One year of Snowden, what's next?

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One year of Snowden, what's next?
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Constanze Kurz - One year of Snowden, what's next? Since June 2013, disclosed by Edward Snowden, we learn more and more facts about American and British spies’ deep appetite for information, economic spying and the methods they use to collect data. They systematically tapped international communications on a scale that only few people could imagine. But what are the consequences for societies when they now know about the NSA metadata repository capable of taking in billions of "events" daily to collected and analyze? Is there a way to defend against an agency with a monstrous secret budget?
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solve and welcome also from me um we're going to listen to the concerns the courts and for those of you who don't know Constanza she a speaker form because communication clock they instrumental in Germany for many many things regarding data privacy and she has been expert witness to the constitutional court that finally stopped data retention 1st in Germany and then later on in Europe so that questioned but she's also involved in many other legal struggles and she's going to talk about a bit about this and just 1 statement I'd like to to give an regarding that many of you probably know Lawrence Lessig was set produce small right but you out of that what he meant by that is actually that programming determines many things in our societies and I think we've come to realize that loss and what governments do also influences very much what we can do with problems and how programming is actually used by the government by secret services and that's kind of 1 of the topics that evolved especially in the last year and again Constanza has launched some actions think so far more in all of the you call to some strategies and his used involved that she had a 100 % success rate what it so that was um and I hope he continues with the and in other news you also uh which is also a call of right of of very interesting books about the increasing automation that we have in our society is the dominant levels of what's prior which means something like a lot of work like automated way something like this and what they can expect in the next 10 years but the topic of a talk but also something that she's doing and so I'm very happy to have and check if the king confines and then in
the yeah and you wouldn't was married warm words and and you of course followed the applause that today the names that it thank you very much and yet it's 1 year of Snowden's what's next and I guess I'm happy to be back in that building and has a maybe not all of the needed for quite some years because the hacker community had and here the really largest European policy of of light and so I'm happy to be back and and speaking in front of another attack community about those nodalization it's gonna be a mixture of course technical topics but also questions of legal reasons of course political question because after that year of renovation and who innovations will go on of course that we have to ask some questions and we should show as the wider take community that we can and that we don't accept the way it is and that we try to change and then I will maybe in the end of the keynote I have some ideas of what to do about since June last year alone more more about American and British and other spies deep appetite for data and information and of course about the economics by and about the technologies they used to collect data as well as their hacking skills because they also pay a lot of hikers as we know now and we know that the spice systematically tap international communication on an industrial scale that's what we know and the NSA and the GCH HQ and the partner services and contractors metadata repository is capable of stars storing billions of different actions and events Daily the so the question is is there a way to defend against an agency like the NSA was a monstrous budget and where 8 thousand 500 and is a contractors have access to to the data thinking about economics buying as we know now from the guardian and other papers when after more than 1 year of Snowden documents we have to conclude the democratic oversight system failed at each level of oversight so but let's see how to fix it actually and 1st we need to analyze what's really going on and everyone effects that of course and I wanna talk a little bit about the surveillance
industry that happens nowadays there is a study of Privacy International Research Study of surveillance companies that offer their products nowadays the study is a collection of of what is being sold it's also and
categorization of the technologies and also and then explanation uh of what these technologies actually do can do and cannot do and most companies as to see here that the word right there's 300 38 this different kinds of technologies for surveillance like cell phone monitoring equipment and deception equipment as and that as hardware of course technologies for Internet monitoring spyware packages that allow users to take complete control over the computers and all our a mobile devices and they even by a of cell and spyware packages and
for law-enforcement mostly or a secret services that allow the user to take access to all the data and even the camera microphone is a status we
