Building Realtime Web Applications with WebRTC and Python

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Building Realtime Web Applications with WebRTC and Python
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Tarashish Mishra - Building Realtime Web Applications with WebRTC and Python WebRTC makes building peer to peer real time web applications easier. First, we'll discuss in short what WebRTC is, how it works. Then we will explore ways to build the signalling system of a WebRTC app using Python. Outline of the talk =============== ### Intro (5 min) ### - Who are we? - What is WebRTC? - Functions of WebRTC. ### WebRTC APIs and Demos (3 min) ### - MediaStream (getUserMedia) API - RTCPeerConnection API - RTCDataChannel API ### Signaling in WebRTC Applications (3 min) ### - What is signaling? - Why is it needed? - How to implement it? ### Implementation of signaling (16 min) ### - Implementation using Google AppEngine and Channel API - Implementation using Flask and gevent
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the land eyes and touch each time and again students from India and and sort of you do in government over time as and these are terms the open hatch project last year or so and then at other we're about to see and how you can easily offended the use of real-time we're back where it's where see and by phone so words
if again you want this stuff is about and when it's
not about kind of and high-level overview of other on what about the is what it can do and what they realize that and then this overview about signaling systems when you get to what signaling system is and how it works and all that and how exactly do you implemented next what it's not about it's not really a deep guidance about what would be a way that the can do how would the please work it is I would like to see is that we don't you are not that to actually does that you and it's not written in this talk about signaling because actually depends on your but the good news so let's start with what the 1 0 1 1st question what exactly is whether the soul would like to see is this new technology was developed at Google 1st and then they open so source it actually that your browser for any going for that
matter to talk to and another lines and out that's yours In real-time before we let be see browsers didn't really have the capability to our get the media sources of like access your web cam microphone directly use and we should use some kind of native plug-ins and download and install them to elect our browsers access some media sources but now with us in a way that the actually provide you with some JavaScript API so you can actually access media directly from your browser and then communicated media or even obligated that again the textual data or when added to the earth directly it's sort of peer-to-peer networks so and that ability allow
about the man has 3 functions for something sorry some of and the authority of the 3 functions 1st is to access and grab the medial and audio streams for I you know what the emperor or microphones 2nd is to establish connections with your users and actually transmit that data that you argue against that you acquire I don't here's the token is eventually get I'll getting data Suppose globally again you can just commuter duration of something or piles or whatever you want to zone for this the functions that are remarkably provides 3 just give it the 1st 1 is that the user media outlets you well out of those video and audio streams 2nd is ITC given a it's here the magic really happens you communicate to it appears and all that 3rd is IDC Data General Data General Electric communicate not just idea here is 1st there is immediate at the end of the deal so it really has a simple API navigator is the goal of gender and navigated getUserMedia this you arguably you tracks you pass in some constraint are objects to into it and this part of regulation and do want of audio or video or bold it provides you tracks the attractor and all you track and you get a chance to select the left channel for you on your right channel In its with the court looks like this is the constant object and you can the deal to argue to a vote that on the internet and the original of the video you want and all that and then the best in the subset of that so if you yeah this frame and whenever you want to to do with it you can do it inside successful mechanisms will know where then that's up PCB of an additional it's really does although heavily in our members noise cancelation echo-cancellation good at handling it be a communication security and all that bad with management it on sort of a set of figures out what the band is for the clients and then our what sort of what resolutions in France made and all that it's very dense so we don't have to worry about that does that does all this argument of those what you this is a very different from those of who Our wouldn't automatically just so this is what the code looks like you get at a connection object then on there are these event handlers what you want to do when you get a remote video stream and that all clusters let you create an authoritative send that all 4 of you feel that they send you back an answer so then the communication actually begins and ends with have a bunch of these events and to what do you want to do after you've got the whole what you want to do and got 3 more intermediate stream of something then
the RTC data General it's kind of the API is mostly like what's up there but we went somewhere so you actually send that out over the summer and then back to another crime but because of the RTC that accounts for granted lines so the latency is pretty low and you can choose between UDP or TCP so depends on what's your data is like if you 1 of a reliable or connection lab transport water fast transport so you can choose and it's secure and there s secure DOS and and so and thought and summary before whereby TV blind users to send data to the server and then
so was the back to another time but now it's like quite glands emittance fast and secure and know when this will this moving in between the question is how exactly did the universe
