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Scaling with Ansible


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Title Scaling with Ansible
Title of Series EuroPython 2014
Part Number 23
Number of Parts 120
Author Marani, Federico
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/19969
Publisher EuroPython
Release Date 2014
Language English
Production Place Berlin

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract Federico Marani - Scaling with Ansible Ansible is a powerful DevOps swiss-army knife tool, very easy to configure and with many extensions built-in. This talk will quickly introduce the basics of Ansible, then some real-life experience tips on how to use this tool, from setting up dev VMs to multi-server setups. ----- Infrastructure/Scaling is a topic really close to me, I'd like to have the chance to talk about how we set this up in the company I work for. Our infrastructure is around 10-15 servers, provisioned on different cloud providers, so a good size infrastructure. Presentation is going to be divided in 3 parts, first part is going to be focused on comparing sysadmin and devops, then there will be an introduction to the basic concepts of Ansible. I want to spend most on the last part, which is going to give some tips based on our experience with it. Many ideas will come from this presentation which i gave at DJUGL in London, with a longer session I will have more chances to delve into more detail, especially on how we use it, from vagrant boxes setup to AWS and DigitalOcean boxes, network configuration, software configurations, etc... I want to offer as many real-life tips as possible, without going too much offtopic as far as Ansible is concerned
Keywords EuroPython Conference
EP 2014
EuroPython 2014

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no was also this fitted equal mom talking about an
answer and that the few so the little model uh my name is a true community and I'm going to quote possible possibilities that is available school we've been using it for a while we use it full around and constructed with slide which 1 wins who I think and then we kind of went through all like some experiments and that we and after world running infrastructure tools and twice the script and then we can like water on that idea and that we can extended it to like many other things like successful deployment and there's lot of light comes a set of and like I've been try some of the tools like those tools and the as we saw last compromise because is quite simple and then like is us forcing the weight the way I like it that OK so just
to give for a given the of a bit of introduction uh i.e. Amoco there so including vital for for a long time and and being always some local social causes the like uh Newman the company work and I could always like many languages some in to this itself so scholars this some piece being the past and and also like there was like that can do this on this side of things because it's when I see you when you know both sides you you can't called you can deploy and Comp USA so all of a sudden interesting in comes something 1st and then and then moving moving towards envelopes and hour for a company contracted as a starting we are based in London and in development of engineering there before directly work with this other companies and some off you might requires some names OK so so what is what is the thing about like well like you know always you really like to look at civil war like what is the real problem
behind it from behind it is is the books and then the problem I galaxies system administration and you can't do that what's if you don't if you know this is something you can always you can you sensible of like as resistant to that helps you will uh to do in all this seems to Samuel Villegas the need to know something in order to that like it just kind of simplifies and some of the things and black certainly doesn't tell you all to coherence in exodus so although this is entirely articles or you know any other tools that you might you use in your stock so let me I mean basically industry there is loss of the complexity of system installation as you really need to not all of these systems work and then you can use sensible to simplify uh you want for the um so what is that an that sees light any it like that 1 simple costs and the use having infrastructure schools so was saying you start to be you had like this figure is close to signing like going this way and then do this all this model of things like nobody like you would going into elected systematic on the servants some of 7 adults into stated was working and that some of these people I leave the company and models like for the about the size like best deal was struck off like all these changes so like watching something less entangle especially welcome adults and you know became a big thing uh basically you know every every change you do on this system is is going through this course of of coding and then there the coding is a 1st step and then these deployments of infrastructural changes like you busy rural them
all tone was there were many was like you know whatever number of services Ed what DevOps is about is of alternation as well because in the when is so we like to without when things are automated like this this list lasted forever this just bring nice you don't have to think about this things anymore it's a sort of this commission plays and people leave companies uh so that's the point like you won't notice the scale companies won't keep in all its is in the company and anybody can read according to anybody can understand how the system works um so the point I I feel strongly
about it and the soul of the levels 1 of their we slight there borrowers tool many additional parameters and so mean I of coding the thing done a lot of it and about I don't
sort the connection between like doing develops and doing recording uh so single should should not quite premier students at the school like no of is really kind of will be based for example and the pocket that's like you know in part the language that yeah I I think that this in Olog was looking for a tool that can made is this is this distinction of the class and the the 1st 1 that came to us but as simple as
rehearsal through the quick tour
