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July 25, 2014: Lightning Talks

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I would like to ask keep a man who had been attacked to go to the states and the friendly guy from the project service told me I have to put of 1 or 2 fingers 1 is called molecular D digital the others follow the GA you know you know which finger is what's good that dry would try it and but maybe it was being here Monday it up and you remember that that joke with the real logical he's going to a bar yeah somebody told me there was the major but in it and he was told right so that but that joke was not possible and now we will have a quick service prototyping and later we will have the but solutions before we get a a quick prototyping I need to pick the impact of Victorian you're bank that you better know is that a good about now the the Continental admit about which is the prototype the enlightenment slavery and something to talk about sports which sees library to quickly provides services and basically help you into implementing things more than sitting them lot of
so what it takes to build a series are usually of general comment on arguments it was said million users of the service and you will also at your test that is a joke on determinism and then you will have your implementation of invisible we lost we used the everywhere and and this is what it looks like make a simple so this kind of enlargement said the loading on geometry advised sender and this research transport and I start this what there's the
kind remove some of their of the of the few steps you have to do you see that underlie arguments anymore how much in the loadings use you have to of this is somehow how you don't have to manage it has and you have to do the implementation because that's what you want to do so this is the same example here I'm importing stuff from spots that treating might tender of light and then just this is a test and then slices way gets to be more interesting is this is so that in more tests on him idea purely test that would be triggered every 2nd basically an all to use or even in the past and recent surveys of the clustering and then solve this and even more test some days in the fall term tomato it the task that is not much but then you can that's that and basically due to do what we want is the nasal attest supportive like cues in that directory what the velocity 3 but is the you might best be implemented in any other kind of test and what would do with it would have been to starting the loop of your of tasks and setting them when you need to have to get its found to be school spots and there was always can go and get it from you have an aside from that we also hiring so you can come and talk to me if you're looking for something different thank you world autos Pollock wait wait wait you have to be like different Facebook so you want the order of about it or don't you know very good sold to fix the but with the rheological means what i'm knowledge the do you all want to happen Europe and knowledge that is easier to understand because the 1st ones that I do not know the 2nd 1 says I do not know the 1st 1 that years now it works OK he is still working on who will be staying falls under the embedding of that make sure Europe to look around because there is a crazy American billionaire who will be money you around Berlin and that the leverage over this I have also give you this morning for 5 minutes and that told there will be hidden envelopes of money most likely even euros so politics speaker and we'll talk about the link is think adventurous so I guess that the return of the opening tags in HTML the that use of the world however actually thinking is this little guy here uh he's thinking and he has been source code it's something complicated there's some delays in a loop and now we think he's 1st nervous in front of this whole crowded 2nd these sad because he doesn't have any friends and how will we think that we can use this any molecule because that's the easy and the hard work I think this is the difference between the 19 tried OK so the only thing that changed here is there's a different function to print the blinkers insulin external function that we make more blink he's in a list and then we just start them and they're all blinking the problem here is uh our well think he's happy now because they have various friends until a system of it comes along with a new enterprise-ready PrintLink these 2 . 0 function that does a little more than previously and we have trouble because all these link these are trying to print themselves that print all the blinking so the overriding each other's lines and it's just a few tumors and we should use some marking here but you know this is a problem that you know library change you don't have control over it and so that's a problem so what we do what we do we look at what no j does and we use callbacks and future now with this is and every time we call it non-blocking were long uh function we an article that
would specifying what needs to be done next after this our sleep is done so here we scheduled denies you into a close eyes everything works everything's nice and the good thing is that if you schedule something the entire thing brands In the block there's no interruptions and the PrintLink you can't
introduce any interuptions because it would have to change a
signature we would have to call a different way so everything is nice the problem here is that these 2 functions are a little brighter well it's not really a loop it's a trampoline they need there but but we wanted to look what it does is it loop and we would like it to look like a
and and this is what they think idea which is asynchronous or somebody some of you probably heard of a single and there would be value does this let us the user will for these this field from which lets us know that this is a function that can result in a context switch it can switch to another you like thread of execution so we have to be careful because things can change from this function to this function but in the in between these yields from so it's again running a single block without any interuptions uh so I hope this cleared up for some of you what they think I was all about things using things and thinking will thank you do you know how to put
head you know what the big brother of linking can who remembers delivery so you're trying to rise to amend the help with that that
Libya and we also need to this that is prolonged but all the French Alex speaker will be all knowledge about the striking on conference in Leipzig through holes in for about him is that we do not observe fossil them particles here a time your walks into a bar now the the state of would ball the tried to going from the beginning of the world hello my name is solution but like I come from the private foundations and I would like to invite you to the Triton and conferences in LightSwitch it's Tonya by on the 1 hour at the way that put on 14 May 11 14 and so we're talking there about the trident framework and other stuff function technical details of their right users developers and so on you may ask what is Triton because it's not very known because it's just a small it has just a small domain of use just for the name we come from far away from the Internet to in uh 1 of the biggest satellites is treated with high and we name or a um for applications in the Trident framework with the names from the centerline of the 2 try to look like this you can see 3 clients on the right side to use you adjudicate clients in the middle
