Graph Databases, a little connected tour

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Graph Databases, a little connected tour
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Francisco Fernández Castaño - Graph Databases, a little connected tour There are many kinds of NoSQL databases like, document databases, key-value, column databases and graph databases. In some scenarios is more convenient to store our data as a graph, because we want to extract and study information relative to these connections. In this scenario, graph databases are the ideal, they are designed and implemented to deal with connected information in a efficient way. ----- There are many kinds of NoSQL databases like, document databases, key-value, column databases and graph databases. In some scenarios is more convenient to store our data as a graph, because we want to extract and study information relative to these connections. In this scenario, graph databases are the ideal, they are designed and implemented to deal with connected information in a efficient way. In this talk I'll explain why NoSQL is necessary in some contexts as an alternative to traditional relational databases. How graph databases allow developers model their domains in a natural way without translating these domain models to an relational model with some artificial data like foreign keys and why is more efficient a graph database than a relational one or even a document database in a high connected environment. Then I'll explain specific characteristics of Neo4J as well as how to use Cypher the neo4j query language through python.
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next talk is bolt graph total bases please welcome France's school from and discussed on your
hymenium is what is the problem there's a role model the
penis baby I work process of when you're in legal terms I have 4 on their C C + classes of group theory Monday them also formula for the
general aren't there and when talk about whether the basis what is selected to so the thermal
by the beginning and there's a
lot of people talking about the lowest you load the data why there are less allowed overseas don't escape but this can only that the is whether the bases are based on graph theory on graph theory it is believed to all the peak a
interviews doomed this guy and probably do you will know
it's inferring that his so where he was some of them at from the 13th century on his the the guilty of the graph theory he developed a lot of money But because staff also there would be a theory from the you have lot of time to think along with something to themselves unused used blue pressing going spread is in that i from those was mean here's conservative OK
goes down on his warehouse serum regions and that they call through the town visiting each part of the town RankCosine it's it's great only once does somebody know that the answer was the
answer is no but this is that the interesting part of all of these this question with this problem he started to develop in their
their theory I don't think it due to his work and we have this this kind of algorithms used rather than this is unknown everything only he ended up defining the of graphs in these parts it's a becomes
a form of learning practices that under the very of a set of vertices and edges that connect that that after reading the a it's on carrier
but we used to to deal with graphs every day you my mom is used to totally we perhaps there we have an example here we
have found a up from their mother
had done on the road we have in 1 place we have followed this day that our our nodes on the connection between the this this not data releases the floor the
itself or graph so problem was of do have gone to get the William and you probably have run some graph reasoning to find help to come here to what extent a blast poem in this place how can to talks and the blast properties of the the best the shortest path but you have found the solution OK but what the
center that the somebody knows what you said were that there is Canadian so look at this as a very simple concept is
just by that of is that the use of graph assuming that the structure today I will talk about for they and therefore the implements property rights but what is everybody around here we have found the definition of a property right in the uniform of so a providea nodes emotional relationship this relationship going on on both of them who have properties and what their properties do not the of the value booking a cycle due to the lotto cult
new for a and therefore decided that the it is written in Java horrors so by the time that they provide some basic components Freud exceed transactions are the various sides of a language that is a declarative language to weighted that it's open
source and is the most you know that not within
yourself why I was like a about rather devices and I usually what with more the probably possible as my skill and everything is a pig was aligned 11 and the quality but I think that probably the common research through they care about these these technologies are meaning that at the price of a
wave the when in with that trace away when I working well with relies on a lot of lattices you when dealing with highly connected data this approach is a bit the artificially because there are
less aware that oversees a when designed to to the with connected data so probably we have some some problems because we have to deal with some of the information we have to deal with foreign keys if we are working with our many to many relationship we even have to create a new table to hold the summit information we have to take care that this informazioni is consistent so I think that we are mixing or data with from metadata in in their lives in the case of if we are working with the printout that is if we have the same problem you we we want to the world with connected data and this scenario is even worse I think we could have to run we have to run the so hard to process all 1 get some information and we don't we cannot get the inside in real time I would probably face to farmers can lead to problems in a highly
connected domains so probably we would have some promise of of performance so guys linear for all
