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How to become an Agile company - case study

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then 3rd and last speaker of this session is going to read much well is the CEO of STX next a software company from Poland Over the past 9 years much she has grown as takes next to the size of 100 Python developers these maintaining a team of Python super heroes in Pozna? and other cities in Poland and today he is going to tell us how he wants to take his company to the next level his talk is going to be about business development about agile and about team development is the super heroes and martyrs company have 1 superpower that in my opinion this is changing the rules of mathematics in the abstract of the talk itself there 2 plus 2 can be much more then for let's find out why well welcome hope to become an internet company might see 0
few thank thank you very much uh the quick-start because we have only 20 to 25 minutes so be talking quite fast so hopefully have some time for questions the so we have again then we have 7 points so we don't have to
go into details similar about me my history so I was quite undeveloped like most
of you for a couple of years when I started in 2004 and in fact I was blown develop honest I came to Python as a plan developed and them and tightening the based on that but quite fast I don't is that I'm also management so I get extra studies courses seeing total land management so the key the key cause was MBA in 2009 but later I not that we have to go into a giant way so I also took some certificates as a certificate some sky mustard and so certify fight this complement down and I'm still learning a lot to solve future is in front
of me so it was just my eyes quick story so you know why and from where I am and so there was spiked development for a couple of a couple of a couple of years and I think I still know something about the kite and how to program but today I don't program in a more that today I minutes and so and then the final agile and so I'm going to tell you a little bit and not about a joint processing the software development but how I'd be at stake snakes how widely grow it and how I want to do with the future and I want to do it in a giant way that's why we talk uh I'm talking about agile enterprises are accompanied by not not as software that will ultimately because these told in the business direct or a definition of giant the prices so that they had that this kind of component is 1st of all flexible and that is that is able to respond to rapid response to unaccepted challenges and today's what is a lot this so full of unexpected challenges even tho opportunities and as I combined have to respond to it quite fast uh is made of porous isn't processes that facilitate speedy and change uh than it's attracted lies with diffused authority and flatter organization structure uh is close trust it's based relationship with their customers and suppliers so this is what the definition about a
giant enterprises but then of course we have at our software development that is also crucial in the context of a giant component that we know about so most of you probably know of that so what this energized it's it's iterative incremental and evolutionary so component can be also like this is based on efficient face-to-face communication additional with full but the feedback loop answer adoption cycle so
it was definition uh this is
as a manifest form probably a lot of you is not all knowledge so that edge on my 1st the value of everything what is on the left so individual wasn't interactions working software Customer cooperation and responding to change and what we are trying to be mistakes we go it internally in that is to reduce crime combines combining so different so the implementation of a giant but we also tried to do with on company like and I will share with you some nice stories that
so that we we started long time ago mistake started long time ago in 2005 and we were almost died at time uh why because they have been on the 5 developers solver 1 there were no structure that also we can also say it was a flat structure and this is just uh 1 client very sort of feedback loop very efficient face-to-face communication a form of course 5 people sitting in 1 room in almost 1 that's all there was no problem in communication at all but it is determined to communicate but we also struggle with some problems so so we had no police no process processes no quality assurance and we have a lot of problems with with equal clarity most awful company has
passed 2008 the new investors came to our component gave us the opportunity to work for the very big projects for banks because banks in Poland uh we grew up to 10 people and to as a constant 3 years to grow from 5 to 10 uh the there was there were no structures so almost a giant but we are at the heart of 5 clients and we're able to take decisions very quickly the other challenges and problems code so we have no policies against no processes so no quality assurance but we also started face communication problems because 1 of the Nordic 10 people and everybody was doing everything so unfortunately without special specialization we we also all the current tool in some places to pure executable
execution and then I discovered through a giant on and although for about a diet and at some conferences courses and what I found in Agilent of the most important thing about John is so is that it is based on on a couple of things 1st of all that he has a view applying to inspect them about and this is how we can define very very simple way with over 1 1 picture and this is how I was trying to be the stakes next for many years in different