have to it's really an industrial complex and not only monitoring filtering and censorship technologies but also passive and offensive thank to it M. from international we did go a tool the market and to the fears which are worldwide and it took a look at the marketing virtuosos of those companies that we should have that in mind if we think about those Norton rather never revelations because and there's a reason a fault spying complex and the reason is this is the simply money and those companies usually do not take human rights concerns into account or think about the risk of misuse meaning that their products I used to target pro-democracy activists journalist or any political opposition in regimes or as we know from the snow invites in democracies because and since those technologies in the last decades we used in regimes only we now know that they are used in democracies as well and the technical tools to defend against should not only be used in regimes but also in democracies and in the rare case that they are export restrictions because those companies mostly come from the Western sphere and there 1 of the companies can get any approval to expertise surveillance products from 1 country then this simply do it from another that's the way it works today so we have on the political agenda and the question to ask about export regulations of those technologies not only using it in an hour and democracy I as it is the same for the Secret services mechanization gchq this surveillance industry vexed effective oversight or any form of accountability to so we have a problem that comes together with those and industrial surveillance complex and the secret services the release start off this snow here at least on a worldwide scale was the prison scandal the prison program
what you see here is a picture from all the the in which took and it's artificially and you see the Facebook network plotted on on on that for and I guess synthesis of present program mostly and
used in social network data and made in the years and the digital photos and the scandal really emerge because most people found that they have to care about those prison program because everybody or at least most of the people in the western variant and are targeted by those mass surveillance programs at actually end I wanna talk a little bit about
the phase of decision I come to that later but most important from the user and the already studied in 2007 so we have the situation that those secret services have a social and communication graph from the whole western word with the history of some years whatever happened in history of mankind actually they know of the communication patterns of everybody who uses that services and all the companies to see 0 are cooperating but they do not do this willingly at most but they are legally obliged to do so and that's why I wanna talk a little bit about the phases of foreign foreign tentage intelligence surveillance and and because it's kind of a problem which you much of course for those companies because this Snowden here is also a really a trust crisis in not only between the state and the secret services but also in the re more of the company's this what like attention to the NSA a program In the beginning it was and is a an FBI and CIA not not the British gchq 7 June 6 last year's maybe remember then we went and even make as for the garden and backgammon PowerPoint pointers for the Washington Post reported on US domestic collection of foreign and let it out and I quote from the Washington Post from this June 6 the National Security Agency and the FBI at tapping directly into the centre service of 90 US Internet companies extracting argue video chats photographs the Mets document and connection blocks that enable analysts to attract foreign targets so it was really and that's why I quoted this from have
the laws perspective it was really important intended to target US citizens they had not intended to target US citizen but as as in
European and everybody else was not use citizen or on US soil and so the discussion on a political basis today in the US Congress and the Senate just about that domestic spying it's not a question is that the form of spying on mass surveillance would end for people outside the US soil non US citizen we should should be kept keep that in mind present this of course is the system the internal the computer system that collection data and that is what 2 days later on July 8 and the US Director of National Intelligence a released in that in effect section so and what I when I speak about here is only what is where West no from the US governance governance side or from the Director of National antigens there some rare cases in that year of relations revelations that and the US government said no here is the reporting not correct but mostly as they didn't even bother to to write a demented knowledge of a little bit about the the scientists decision because and my opinion in the public sphere is not quite clear to everybody that this form of mass surveillance is an legal and the most forms because of that phase of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and generally speaking under that ties in any form of electronic surveillance is permissible if there is probable cause to believe that the target a foreign agent or form pole and the primary purpose of the litigation is collection of foreign intelligence information and In Section 2 1 8 0 Pfizer even that requirement that foreign intelligence gathering be the primary purpose purpose of sin investigation was eliminated now it only requires that it be a significant and this
act you may be right about in the newspapers also established a special secret court composed of hand-selected Court judges