1st run experiment they wanted to compare their performance and between my SQL and therefore the in highly connected to a modem so they run this experiment they don't they more than other mainly associated more with with future that follows in between them and the thing that they have started in millions of users from out the relationship between them and they compared they wanted to know give me that friend friend of my friend is a friend of my friend of a friend and get out there
that of 5 it and here's the table we can see that there is 1 of the 1st letter that they started similar but when we will be that that I'm sorry far away from my
excuse and takes a lot of long time to to finish the way where this happens probably
will design our relational learning in that they will have already use table and then a many to many relationship that this is the relationship between you
1st in table so it's then that we are looking for the presence of 1 is so we have to look in this table is an index you got and it has complexity of love of that because we are looking for I mean there's was when
we're working with our the delays they're designed to give their neighborhood for free they're starting in a state that we get the because the order of
complexity what had been when we we will be depend in relational
environment we had this complexity because the variance in that so we have we have to look in thought they would we have to I have 5 in that you got so it is abide by
the name of the depth of or look up why when we're working with rather than a see as we in that with this
complexity because we only have 2 dozen 1st rats uh about the other reason tool to think about using the other that users could be that we can thus far domain knowledge in a natural way when I Fister brought only for the rest of the river update their sum up then they finally ended up with this kind throw is and I have
some entities they are related to each other and the relationship has some semantic so all this is the person going on you around and here we are using a lot of the ways we can translate this 2 of them are history directly you will have to take care about the normalizing might be more than 1 but allowed
this this kind of thing that we have to do when we're working with with relational databases where probably using our that there is for the a string the commands in better than the solution must follow the listeners could be rational OK what are they and they use cases for for the
devices OK for example
we have a system that works this 1 use case someone follows this demo of to there for example
then we have all these cases like for example this have problems I want to move from point a to B and so this is out does the governing we that is solved
using graph for detecting from from of system local management to build
recommendation systems in real time understand a lot of all these cases OK
there is no those that talking
about and affording them into these safer and safer is declarative language that is as Curie and that's all which in some way with the late our room what
time we are representing to ASCII cul-de-sac growing you receive later there is a slight will before but them OK and therefore they give us this this
slides the lectures delivered the eyes there on the top of the this is then we have we access to all the API University API we have to write using some and language to express to this API so we can use that new thing you we want to OK
what is the simplest simplest thing that we can represent safer this thing on Arnold related to another
1 and related to being on the WCO farther went from below we have this overrepresentation that efficiently with the forward the 1st to concede book and then we're gonna represent all other things for example here and then in that and accept on mainstream we have 1 no that these are accepted and we have green but these are the other ones and we have our relationship with some semantic we're relating the 2 entities using our then we have our
example of process and the
work we have some users enough or they were gonna label or notes because probably we want to but they were raised and our own notes so here I'm saying OK I have some users and their related they follow the tellers then I
can also at properties to my to my notes at the dawn of relationships yeah I'm representing that Eric Clapton has some properties in that case and then on name that is Eric Clapton and also the resistance the us on a property that is that they'd when he started to blame in that band yeah I'm trying to represent a double bond musician that
plane bounds on their spines and that these these voluntarily on what is the simplest thing that I can point you to to siphon
this thing I must conclude therefore that give me all the nodes that are related with these relationships with our associated that is labeled with so you'll all their nose at that related with this relationship and it 3 times all the nodes I can
form for other things here I'm
asking to be uniform OK so give me all the nodes that are related with playing and also in the other side of related with the labels so basically you will return me all the nodes that are there have on system
playing around and this dialog is not on every time some properties will be but we can look for something some
particular notes here I am asking good the the commander index I note that the half property name without value chapter so we will have the starting point we have been dealt with on the value that represent that a eclectic but I
want to know all the bonds in that black don't played on this dialog is about this is better than all of this is quite an unmarried done some properties of these these notes in that case I get there the name of an eclectic the name of the band on the style of this month for games then they can look for more for more but that CIA here and seemed to for OK they're find tunnels with any
Clapton again understand a all the bonds that have this title blues by looking for 2 notes in that case I'm asking you know for the dialog looking fora Donald with this property name kept on also these which it this property blues I look for the balance that have this property so this this is in the relationship with return order by
a by some by by the so again there will so that have some optionally the relationship here and we have we have all 4 of them all that we all saw the devil we know that associates between issues here about the peak of misses and come from the usual so sold the bonds so yeah we are looking for all the ones that get or produced we filtering by some data as you can see it in its own point similar to last year also
