N over 2 items yeah like the devil did you got a hash function all of 20 bits which gives you a million items give a thousand entries to John have a collision you know whole number % OK so hash functions used for further dropping stuff happened data but there's a probabilistic so who's head of Bloom filters 1 of preaching to the converted to much of the for the effect OK so it's a probabilistic set the way of using a hash function to say is this a member of some set where gives a to a nice property that we never get any false negatives but we might have false positives so if 1 do Bloom filter-based raising birthdays is a hash um we'd use 366 states but I suppose we have little big expensive server that history in the sixties expects memory but is little laptop with 43 bits of memory so what we can do is we can break the hash of different hashes smaller hashes and save it in memory by I should does that blue filters where the problem when and allows you to go look at Wikipedia afterwards so this is kind of fun fun introduction so any 2 volunteers from the front runner hello 1 got some
stand up the it is the and uh again it's got to be right have you name you J. 0 they are just pronounced your and the date of your birth 24 was minimum take and says Gentlemen the tap Dmitri up of her about the obviously Dmitry and 24 this is not working well developed and use was is had probabilistic data structures for you have another volunteer just about the release of about another volunteer please yes please this and hopefully you're not born on 24 October 12 December z sorry 12 12 OK so we have our bloom filter and we're looking for you on hold only dead yeah is the tree is just scratched Dimitri is in the room and so we have a blue filter and basically what we wanna do is we can say probabilistically somebody probably by the year orders we can't say for sure that they are but we can say the short-lived and not so I want everyone in front if you can see the microphone without turning your aim from that sitting on a dual front if you can see a marked for your back on every front to raise your left hand if you're dates of birth was the 24th floor the 12 go on don't be shy is that would you shall really is like 2 or 3 people that you're out of time actually work the B the much but the the best you can do this on so few because of I just want to show you how to run a new projects of the 1 is and is updated don't inference and learning the the and the special thing is that both were initially written in 48 hours it was a contest and it happened that is the goal hackerspaces called check space and I some of as update involved you maybe have used dynamic DNS service like NYPD all doing the analysis or some of the artist but those usually want to sell you something and only some features of all 3 of features of a page and also sometimes a bit difficult to find a free features people's they have lots of features and we just thought we write a new 1 that's much simpler but on this new service it's made with a Django by the way you can have 1 account but you can have many holes so you don't need to create a new account for every host it helps you configure your object you even have a smaller browser-based update client if you have no other update client for a top usage but you can update hosts in your own domain if you run your own name servers and you can even update other services that are based on the dynamic DNS protocol and it supports 6 also on and it uses as a that of course so it's on data and is updated minus in forest organization it's BSD-licensed Python Django structured query and the library quality in Python that us all the low-level DNS stuff you can run your once in is stands on your own server you need to software Webster along with the names of and was the database of but you can even use as life to sold no big data so no big database needed and maybe shows shortly if you pick just looks like this if you are
not locked in shows your IP if you have like the 6
connectivity also shows the I 6 address this is the login screen you have lot to accounts or you can also log in with the top orbit pocket or global this is if we have created a few hosts on the left you can create a new hosted just typing in some names selecting a domain it also shows reverse DNS this happens after you created the hose it shows you're ready to use the the client can't be just
copy and paste this piece of text into the country and it immediately works so creating a new host is about 2 minutes maybe this list is the screen if you edit host you can change the idea and so on and you can add new
domains is to control of domain names are and if you add
a new domain it even shows you will find mind conflict if you copy and paste this you'll find installation it also will immediately want and
up except updates statistics and there is even
documentation intended to
have a lot of the other project is but they spend put
draft for but there are lots of cases things usually just paste text into them and we wanted to
create a new 1 that accepts every content types so you
can pays the pdfs or upload PDFs you can upload images video audio binaries if it's text you get highlighting as usual it's not a
contender get just the appropriate rendering if possible you can drag and drop multiple files so if you have a modern browser all you get lists if you drag and drop multiple stuff there's a simple permission system in it and you can even deal with large files efficiently it's also in the top it's called the pace the BSD Python flask with structured query and so on and general we need your help in such a project is interesting for you it's good fraud newbies also it's throttle small projects just join us contribute your ideas that fixes
security review as you find the untreated animals
you prints OK thank you this
environment so you around alright so and after commission wisdom Iraq brought guess you alright except the book Books and the
this the relationship and the other men you that so the moon is going and this moving other side this way to switch over again so how and this I'm