started a and it builds on top of flight tools that we all should like Plato and say it's an unified files the 1st is was written in Python the assistants who aspire to incorrect become repetition in other languages like differently from other systems is based on deal flight portion of these to the service to the the 7 be adding to pulling up love is and this is very but the is like you have to use your message on your when your machine or Mannesmann machine and there implicitly connects to every to 207 and pushes the petition they want 1 of this operation may that may be lactose tolerant package is so maybe cultural practices in whatever you chose to run yes this crucial process uh no I say about this is this required this require you to look at these delays and on that on the set rows of this quiet this required to have a central repository of population files and yeah I something different different ways is based on the idea of playbooks so you can use abilities in in in a simple way black and what about playbooks that and playbooks are busy analysis of tasks and so there is like the section is going to describe and this summer could invent file and so those are the 2 basic finds need to set then look you can use as for many things uh I generally like tend to
distinguishing it should be groups 1 is configuration management and if you want to Canada's sensible focal deployments like this class like a separate same as that confusion management like just like the traditional way to use these
tools and so when I say configuration management I mean like is fooling himself like so software on the server and considering like the software and make sure that all the most started and making sure on the Net of interfaces are up making sure what if I were also set in this this sort of title gracious following physically like the traditional way to use this and OK so this is this a playbook this is
like how you the basic files for 7 for using possible a survival intersections like all section perception and the and sorry the most important part you use the passed section and in this in this paper about 3 task uh if always name and it's well that with an action action this in this case is a P T template and service so it is 5 series of what what this 5 dollars specificity up and units of their own on notion of for on many machines uh so the very 1st thing you would do these missions the I news that it social so to do that you basically well I'm a stay at the line is like the 1 that you specify the Packers name and you specify the states you want the practice better and 1 s we around this new section what would use this in the SEC offensive exercise installed it is on school and through the latest version and I want when I think will cause any change in in summer and has focused all always start if with his alternate so there will be a gradient OK so 2nd section the are like something you probably do for most of the software used you have to use your your your own configuration for because Princeton actually you need to stop like the other 5 to consulate websites so you need you need to applaud this and template is basically a copying but with some preprocessing down to the templating and estimate is using genes uh this is the Lagrangian uh the same with 1 use that was flask symbol and what the template action stakes the is ginger finely and you select few to the template engine with a bunch of articles that were available in possible and you can specify those variables being played and that the output of the system contemplated finds copies of the server so that the station plus it as yeah that's the and you use the service option and service option was if an interface to win a script and in this case is just evolved like making sure genetics is running so this sort of thing we're calling manuscripts war started so that if it's funny what we'll do think of yeah so there this section important section article and uh so that the basic area around and this is this you fly like you your and this and that you can execute those on the ground like at the end of the of preposterous and you can execute them on the if there's been a change like cannot associated to the in this case the template action so you the company action cause a change in their In the target server you basically to just notified we thank connected to their interests and so in this case if the computer changed from the server you want to read the start genetics so notified the trigger and and that and this would be executed is a like this basically the there are actually executes all of the 1 unnotified has been called the so the last thing here is the most section structurally especially you need them in and you and this is like the the the group of cells to multiply this displayed to so is important
that's how will actually works there's not a lot of tools for and this really comes to become and they need to be honest like you really makes like from my perspective when when when you set up like machines when use of observers like you you will do things in order so like it's quite convenient for me to you know to reuse the same order when i when whenever defined as task it's
really the kind of a nice way to think about problems like the steps so like really see this thing as its citizens sympathy grooming so it's not like you know they are quite important and that's how you define dependencies between between task that the other thing is
the task of importance and meaning that's like you can secure the played this many times as you want and then we will try to exponents next slide so we'll try to call like override the configuration file the too controversial financial analysts and size feature and that's really the like you wants we want change the system will try to change the system if the system is already in the state you want you want that to be early already can describe them as the best the their commands 5 related solutions the so there better executed only there's been a change in the system to be the case reloading the OK so
the last type of file the need to support you thing meant to refine satellite must supply them then played and this is the list of the list of the domains over or IP addresses you can group them by the also and should make sense to like more we normally do we use like list the web service in 1 section is devoted to the service of the section and then went into the service for critical topoisomerase there like 1 thing you can do with the mentally files and that we follow really helpful user can define like variables that eventually as for example like for a web service you want to declare that the given environment use production or staging or whatever the bottom and you have and you may want to the class of database names in case running a multiple versions of the same the same website on 1 machine and you can do the same thing life for database so service the yeah that's 52 Results basically OK so same and they important things they are like also groups like really