this year some some were clients from a prototype of that client and on the left on you can see the client richest for Python libraries and the onset of a gesture of Triton is based it's if you like and what to tears framework with uh with connections use server protocol it's combined the client to the server um reuse surgery usually for persistence of postprocessed yeah forestry lights um and supported little bit my history but it doesn't work very good 1 special thing is the module tree you just see on the left on the bottom there um or functionality in the system is searched by modules and we have a great inheritance inheritance and the model so you can build upon other modules you're on what you want for your special things you wanted to the special things he wanted to work with Triton is usually something like accounting and invoicing sales purchases inventory stock a manufacturing resource planning project management and a party relationship management which is the a little bit bigger approach than just customer relationship management so it's business related framework which is a striking the most prominent use of Triton uh this uh can help the 2 so some medical records system it provides the a hospital information system and so for the future it would provide to enhance information systems across from Jamaica decided to use help for the forum organizing and managing the hospitals this is 1 you off from earlier version of controlled use your patient records of a person and you see it's just stuff you want to put in when you're a doctor and you want to see you and me you a patient in front of
just store use your favorite distribution on you can just and so on but you can also use by source packages or whatever you know so we had better again from the TrackMan conference
productivity of the of the of of the we're a couple like models and all in on your own status of ontology and the the worn by unions on yeah yeah very good
our next speaker will be but this the mystery along about yet another conference announcement and his other adequately what they didn't they can yet another common knowledge of the 2 hi everyone like I said before I'm a I'm 1 of the general core developers and end here today to announce yet another
conference I hope you're bored so 1st I wouldn't tell you we don't be of the story behind conference last
month I was on a train in initially back from another conference I would we my friends more at than you we're all on the
Italian train so we had a lot of time to chat and we were thinking about gender about how agenda in the general source code is a
bit complicated and there's some parts that only a few people know about and when we try to get other people to contribute we often need to review the code and code that these parts that we don't know about energy really hard for us to accept it or reject it so we're looking for a solution how we can did this knowledge to spread inside the
generating but also inside the community so we started thinking what if what if we could put the whole genome teams inside 1 room at 1 time How would you like maybe
something like this but seriously we had this idea for a conference and we
call the Django under the hood yeah
days we don't have a to the conference on the 1st day there's gonna be there going to be 8 talks 8 1 over
very technical by prominent members of the general community and the general 14 this is the the program that we want to go to work with and it's not being fully announced that's what we're running with 6 so heavily technical talk to spread the knowledge that these people have amongst at 14 and amongst a community and I know you're all very curious because this is all very exciting whereas if and when
is going to take place quite soon actually on the 14th and 15th of November this is a Friday and Saturday and is going to take place in Amsterdam which should make it easily reachable for it but lot people we hope in Europe and in the whole world and the reason I'm
sitting here today not just to announce to every 1 of you but we're also looking for sponsors were looking for sponsors to give us money so we can bring as much of the general 14 of the general community to this place at once we're then use money we get for travel grants to get everybody as many people as we can to this conference so if you if all this
interest you or if you wanna get in touch with us our website which we just learned yesterday with the help of the of symbolist is GenGO under the hood com again we just said hello at general under become or follow us on Twitter at general under the hood that your school
thank thank you very much like this hello next week will be talking about the comparable on the continent custom application decried at
network engine it will be undone during and I like long titles that fills the gap between 2 talks so what is setting up as that of an e-mail address that's chokes at lightning talk . com soul if you think those
jokes stock mining are even better many of them to me if you find box mail them to me and I you may lead to give up all the big and for all of the controversy the other half of the
cases described in that part of I don't know what you think and when it isn't
gonna work at the end that's an 3 days ago I introduced you a 1 of open source project that means that it takes antedates trying to another language and suppose mean cooking and that it's an application called perform its but from service and as username means nothing as his name is just the name and the hold that initial you will see Additional behind this name and not on so we started
to develop energy and extend to use a gold to solve problems is that you find our way infrastructure as some of you could not only and this is quite large company and there are about
100 solve different projects have turned in Yandex soul is is you have to whom where it's quite fast Fourier to maintains projects so when we started to do this also I think told an 5 minutes of enough to describe due to introduce you all features of our pulled from sold by a try to introduce the most important of them for stole being has a pluggable architecture and each component all these form
is liking and when it comes to storage for example time it's used tools for called tool save
it to obligations so you say things and it is provided as a service for read and write for your applications we use time and that if you want to use Cassandra for example you just need to implement your own plugin and after that it'll work by magic and you need not change anything can you call the effect of the magic of globalization use