to review the application for atomic as surveillance orders but and this secret costs here's all EU governments and and the 1st support is not revealing any public information information concerning an attractive place with the exception of an annual report detailing only the number so requests made so the secret Pfizer courts is also the very center and this site court and secret court I have never before used a single request in its 21 year history and until 2002 when the bound is he was painted in became so this is a kind of uh always side we have which completely faded not speaking about the political oversight but the Dutch weight but allowing secret trades based on secret evidence was secret outcomes and no public scrutiny to ensure any form of saying would be a torque and so on so and has stopped talking about that that legal site and now when speaking of the company's the cooperating companies that if a company that group receives developed at Pfizer court order it has of course to deliver any information question of course so from the beginning and end it's even after a year 1 of the largest scandals and all those revelations and very much an interesting fixed discussion about to at you see on the picture and an
example of this is from a Greek standard some years ago where the whole government and to the president and the ministers uh which had and then and this is a press conference actually data from a press conference where they plotted from our 1 of those in surveillance software products so that you see what it meted out there and the the seen at the screen of course if you have it on the computer you can and In ejective course without it's just and the problem is that the metadata most of the uh surveillance stuff as it's abstract and in a way I
mean it's not really a so if you you cannot really feel the civilians if if you sit in a cafe and there's somebody really staring staring at you the whole time than you would maybe say books that doing that and I don't look at my screen don't don't listen to my phone calls but if you have that metadata discussion not the same as the variance in in the physical world so what's what's with the it was here most people don't most people don't realize that and the media that the discussions and goes on until now and maybe would have to make decision about that and from and the US Supreme Court later that year are in the next unit is possible I come back to that metadata and data of course and why they are interested in that metadata someone just because it's a significantly easier to collect and store because of the volume of the data and it's much easier to detect any anomalies meaning anomalies and personal communication behavior like Is there a person starting to communicate with each other is it may be on it it's may be a nighttime so you can have filters or triggers many form to detect those anomalies and ask them maybe for a special identifiers that number of any my numbers and it's of course and optimal for a form of automatic filtering so that he made a discussion is not only now of course it and you committed the dominant to the data that is protected by the right to privacy it's maybe not the same in the US but this may be seen from the court decisions and this next year after the 1st revelations about the present program and this is studying meted out the discussion generate he said at the
end of the then Director of the NSA which is of course a general and because ahead of the game is a is always a military guy confirm and 2 public hearings of the US Congressional religions review committees that D N is a collect both domestic
and international telephone call metadata from all major US carriers and maintains a database of all such codes so we now know that that actually and that is following the revelations and were that that I speak about here and they just not nothing's really changed and there's an initiative right now in the US Congress to change spam by some of those programs but actually it's just for a domestic spying it's not for Europe's that's that's enough for us and the next the next step in that scandal which is the 3rd 1 from but I believe that it's 1 of the largest in eliciting program what you see here are and to see cable and commercial undersea cable which we have today's and you see the little anomaly because if you would have an undersea cable today and you may be wouldn't you wouldn't choose that route from you came to New York over the ocean but that come from the telegraph lines 100 years ago and as the had telegraph lines
and and when that they didn't know very much about at the end of about of the ocean so they just took a direct and that is the reason that is a modern man and 85 per cent maybe of all of and the connection between the European continent and the
American and goes through the British I and that's why I and with that employer programmed gchq that it to be part of the scandal that has and the British 1 of the British spy agencies that you all wasn't actually exaggerated and it invented the phrase mastering the internet which is the name of 1 of the program is to be found in the snow and documents within the tempo or a program some 300 gchq
plant 250 and as a agents have the task to analyze the data the goals of flows through the undersea cables and this is this is stored for up to 3 days for content and after 30 days from each other because of volume is of course and not that I PC and we we have about M and 20 Peter by that means million gigabytes and that's 3 days and
other events it's really this we do every day on all mobile phones and over the Internet so it's not an event like a technical term but it's all communication annoying methanol for instance and of course it's is the same as in the present program the cooperating companies which are not only uh the well known in companies that petitioner come and Verizon it's also the big phone providers because of course part of system for program hardware devices of other the places where and an undersea cable and land on on British soil and as we know most of the bits we picture is determined by a tuple and you pawn of course and to reduce the she evolved of the day they're running through the undersea
