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Python in system testing

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FIL as well as in the design of the work attack and and
I work in the key development I'm not an answer for the about and I'm and K. person and I will talk how we test our ancestors and it's not about 2 and a half that all the audience is only about and might be so it's only about an effect and the president isation manager so this is announced in version of all so this service to rich and helps to the manager and the ization so and only which level we have is and measure that we had developed up and you'll have to develop the the obligations it passed on a new test it has only a functional of and it was already revealed so you have an IBM on In electricity maybe you have an just as you want this develops tool and by that we find the left and you want to test if everything is OK and so we want to test how it was on on this is on and in some cases and so on and so
the was if you given to us and what we don't and we
then allow here the occasion on the environment and rejected that only and as a collection of systemic as possible and so for example this is so the the diarization and that will be on what we you can only and then the punishers is not only in detention and we will use of official ice and we will not take a look only at culture it all from down as well as their personality was and not only we will do want to use of the and and and so when 1 does both negative and positive cases and about 2 will and national positive as I Update visit government of something is dealt with about this so much bigger government if you cannot do and in some cases and so what have no moons and it is in the is situation and 1st of all we touched environment actually would be a good environment and we do it on purpose and we want to test how the the system will behave if we break and interconnection and if you break that this and Kennedy cover and so that donors you have to maintain his environment and that's what else it takes and you have to set of this environment it takes time it takes it's not the fractional seconds it's minutes so sometimes it's half an hour and then you have to have the best it is right so usually and then you have to clean his environment because the specimen started at any moment you have to have this clean up quite well you don't want to based on everything starting from the banking system by the time OK so and of course we want out of the make we make good money on it and I imagine that you will have to the every week the same is so think click on it click on that and the other thing so where want to use Python and 1st of all it's easy and quite a lot of people in key developments I'm a software engineer people and then assignment grant in idea and quite often after all and coming developments and the only language they know what is best and you have to somehow follows the tool identical you don't want them to do you don't want to teach the of of success or anything like that and I think this is very can understand that and it's an known and natural language and you have like this for almost everything and and this popular so if you need people who really knows this language there's a book you want people and what I best and you want people who will inherit libraries and so on and for those people you want someone with having experienced and finding someone who knows don't it's not that
and so what what what is what some of the ones such as dust as it must go to the sources and you don't want to have your test on the same machine on which she also system will be at about because quite often you will want to for example the Buddhist and machine and tests and what will happen so you have to get emotional which you will understand the skull and you have to get this definition and your usually given that it was very likely gates and you need to know of assistance of and this is the series of society and then the halls of the dimension is of some kind of storage of and then you have to install epitope packages and I have to take them from somewhere so you have to specify from which it was I want to take and then you have to all come together and to the end the doesn't want to change its competition and then there's what specific for the past this and said that and because for example when using light a user and that test if you can at the time machine on the and the you have to to do everything which is required for this step and model then you have to put down this at best and then he needs to be voted out and those are 2 quite often is not obligated to try and protect itself and because this to all and it took the past and set up and gender test and they may be found at the moment and it made me feel environment in the cases state and you want to clean up and many of those who have to collect lots and you can all well but if you don't understand when you have them film Jenke news overnight and so on and so when you come to what in the morning you have to the results of this execution and but you cannot assume that you will have access to all these machines well you understand you have to copy and lock which may be important and it you have to copy it and you have to learn and clean sources of developers you want an entity properties as you keep it clean out tests is some kind of an test management system so you have to also tag execution of protest and see that it has on a visit this site on the city's face because of something out of a k so and
how we do it and we will also told we found 2 whenever we can so for example uh we use a Jenkins we we use the as the problem is that as do we don't have we didn't find any and think which will help us as follows of the opening of managing this is sources and fall and they're using them to all the steps then checking in which state may have and this is the uh to another 1 and so we have our library come to the and this is library for learning and so all OK and so what this library candles and 1st of all we use official at the ice age we use all of them so for example in our case you have the right and as a gage of is the case and that c l i and we and is API and you don't want to have the same tests as well as the API you want them at once and to do the librarian and that is why the tools and sort of the API what does that mean you don't of the young and the test collect the use the this collecting and victimology by ourselves and we use so everything to which you have analysis like bagging and you can use here and that when you take a look only at the skull to 1 test is just the and usually it's not that long because everything and I want to this fast and it is only when we go back here it's only list the untested this set of implicit field all the sometimes even without and set up and didn't when it's common for all and a lot of tests the ones you OK
we have a lot of help as we have encompassed flow and the open paren because sometimes to of people when you want to and something quickly this that of the conjugate of all these we have tools for managing can mold flies they don't and things like that if you don't want to use a tool on I and minus F of anything at all sounds like a mistake with very little big something irradiated led and of course come close to the which we use in our tests and you don't want story on an empty tables and at the end and the diversity of people at the time you want to simulate as that network connection some we have just opposite and the same for disco simulations same for optimal simulation and was a fitting modeling does have and and and in tests usually means love and you want to know and the something the In other to just want to wait for and so on and didn't to the eyes and that's it at federal executed almost enough sometimes it's not easy enough OK so yeah and this was the 1st library which we use for the the past so when