kind each other because if you want to communicate with someone they just can't going into the internet and found that they want to talk to you talk to meet up to me connected so you 1st need to figure out a way that you find your you're on the internet but actually don't wear after standards don't actually need many or there is no standard for finding your Bureau it's up to us to implement and whichever way we want to so this thing is actually got signal signaling sort of process where you will find the euro here and then communicate it sends you data that is needed for established the initial got connection to start transferring the actually so I told that when my PC actually to Europe but we still need some to actually build the connection so when example is point signaling does is eurostat act a certain so that so but this is a this is a this is me and then you can talk to anyone without same and it into the so before the actual quality the actual data begins to transfer between the lines you need to sort of past these mediated out there to do other dealers unique best what coordinates in the support policy of band himself and then what exactly is your the public pasting bites these so that the the connection can be made and all that and it's all taken care of by the signaling mechanism at so this
is what it looks like the
acts they're mediated by signaling opposed to exchange the system description once again the session description of from your other Europe you must attend to the browser and the media actually close friends browsers Brussels you don't so that for so that talk about how you can actually implement signal so the signaling is just the an
either or messaging service so you just need some way to to and where there is directional flow of data from 1 client to other it can be higher server or you can even on US and Europe session description by e-mail or or some kind of messaging service for even a messenger of and if you want doesn't matter if you just need some kind of messaging service and it has to be by detection so for that you have what's up is and the of the technology was not in and you don't actually need to worry about so sorry browsers support which something because all the browsers that support what about the the support subjects troop and then there is extending the jingle that I don't know what that is but it's used for almost your white meetings and and then there are gonna still but that was over and that so that you do the masses pressing and then we go and gene has this method messaging channel API lets you pass messages from 1 prior to the other then there is what do you that a general API so whereby so it's not actually self-sufficient because you still need to get the the connection going but our our it's sort of it's era later in the year WebSockets so you can just do the cost of inaction and higher website that and then which throughout the Director-General and signaling would be much faster and much more secure the so it's what look what it looks like and the client sends then data signaling data to the server and then the server sends it back to the other blind and then this subject happens so let the decoder I actually thought actually
implemented it and the continental so I had this rule is that rules are like that channels and they had clients connected to it and the track which outlines of connected to and then there's this room and so we static page and this man and woman and like just another that can be put a certain group this is where the signaling actually happens just WebSocket handed down when it receives the a message it just so broadcast lead to other clients in the room and that's the that's falling you need to implement the signaling system so then the cold it's actually and the program is actually and determine the links to us and then I
just stay in the summer and it's all done and then in the client side and this any function that gets the of the deal and but you data and all that and that it has the connections stuff that we talked about and it's really just that simple but this again the thing is this is kind of folks who was this morning gave when you actually how can you actually build the biggest with some sort of like a cluster of environmental it doesn't work if you just have a sort of a rule would be other rooms with all the clients connected and all that you suddenly something in bigger and they messages on so systems and I think it can be implemented easily by
using something like 0 and you actually the people at that box about what it is that the Internet provides you when part of the infrastructure to build your apps on their actually build this all messaging system and there and I was like the the signaling system we had 0 and q it's called Reumont I think I don't know whether it's open source or not and so you can always do that side of the when people WebSocket infrastructure so moved from the coding is and he did have some is that the would the link that site this is the thing that and the
next the visibility of shift in a the text so
that said who invented the
material and what is not right so it's it's there and so 1 to get and that's the and the search greater and you to do any questions you have time for a few questions yes numbers here again actually have
very 1 question I have
played it was reported seeing that quite some services on the Internet where you can test the urine or you can view seen with a small group of people but what was rather often the problem that was more people it works quite OK if you try tried before people it's almost operating and have yummies using people get lost some or all don't get in there is still some tricks to each unit that that somehow it's it's kind of it depends on the boundary because with the 4 or 5 people are communicating with each other at once you sort of are sending each streams separately on each line so that trick will be to set up something on the server and then not use where the infrastructure and the farmer and then the onset of the 2nd stream to the server only and then send that to each client so you have to build the Europe Media stream only to 1 line instead of all of the 5 separate evil questions to the same set of well thank you for the 0 1 loss but also that's the next revolution in any way address if you want to see on the that there are some vertical scholars Boston and the and start at the latest crime known of of the public good idea about 4 the on line so what you drive but if it's still live in this world and you again Arkwright going back to the sends the data to the kinds of things right to address very thank you and the territories where it is is the some speaking in here and I think this is very well done very interesting about