cables and the like period on and it's this kind of course by filters and this reduces the volume
about them by a by 30 % maybe and those filters and not only reducing the data ammonium but also an attribute by words by e-mail addresses of phone number so that data stream is actually to categorize them and store difference of any interest following gchq and is a which work as a yeah it's it's it's more like an that's really close working together at least and then the two-part program and the use of around 40 thousand of those the triggers to filter and analyze the data that is not that flows over them seeking so the we know that for you and the question for all the European countries and not only Europe but won't weighted tree is what we're going to do about it and we talk about that and problem in Europe about but there's also an accent and adaptive duplicate of the program for the patent which is an Asian-Pacific and undersea a cable so it's actually a worldwide undersea cable as a major program at before my opinions at least inherently the public debate it's not only Germany it's somewhat wider this really changed 1
1 prominent German person and how mobile phone was 10 and to me until now a on that the only this 1 tapping a mobile phone which is a chance that the limit of course and is really a scandal in the political sphere and not the mass surveillance and friends of thinking techniques we from but it question
I think I see you agree and this is why don't have the time to to follow that chronology of that year step by step because you could really need 5 dollars for that I just wanna have a short break and tell you just some words what
happened afterward until maybe and the end of the year because I guess you remember from reading the newspaper what happen and this year after June 21 we're gchq tipping optic cables became known which was from the Guardian internationally we also have a attached to is the type of this reported by the Guardian about cyber attacks and that was a list of quite a lot of targets worldwide an July we also learned that the NSA spying exclusively in Asia and Hong Kong and they also hacking attempts and against China and that the US hacked technique which is the agent Pacific optic network as I as and not only for a and 1 year 2 but from 2009 on in July 31 we also learned about excuse for which is a central tool of the end of users and try to get nearly everything and from the internet as the Garden Road and not because it was just 1 month later and I we also it is somewhat of maybe relations that and we about even more cyber attacks by the US and mostly and that where 270 1 of France's operations even in 1 year and in the tender for the 1st time there was really blot on the data because we learned from an article in the Washington Post that the NSA has ties to the US trying to take them and that may 10 . and content that explicitly and redundant to the US strong program that mean meaning that means that that the data and triggered the CATH drone program and when the where the reader and predator drone with the has final rocket to mobile phone to deliver the bonds so actually that was not really reported in in in Europe very much but in in the US and it was reported from watching processes and then I guess there a discussion we we should follow closely because I think at the end of this year to build 14 we will have more of those connections between and the CIA drone program and the media that encountered at a collection of scenes and because and if you want fire have fire the the rocket when it you need the data to know which mobile phone and the time we even had the 1st sight of war attack defined by the not the they then and that was as gchq targeted and spied on that medical for which the figures reported thank you that economists 1 of the main telecom carriers and Belgium and the gchq possibly the sniffing helped the some of the maintainers of the network and the fight LinkedIn pages to target those engineers and they have success and that is really a civil war it take as defined by the NATO and against another native country which is the that was really interesting because that kind of attack was the 1st time we about that and we even had a In October that in October the 2nd M and the patient data scan but it wasn't really reported worldwide because and the NSA a collected MS collection of use cell phone location data was only reported in English and and not so much on the European countries so BC we have also of course it's not only the communication and social graph from present but also a duplication of programs which runs deal of the patient profiles then maybe assumption I mean you can read in the newspapers and I guess as I a a little too good of all the papers and we searching for that standards for body now and some of those reports in and the different newspapers and only an American and European but also a Brazilian and aging newspapers as for granted because and other small standards in between and within a forgotten when you think about the really big scandals we have and and and the lack of of always site for that and mafia-like ticket service complex when what we learned from that cross community and I to on 1 side because I want to have in 1 place that there's a prolonged over the amongst these our priorities as targets from those at the and of a programs as clearly see these