we go back yeah so we have those parts the film set of environment tool in order to do that and but still you have to install but that packages is not a result of the good of the that and call it looks this is also and so on so you get admission that and there's the Phoenician we use Jenkins changes and can do it for you we use subject blocks we also always be OK of follows that case sources and eventful cleaning them with go to this point later and but still we have this Florence is of the people that I could use about to install and configure so we have
something which we call the Japan and this is actually watches the what to say on by education and and so we have something called jobs for every stage of the state so this is installation of this is that in this test and this is for example for object because sometimes you want to test what would happen what where are your system and doing up there and and use of such jobs devices clean so for example if you have a job for installation and in defiance that cannot be in this movie of this packages again and it has like is for that and it's also because sometimes you need to all of this space but just for installation sometimes they needed within the past and sometimes you needed also here so how and what we do with follow thing is also so that we have the goal of this is because and and we actually have 2 types of resources and some of them you can just click on demand and tools from like at the end of the and efficiency of ice conditions some of them you just have a pool nothing constant you can go and advisable them and of course when but momentum holes that not all of them manage missing and so you know there's has to specify that it leads to halls 1 of them which this subset of another 1 with another OK and then of course when you have resources which you can create on demand and that 1 very tend local images is 7 you don't try to clean up and not when you have something to you cannot create on demand right but not the whole and you want to chime in which states that have it and you take the up if you can do and you just install everything and the rest when we use from you just might this a host of built environment and people 2 so if we cannot fix we will we will not spend time on because I them OK so old the division with external tools like much darker if you know that there's a marketing which is followed by an obsessed sometimes you don't want to have understand because for example because of this fact environment maybe in such a way that you cannot do anything it may be so welcome that doesn't make sense to me now but carry on version of the system and so on and the all my main thinkers do now as such libraries such as those because as as you have seen we have use a lot of effort tools written by ourselves and the advantage of we were in the sense that we also you'll see what was public in about book as part of event was still didn't have anything and forgetting his sources as elements we also wields Visayan tools and as I I don't believe that node tools fire because if that happens twice the so totally independent companies and it's not as the common problem so if you can if you know anything which can have I will be very thankful for all and suggestions but they don't thank you to train so we've got plenty of time for questions is anyone and got a question like to us hands can happen like that time do you know of any solutions from is you have experimental server and you
maybe need to push apart in the way well any anything that wouldn't require rule what like taking up disk or something and knowledge again we don't do things like that on the basis the thank you any more questions on the back the right
I think we can so have to believe you ask a question and Katrina you question 1 of most you in have all the nodes have handles has as if they have we or you can have seen reduced series hold has this OK so the question is given by this brackets which enables and to introduce this flow and to give you an integration which Jenkinson violence or I don't know about anything like that if I knew all I would use and the i the again something that if you know something this shape I hope 1 day and so we will open subset and because it's not sure that the thing which is to be happens open source and some of our tools is not open source and I hope it will be episodes of that 1 think politics and I think it's called state now as I would ever not show skulls publicly at least 5 any more questions I'm doing this and the stuff remotely using particle to them executes stuff on the remote b and so on and so forth what do you like Jenkins runs unit testing unit of some users you framework and the hybridization to some or all of the coordinates so it's like an aging is event as follows on which you can call this culture and then when you want to and something on the theme of mission because 1 of the things I want us to very and users at least dimensions and the you do it by society and the this is faithful this is for example and so on by omega is not very good but it's not it's also very easy to use and you didn't know unfortunately views family we just to have a 1 atmosphere so as like as as you like that of is this a favor to 1 2 3 and all of this calls and so with for such conditions this comment that and you just get a outputs and even anything else any other questions from the audience and 1 thing I was going to say was that I know that we have where I'm working we set up we've got characters certified to to run tables and heading down again after the test is finished and then if you I was gonna ask you you to open source any that's how it is that you missed on your slide there is no and the other thing is that we've recently open-source something to allow you to set of network namespaces in Linux and we're running IP tables in namespaces which might be useful to you that school nomenclature OK etc. include again in the questions OK will thank you again Katrina and so if is
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Titel Python in system testing
Serientitel EuroPython 2014
Teil 110
Anzahl der Teile 120
Autor Jachim, Katarzyna
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/19993
Herausgeber EuroPython
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Berlin

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Katarzyna Jachim - Python in system testing When you think about Python+testing, you usually think about testing your code - unittests, mostly. But it is not the only case! When you have a big system, you need to test it on much higher level - if only to check if all the components are wired in the right way. You may do it manually, but it is tedious and time-consuming - so you want to automate it. And here comes Python - the language of choice in many QA departments. ----- When you think about Python+testing, you usually think about testing your code - unittests, mostly. But it is not the only case! When you have a big system, you need to test it on much higher level - if only to check if all the components are wired in the right way. You may do it manually, but it is tedious and time-consuming - so you want to automate it. And here comes Python - the language of choice in many QA departments. I will tell about differences between unittesting and system testing which result in totally different requirements on test management/running systems. I will tell how we use Python (and a little why) to automate our work. Finally, I will tell a little about my "idee fixe" - a framework for system testing written in Python.
Schlagwörter EuroPython Conference
EP 2014
EuroPython 2014

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