various to communicate our well known and 2 point physical abuse that they can we have all information about the size
of cues and each worker or feel plications occult so we could follow more workers for you you fire borders loading is going now sorry and there is there a lot of workers American in idle state we will kill for you of course we have insulation is based on the current technology thanks for the Cortina but also think we support from any language of course and but to be fair frameworks and the fault 7 languages and Python C + + score I believe there'll jour in luxurious sorry for the last and then
it's easy to write your offer of work in the framework of handling and between Quarry off platform and your work and for example by the framework is written in pure python and that it's easy to maintain to
explain to somebody and it's easy to understood and this really necessary tend to write friend works on view of language flexible protocol we don't use it she should
be in our platform we have our own protocol it supports upstream in a multi the
it looks like it should be to those 0 and then it's so old Oldfield to communicate between your obligations in court in the call 10 for example if you most have a huge monsters who the occasion you could divided into parts and after that communicate between them and resulted the reinvention communication system the sold on the bottom line is that if you need that your on infrastructure if you in need due on private cloud to you should take a look at this project and the island led to the loss of story with concept any questions also
thinking what that you we need to
look at the bet not on
the states and we have the 1st crawled crowdsourced Joel Knock knock race condition was there that brings the with is look up here look at not not get to those states there are only 2 other things in computer science cache invalidation naming things and off by 1 error know enough the jokes I wanted to try something different now but all not all the no know you all the the whole of it so this is the only 1 involved in the variance and he was telling the story that it worked in every culture so that will it work in programmer culture I have to test this and thank you so much for being part of that remember Pavlov being above the door bell rings and is as old shift I forgot to feed the dogs and that the model black screen I remember the blue screen that was my 1st deployed at the deployed application because much of deployed some spare sort of standing around and regular it was which machine running on faulty memory chips for the wrong driver and I was deploying it with Posterous grows 8 starts 0 but I 3 and it crashed every day the sermon apothecaries grow and I didn't know so that it took something like 2 weeks until somebody called me or it's wrong we need the next 1 it's hard to find a lot lot and
that such yeah yeah and his got Macintosh so that's the 2 0 1 you know not what the it took me 2 weeks or 3 weeks until somebody reached by phone and told me all the application is not working can you take care of that I try to log on the server and to know where i it reaches system administrator and he told me all my if I would always call you want overgrown screens you would have a bad time and that was running a bit of motion of monstrous girls which nowadays is a discontinued because it's unsupportable but it never lost any data and what they did not and cut in Europe I don't give a big for a story and world those
that get any Doppler Model T and to move to a stage the very good
knowledge and start 0 the 5
and guiding there is a lot like colleague and friend and I'm going to about what would be the Europe
I think it starts at the
party like everything starts in the parking lot there we kind of the the part of our
own and the part will refers to the
API and create which
are the API reversed and they are it's a package for magic by Tony rest clients and I'm going to finish with the buzz words right now so what you can to for starters you can import things about any
kind of crime rest
Client 1 like you I'm importing that did have API under the hood it magic transforms your import into all clients it translate that maybe I have you can't that's coming to API not give up that column and you can do you can get resources like this very simple it translates GH about user into slash user automatically and you can bring the a login name or do whatever you want with it you can easily create stuff like that against an our what's the most cost future it supports simple the you can iterate through all of the resources and it follows the building had their and actually the raids through the entire collection and it also supports filtering those iterators so you get iterate through all general repository already is sorted by creation orders by the creation of the everything it doesn't our part of the client so it's a general purpose what in this example it's not that we implemented the gift of crime we just use so created it up by so we to use it you can use it to quickly access any API without the Native Client given back but they is written wrestling and also the best maybe eyes or if you want to develop maybe I am you don't want to write the client it can just give is if I a client and that's it we want to do that good that David Daniel Taylor which contribution of adding to this project and also the fact carefully we just launched the package from the boat yesterday uh and you can join us tomorrow we wanna to make it past the wife and 3 does right now works only on Python 2 and we also need to write documentation and examples and that's the thing you will please do not rule of the
light is and the king doesn't us to come to the stage can you make you show yourself so I know you're moving and the 1st drop shows peroxyl stroke was and we'll see that and that was the race condition and I got a follow-up stroke which was linked to an external website click bait initial contribution you can't believe that so that show is the program has 1 problem can you think all I will solve it with threats knowledge workers problems now formant clients again on line and safer problems because of its low cost but the race this is that we we you think about
you can the formant client is
that it is again and again and and management of the nite and and investigated about men and I like to say something about development climate and the only solution to everybody's on the island of this is actually what they say about themselves it's so complete life cycle management tool for instance physical and the glossary with melatonin meaning in the text that involves the in machine configuration machine and also it monitors the today's able to manage the many services like the a T P 7 analysis as the puppetmasters BMC Bmc it's some kind of encapsulation of of management that means you don't need to get involved if it so that then environment you know United vomiting if it's controlled by opens the god of whatever we just want to receive the parasite cycle and that's it the use smallest of sampled data Computer Associates of course out instead of in this seek to and tomorrow and the most important thing for for the ultimate symbol of course this is it has a but is the the i so we can skip thing so let's find suitable that before divided but unfortunately there was nothing so know the like and so it wasn't a larger it's just over danger of request to delay the eyes and here it is not for the man is right the young project and designed their fast development so that the ice changing political structure of the new of maybe I so he had to introduce a lot of logic you can do it and the it goes to the right complex and not obtainable also known as game AI available so it about so maybe just that they got to go in and sits at the other and you just go look and that it was a good accommodation of which was all data from the API so let's look
