EuroPython 2014: July 23, 2014 - Lightning Talks


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EuroPython 2014: July 23, 2014 - Lightning Talks
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Lightning Talks: Henning: PostgreSQL and Python, Aengus Walton: Facebewk, Schlomo Schapiro: YAML Reader - Modularized Configuration made easy, Tomer Chachamu: Seeking in compressed files for fun and profit, Josef Heinen: Mplay - A Python MIDI Player with an OpenGL based GUI, Zbigniew Siciarz: Python3 - Only Django Project - The Benefits, Martin: HowTo / ACAB Wall, Isaac Bernat: Pycrastinate - To do less, do more, Alex Willmer: Chirp or What the beep is R2D2 saying?, Radoslaw Jankiewicz: Coding Python for fun - Poker, Simon Cross: PyConza - PYCON South Africa, Sebastian Kreft: Git Lint - Improving source code one step at a time, Gautier Hayoun: Strace to the rescue, PeterK: Blender / pymove3D, Tomasz Paczkowski: Django events, Python Fest, Ola Sendecka, Ola Sitarska: Django Girls, Maciek Gryka:, Mike Müller, Fabio Pliger: Future
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EuroPython 2014
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so the 1st speaker today is heading about post-disco Python after him Angus Walters and year-round perfect you the 2nd 1 from having radius R so that is the way way that microtubules that so hello my name is something and I just like to do a brief appetizing preposterous because I like to little blue elephants as you can see and so on yeah that's the MIT match made in heaven pospisil so we all know to look very databases right so we used psychology or let's go me or other tools but of course was gross also speak quite so this is also and if you don't know procedures yet you should check it out because it's awesome to write that stuff on the positive so that was part of this is just a simple example here so that we can have any Python code as a whole body of statistical functions um we can import any implied module so here's the random module and
we just specify the occupied language here and yes we can calls this function just like a normal physical function so you plan just another language so we can also about the young script and prosperous or you could just go to some other languages and but of course who wants to do right now is that if you have a point and from the other sickle scriptures contains but and you can use any Python modules so you can use a full point on the possible um so it's just some real world examples so and all database of of course of a really cool idea I which a sequel so why not exploited to get for example of monitoring data our metrics so for example all all of a service so long have some utility functions deployed uh which use pining for example to get some connections just listing so connections and as you will use equal for any there monitoring anyway you can just call this function of the look like we
just define a function and gets the connections and then use some kind called of course it's much longer but just showing you we can do anything you're just reading the proper system and returning the result and that's why I feel pipe also has this you and its name because it's untrusted so you can do anything is possible is use
but this requested by user privileges to rule of function but anybody composite function so you can do nasty stuff but also very useful stuff from
another example we had and so prosperous has a very cool datatype Jason so that you don't actually need money would be or something like that uh you can just the store everything relational and if you really need like schema-less which is never really schema you can do it them in the states color and if you really want to validate something and then have a little bit more so strictness and for example in our case but then we have a trigger and validate this adjacent fuel to comply with our own type system which is pretty elaborate and there leaving out everything here but using all patterns expressiveness to validate and using lists and and whatever yeah and and the when a
school bus was a school so you might
get infinite sum of packets to
everybody standing there if you're not finding received the next room over the restraining everything that's to you to to very few you can find as you might be more comfortable FIL molar you right that's the new just seconds ago the European X so are the next August Angus Walton called phase you can think about the world but it must have be the same as this which should the change and the whole thing but this so you just go for it the phone duration once the very your so hi I'm Angus come from islands and living in Stuttgart work a back and web developers and like uh almost a tumor Feldman yesterday well citizenship cannot just mention also I made a little to Indian as a replacement if
you wanna check it's much more easily
requires no set up you can just sign up and current object your people and we have a couple of thousand people seem to find it useful already so you might as well so what was it talking about a the speed so we all know what Facebook is that I don't have
to explain that and in a little while ago there was little um encounter consternation in the Python community when they dropped support for the Python client for the Graph API and
and so I started looking into it and a friend of all the graphical itself is actually rather nice and you don't really need a client sources speaks to the to use as cited I was just using essentially requests and playing around with this but I decided to the play a little further and make a tiny little clients but will see how it works in a 2nd so on the accomplished well 150 lines of code and it's designed to be friendly to the developer and help on kind of navigate and interact with the Facebook graphs and also trying to keep pace you bureaucrats to minimum
so let's see how this goes on you import workflow this
is be interesting consistent and actually live programming and also accessing remote services so this is definitely going to be around but anyway so let's say you get a node and the Facebook graph so that's going to be me so you see
here the name is Angus Walters and so on that is at the moment it just looks like a normal Jason response it's like a dictionary but if you actually check the the type it's actually Facebook node but that means that the face because gone through and oppressively uh turned all of the other nodes into Facebook nodes so we can see that if we look at for example my home town which is double I can use it as normal normal dictionary there to suppress addiction dictionary but I can check the check Institute of and makes another get request and automatically updates and now we have a lot of an awful lot more information about this man so that's storage and cash they you can also have some yes so mean profiles are nodes and pages are are nodes that you know even posts and comments and notes so I can essentially post a comment to well status updates when and I need to specify the privacy and I can show you a little it's simply a little dictionary just saying I just wanna show to myself and and also sign that to start host and status
