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pymove3D Winner Announcement


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Title pymove3D Winner Announcement
Title of Series EuroPython 2014
Part Number 2
Number of Parts 120
Author Bauer, Reimar
Koppatz, Peter
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/20021
Publisher EuroPython
Release Date 2014
Language English
Production Place Berlin

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract pymove3D Winner Announcement
Keywords EuroPython Conference
EP 2014
EuroPython 2014
but at all and this year we have another country been known and it's it's a giant sucking just always and because it's a contest to different in Germany for a charming speaking some so society has most enjoyment but people explaining what it is and maybe it we get some more languages or countries doing so it's always my name is mobile and all things data sources projects and Moore's law of about memo of supplies and software for abundant and this new there's also some someone who has a marvelous idea to do with this that's who goes students are interested in Python speed cut and he says also assembled subalterns the little of money beta couple and I for developed large parts of of the content of from the course material and total some courses and I am very proud to see some boys and girls again who has this course is positive participated in this course so so maybe someone close to the so after some little bit explanations and here we have an interview with the sneaker client that's this is so remote just show him to you and the argument calculus insisted that I'd seen other sciences lands come was the new skills to Bettina von on all right all these and 96 to on the shelf polymers exhibit tennis and and find which is the a so that's that was in German so that's makes me think easier to have some on human media maybe visitors from all that and the next as made at midday there will be some training for us and this is by buying Thomas problem and he makes us the some sports happy here and also he is very good in translations and so and I I know you speak a lot of languages and he has had some possible data sets and makeup trust that not so much English lessons yet that's he had his translation so he gives phone all of short summary thank you very much I think you make some because 13 years old the understand and he a fan of jujitsu this is martial arts if you are interested in martial arts we will have the opportunity to have tomorrow and next 3 days some activation of your cognitive and your mental and physical health but no back to make up at asking he was also doing six-year tennis and she's going to liberty of an unschooled here in between and now now the question how do you get to programming and what was there and what is the next thing is simple and many of them in the communist and adjustment thought and professional level and units all and wasteful mind about might still make a lot of demand planning considers the installation of 1 out of sight here on this understanding built-in each Collum's led implement for them on this in the ideology of the seizure of muscles London OK did you understand this notably in the United was but let's mind factorize for and this unit of land use and we have have my about and legal but some amount strong undercut programming in the summation is the much 1 the old enough and so I don't actually see on he a associated was me over applying on and father of heart and another members in there you go the have escalated partners will and seizure of like a block emissions and finding distance components which designs the scientists a language so His father was a panel of for the mother who motivated him he's a professional programmer I heard about something like embedded systems are things like this because you mentioned rest reply I think we have to look for a best reply from because respirator type items very good combination the used to program with legal mindstorms the the orbiter to the before civilians but for remote control and a bit with JavaScript think and also told me besides with unity gain engine OK but how did you notice of this competition and this kind of writing and reading and it's a what found that the use of things to come of seeing that happens to come that association and part time I have anything exciting can on the command of actual speech students on 192 complex going in and putting them at a very low protein interactomes also domain of annotators assigned time said that use of visual instead in most of the consequent muscle it's so it was also about being at the time I think it was some months ago we could have met there I was at the item blown the was also and political but you already have heard him they had contact this um competition and you want to move something and he was very interested to get something done and he knows that the plan I think and as the question on the basis of the node Python code or long-term processes Canoga most physicists I wanted to be in the what it you program and widely used Python than than the others all of that and then that initial conditions for the slimline I I missed unification lied to them and then publish any game engine wikis and unity and have a salad and should begin to accused of it which is you should say lying object solutions to the notice that I'm going to attend in is off in any common on which the example 1 of the topics in the map the spindle underlying the game engine mounts conditionals will its own connected in by between the words or not and not spiking it underwent heart enlargement years classes and inference systems and have all here are list shows so imagine that you want to move something and b was used with Blender I think 2 . 6 9 but had to switch to put 2 . 7 old age is version because only this was running with Python program but he was very enthusiastic in getting some things move and I think the genetic voice of applause already now I think a OK the last question maybe something into technical background processes station must interval and on the it's going to forget some of the kids who installs was conceived for the most part we looked at how the future made can give an outlook as of resonance curve conditional thirsty call as often as the top and all this is quantified emission and somebody answered is evolution is given funny lines and wasn't than emotionally and what is measured as the I say something in there social form of I want to find a set in Dayton update most of such as songs of I don't have a lot of it and solve problems in on the known and it comes together and so on so as clutch all the young but it's you will see what you have done in his creative work what people of course the sound with more dynamic moving bicycles or falling drops you want to