areas the 1st area the 1st problem was time tracking down how we how we implemented this a giant cycle adaptation so that 1st the problem was employees at the Newport toward our so we were not able to be it properly the decline there someone I introduce component to report what our index issues for reporting for reporting so we ended with tools to be clients on it but of course employs didn't follow that so we created a not an option for reporting working hours and we created the idea remind so it was some kind of adaptation cycle we find that people didn't report that was because they forget about it so we try to solve this with applications so it was better but some people still didn't follow the rules their so we create policy that we play on the full reported will columns and that's really what then have had so a value we also of flexible work hours so we said well you can walk in a flexible way but we will pay you on the 4 dollars reported the answers additionally we always have a policy that we pay over time over time works to ours uh but to be able to to say that you have been walking over time you have to report it is our to at the end of the month and say well I spent 10 hours more than expected so you would get extra the bonds for it and knowledge about the reports were dollars and noble comprise about it's just it's not the simplest exhaust couple of the air streams to tools to implement digital we had to find what is working well or what not for what is not working but reminders values for about to change people's behavior or to change something it takes time and you also always have to find a good motivator uh way that you have this 1 was quite a quite good today we have 100 20 employees and everybody is sort reporting colors but accurately each day so this is so this is quite nice and I didn't have to since this is a long time friend and about this complaining about it so in the past very complained a lot then
the next edge think away in their company is communication so we started you remember 2005 with 4 D and 5 fluid from from communication events of different agreements the solo but there was no new what's going on in the in the compound and by the people then clients denied that very agreed to something wonderful people complain so we introduce here and chat communication that this the improve something so it was trace solvent she starting log so if we agree agreed about some specifications of the with the client on the chart and then already made by you could always go back to it and so consumed after a couple of reasons but it was agreed but it was not enough to have been growing so it was difficult a tool to know what's going on and only implemented we used you saw existing ticket tracking system that time I think it was structure we had a lot about the allowable offered by the I was not there yet uh so we had the fastest of task drop by movement projects people teams so it was much better than the events chart but still when combined was growing were not able to take a good overview of projects so what is known as the recently couple years ago what we implemented this board and I bought so you can come by and what have been uh better projects and this is the this is visible on the TV screen in every room so we have a team in you receive later on the picture and we have on this DVD is we have team scrambled so all edge I boards but really also a team where they are what they are doing and I can study into and team and their emergency what's going on in the project and that everything is under control the problem is the problem was that when have also improved that we had that same from it's Campbell's forms all teams for each team so it was a bad logging progress to test and so that even tho only 2 production to the blogs and circles that the problem is that our team are unique so each state is different each team works for different client different projects and they also saw implemented different agile that process uh and so that was a problem because not all the teams sometimes ordering Scamboland and the other teams are doing can bound the other teams are doing something different so what we created in our act in Arlington are not because we corrected and hour around here I think it was new was implemented by made that we created customers labels can come board with the uh with columns so we have user stories with columns and each team can map data process very very agile processes on data streams so right now we we have the same told but each team is it can see something different and the different
different scale and also to August couple of years to came to the point where we are now that each team can customize day-to-day use cases scramble to all edge I bought to their needs to value the the process and the walk agreement but all of them have at the screen on TV screen all most of them in the eurozone very can visualize what evidence
it all the time what is in my opinion the most important for the part of edge i also slam on retrospective and retrospectives according to the PDI meeting held by the project team at the end of project for a process to discuss what was successful in what could be improved and how to incorporate 2 factors in preventing future so it's all about improvement continuous improvement some kind of kinds of the approach and to what I found out this I decided to implement a retrospective so on the company that this song
then we don't have a quarter company introspective so all of the leaders gather in 1 room and do weather retrospective uh on that compound 11 so we have every quantity representatives we talked about improvements the compound in the processes on different levels of communication never and examples on the improvements from the last couple of retrospective you can see here some our people on the team leaders in the present that is follow communicated to me found out in that respect is that the 1 who they would like to change in the combined this simplifying reporting clear time in doubt it was 1 thing is that of a think I mentioned before but they want the ping-pong table uh and they've got it set the answer that's a very light cramming all projects audience it was not like that in all the time today we have a job all the teams that if I want to that separate room for one-on-one meetings so that very went on to stress balls from very want more reliant on the static case but we want the cops with states superheroes also conceive keeping the capsule knowable I think downstairs so you see how nice because you have and this is the idea from our employees and they want but the scrambled we of course implemented that very we can customize both those also from inside the compound the