updates and if we check my Facebook profile
there we go there it is and so
we can also do stuff like that and you see I posted 2 me in that so far and do something like this kingdom opposed to start the and of system to like and so the typical Facebook come this this is that should
be it's so the comment and it's also stored in the commons
and quality updated you can also do cool stuff like you can simply like the columns it it's it's
a good comment it and and you can see what I'd like to see if you can and and so
on so I mean it's essentially it's just not really nice way of kind of exploring the graph and also interacting with his and there's some other
stuff so let's see what else can
I do yeah exactly and 1 last thing if I tried to like mine
and turn that also the face node it'll errors because stop that have created in Facebook to
use API which is killed map marks of revert my hero and there the most
prominent those conditions so we have noticeable exceptions so as this
is the next laughter more will be Toma such a move was the very and some ways gonna talk about that young reader this is the it the solution 1 only and by the way if you run limits and are fed up with messing with the resolutions voted tool called portal the test data a harsh and was like that on your side OK yeah only it's about model configuration made
easy and I'm working on that and we're in Scotland here below what 1 common problem
we face we solve
software and that brings a configuration file that looks like this it's a something called and some information notice that this in general often not I don't the problem if I want to change that basically the only way to do that as patching in the whole world catching was kind of ugly and not it's difficult to check and verify and so on and I said my previous talk on the public because it solves problem we don't have and the reason we don't have it is what I'm showing you here so how do we solve this problem
while we change the software will be offered to the change so we want to capture all right or whatever that changes configuration to be modularized what you're instead of a single configuration file that have a directory with a lot of configuration files images and the first one usually something like the full normal 0 0 default will have a sort of living off of it looks like the previous 1 which has the default configuration and that comes obviously from some upstream software package now we we just had and other
configuration file that comes in later and contains only the things we want have changed comes from all packages can no patching necessary because we have a different file which can be owned by the from optimum package the way how this works is really simple he wrote a little
thing called general reader which is a Python library which will take a directional or a collection of normal files and merge them into a single Yamal file or and the way how does the merging is probably exactly the same whole model would expect it to happen this how to
use the 1st simple instead of writing the usual employed young all and safe load open whatever you just import young from the young real libraries and you do young load on the number in barouches that's all that's the only change you need to do to your configuration to yourself there wouldn't think of duration there are several ways how to use and you can still get a
single file and you save all the all this stuff because that's really the interesting the cumulative directories you can give a while cult whatever startled poem starboard jumbled but you can just give it a list of files you can also give it an initial set of configuration like a kind of building configurations and I would advise you all to stop modularizing your configuration because it makes your life much simpler the
if you want to look at other things we draw check out the several
suppose you happens all open-source deployment and orchestration solution that includes a configuration management that works for optimum packages and a lot of other open source stuff can be found on get account just the obvious pitch just for hiring and if you are interested in automation all like to make the wall wrong you more simple than puis approaches talk to us we have a lot of interesting things to do and of the use of time
run so you would be next and just for positive too much of something is that if there is a greater makes is that picture or is that could be simulation something it's claimed the it this is story of
the but you according to it's from to the
what I have a mike unfortunately and
terminates guilty about
seeking compressed files for fun and profit say and I we've got a lot of log
files an so many that I
couldn't get like number and we need to compress images sometimes like inside so say Jesus and it compresses it comprises only 1 gets a to look at something that happened at 11
PM Mexico these the entire day in 1 5
and and have to go through the whole file which takes and
very impatient says solution is an excited the
Intel executives split the 5 inches different blocks and then if you want to read
a small part of the file you can just get to roughly the area and find information looking for
so that the this case study presentation it also he also comprise of a battle it's this letter and the problem is there wasn't any library the lady and she's this functionality is just part of the file format and Python 3 has the library for except those which is called that many say I modified add the functionality and call that housing demand for so this is how you get and once even so there is just like using a normal Python file you can call Region C and you can also write files with it so in this example and it's getting to the end of the file and any takes a
half a 2nd and then you can read from you can also open files
for writing and then if you call the flash method you can that blocks Ravi like said say have a loving demon and you want to put it and a you block every minute and you can do that so as to find what about profit unfortunately according to a
State City and actually profited very now there is no library can we use it and
profit so they and Harrison and the other
libraries that read this file format for Python and a rival standard is a easier 5 which means that by price students can optimize came it so I'm going to and the can be part and distribution when they're
targeting 3 . 3 compatibility and is the if
you think it's gonna be useful even than that and if you find any lawful rights then you can totem and get thanks the next 1
after Joseph will be you should begin have those the church I have I have a terrible dilemma have I'm not could the directly the user look I'm going to
tell you something about a Media Player I written in Python and maybe that's kind of good stuff that I did it in my private time and may not be related it's