we can move we're going to have the option of and that he had sent for the OK look me for all the nodes that are related with this property as the maximum depth of fight so he will look for me when I hear he will be given in a a 1 a 2 a 3
therefore they fight all the bus if they they are possible until 5 he would be willing to give me all of them all the notes OK the they're here we have a
lot more develop examples is a distressing problem and we will is going from I'm at the station in my so I looked for the states and and they want the world to deal OK so I look for these 2 notes I have for the entire that's fine for me these
2 nodes and their I find all the big used all the possible that there exist between the 2 was stations OK so probably I have 1 2 3 or 4 of em that context and so with the data and then I did this I have used I of all their weights between between all the states and that is composed the bad and I get this from this path it is not is that for as implemented all this kind of photograph and it provides a list of the past and the start of a spiral of this kind of graph algorithms are implemented in fully we was this done example a disciple
therefore they here are some that to to quality to a notion of everything there there are some OK so where
we need to extend this restrict the I so we gonna spend no for the using extensive monitor our monitor so we can write some algorithm using their day that touches the they gave for example when we gonna suppose the assessment unemployment in order to be
what this is some example right then industrially there there is
for almost every language aside poses we have thus the if you want to use using by some other domain 2 by 2 male the these are some of you for generalizing on I'll still Michael conclusion I want to quote my instead of
just begin correlational analysis problem believe because in her continuous is that trend seeing we have to think about the data in West we can have to do with this is data quality we have to
Polyglot Persistence has 2 3 or 5 . assists in our systems to fulfill this this data is you would do that if you want to know more about this debate arecommon do these 3 books
must you understand this very well by a margin for enough for the maximum number of the devices and also you want to the trade there with his
filing entitlement FMDV that is no for the accessories and there are some the balance in to try find OK questions as what so this
is all going into the community because of all that but from what I've seen my impression is that they basically stole recall it's not overlap and the label the edges with the relations of soul in SQL when I want to create a new recalled that to put to the table for each had defined the type right so define all the attributes in advance and define how they should look like and I am my required to to do it here so that they actually have to define the type of data which I can store in the knowledge can I just do anything with statements unwarranted in but you want to learn all pre-defined schema and from this reminds me that of the difference between dynamic and static type languages it also so what what happens if I write a statement in in set for that actually doesn't make sense I would ask for for relations between what was created to know what's in common there with the relation and then I will create other 2 notes that would have that would carry different types of data that was collected with the simulation I could die could create many statement that probably wouldn't make any sense what happens then signal OK so it's about to do a thorough whatever you want OK so so basically the issues involved the problem is souls during the run time but I promise that probably will return something if you're wearing something that's the same extensional something that you you didn't stop before but it turned out not tactics OK I like that is other than the advantages that this brings to us like dynamic this that languages that have some advantages of this country's the something that the other entities gullible during the more I well to avoid the rule the problem the title you so for example if tomorrow I want to warn you make example of musicians I want to us the engineers that the engineer with the articles of these bonds and my point is with the wartime economy evolved without touching anything this is more directly this like in my security philosophy yeah but there's some a scenario where this advantage actually conferral would be interesting and thank you for I'm in the example that you had where your searching for 2 kinds of relationships that was artist and producer or musicians
producers and get a but was
in that query can the results contain the type of connection so here you are just going there are variables nothing for my cellobiohydrolase sensitive and so you can get the thank you and then sorry this is a silly
question your the idea of objects and their relations and then you have a database for this stuff is that tools that can sort of interest that better than just not UML but somehow the relationships the less you have within your database a coherent European complete so once you have a database for the data and if there something that can help with sort of a summary of the relationships that stored within the database and this is the farm web interface that represented graphically look at the start of the run and the other side but this part of the funding from the analytic tools like being for use I think that the this way these really system of observed data think of the talk it said that the relationships that you get for free there are no indexes there's just on the slide I wanted to ask how it is implemented that our data is greater than 1968 so they're actually something
from knowing system for comparison or it is a linear search just when they're looking for properties in the background and therefore they use the same so when you're looking in that case for learning the optimal values in the same so probably this would be a handicap of this kind of that databases because of
just the want index OK thank you are there any more questions things along with