the other edge I think for another a feature of a drug compound that open communication the what I understand from the from company point of view that is open communication some open space is not open communication but what I believe that at to become very team that's the that's the dynamics and will be that in places that that team is governed in 1 place so so we our lower liberalization of organizations like this is that 1 team is in 1 of the most cases so that we are able to work toward locates the entirety in 1 room then really incredible things going on when people spend some time together 8 hours so that I can solve all the problems they can create some nice things about are very innovative very at each other and they also joke each other very challenged by other than motivate each other so this is what I understand by open communication uh and this is I think is most important and that applies to all our teams that we have of course the conference room that is available for all genes that and communicate outside of the team with with clients refer of vacant retrospective outside very room and what is what is the nice thing to and I find it so that the process as lot communication are alliances with call you colleagues and what we have and we always have mistakes this is our Vivekananda's that people lunch together in the lounge during our office over don't usually go outside the box of for this coming to our component-based spent 15 20 minutes to go over eating it into their variability very strong relationship and so this is a very unique thing that happens but that we have won a lot of people that means of course we have a lot things like group transcribed jargon and so
on uh while 1 1 y 1 was 1 can be more modeled it is because we believe in teams and we delegates the responsibility variability to a lot of responsibilities to team and team leaders are teams of self-organizing radical located and 1 room uh we have at least 1 other women a woman in protein and this is also I think quite you need about us what about I think we have also 1 team compiled on the from women so this is nice and we have always 1 and got person in the team and and debates the on agreement having this in place that we our land our team usually outermost much more efficient than tomorrow tolerance
site but we also use agile that he can't projects so scrambled incumbent both so we implemented some extra features so it's something like can lengths to scramble for and what you meant for example of this kind of scrambled as our marketing department and communication so we have different communication to Facebook LinkedIn and we manage this process and this approach so it's process more than a project just our government can about and then I can is this going to this this kind of bored and see what is the progress in our communication on you know other
things in the compound to that combine more than 115 people we are divided in and out into around 15 teams we have a look
at the locations in the cities in Poland the levels and have lots of levels opening could you off their which we also have an office in Austin Texas so by the way of the rebellion of finding because you're from Europe meet also there was still a small small silicon warning so small California and now we need a lot of innovative teams are located not in California about in Austin and it's much cheaper so that is why some no I
didn't know when I came there right this is what I meant that we have system 16 clients in most of them are United States and the United Kingdom also found that the amounts and of course we
have some clients is wanted to start a bouncing ball and what the hell is that there's going to be tomorrow I don't know about what I know is that we are going to follow all the time and that I processes so we the dining doing the inspecting and I think all the time we
see what's future what future we come and now if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them can the 1st question
please here on the other hand I I I I find it in the least time they had a OK so why was time tracking introduced as a manager practice that that tracking was this G. 17 point for us because we need to have it because it this is how would be our clients bodies of on time and much and what we need to as an edge i we improved our time talking processing inside combined and we improve sitting at way but this is not part of of crime or itself this is the business requirements and we found a way thanks to agile and so the retrospective and options how to make is less painful lesson as possible the was not part of job uh but without a good time talking you can on business very well because otherwise you don't know how to for example count velocity ballot this is something we can do some extra measurements with it but many menus of time talking is being invoicing clients you can always find me now I think flexible further downstairs I will be done for the next 1 or 2 hours unfortunately I have to today afternoon yeah and 1 more thing uh we have arising problems you know your right and part so you and invited to die for a clock that be another competition so just joined us analysis you what part of the nice things about
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Titel How to become an Agile company - case study
Serientitel EuroPython 2014
Teil 18
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Autor Dziergwa, Maciej
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DOI 10.5446/19996
Herausgeber EuroPython
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Berlin

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Abstract Maciej Dziergwa - How to become an Agile company - case study The STX Next story has the classic arc of “zero to hero.” During the last 9 years, STX Next has grown from a small business with a handful of developers, to one of the biggest Python companies in Europe, and a leading proponent of agile and scrum methodologies. We feel that now is the best moment to share our experiences in implementing effective, agile development processes in a company of nearly 100 developers. Maciej Dziergwa will be discussing how he’s grown his business, what challenges there are today in python development, and how he plans to take his company to the next level. Especially we want to spread our ideas of building de-localized teams/frequently changing teams/teams with young members that learn rapidly making synergy effect. Join us during our Business Day on 23th July 2014! Remember that 2+2 can be much more than 4...
Schlagwörter EuroPython Conference
EP 2014
EuroPython 2014

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