not related to my work so I don't know whether it's useful for you or not but I just was interested in it would be possible to write such of software and pull Python and the result is a bicycle which is less than 14 hundred lines of code and it's so capable of reading Stoneleigh files and send them to me devices and while it's giving them a lot of visual feedback about the
file information and what it's doing what it's doing it has no model dependencies so it's very easy to install the only dependencies by OpenGeo which is used for the graphical user of the display it's so With the wife at my maybe you never heard about this but it's that it's really you can really
you know what what you see it so that's not really would see later when I demonstrated that has been tested on state so forget about the have been a hobby musician of a lot of years ago and I use this software on the I must thus compute fall over 10 years
and it's low rank there world is our resource friendly so it cannot be used so for example Toledo your office in Finland which we yesterday and so as I said that has no in weighted feature part of it's in the works because everyone submits response in real time and to the in the order of milliseconds and that's what the world is a job for a price and from uh by the way it's provides writing nice-looking the
mix interface was transport folds and a lot of other options you can change during the play of the playing time of the Committee for it also support keyboard shortcuts which is of from the user just when I was organization because if your data is don't to to to use a mouse function and this and that shows where a lot of information runs on on all popular systems and the trick is that it uses textual relating to guarantee the highest refresh rates and responsiveness so at this
point I can't show you a picture how
it looks like but I think it's not time to show them all the OK hopefully will could here
maybe you can't tell you enough he just know that the media file and that's against the is the use of adjusting the not you can change the volume as to like you go on to switch off the single channel and you have a lot of control over what is
sent to the media lies in this case I send it to the
internal DOS and
normally you connect an external device so you can see that you can use the keyboard shortcut for example just to years the and so that they continued to cause there's no other connection you going to change the speed of light and you can smell it on the constraints so the key you can change everything online and it all works in Python so it's not like any other branch only going you know the best only doing it with you just only and these are all where a single job cuts which you can use there's only 1 and so if you are we biology what play you can use it on state and so this was just the terms of to see whether it was capable of of doing things we think
much of the laws of modern grows with you forever except OK can you introduce yourself that would be really nice yeah OK so my name is Nicky here yeah
I'm and I will be talking this would be a self talk about free only code-based especially in
the case of diagonal would benefits the parts of using a complete and
this and we know that they can find on the internet are mostly that's each other on my home that I work for a golden line this is the biggest the business social network in Poland and we have lot lots of
legacy code was applied on the guest account that's not talk about it we are early adopters who we are cool kids and we use the new broad we build new projects with my company went forward the line 127 etc.
etc. and was this and the things that talking maybe of useful something but still it feels
good to finally be able to use them after years of watching with envy from into trenches 1st of all we
begin our source files with this common in by do the
default encoding asking in by the default is UTF-8 the next thing you were probably have your file sprinkled with those featuring Boston division bring functions the inverse unique us this is all unnecessary so the idea super and silver is very useful in general very rude very much used in Django because when you're form
smallest does based you super is everywhere but you have to type the name of the class you that that that self when remained the class you need to remember to remain at also in super calls you and but great works with just different another language teacher and by
from frequent free upwards is you from which is also and there were other examples of you from about the look for a son and most agenda which 1 and you could do it I don't tools but it's still not the
and other variables song and discovery fault it's a
very small library which usually you should use only these 2 lines of code and if you process sex false now you have a trace back and not just segmentation fault and the you don't need to know we tool
have locked in your requirements TEXT FILE just use the standard library replace it some of those in the cold because some of
you can have a single I always knew big thing in but word but helps you haven't played with it yet but there is a nice them all by the American was seeing who put together and a research project with the Django with forward workers with circuits and Massingale's and
those 1 final bonus feature with Python free it's hard to it's
use my seat within ISO
appearing on your if we can move in the because of what produced yes we see something if it's not rational OK so high this margin and I'm going to use the surface of everything is going where the pressure to find such that you can
see what I'm talking about so my name is
Martin something like perhaps no me from because typically operate that for this but we're not really for this and with that they kept you are public drum it's called glycolysis be they are beautiful
it's a project at stake is the community has done in the past and we meet you again on the your questions if you go downstairs you might have seen that the to the wall anything that looks something like
this and in fact it's not just there to look beautiful it's also for you here to play and what's and you today is to just show you very very quick what this thing is
about and how you can use it because it would really be ashamed just standing and nobody's using so it into the technical details before we get into Python and that's that's really what part elite deal with us at the center effect of 1 interesting humanist that is the 1 that we're using the 1 that we use is blue but except that it's basically the same and they're connected and the best we can like the 6 but before you convenience we make that make the flight 48 for you so you
see that a lot of technical stuff going inside spotted important stuff for you is that we have and a Python
library that you can use when included in this course we have a library that is called a couple a cell in which you can download from the top of our repository is