can trying to understand and almost all groups work uh I mean suddenly quite easy but there are some little things that neutral and this critical roles in a civil and we found it's like really helpful especially because this is the the finds like a common convention like to include files with senior playbook and so if you have like a long list of of tasking each 1 server you may want to submit this basket into multiple files on the same the same idea idea prominence is you this the split you'll find multiple and that's that's why they got should use them and always factors that actually say the side effects of meaning that if you don't need to templates there are 5 images is we can just use copy visited this this less chances tool 3 have changed in this book and the change all really want to trigger the OK so this a user of defining tools activity that
Korea snippets of production could use the so you can basically exceeding the operation civil on the server or on a more like logical level but it was the what packages there are like you know many practices of many configuration files and to apply analysis try to see that light from our kind of idea grounds so like the business tall about practices and that because human genetics and then call the loss of their licenses usage and the other thing we do use it as a but there is still backups you know everybody should do back of thing and but like we're story from production of staging so you can do commission includes each 1 want and then all the opening of the caste distinctions be included all of and if the variable this is you know that is evaluated through and got back to conditions to this the more later and you can't talk operation tied meaning you can just write counts equal and many keywords and this requirement same because sometimes you only need to execute parts of your as scripts or you may want to ignore some parts of the celestial have to do it OK so that was the outcome of the basics of physically and intrusive paper went through
semantic followers With this summer other things I um by like that the operations Dual configuration management they are are there questions similar unless you do you
know a like loss of 2 of the most startling crazy like that um then thing we use sensible before I could employment and the problems school deployments all is that they can be really custom like really a like
1 like pneumonia rights and things like computer service and there which is you know the new normally quest on the encoder the prominence like like it's really personalized life for your and therefore environment so we have like you know of tell applied to that we have made many basements also and in this is actually like some plants that work well for us but the analysis described you the basic things we do with the security of environments and we still do that and the dependencies in the 3 environments and we use about our views like military some use from the to do computer and computational fosters server side and the and mean the last has some support for the support from these fools especially in PM and he doesn't support by our but I can always and commands so you can run by our solar and strike a moment and grants so just 3 Gaussian command from to run the got computations and there's some you know stop operation to entangle like you this collective the static files you run the migrations you uh your prime immigration Sony In the case immigration so there are lots of applied and you think there is some sort of and using whiskey so when when we finish with this we started with the responsibility of the cell another thing we need the OK so basically in this extra
code that we have like this sort of like a gas and the trick here because there's like In all this this many things that we need to our recent most of the the already introduced the conditional conditions so busy can be applied on on any task and this just like an extra saying 1 thing and then the an expression expression is easily 2 using genes and so on you know that policy needs of free In this case like we don't like while we deploy something we need to know what environment with the following so all we force the failure of if that environment to solidify and get but it's like using just want to know more the environment the new OK there are some of the operation of the following quite useful we use
this in a in a few places a surprise is the operation and the idea behind the resistor is that and you can rest about it and that's valuable name at the end of and the and the kind of the and the net of the execution of the task we contains some information about the task and so probably had be used in real life I want to reply to reduction only the version of the words themselves are being talked with version it and because I know if there been times version that means they are stable so they would be deployed and this talks the talk support in the school making mortgage to attempts to rig it starts late because the user track command as so we are the we a without political events in the that's valuable and that we can use that that's valuable you know conditional later on In this case light the Commission is z production and the time is not In the gate cards In that case the need for a landowner deploying production version the know that because the yeah and wanting to us is the cards and this the contains many properties and what these properties is the son of well I also contains x equals when I the time this command took many of things yeah just go and check check the website the streets and everything that there 1 saying we we use a lot means in a lot of places is is the this with items and so sometimes you want from the same the same action multiple times on light on many is falling down select for like many of the practices of meaning that the package is an we can do is repeat the same action copy and paste things like every package and in mind it makes sense to certainly like a like an isolated word too busy around the same action it's best to appear on the same action on many for many Americans in this case what is the little elements of Weiser's was the there's a lot of the nice things and that the reason possible sensical facts and facts are a and this is the data coming from the set of from the grants and possible class maybe like the outstanding example all they IP addresses that this machine has all the multiple instance distribution named distribution version and data about if you of all these and you might want to through some of these some of you mentioned uh when you for example right in right amplified so all you directly DB playbook In this case like we as a company a and the room like I want to let everybody know that like something the deployment of the process of uh with Cecil cell model predicts that there it's already in that previously known you don't need to know right any Python code to talk to each other uh you specify the role as the sum of the masses had the masses string that can we can be a template and the but happens is that this action will be around forever days in your playbook and is time this action is wrong we get like a different masses the deployed tool www . 2 whatever all and you get as many times as as we observe um OK so at the some of the packages in a single this