get more physics into this stuff I understand and he wants to make it the most realistic but asking how did you how long did you program and how did you had time to to solve this problem is the province challenge is always 3 weeks 3 the whole the list and who were were they haven't got because maybe you have you got the prize but I'm no thank you very much I think of you and 2 pieces of take a seat so and you also thank you yeah I know you have as well as some call much emphasis some such reports that can and maybe if you just want to more what what it is and maybe you have tried so you know the size and next year maybe it can have an international conference call for going constants but the idea is that we need some that form or some them and they want to use Python on the computer and and then it's they have separate that forms and it's not so easy to get the same version of Python on each platform easily but if you do this has been on death open and if things that then not as a very good so documentation also and tensor Python API so the countries is about to use now then but don't click on use any of these patterns to would make it with them in Python and some of them just by Lope support the movies and the symptoms for Jews have to submit and that was a surprise to them and also screencast and some of those things and so on so all officers submission to simple problem must make some movies was it all has found was done by Morocco was and the this is how all this wonderful grammar idea looks like and if you don't want to explain a little bit more and see also yeah there's a movie in at the cost of 2 and the last thing you and the 1st 1 is this not of has nothing to do with sort of blend and this contest where we have found our library all the papers here is that it is the origin and you know we have certain anniversary of user experience this you and you know the famous roads to be or not to be and that isn't true any more on this paper I couldn't can read it to use lot applies in all not to use pies and a sequential and this is a mixed in all contest and the 2nd 1 interesting news is that we have to put Tyson on every operating system and this is not true for all operating systems of by default and we have to to put that Troy and also on the operating system to get pies and to work this the default and so we decided to use Blender and if you I didn't already know in Blender is integrated applies decision use by single single tree point form and it's not visible in the 1st place you have to switch somebody knows and then you have an idea as you can see here as an example you have individual you don't need to install eclipse all such sound and you have to apply some kind those that you can use directly and in the end you can construct your own results that not only textual have a world so you can have the set of worlds print in 3 D and other nice stuff and this the goal is to have fun and to move in the end of all the objects but you can do really serious things in science and and and and all of and all of the use of station in in each window in all of the nest and then chemistry and also all at school that you can go on Tyson and combine them as a programming experience those other seems and at school all if you have a specific amount of those Europe and see you is the the eyes of drops from an eagle and can run this again I have fish uh not none none of what they is the state of the art was the new so and holds maybe you want to read more bits and used to build translates to a constant to English cost across material the tide is optimistic will make it in English and you want all of you have maybe you have time for us coincides to the and and make the translation or Doc To mentations plans to get all this material we have been tool Indonesian babies and data processing which something which is although we have this complicated because of the like many places has calls must be this and net was planned documentation is this Python API is very very good and marginal a lot of people working there and so what you get the offer a platform for and you will be used to learn the highs and directed on object-oriented programming because they're not everything is the visible object you can have looked at this is carried and just was this explanation of methods is really easy and you don't have to expand faster handover example you just make things flying and you just put was movies as it was and you have a very different way to present also do assignments have seen that have had method the dual in my talks and just to make you more will get more of the there is a planet veining today after lunch and if you like to be a trainer for i the the it's just the only thing you need is basics of plane if it takes this training maybe are able to give a cost like and so on to find you interesting people the doings or some students learning starting to on book in its is on the next slides from the past through the food made to see what you can get responses and also we have much longer to talk about this of course material and holding on to receive a full to start and last year we had wanted to bring them as follows a contest and they can meet and talk to them and suppose cessation with it this was just bonds of from the beginning and this is the sort of submission of become kind of test and also some of should UCI bicyclists fitting and then falling apart and so you want to know all to give the more the his prices so and this will be done by a problem of course touching that's right because come with me we have some prices for you to some place all of those with small known this is what you see here OK of 1st of all you get is that of a cage of winning the the contest and so if there are signatures from the members of the the Board of Pardons suffer from 1 and we give you a 2nd 1 which is a bit stronger for your own Hall of Fame of all your grade programs you right in the future of hidden in the past and this is a small book about Titan miss you can keep handy if you are on the road and if you want to look for some modules or something like that this is a bigger 1 and this is a book about Raspberry Pi and to programming was fighting yeah as we have a raspberry pi complete with additional hardware downstairs in the box is as so much you cannot carry on the stage they want to say something I I don't think you thank you the the acquired statement and I'm I'm seeing the next generation of continent has already on the outside and then in the room I don't look in the direction of told for example and I hope you enjoyed the stuff is the something thank you from again thank you for audio and 2 and we hope to have some more winners next year and of course will continue to tighten and Raspberry Pi thank you the
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