new entities really up street life and that it's in the branch you have basically what you do you check out
the library and then you're faced with a lot of fights the 1st thing that you want to do if you want to develop your own money relations is to start simulation which will just give you here like this plank of window then just get into your animation territory and play for example uh 1 animations corkscrew if you favor thank you script story I just change that's all we can use it on a real world my favorite so you can see you have been script that shows what you animation actually looks like when you've done developing your own animations you can also play effect on the wall downstairs it's really easy you just have to prove that provides with some parameters that
you can find negative basically you provide to IP address and what we want to play to so just let's get quickly
inside the coach for example we're gonna open them up and it's not highest file that you see we're providing like 1 anything that you can use to get started really really fast that central point is report and basically and then you have you want command a compressed and sent a capacitor update we've sent its space you just provide a coordinated X and why RGB value you what we're doing he was used to phage time because the center actually quite intelligent Dickens fate obsessed with a specific kind of if you just say OK just go there would fall in fading 2nd you're and a number of the toward said if 1 would just use the when you hear from a compass and number of faults and you will be fine to go so you just for that for every using coordinate you want to change and send an update and once you have updated it just this principle so that's just really quick introduction and I guess everyone from you can work with that coach is there any questions you can come downstairs and see me my from some of my colleagues downstairs here where you can true just like what want and make some craters animations and we also have like for example people already developed with the wall they created some games like for example snakes that could be played with the cell phone you can do almost whatever you want and if you wrote some codes and a simple request and we can integrate it directly on the wall so we use the fault runs into the elites
rumor of of summer perfect excellent the source of I security is the relaxed he's got about forcing that you want to do more to less
but so they it wouldn't you so this is a
summary of process presented that by considering a government at all but unfortunately there was no recording equipment so now I'm going to reduce it into a length of form so cuttings this you go and check the other's light and original documentation if you all my discoverable and it also grabbing around here just and will talk about the toll on some real use cases where you can use it and because I don't know if I will be able to talk everything in 5 minutes I was somebody and their conclusions which are the most important 1st of all with this goal what you can do is you got started around you recall this graduates those peaks in his hands and all the things you want to get rid off and it actually
makes it easier for you for example getting report sending automatic e-mails on similar information with why would you like to use it 1st of all it's convenient you don't have to change and the way come here recordings it what is legacy goal in other what is 500 most better Louis anything you would go secondly uh you need then you would set out users Klondike abrigo or get it from being and then the other dependencies items so
or price and the are here you and we have Python your independent computer and other than that it's really easy to extend their lots of models available but you can just implement your own and finally it's I would say . 5 period this is done because it is a very big and repeatable president most of us know and it took less than 2 and a half seconds to the analysis going through 250 thousand by commands and I found more than 60 was in the codebase what surprised it's because this is a very reputable and very is called there were more than 20 of them that they were 5 years old but
you don't have to believe me a connection was that here you just
run it with a gun duration 5 and yet here you get a simple report this is the default report and the control so there are more fancy a and I will see do you see that the results are generated by the token died to the law there was nothing new for and here I aggregated them by their author name but you can make them by data by finding ways by any other parameter you want and you can see these are some of the tokens that were gathered and this the order that it's called just let's go and talk about
the dual the dual residues of my brain but means that in some function that generates a model and this is taken by the next function and I divided the in and several different sets you need to use the you have more of them so 1st of all you need to go files this means that you will the detect and decide which ones again for example this could be as easy as selecting a few file extensions in a little uh secondly you want inspect science in our case we would like to see all government then you can expect more major later for example the data and that it was produced and maybe you want to fit the sum of it for example if 1 of my developers of migration and even want about him with blocks and setting and a you have some broken goal based this here are
the 2 directions you could send these devices always for example it's something very seriously the present session and regular continous integration so somebody immediately if it isn't then you can aggregate the results is a tool dollar to be with 100 reports where the file yeah at these implementation because most most of the things are lazy evaluation of after all process results in an these still there clinical duration vital say you have all the functions and the and number which is the priority and will In with which they will be executed I use this format instead of simple because you got that different dictionaries and together there's only 1 and here there is some of the examples of the information and parameters at the you need to feed them all there are a lot of that default and they are not included here just 3 use cases 1 of them could be taken to all you want to take control of is so basically would find a and yeah so you want to you
know you have example wanted to the other ones that various and if something is very broken and production maybe a is going to make a good a quick hack and just put it there but it's there for a long time to them when you call this event and so this would be a whole does the function do remove barriers this case is ones and yet here you have a couple of more use cases this