funny acceptance of 1 of the
many and there are some to be most standard than others some of some of them are really specific column is the situ always emotional like some something or interface to buck truck system actions all models that we normally use APT individually using like component will everywhere some so this film are like can interface within a script and bit packets is successful proposes and we use gets the prose gets is quite limited and you can always recover the situations and you can do any in any other he took a nation determining and this a final um a model from to the presence of directory assistance of personal financial links and and then there's someone specific tools and point toward what's provides a for example is 1 of a gentleman and and data traces to runtime mostly commands or provides commands the basis of this anymore um so just to give you like an idea of the size like a real and more atoms centralized playbooks
you a lot of things with them and we have like a home run for environments someone approach environments and stage environments and we actually have more than that of collection production machines because it's just of the couple and you're like pulses 12 women and you for day 1 and 2 knocks machines and it's basically like and we used up all of them like questions and this allele lacks set up for Solomon you've rejected because based on the digital JVM so um we have like that machines like everyone of the team as slight both local machine and the and the solution what's become life time and we have some rest machines uh we are unlike on multiple Cloud providers like it as solution and have freedom boxes to start with sensible uh so busy at this point we do figure out what that neurons that that provision automatically so we actually gets like the final it takes a lot of people like you want to get to that the other thing that's going that into the end of the 2 as new knowledge like a few suggestions just try to
to keep service stateless and if you have like In in our special in this case like you really need to what I do not for example a store file on a particular set of and not other because the phi would become like stating that this kind of the same that we stop you when you have to scale have more than the model 1 web server more like you know many words and the nice thing about DevOps this kind of allows you to do things in the right place so you can do with my IP agent and education for example include all all and uh like infrastructure-level this like and modern trends next to that so you might want to conference and excellent would thus it took issue for you as always connecting the codes and
the same for thank you very much and thank
you was the you the fact he also and so
on here we have we like reusable study and so you were asking about in the bottom so if you use like abundance of modernist what we do deployments uh 6 years to go on a specific type of mobile so once you know what I mean the I'm going to be the something the that the the and OK and we used 1 of so for some
of the 1 to 1 of the problems we have then while like we subliminally pretty much like this sort of support like 4 true of most of them can have structural was uh but yeah I mean we don't we don't do it so we we kind of to that the process model is to take this version of that and that we deployed to a specific machine and the good thing 1 In this practice what is actually quite a few of them and you our and OK and so the question was adults that if there is a specific combination molecules where you would find some have that as rules you are the same that income of forces you all this is not a convention so users will as we're almost at a busy ultimately gives you like a folder structure into a unique to tool for more than 1 you can declare that sections the same besides that you can pretty must come always 31 yeah yeah how hard it is to get some of the issues that has already article tool for use in like Canada is that the person will say something constructive you can because everything is like a kind of committed to represent can always used the represent to about the level of control and that's the point is I mean if you have the converse states Commissioner machine this means you can run a single so like the the control is really kind of built on top of states they there are 2 state and put on top of this will show especially when you smile and the cell to live release colonists would come and I don't think it's free MIT this free-for-all some welcoming amounts of but as as it stands this is the controlling it's unnecessary to suggest that it's you can cope with this and story of you copy this is the what is the same as some of the other half of you will have to be less than the sum of all of the moral and so on and so on which from of the way that we were doing all this basically like body of the Commission like to going applied this computation for us the crucial solutions setting up like most of 2 and on and so that in the error of the mean of a long story you so sorry the issue of are and in the table and you are right of and all of a and B only were interested in this part of the use of and the other so the problem is if there is an another in the in the playbook uh necessary for example like you copy and configuration file and then at American so that this didn't you know like what you as yeah that's that's really annoying and when only do is like you can hear I forces change and the fight or like I'm sure that like know more clever ways to by adding by entitled persons solution that was the thank you very much again I think
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