assignment professional paranoid present I'm 1 of the guys that takes care of the security of survival so you're 1 know my energy into a on you so I I can't help to you what we'll actually do have the by so in jail I can tell you what we actually do with the present form security we have a by security response team that the team that indexes all incoming bug reports the volatility is red and will and also what we call developers and other teams for example at 1 time we had an issue that was 1st detected by Ruby guys and major I pointed this acoustic for Python to appear to be so we got available to fix the issue on all 3 projects also we are using a tool called the reduced again it's a commercial tool but free from source is esthetics C code analyzer and what is it well they can find that the Python the year correctly
defined this limits factors and the density for all the different kinds of projects in size so for Python it would be about books but actually today it's so we just have
to outstanding issues because the updated the to change a new version and take to Mory's use multiple that and red
we got some new things and let this pair that that replaces the
old so the hash function used for dictionaries and so the thing that measures the springs and unique brings to hash the pressure 24 from the tube and other guy implemented and this that it's basically it ensures that fathers those doesn't get lead to sub processes as specially important if you have a routine and that's that some of the processes that are the most the that should not get sensitive information it's uh that's isolated wanted you need to choose uh that does something so consuls that doesn't get poisoned by the like directory of some and forest and it was here and I'm going to build up to my surprise and speed up for the user presses the invited script eventually going to use the new shiny random just called most getting these days Windows viewing this function of and by the way we usually want to have any random you a random numbers don't ever use the random module it's user message was there and if you think I able to get this amount of the output so that they can get and the future of to 1024 so not much and this is another feature implemented hope I have to go for the words supposed do and base he directed duration function to as well as implementing this found a dozen written notice at all in their implementation of other with same issue genuine had wanted so and if you're a deal was possible it's never ever use anything of them these 3 functions the greatest financial and this function in Python to
all of those please use my library because much much faster than any of all libraries currently on the market some of also some
tennis and the ancient module was by binds 3 we already had uh this CompuAdd digest comparison function by the freedom 3 the following get another 1 and that's saying this so I would almost looking and so given the and several procedures will be backported to Python 2 . 7 the really you need 2 of
the raw data of the last slot will be that's 1 and we don't know announced Joel exactly your next you is ge hi guys up and
what I worked for road goes and as any of you the usefulness of and as a developer even more often and more multiple versions different project different platform in Python therefore I usually broke my system not anymore since it switched to make that makes the package manager the courage talk this morning from my a friend about it internals of just like you go through all the features it offers an invite to the end all the Europe item to join us to spring and make sure you don't break your system by just developing on your project so makes a certain level book all it's portable Boston and he was sick platform which we use for users could
actually now drop go away from home brew because we should
also binary so if we have a transparent source of binary model so if the
binaries are found this will compile them for you the needed was there was support user and the divergence of a solution to the problem so you can work you can have different by 2 numbers installed at the same time in the same environment but then they do not conflict of so point of we make sure that every installation is its reliable and it doesn't break anything outside of that installation even though sometimes happen that some installations break that installations are atomic in if something goes wrong converted the installation using of installed applications involve successfully you can always fall back to previous versions of it's
reproducible the thing that bugs me the most is when somebody there's a false release pipeline and somebody forgot to take the divergence the environment developing at 1 point I end up with a broken the developing the rhyme and we make sure here it will by default to get it's always working 1 to set it up and while all in all makes is great for developers think of makes as a virtual and the tool you probably are all using but much bigger it's not only meant for Python it's you can use it for any project in any language specific project you have you can even among and more together because I think nowadays we are all kind for cities to to go on to learn JavaScript and all the tools that they have so it's 1 tool to to do the job the just maybe because you're probably wondering this is a tool that that looks like Dr. right we don't utilise anything I would think they couldn't problem should be done by the on the packaging level we can output we can provision or whatever you wanna call it the curvature of what's and images of the above it can just use it for digging was tracking your development environment and not screwing up your laptop thing and hope to see you all on saturday will have extraordinary and we can get you up and running for basically and a development environment in thank you as you all will be the
last 1 and as we've talked about springs a couple times already have used thinking about joining us in this range and Saturday condition we use your hands that is a good number that is also that looks like I would guess at least 50 16 years it's very nice right so my is you are and the
the I came to the realization yesterday that a simple the dependency declaration for program basically as Turing-complete so exploited the fact and I created a package called temporal and you never know what you get so installed epilepsy and then it don't do it distance that's all but the remember the that
get the shortest led talk also and 45 seconds