is only about the only called you need that gold and I'm going to be very fast when you go and sort them and you have a 7 that's like austenite discovered similar reports would look carries you but akin to which a and
rather some you will be next eligible is now yeah interest should
be scary not just get out right so OK hi my name's and it's called
told here to talk about an act cold chair which is
why I of saying sending and sharing data using sound the way it works is
you 2 random people that of men of men and and when it is taking a photo and you'd like to share it with the you you don't have e-mail addresses don't have any common secrets but if you were running this act which by the way is not my hat it's
just something to Userbytes then you can place but yeah it's if the other devices listening that will decode that show up into a URL and then you can download whatever it is you want to share and share your sounds photos bits text also things now that's the problem with this yeah she got iPhone or
Android your your soul anything else is a bit of a problem at the moment it is it is a proprietary application it is partially documented but not totally and so what I mean I have to do is reverse engineer bits of it so that you can share with pi the the way you do that in to make an HTTP
request to the church built by service and it's a very simple thing you send it number of Jason and you get along back the long code that uses the false is the complete which is a textual representation of the complete set and the short code is the actual data that's the payload and that's what makes the URL that the person sharing and download once you actually got this long because if you want to play then there is the a the very experiments show that the chirp module that you can download and get help I basically initialize gains and then send and any device that works fine gain and can run python connection as for any of the amateur radio lost audio engineers in the audience the whites here works is there are 32 no that can be played each of those encodes the in you play 10 notes and you got 50 bits of resolution and these part of it is not implemented yet he's Reed-Solomon encoding and which is the heavy error correction works and and if anybody is good with finite field arithmetic all Reed-Solomon encoding please talk to me because I would love your input and if you want to read more about the technicalities there's Chuckles ion is the home page for the application faults last Tech is the documentation that might provide and if you want to download the Python code then
it is at the gates time Moriarty slash should apply if you want to contact me I and Moriarty on Twitter as and finally if you would like to just show from
your browser there the
1 2nd can't to 1 can track you there after
we get so if you like to have from
your browser there's a bookmarklet you can drive into and if you go to any website you can
then sure that website from your muscles and 1 1
word of warning you do damage don't leave it running in the background it will be a randomly even if the phone is on silent thank you 7 across except laughter that run what
about me and my name is mother can give
each and I I work for
an but by the company from border states next and so does basically everything you should know about me then today I would like to
prevents you away now we
are trying to avoid to with our colleagues to fall into routines with everyday tasks and so on yeah so we we we're we're organizing it or internet company the heart of the events were we can to stop that we that that this refined for us and we can use technologies that we are not likely to use In our everywhere and so we we already made sort is simple adjusted to get some mobile objects can can can count the number of steps to take basic on the measurements from the mobile accelerometer and but today I would like to tell you more about the recent uh with all recent event would we were playing poker it
will actually we were playing Our algorithm algorithm where playing poker uh we prefer to uh dealer replication and and and by replication and inter-dealer reputation is is asking that the prior obligations and the decision is made by the algorithm each buyer can can uh go
there are a few words about about the dilapidation is just the by obligations that you can find the source of basically the the ability to of the candidate caps it atrocities Python 3 3 and the 1 thing that was quite difficult was that talker tend to the evaluation of the in and I I found a 1 on on couple done by Minister Ali on unhinging the he was he was actually there he he he based on on on the another algorithm that that you can find in the matter it that was uh original written in C but I I really recommend to take a look at it it is quite a brilliant idea of how to how to evaluate it at poker hand had the propagation is just as small as the server written in pure python with that whiskey there was a user
from standard library and you also can can get source from the from get up there that's how how that again looks like
I can you and you have no idea of yes there's so
here's the here's the table that the 1st the 1st game by pressing space gee I can ask each other and other prior move diary with numbers really has a strong Kotzebue would be obtained the stuff I think that the well he's got a 4 aces and so is actually yeah so felt that guy was nothing what's best for the then again and so on
but basically that that that that that differ we having fun playing link and challenging Colorado algorithm and by the way
there is another another of events organized by 1 of our also with my colleague from the company he's uh he's preparing to Europe by some bottle which is uh a game called brought to when you when you're algorithm can also take take bottom it and in this competition there and check out there that you're Python bottled up Gomorrah go to adopt the stand also states next blog the the best can this
year it's the the in thank you the yes but I'm assignment
and I'm here to try and convince you to come to play concert Africa and I'm a little bit nervous and by confidence at a high standard that here goes so why should you can but things we invented want to which is learning a new grandfather can use much everyone knows but and easy with all the on the Net summated SSH to and because we had already written 1 cloud services we decided to do another 1 so we also want oracles and that is absolutely nothing to do with our and so not only are we didn't clouds and but we also have multi in right place where you can see it and we're building the world's largest radio telescope i which carry looks like that and there are a lot more dishes developed and was validated in Python was actually even some of the high-throughput data processing band Python and with that some cool stuff to read data straight from are using DMA straight number unchecked that the concept of a school and we also do some this big things and we put in public to departments released and we camp but the back of this intervention works during spent on we also semi-professionals Internet publication of 5 canvas are we recently 8 adjustments right play games is if I so that you're going to be fast so we take part inquiry and into the habits and practices we take part more often on the other hand some of our games but is strictly but is not found and and many of these games not run under pi if I suggest that applied if you're right have applied in tried and density if if i 6 the things that you find so attendance to and with friendly and state and was built especially looking for a few