bit of look at it and is the
HTML forms of it through its so does it think about it more of a mental to gamble on among all also learned about images and so on and also united adjacent outside that is actually but is it able to land
on the fly from the conditions and it would actually be implemented this way there is in a way lot that is line but we got it for free also close those into because the of the generated from the mandate what it once the generated from the committees and it also has in the department included inside the model automatically because we have other conditions in that if you are doing this at all you need to do many to investigative iPhone man who can fully of this political and blatant but I have a 2nd thing about why I'm talking about because yesterday
I had happened in the world presentation about ElasticSearch clients and actually they did the same thing the fault of the same type of thing I was considering that light these idea to generate the API from the recommendation but apparently I'm I'm not alone who wanted to people
who just did the same so that is good about I most stand to use that but it was incompatible with development communication so so that's it so I think it's important idea to don't Diorites some kind of blind given by conditions it improves so that implementation of the API and it's it's 1 thing to do and if you want to use the future
you will have a lot of money
you are problems where you have the problem I have to thank Patrick follow the threats and another cross-cultural from what's the favorite activity of I know they drive on the about the so if you have other crowdsourcing to all the resources of jokes about Crowe's you can send them to like they talk manner problem you get all of the jokes that I'm not about crawled something on crowdsourcing job to joke that like the top man . com and I'm very happy I would do have a dinucleotide being a parameter of the University of can bridge will talk about H as 2 you you ignorant of hello and how
many of you are using its best was only a few
tens as much so but how many of you know about its SCSI OK so the same hands so it's yes is basically http is the transport security synapses which is really what it's practically Neil because surfaces in or take a lot of time to be approved to be practical about to be in now final approach so basically it's that is the transfer security solve the following problem and let's say we have we will we have Our work band would be and we tied at bank that come with 2 http and we get
response from the bank web page where it shows the welcome page index is to be a hassle but the 1 that follows lead of the secure lobbying using HTTP BS and as still and sometimes they also send us cookies or city we've with Cezanne containing side uh basically when we keep the log-in button we are using also ST-DPS security and in our bank would be each but amazing you are you know insecure place for example europe I where anyone can just create an access point and you lady doesn't not the and you
connect to it and he can act as an the mining the of weaving the network connections on that then you know so you send the same request buying that come on instead of what they call the the same web page they send you the same with data but we thought the bill changing the URL so you end up connecting securely to these different web page but because it is still has a certificate which is valued but with a
different type of from some what what users and taking the this is our green log some or even an extended certificate wheat was a say so the company name in this case by so most users 1 not be is that they have changed the way the out and they are now in an unsecured What date that is fake and even when you start the next the become action you end up sending the what's the what's record may end up sending their I said the session cookie and all cookies to although you will later connect to them using
it to be the other thing OK I'm safe because I have my web server which uses repeated all the it's the because the way to the BS but if you have money in the and you send the same request my
the as a continue on into the the rivalry of that before and I did this in your head and you would not be so at the end you have this configuration but the man in the that does the
same thing and we have the same but rather as the beginning so it doesn't solve the problem so we have the a
it does proceed to the rescue but basically what it does is
the 1st thing we deceive the web page we send the West
and then we get back the web-based blast at the the it's called a steak that's persecuting so the process lands that these web page from now on you see truth the access of using its the B S bodily so you know any other way that you send it with the form to any DBS connection the same goes for if you have your got the ation asset radiate action it doesn't matter if you will 1st Cervantes so web page and then you predict the BS or do using the Web comfort to web server configuration so the next time the
user tries to go to bank that come using a to the b or rather as most of asked us without putting http by 2 to BS the browser
knows that these webpages securities on this and I allow you to do a request using a but instead he changes the euro to it's X so it's impossible for them man me that's what have disconnection and Bridget argued to other you're and it's really really easy
you only have to include this on your bicycle infuriation and as so it's must we've all the
web browsers so these
figures essays during the 1st half of
the course and that's very important for the
prosecution of exact
timing all we need Pablo Pablo that I was in the valley of the task and as I've got 11 provinces into the stage and that it is easy to use environmental are you crushing another economy with some patch funding but as we're talking about the banks do you remember that ATM who was addicted to money he suffered from real trolls what is the world will know our next speaker the cameras will be easily and Pablo above all the pi Argentinian community you quite ready and are you putting that do not have an optimal strategy people you go this is my 1st I'm hearing in Europe
I thought I think for CDs well the 2nd 1 but it is the 1st and we're going to talk a bit about their what their Argentinian community in Python is so so the other
