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pymove3D - Python moves the world

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pymove3D - Python moves the world
Attractive programming for young people.
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Attraktives Programmieren für junge Leute
Python bewegt die Welt!
3D Objekte mit Python steuern und bewegen
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Reimar Bauer - pymove3D - Python moves the world - Attractive programming for young people. The second time a contest for schoolar students is organized by the Python Software Verband e.V.. It is about to write a Python program that is executable in Blender using its 3D capabilities. The talk overall gives an overview what experience we got by these ideas and how we want to continue.
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we had a very short break known stage is a time about what it
was stated that uh step up from using children using fancy 3 D software teaching young people programming OK well and we have different knowledge skills and knowledge about this but on the whole idea is that the 1 tries to the object oriented programming at the beginning not making him about and not functions just the start and usually if there's a problem if you will make some objects up and can see them you have to take his object it's not visible and so on and the hat and different idea and also makes it more attractive we are making a compass point as we do this we have to stand up to you
and yesterday the mother-child 13 years old will make another 40 lines by some program which runs this makes a movie and they would made some the cops and so on the show the state of the idea that forms this kind of having a contest to make more by
and of we got this 4 because you don't want that more this would size and and they have to this some Hall and they should not only the use of all
people can buy everything images of all and just by by using this suggests should go on to there and this should be easy and we found out that there are some interesting forms and so there you have to have maybe
something this movements left make was was something was on images and so of that they are like to do and although if you go to a school and want to have a teacher must be also for them very easily and so will you have to people like it was both multi you can't so just make Python and you have books this won't work to something they like to eat and the project idea was also built environment highest fall and this all the heat of copper was initial idea to make it was then we
call Austin and use that yesterday it's a involved if you installed then not yeah the model Python on your system and this is the same place in installation on each platform that make on lost and online and values just you have 1 step to do installed and and then you can go out the book for it's very simple and it's also really well document that snake eyes fault lies and everything you can do with the most was yesterday training them was that the attendees to and if you think you can make the most mistakes but then you can do with positive on the thing is if you make and then there was this man is used to make all the movies we can handle these object and you see them and they're in the and to 10 scalable tape or whatever and by this just following this the telling of all what an object is and what the message is so easy and it's clear to understand and so it's also easy to do on behalf and all costs a lot of material quality and of some parts of school from chemistry and mathematics and addition to have a bit more this if you want to
see how places that looks like a lot of it is just definition or anything that you have to them in politics and this explain although the
idea there was some discussion which by the then that has its own scripting the this is an example how John would be seeing them and the area of the or you can also maybe it would take them all make something look at them from a different point of view and from going can change you put all the way and if you understood that may be a bit more extended it looks like this and this is just a few lines of school if you know all of structure and this is the part of Canada and all of the so
to show that you have come to the highest terminal you can just
like put this all important it's the it's based on exactly the same as you have your own life although
didn't want make them work at the 1st I've had influence last year I announced the start of the 1st country and that was the end the line against this type of plan 1 of who would found this they are and he make the 1st cause and so it was cost cost of the then the angle on and on and on and on and that causes for the this is the 1 that people use and I this I can use
it to make just 3 the objects can make games was in we can make movies thing you do is they are as as a side and the and this is very interesting so we can show really development you give and you can go on the offensive in not only to with the graph that has to do with the fact that it's just make them all the speedy look like and the Congress to this course is that you can you apply manage just everything you are not allowed take any cliques offices if you just like everything in pies and if you read the tutorial yesterday I think have seen that athletes click on the shows use of hyphens commands like you just have to copy in your text window and then you can and don't have to take it again and the country is also looked that everything must be done by the Heisenberg them and you have to tools that make the animation supplies program was being passed this looks very this difficult only
had to decide the last year which are grappling with this loss about just make and was listening and I think most of us known as those that conveys game of lied and of all the game and simulation and there's still assimilation again and I want to show you that time because it's more than just words
that's the first one on my point
to 16 years old and
you start to those shows us
all American game of life can be found in the what was on the nation's and it's so I'm going to the next 1 this 1 in the in the US that starting here and I he
gets continue on this and spelling at the end of the cost
1 the confidence this year's international he becomes this tool is really interesting understand and if you will find all of them we have to end up on the Internet becoming maybe time 1 of the causes of them and maybe tell them there may be a problem they can't just make movies and this is such a copula immigrants in Germany and its meant to God that is the problem and then you have the knowledge this able the political had the idea of next monthly points of his family and all that that's the difference of the speaker that the the copy number from different directions the plan that although the use of school you can really make really interesting special effects so if you can leave it as it stands as some 1 in India and it's always done in his life and he liked that undermines the if we get again and the and the extended so that someone can play against the computer very simple little if I remember what
I did this article I wasn't
there was this is of the of we
from this you you had the idea to make just a small
project which know I start from the limits of the meaning of life the it's all just year I I on top and then the following plots and then building you guys because and this is of results in the release of a lot and we have shown that can do so and that's just how much blood would like this summer so what do you think and so it's just the idea to start this is false much we'll just and that's that's