big-name speakers if anyone's interested in coming out our way and media something of but even if you're not a big name speaker and we're just like to hear from people far away and the sponsored sites open and it's
really cheap because our currency is not much from but so this is where you find them it just goes straight south and if you run out of continent you probably going to follow as the
the details on the sites that a department at all it's the 2nd and 3rd of October and is this year and you can follow us I'm on twitter @ @ I consider and not just a quick thank you to all of people who really sponsored as what would you be go to
my young a year excellent now I another and of the 2 working the and you know know the we that how to a right and you have to ask questions way of the numbers that I got from who want to participate and brings up was confusing between yesterday and today so once more I can everybody who is playing two-tenths springs or the bottom stand up for 1 2nd 0 yeah and you guys down there can you make noise or something I was 1 guy right OK that it's good to me thank you out just to inform you of you can still come if you make it remained later it's just you kind of schedule how much food will have if they are all substantially more people than we have in this example for would you just have to wait a little longer we gonna be refurbished the about the but might be a little edgy so just just coming through wanting to invest just like with not having stand up here they get a ready like the human everything you want so obviously you run tomorrow I would suggest to try again tomorrow I can produce a list of all of that right OK I think anyway just that has the sky began to talk about are you there was my intention some walking in the as the competing
38 you're ready yeah right so
and then gets a and I would get priority in London and a
couple of months a great man to latest event that's the way do
it is you haven't release of great but I get in there and another
1 and get the this 1 that and this
I can I can just on yes I the history but the idea is that
you can we can run program we assess tracing between it's really sure audiences codes that is executing sequence in the financial your programs opening or closing all that wouldn't network activity ordered since reading from files right into 5 so it's very convenient because when he she which is it produces a lot of about see that a lot of finding up when usually and rate of network activity and if you want to find out what went wrong in you program the idea is a process placing you start at the end of the and you go backwards until you find you will have and once it gets you have then you can actually I think carefully as was going on so you can find what the actually he she is and when you find it you know that it's becoming because it will it will actually tell you something very specific was to you which finds something and if it's something like not a normal life it's a file it shouldn't be opened you will understand that at that was the she and therefore you can just the fix that he she and and get back to where basically the so yes so as raise you should use it because it's fairly kitschy and understand what goes wrong in your program In the field it the 1 in the interesting so can 1 after atomic particles see right excellent through the next but I so we can 2 days ago was that call has helped the tutorial about many and there was a huge interest in this program and also remains of some questions 1 questions I will answer controlled the it is difficult to use of men there and those places like BIO already makes whole users used to the idea I rising and OK and under other party and he makes use of for it and you know you're Moses the difficulties of the same happens sort of the splendor and I will give you a short inside so that I like that so often so often the windows all students and
by accident and this happens when you cumbersome also always is triangulation and there's no closing up like a number of analysts and this if you know it's really easy to go to the same point in the tree on go and direct that the point of
tool use this window that you want to close so and you
get rid of this when the this is not possible if you were trying to the when on the right side of the they have to be the same but you have to have the same size 1 and another the future is to switch from list of and also you can have many windows and this program to however this
control and and you can go
back to LDA so the Knollwood do you have to control this the most
Ontario is place to get to the right using a
blend in the final authority for all the project to teach children to loan sizes and so on I will show you some examples In the end of sisters some In the example the all
generating molecule on your when has assisted me you with this knowledge as so and you can run a script so the very small was this on all all-round scripts and divide view you
can watch you you will object I have prepared you know 5 of the objects that do this is water molecules let's try at the end of all of parts of the United number talk to analysis run again this takes some seconds and there has to be an arm and you can watch your object and this is an example for long teach us a lot of false chemistry and you like to to work on creates more such examples and you can join us at the sprint on he said that all things that all right so that's that's the
best way to sort of screen atomic theory this you at that you will have to be computed from the when I started 90 surpassing Griffin and presenting at 2 for improving the source code was of
an analyst with a quick demo
so let's say you have a an existing codebase and you want to study for senior a street do like a new coding standard and so on by light modifying and fixing all the preseason codes that if both real
and he doesn't make much sense so he said that I presented to to to make these changes incrementally so let's say I have like the small Khambiev and modified this e-mail module in the standard library and your slide
and you like Michael so typically developers right and they paid for by the whatever is done a unifying so let's see well I mean since about these what they're like a handy way of like these messages and like this situation doesn't improve when you when you run that page you have 180 messages so if if you modify and all of that was