not so we're gonna be quick and so on
to use in the bills and the present those of you have been recently shown to integrate like there wasn't and by the users to share experiences and to spread their by funny words flag among developers also in companies universities are more important like due to foster and we like a very active community it also like by them by that of the argument it is that the point of reference for by the use and distribution and OK without a lot of like a community has been growing steadily in like we've reached like in a cell phone and 300 members only on the mailing is very active by the way like more than 400 messages per month without a lot of a lot of members normally for a from other the deal also from 1 of by speaking countries you from
Cuba land it's not on about but those of you and I am working with him and all day without but also very active and by a seat 10 0 I don't know why but the most active members called it the Temple of Love you get off and with other variables so web portal and minutes
a very regular
meetings all over the country like most of the times 1 side is but a lower rate tends to to face face-to-face wrote some theorists and told about the future of both by the of the world and again this to the events like this is very addictive and I like most of the
icons of a we also have conferences but this is the the 1 I like the most likely so is like a 4 days free and there are also like sort of like line solids a lot of
projects people from very different backgrounds like on the on the last 1 you will like for the old over explained very basic self to year-old you'll be and a lot of my very interesting and have emerged from the cool maybe some of you if you were the moment you know goggles of the to the and OK now let's move on to the we got seeks already we also had a community also translated their free survival tutorial tool to Spanish and it's available in printed out and PDF versions is being actively you go to universities and schools air out of a couple of conferences like a seasonal thousand 9 without that bygones every time in a different city like doesn't is very centralized and which I divide this by organizing in different cities next 1 is going to be in October and Raphael and I will also have a lot of local events like by which that we'd shorter and weaker at us with a lot of them and with the main focus on intellectually topics or going on now to use the last 2 minutes they see there's going to be a bit about another conference gain insight plot of the of the group we made and the last year differs by
cloning Argentina we majored in but I linear we have 3 2 training that has several times
in dimension and the nodes with problem from 7 different domains we have also parameters air were shelf of a role in programming for a high school students and we have 200 participants and 60 students working with the my with the role would turn by turn the explanation of to work in a few weeks is going to be open to to poster and transformation and is going to be in actions to when
also this year we have our pilot these
groups that are already working with us saying in this sci-fi conference station and they have been up from the depths and decisions of so this is where
can we find that and
thank you very much thank you very much
and thank
you the money brings a lot of good news from South America for us to win the World Cup and then you tell us about the great opportunities out there you could think that we have a shot question what is the best way to divide data that's 8 7 and 1 of the most another brother those those by modern blanket it won't let us go girls statement walks into a bar and these 2 tables and of may showing you I'll use that again at pizza Europe I need to really if I go along the states at the end of next speaker is inhibitors that might 1 about all
piping quantity that for I was reading PQ as the pipe q platform that given that we can't find my grandmother it at but thank you some
of you might know me and only know them doing 5 financed mainly with by phone actually so there's about a project that was some reason these are innocent but which is 1 of the most so it would've been doing so far is a web-based genetics and represent as engineered by phone something we do this quite why but no we're trying to unify and how to to bring it on a single platform from has collaborative Fuger's it scales is Serbia this for introduced in companies maybe for all those who would link 1 finance actually core components on many comprised of all of the things that we've been doing since years ago always started decisions what's in the left hand side of the slide to a couple of
years ago I think uh 6 years ago the sum kind of a recent thing that we did that we now using type I form and all the things that the wonderful by the with that to integrate this on a platform
actually if but by full-fledged 2nd collider of using a condom but if you're not just give it a try is a wonderful distribution with that's all the folks from continual around justified that we love it says you should love it as will so give it a try I through written this book by by the finance for people who want to use phone to find its place but still there couple further take it wanna do with platform from this kind of to make it as simple as possible to implement financial workflows and applications by using Python the project commonly used Linux servers nothing special about the Python for anything in back and integrating the front and to statuses we only had which and this was free of we use internally for some for training spread your arms and what we have achieved so far that we grid IPython notebook initial live fire management of power based shall excessive so what about which which can you swim editing I would show this in a 2nd given the creation of chatroom use administration under the hood and that's what we've been focusing on actually that we started building its from but not actually using Linux and everything it will rise in roles and group management and so forth just kind of a collaborative scalable environment but let me
come to pray for translation result looks like addition to limit or doesn't show on the left-hand side unfortunately as it was full the lots of stuff missing or helium perfect thank you had enough I was at the so with with when writing a wrapper around the IPython but I would show this in a 2nd definable refinement so I can upload and download stuff for example I can gates of the platform here for some to the public for that someone else has done obviously an untitled in here I put many tried to believe
this a 2nd yes I really want to all well this is what you know what you're not allowed to do that so it's pretty safe to share stuff and we can be sure that you when all you are allowed to change or to to delete stuff