just completion all and the
idea is just to make it easy to learn and although had teaching cause we have these strongly in Germany started translates them in and they are interested in having and good English public cost may be the basis of further development offices and you are always to like it's you are invited to join us at this wouldn't you like that the documentation what's and 1 this material is online available and it has a license to copy copy and use it the CC BY SA and and on it's very easy as you have seen that we have apologized 2nd order using and although we have in last application which is the webpage forces come this is the class and gender this application yeah it's it's a solid really want you we want to go international and maybe you function like the 1 and 2 are when you look at the maybe not together so it was time to just sit maybe find all it's interesting to this in you country be also many make something very the other 1 thing would English translation of this and young maybe you extend extended to make own so we have students already presented at the moment that the what's there and was and you have to be careful that it's up to to take everything was the most but at the moment there no official them and the that's not on the to generate the cost of the although all the contests making movies there's so for example a big part money and of some of some of and there are some things that there has to be great stress on the columns and its you tell them just make 1 press that's the that's and make 10 thousand times then it's clear that in the book on language that would want the parents all of these so and also we want support maybe have more ideas of make chemistry or you have someone who on ideology have some loss functions to to make special diet and in the EU which is all that may be interesting to get access to get school the idea was to get this different things to get some on both ends of the best question is if he has a physics experiments and he wants to show them when they maybe possibly
and then the there's a lot of physics in that can fold quite something and then can also must come to the last so it and it just think about this for the speed and so this then ignores is everything and soul it's easy to come by and the audience would although with some of things and so on yeah so people currently
also artists and small companies in Germany which helps us for example to make them fit small all all the of the all and to the show up at the techniques it must be images and so on what is so that it
OK thank you and very impressive and impressive results and questions may 1st question from you how do you reach out to kinda do you go directly to school that's what we get into contiguous the teenagers or children do you go to public schools is most most propaganda and we used to have a summer courses we did summer courses and always will be on line talk in Chemnitz and Berlin and so on and we give some of the causes of the title with other all interest and will size of some there's some camps quality be are also looking to go forward to was John Institute nations follow the to traditional so that they can share them more knowledge of the problem is if you show up on behalf of course and something you can't expect us success coolest come they don't know what this is and so it's easy if you are have some the positions in some institutes by some but also the the deficit tossed from school itself be directly because they have to visit the cost of drop this watch they want to know what's that maybe you want to become they talking droplets should study and influence and the visit some institute at this time if you have the right times the cost you can order of people and pigeons something really important that they need in the future they have to learn programming so but that's certificate said the phone difficult problem became more feedback all Christians and service they blended toll have had the money you I has a reputation for being difficult to use at 1st and taking a long time to become familiar with the U I and make our models and stuff how much of the time as URI teaching these kids there how much of the time was spent just learning to use Blender as opposed to programming in Python 0 I think it's much easier
to show a little bit if you want
to learn grandmothers Python you have install it maybe the states 2 minutes you have done solid it and get
something that looks like this and
then in the new versions they have seen that's of them a lot of compliments and they want it easier so there implemented something then it's and at this
moment you have an idea and you can just I just
put all sugar from competitors that of you what then you could
open cell and and and although you could type
something you know do a tone and but you explain except for entertaining for them how to do it so some patterns the a button so that selects everything and then the delete button that they can get through it off and so it's only 1 well today that will need few parts of it and you start concentrating on Python and what happens is that for example to score the stone and got if I do something here as a 1 and this is the value goods because of this invention model laws if you all you have to
look them to so on the on
society than all of that knowledge the different
problems must be the solution to such yeah can show it as a
moment don't take sides most button on 1 of his minions who gets the API implementation plan and you can see in this online Python references is this as the prominent you can do and then and and he will
understand your policy opens and the actual how to use this and this also part of something and so the students have to acknowledge they have to learn English understand English in school which is all the for John students schools and also if they wanted to invent something that I want something more that monstrous maybe all that something that you should keep on because otherwise they have to say want knowledge the time has an update to these then all this and they can be a lot of things really easily and so on through
this it could be this is so that the edge
of the conquer and prior to show an
example of is and see this
is intolerable unfortunately and so In the intended
Toyota something which makes a party and
what you don't have enough to leave we all know what a good sense of the who have it was sort of thing you
uh how commonly used translation and is usually you know all you have to use the German so it was really really difficult for him to follow the speaking English now uh German maybe next a little bit but so so far even with google translated it was not uh an efficient material because material so this is just the redo problem solving German speakers here so how can we help all the I would you a there's only German available as language and we have had in the few days on currency flexed position translation flows and tools that can you approaches at the change and so now we are at the beginning it's it's may be translated to bits but not in good English state that's all and if we could start and make maybe so the to 40 % maybe then it's much easier to find a source also toolkit and usually as vendors a good the at start such water that usually much higher because they are the ones which can English and drama and so I think it was this close OK that's it thank you
again if the