to it probably in the schools are an affine a probably going chat about the pre-existing error so let's see have not change looks like so I only modify 1 line we got really really is like a spacing in and finding that they're worrying that amount of code it's mutually impossible let's see what the tools this so here like we really can't see recently 4 is the output of binding and 2nd the output of that is that both complaining about it yet so the the like space and also we have the output for legatine he needs to do something that we can loosely losslessly compressed is 5 for led to 30 per cent within the solid phase a this problem the to OK so I have
to PG and also if the price of land and so that's legitimate to commit solid running becoming hooks means there the the fire but I don't think so as that's right initially is 1 of all of this of the that's OK and for the 2nd I promised you complaining because you the tools you can lay stream divided by for Boston and you can commit it if you would like to see the preconditions and let's go back to so these will like
running there's reports they're only under modify last and modified as it gets the result so when really slow that you run it again and get the negatives of right away reordering the results of a land and also like normalized in a set of different tools making and in a uniform way is quite accessible because we don't think of who and it's recently in the way we did in the rituals and comes with support for Python you it's fear runway just the analysis as a CSS debate the rest of this and general you need and if you want to use it all it is not really being know what to make you and if you're using the a if you want to body it to be really easy it's just that molecule a exposing some common ancestor underlying data that is
be so this was a tonic right there and then all another the the and here today to represent us small group of friends so worried and you might know us as
a team behind Django on Europe 2004 also known as Jankis at
this it was a conference held in
serious stand on a horse race from it had different
fields we had how much pictures and very relaxed atmosphere it felt almost like a music
festival and we like we like we like it we we very much then something's later and make
entrapment it was an also even robots quadcopters and everyday objects connected to the Internet people have done suddenly part
of a team organized gender goes and you will hear about this later this even those who had was full of of good feelings and relaxed atmosphere although it was very easy recently we had an idea a
very nice idea moving around in our minds and concurrently let's have conference that's even more about people even more about you let's go to a place where people really stand out as you remove exceeding cars noises advertisements as to remote place natural and beautiful place and know such a place I grew up there
here's the deal it will be smaller much more intimate event focus and getting to know each other and sharing knowledge will have campfire story stories hiking and collecting will have relaxed atmosphere much more focused on whole fire from all of this will happen in summer of 2015 In this study in Poland and some this is the most beautiful part of Europe although I might be I might be biased so think about it as a week and they get away in the mountains with your favorite type of people if that sounds interesting go to this website and subscribe to a newsletter or follow us on Twitter so I and has a summer camp provided people I hope to see them but what after all and all of
them will be much recast as you start to get ready this is the view of the fact that you could get high there you probably don't see us that there were 2 shots at a we're all and all of and we found that we are ponders all the time versus and we did our 1st Workshop on Monday and want to share our experiences and so what we have learned basal what standards
and to the very thing plays a one-day workshops for women until then about technologies that
programming in writing general and maybe even come of professional programmers who want to see more women here at the right and so this vector that indicates lots of our free time and OK so as so this takes out we you have more than 300 obligations of from 33 countries and so we see that
there is a the demand of this kind of the events and where really really this process to reject a lot of them but we basically planned for 19 of women but to me group to 45 overnight animals very often people are somewhat debated they spent 11 hours on Monday and a very intense program most of them right the 1st firefighter and 9 and the money and by the end of the day they like their application to we really really proud and actually quite surprisingly mention that because effective that the tutorial and the other 2 match for just so you we have a so tutorial we started so we've looking at the internet and tends to the 4 existing tutorial
but we couldn't find the
perfect fit for us so of course we decided let's write our own tutorial so we dates on it is on tutorial adult standard-bearers . org and it's OpenThesaurus is gates so you can be week except for requested book pull requests and of course we are still pushing and try to fix the we discovered on Mondays and so we have a lot of stuff over there there are installation of Python Django Opel's breast and we use them the dwell on file we go through python gender models that means use or or or or you were all sort contemplates forums HTML CSS select a lot of stuff and we have quite cool set up so we start we've yeah by 3 . 4 jungle 1 . seeks out and stress out we had some troubles we thought that the most problematic to will be Windows spot you good is much worse than killing them as we have support for you to say that on Monday 35 new human programmers don't Frank and community and all this
little of involve help from each of them people they're thinking of our approach is to spend their free time before during and after the the launch of making of that and the
other great levels also think the bond is a
function of the sum of the energies and the meaning of right and was very generous and very helpful if organizing everything so perfectly can have case so here we are today and 18 2 weeks and there is an extended verse chapter
in can you Australia thanks to an amazing Eleanor Williams and then there will be gender various Argentina and the bottom we don't want to stop here and and so when we were choosing patentees for the water wash X we wanted to add find people who are and what not not all you want but don't want to not only educate themselves but who are also motivated of
leaders woman who will go back to their hometowns and do something good for the community so this wonderful that next year we will have many many many more
general there's something the basis out and can help us make happen so because the coach 700 volunteers also proofreader support the England had spread the word has spread the change and 0