that you from providing a platform so we've just lead the user management and in there is additional integration here where can of course run IPython shell in there the because of editing on a service this of 5 from the so aware the women and it opened at the 5 of course you can edit any other file you can have the has some shell of course again then the your Python a simple example is is on the kind poet it's so based on RedHat of so so again nothing special about that but tried gonna come and I think the main thing where people are using right now in the world is on the IPython notebook if if I had this up and this year can change a little bit the thing that we have a full of workspace takes maybe 2nd to loaded no do it again and it is a couple of times before there's always dual life still actually so don't use this tool for the assessment of trading that 1st always see another 1 which opens Amelia know what this is far out if these Olympics 1 this year of course they can do all the things that they used to it with my Python and you we using a proprietary analytic stuff for example through complex rules it's yet full derivative tho was pretty hard William because of the numerical stuff which is a very compute-intensive and all the things the last thing I wanna show actually think there is something like a structural can chat with people with colleagues can upload files for example if it included something that have little profile so that all of the informal social network and well we also have implemented acidic ennobled for example research about whatever when you can
share with the colleagues have a look at the PDF file this is really interesting and you publishing communication which were given to for what we're doing within understood and that I'm actually is free offers about what we have done
is say they processable landing page single to quant
quantitative platform built from and then the platform you can register with industry has few the amount of time
1 another by Enrico setting up to talk about could be
in Europe I need that and call event have then call you can you move yet and be prepared very good at as we were talking about database jokes or we were very happy that the British Met Office moved all this stuff to PostgreSQL because of the great database and elaborate on the other hand I'm not really sure why the British metrological office really needs a database to forecast the weather now we'll have every the and he was all the gold community in Europe and therefore a bigger and
fj I meant to ensure that I'm a 1st name basis with because I would not dare to pronounce the last name Barakat and so a hi I'm erica but I'm not very American this is how we pronounce my minute and then I want to come talk to you today a little bit
about me this might the 2nd time in Europe part Python and I work with peer-to-peer University and we are distributed teams so we don't have an office and we're all about the learning and so when I do that there is a help people help I build tools tools tool for people to actually be able to learn from each other to teach each other and stuff like that and I use Python of the time which is called so ongoing project that we have is a protocol mechanical move which is the only kind of the form that we use and 1 of the content that we have 1 of the courses that have instance Introduction to fight and so this might be 100 for you if you need to know to build a community Europe in your local space and know to learn Python and this is essentially a an experimental more which means that headless so there is no central our but the instruction there really in so people are just a what would you do with to be grouped the call hearts locally and now that the people are learning from each other and teach each other and all we do is fire up an e-mail once a week in suggest the topic condition learn about to progress slowly cells another good actually another due to project that we are doing is they region music and this is especially of collaboration between New York University peer-to-peer University MIT Media Lab and Peter Gabriel and he was actually kind enough to provide the Soviet all the materials that learners can actually build upon Dickens reverse-engineered and you know she's not even included in the process of learning with rich interviews and stuff like that and we were very grateful that he provided suggestions that really is of the tension in the copyrights here and so this is we already know now that we are quite musical we can sign up for that course to and this is
my afternoon project Michael Katz project so this is a group of young women and men mostly women because our 1 rule is that there has to be more women than men but we're learning to code you know and so we don't have a sponsor not that you're searching
for 1 right now but it would be nice to have some of so the aim is to show and these people that want to know about our work process process and it aims to show them how seeing this simple application actually come to production so probably started and everything and we need every week without exception because we believe that you know you have to be very consistent with learning and so on something very special this year the European Commission actually but just that
was with the task to enable people to will and participate in the code which you so this is the thing that very simple jungle and we decided that we're going to put our code key which are you know people who are actually not but that but that don't know about programming that much they will actually build and 1st the the mark you to demonstrate how it will work or how would look like and then the research of all tools and decided to use jangle because it has already building a lot of stuff and we decided to give them the deadline can also which made them really pick up a year and a they they act all of the sudden everybody was finding more time to learn which is great and turns out that that if we let them go to the turmoil of maintaining their own called actually learn a lot know because now after 6 months
actually know that the where did write the spaghetti code and stuff like that and you know from ourselves from themselves and each other and which is good so that they decided that they will have the effect that this is something refactoring is the effect on the own and we already have a 300 demands on so if you want to help with that this like you can go and you can try to break character and put an issue help in written a very few of them cell and I just wanted to to say what what could we keep local greedy you is this is a week which is dedicated it's happening and in October and is dedicated to encoding so we're celebrating code any names to get more more people excited about coding so if you have a meeting for coding club that meets the needs that week we added to our Nice to
build up and join us for the whole week thanks thank you the the now I
need to an comment to prepare and present and does not because I had a start walking to the stage where you are next to not all you have no slide so you can study you know things loads they're all very good very good nugget from go when the big and small being willed slides deliberately about of so 1st of all can I ask all of you just for 5 minutes very humbly to close your laptops put away your mobile and just be here for the moment to so i'm Remco this is loosely I met Ludvig on Wednesday and I was telling him that I was going to give a lightning talk and any told me Yan I really want to have some more