outside of the messages of as line and that's the thing we're running out of
time for the remainder of the lecture talks and then add 1 more thing going to pull 1 up on because it's about your Python and even tho I told them I would not I I would give them the last slot Mike Miller and Fabio are year-round Michael CU Fabio X and the forward of yesterday we managed to get through everything I think even before time so today we have a few that we can get to everybody who wants to get the chance to slip into the 1st spots tomorrow before we open up come to me and that I can transfer it to the next lowest alright so much better so it's like the como Indians but I can't hope to topple and all of uh and I want to so the show you an income but it was his something and working on
uh and so this is just a as they might have had a the very embarrassing states that the opposition but so this year of grace community so it's like you don't have a critical development uh
and so and try to things might be easier it that's UCL in London and so that was in computer vision and so after developing something processing algorithms that and to be perceptually nice and have a problem and soon to imagine it's just as much of a 2nd it's unlikely a serious researcher trying to uh contributes to the good of humanity and by creating real important state of the arts for the filter to make capsule these more
attractive so you have this new amazing irony uh but how do you figure
out what is it good you counts exceed quantified really because all perception and so what you have to do is when user study and if you're like ordinary theUS researcher you around gently encourage sure see on the roster the you're test subjects uh it takes a few of them are the more they think and you published or maybe you write a job that so if you really guides PHP before application running under Windows XP lots of others and make it online at a bus I really want to make it easy to do the right
thing and and the right thing in the world be to for the researcher to but will figure out what they want to find out what is a bit difficult parts and but then once they have this just upload the data and run the studies so that the reports and it would publish and so on but if it's agenda obvious integrated Mechanical Turk you can already ask people to think and to papers are submitted using the system that was on there so was going to a figured also with processing and from Bayes and stop them and for with the assessed so heart can be to make use of applications and when this happens like 300 4 views on page thousands of options sense uh I can use it but I think I'm probably only 1 so yeah I just wanted to share with you hopefully you tell me after what would you think about it if you are a person that's rocks this year's experience or know somebody who would like to help out is that and that is the land was part significant but still reduce what you think about it so is a reasonably afterwards or
the fragment they let's let talk
of will and promotes exactly 530 unseen in 7 100 hours 7 PM the dinner will start from as far as I know the organizers selected have a little bit of room in the bowling to be a better everything think they want you out here and can anybody contradict me or confirming OK that means that I'm confirmed by absent yeah actress's as is so don't and I know that there for 30 years so if you want us out then we better go out that's this try to this from something 1 on water which you what right the theory of the image so that this is your present 2014 but people and all the key Boston me about your present 2015 and this is a special event was about and that they have to go back a bit of history and just when it is very convincing version of what happened in the past so far that
might be necessary to understand but it from about here so last year before and so that our proposal the German group but and group applied for your present themselves 14 and 15 and was accepted last year Florence that's a so far and then a few things happened in between the 2 what about the tapes 0 in December at 2000 13 TPS to this uh your present 2015 thing away from from the following people for some reason soon and then they announced in generating your present studies here uh you called for all your present 15 and also the burbling people there invited him to apply for the conference and the reason the expenses and just as the main reason actually are we don't have much time to go into the details here that will be a session tomorrow between 4 and 5 for 3 talks and discussions about this topic at the room
be over 9 2 is interested please come there and the main reason actually is a different approach in how to organize circumference it's a kind of been the main picture about it and as a set the black into abysmal the right place do they go into more detail that's why the sessions for tomorrow and now I I would like him to over 2 but the Fabio the chairman of the replies in society and will say something more about this call I just mentioned so I'm we are running a call for a suspicion for 2000 he seen as sort of microarrays certainly
highly encourage the Burlington applying and help us where they they they organized this conference and it's really it's running really well the many details will be given tomorrow things just didn't work out as expected from and transition point of view and use this as from a nearby from society point of view this is was this was a newsletter destined for us and this new organization board is quite young and this made us I really understand that the conference is very very big at and it's really hard to actually maintaining the same kind of conference the same kind of services
and and everything and in a state is that the community itself can keep moving the conference so I've seen many social events being organized around by local organizers and there's there's much efforts to actually improve the community and if you are interested in getting part of that our region is that it's the conference should change in the conference as as a the all environments and the community should be more the active to come to get but trying and we really need your help in your house In view of the events plot we would like to introduce a new concept of open or groups so the yes we would like to changes in the concept of the USSR and organization and just 1 more we would like to be as flat as possible and to have a all everybody from the community working inside open seems that 1 1 will not change every 2 years and for that we really need your help if you think that is and how it can work it cannot work that just can't help was for you being a bad job more interested in the job you should come and and we are best suited to make things happen the way you like that because the community is all all about you and and not about there there as residues itself thank you right and if that get out of here and


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