podium experience in future it's uh OK why don't you join me on the podium all the talking but in the meantime you get some probability of experience give a hand to live in the few it goes because from here on a really bad for him and it will be a much easier step to giving an actual lining talk and that's what we want in the community so I hope I can take these 5 minutes for 4 and a half to put some interesting thoughts into your beautiful minds that's also why cults presentation beautiful minds so it's you I was walking around in the Spanish Deseret news articles and a couple of weeks ago and basically for a little while not been thinking about what will be my next thing my next business or venture however you colored and and sort of like me the I should change the world and they could get a little bit better better than the way I've found foundations and that's what my talk is going to be about because then I came to europe items and it all made sense so how does 1 change the world but never starts with big big ideas but with big ideas but it's always too small things that matter we know this from peer-to-peer is like small individually decentralized elements you put them into play but the volume makes it work so 1st of all what I want to do what I want you to realize is that they were not mere developers we are the engineers building the future of tomorrow we have with what we do we combined our combined efforts we have such an impact in what people do into wireless technologies and this is really something that comes that gives us great power but also comes with greater responsibility and it's just really do we as a community we want our future to be about control want to be about freedom of interesting to think about so we have quite a unique position in this and unique position is I've had a few companies before the and whenever I was hiring tech people didn't really care about the I mean in the end didn't care about money date they need to have it covered 2 but the funny thing is that I think most of you here I get uh money income we haven't covered so the questions get as an employer is not like how much money I make this more like the how much time do I get to invest in myself and how much of my time can for sample contribute to the community to come forward I wanna give away to helping people with making documentation all that kind of stuff so actually
is pretty interesting because it what this signifies it is we are taking a step up in the muscle of periods where you have these incomes things somewhere in the middle and yes if that covers it grants you all other freedoms and what happens down as people start teaching I mean have been involved as a volunteer here uh with uh the uh OpenText school in Berlin and people come together
is like yeah we have some time and would like to teach other people so that's what they do and ask nothing in return but they get a lot of return because I think fundamentally our genetic code is made out in such a way that we care about the cells 1st but then we care about the others so it's really fundamentally what we we are and fundamentally part of our happiness how much we can help the other end this community has such freedoms in doing this it is amazing to realize I think that most people maybe you don't realize just self yeah but unless the world economy is going to collapse we have great freedom we have income stability we haven't covered so from here I think what is interesting is however beautiful things we're doing within community is maybe also think a bit more about how to step outside of the community and how to bring these values outside to other people and it's an interesting example today and I just moved into a new apartment and it's inside and alley this is the one minute think of last sentencing there are going to think about this if you want to hear more look search me out so I'll tell you the entire story the thank you will thank you so and now
the 1st good news we can the regular like the problems that we're going on to overall number 1 suspect loved by presence of more 100 David mall David more like and all H are union is prepared to come to the states of our next speaker president is not a long time and Putin is that about that less than that for a given
thank you very much I would be very quick and immediate sometimes for the others who come after me I just want to modulate everybody you you should try all formally inspectors Python because it has become so much that is very compatible with you got a binary installers which were working on always 10 or knows that they are
compatible their run with the uh with the existing packages and other binary and honest to god you can just put it in replace your Python and keep all of this or
extends the inside a long and that again just tend to do that you get greater about support of the but like the profession of being on the pipes charm and there always support inspectors so binary-compatible extensions which are most important as I QG and by side and they great and the others so try and start side for instance we have the installer which does that with binary wheels so you can try and and half a minute OK then you
can run through this demos and want to learn more about that not enough time to move to the west life so the rest comes tomorrow on the ground you think you might I the love the work
on experience dated more please set up and Philip can you make yourself was the balls he year moved to the states the next because David more will talk about stellar compiling of small subset of title and why is setting up I've got something for you what do you get if you cross the restorative question a joke of that the so if you like but child stuff to maybe but in Europe is setting up heating up and it's isn't there will be the next show which you can hear on another conference knowledge David mode given that they can't above then of few hi everyone and David Moore and currently studying at the University of New Mexico in
Albuquerque using and I'm going to talk to a little bit about this project I'm working on and I'm going to try to compile a small subset of Python uh so essentially where I'm coming from as we all know Python is fast enough and that is a mantra I'm not disagreeing with but unfortunately doesn't work for the stuff that I want to do an and eventually you know it's just getting tired of having to beyond re write the stuff and see because of the performance and I like 500 words for everything else so why can't I stick to that uh so a little bit of background was around coming
from this we were working on stochastic simulations of the kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations which are in itself very very basic but you need lots and lots and lots of trajectories so in the end it's very high and consuming 2 to collect the data and the code is a little bit special and that it's not like the whole simulation is important there is no 1820 distribution the don't work with the race you don't have differential equations to solve so what are the tools that are highly optimized of Python don't actually work in this situation and and another important part is that you you get a lot of variance basically just different kind of programs that are basically the same stuff but here and there they're very so that's a problem of course that's been around for forever and the owner of the solvent usually with object-oriented programming so you know when we try to speed this up this tools and you know tried them all and unfortunately them work for while for me and then think that's because they have a tiny little bit different use cases um in
particular with them and they all strive for being most inclusive you know have been able to use Python as easy as possible when the language itself doesn't have the accelerated feature and but for the simulations we actually want is you want and that everything runs quickly so you don't want integration you just don't want to have to deal with python at that
level because it's so what I want to do is created a domain-specific language which actually just as a little subset of Python you know all throughout the stuff that
is not necessarily required to write a simulation no genomic features statically typed and then implemented as a library and support these a little bit of old so that I can nicely structured approach but I don't have to worry about like other fancy features which are actually expensive and difficult to implement and so there's my and the approach that I'm taking this is actually work with the Python bytecode soluble of stuff for free that Python married us the source code you could potentially use multiple inheritance all that kind of stuff to get to the result
that you then want to run and then just to transform into LVM and intermediate and yet just run because at that point when you're doing it at run time we have type information and actually I can that the media can infer all the time it's executed return the data vector Python and Bavaria so yeah this is actually just a quick overview I
don't have any code to represent yet because it needs a little bit of cleanup work and you know that the people look at it but it's gonna be ready to share soon and I would love to get something feedback back if anyone still out on the weekend thank you we have a few
minutes more formal finally let me talk a bit about what it was like is that of the computer files I've got another crawled those joke from molecular applied and walks into a bar the bottom and also supplied how did you do that you don't have legs so it must appoint a little about German Conference regulations make it clear that we will have to have a coffee break at half
past 3 so this is all fine art and not on the largest 1 tell you little about some of the features we're planning for the future of planned this is
work done at the plant was explained in Barcelona earlier this year and since I can't type fast enough and show you a pre-recorded spring constant I actually didn't myself that here it is this is about
a custom car custom layouts and the layout editor called the mosaic the delay of a editor where it which allows you to create content which are schools
Hooker who maybe spring constant creates here using the latest version not from 5 5 Future in the autumn as store this theme and this is the
most the the metadata by adding a field that was created to the content and adding now static text fields that will be stored the instance and the themes pretty intuitive this is a rich text editor and the the layout you can create with this can be be really reuse either on specific content or whole sections and the site and they allow you to create landing pages a specific cycle set a layout so that he can always be used with the specific content types can
can skip this part because it's a little boring which shows you that you actually can
save a that the
but layout on a event so the events have a new layout so you don't have to programmed view in an editor but you just drag and drop the fields where you want them to accept the use of a story used as default used for the instances and there you go are the 2nd feature is there was too fast and remember that type of seemed layouts here so here we are creating a new content type of dexterity our which has the layout support and enable services of people feature of plural we create a new content types of schema marks folder as the layout feature and navigation route and this allows you to have a subsite in your plants side that has its own theme so here we had a new
the object instance which is south side with the aid as already enabled editor the music editor now we copy content from the default from side to this new container that we added and he we set the scene which is bootstrap now and now we added that was 15 with the mosaic editor and add static and dynamic content to them and all the content of the cooperative is there and also uses the same thing so that's the famous inherited income can be overridden by different items this is another thing building and you
see pretty easily edit content this is kind of the future of content layout for wrote type editing uh which you can actually really
give you your content editors have been of Finnish years so yeah I think that's free or from this will and implement 5 . X i guess 5 5 5
1 4 if to uh sometime next year we're really actively working on it and there's a product called the intra intranet product uh which will rely on this technology heavily in the future and just 1 more thing makes just created in the option to have free like 0 euros clone hosting on her recruit will announce that after the spring thank you thank you very
much all that concludes the final lightning developed we just ran over 4 minutes into the break we have a coffee break that act its minutes or until 4 o'clock than the closing will be years so please again give a big can to all the speakers and the audience thank you overall inside the lightning talks and have a great time be back at 4 block closing of the conference
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DOI 10.5446/20051
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Abstract Lightning Talks: Sparts - Quick service Prototyping: Manu, Blinky's Async Adventure: Petr Viktorin, Tryton Unconference Leipzig 2014: Udono, Yet another conference announcement: Baptiste Mispelon, Configurable omnipotent custom applications integrated network engine: Anton Tyurin, What we did at #ep14: "vtemian" Vlad Temian, Foreman client: Lukas Bednar, HSTS: Abraham Martin, PyAr Pablo G. Celayes, Celia Cintas, Python Quantum Platform: Yves J. Hilpisch, Erika Pogorelc, Our beautiful minds: Remco Wendt, Stackless - Best Ever: Christian Tismer, Stella: Compiling a small subset of Python: David Mohr, Plone Mosiac Sprint Barcelona: Philip Bauer
Schlagwörter EuroPython Conference
EP 2014
EuroPython 2014

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