are the top terrorists we have in the world and the targets and the EU institutions and and also the parliament 80 embassies worldwide heads of foreign governments and tools from those facts we know by name it is a Brazilian president was set up and the of we also have the top there is that the chief Wayne meetings in which we 10 and the even and the 20 meetings even an inventor take infinite canvas tool and to grab the passwords of the teams of the politicians meeting at the G 20 s also the whole picture and the world bank large companies like the Brazilian people but we have a list of priorities see that we have even more we also have a from the revelation of the national intelligence priorities framework and this is kind of matrix from this was just applied to see here you don't have to read it I I copied it all of this in the next slide and it's a matrix of topics as is
content what is really what kind of topics of Secret Service interested and you would maybe Oh wait for national security issues event that copies of forgery from that frame and what you see here that
as the targets and that framework that assignment a conduct espionage emerging strategic technologies clearly at some terrorist public international trade policy Oz export arms control foreign policy objectives economic and financial stability so it's really an but without from that year is that it's much more about economics by then the the political discussion and discussion in the newspaper is about they always I argue with the questions of national security but as we know from the revelations it's much more about economics buying and X 2 the scandals are much more about
cholera and access to information and then about national security and if he sees the ideology behind that and I had contact from the Deputy Attorney General antigens call you can have that metaphor of the hasty he said if you're looking for a needle in the haystack you have to get the history 1st and what they
learning from all those problems and said the pilings even more and and we also learned and I come to that in a minute is provided that that piling on more high doesn't really help to find the real and that the Fourier come back to that that ideology that we're
talking a bit about the dimensions of what we actually fight against and that is part of relationship to it's a somewhat like budget than it come in Germany most most amount of atleast in the most during and countries you know about the budget those secret services as and money received an when we have the 19
German secret services so we we know as a population what what might be spent on that and that was different in the United States so that that that that determination was really interesting to take a look at and was measure intelligence but then that is of course you see it here as a way of 50 billions dollar Indian and that is much more than even the need some of the politicians and the review committee said news as it took to bring him many who's been here in number Berlin because we have a Commission in the German Bundestag the NSA on walls office so we talked about the budget on and on on a podium
him but then and he said OK that 15 billion per year and is not sufficient and adopted you like what you mean not sufficient not that much or even more the said it's even more because the some also Secret Service batches our is an let's say in a military stuff it's it's hiding somewhere he said in his active time Indians and the budget was already in 18 billion per year and he said that some years ago so it's made even more that meaning is he corrected that the budget above yeah that was a that was really staring at him at that moment because I about 50 billion dollar was quite a lot if if you think about it how many nurses you could from that are commonly rocket you consent to remove from the from the money the and in the morning didn't understand and but bottom I want talking a bit about the tailored dated operations because
most of the scandal and the public sphere talked about the mass surveillance media content and then you know all the devil and the larger but for me as a hacker it's of course interesting and what they do then In the FedEx operation and what kind of exploits they really have and what are the masses extreme that they're using some in the stone papers we know now that the TAO candidates operations have
and that exploit against Windows Mac OS windows and US and some more return name and that some of them exploits and a really is your data notes but most of them on Knowledge so they spent maybe but of money from and access to those exploits and we also actually that the gradient black market full the computer vulnerabilities on mobile phones what abilities and in a way of all kinds of that the gray market is a page from the Secret Service much so they wouldn't even have and the great and black market on that large scale if they would spend the money on that I have had different methods within that TAO and operation that meaning of course back assistants will be expected and it was the manipulation of random number generators because that's a good way to weaken encryption and they have an intensive cooperation with this NIST standard Institute who every where every 10 years a new and crypton standards are somewhat invented available through the invented but this it was really a m releasing a press statement and in some parts and they said yes we did cooperate with secret services they even tried for that part of the data collected they had which was a crooked to get the most encryption keys with different methods and as a programs they have of that called the blue for the NSA and actually for the gchq and have really 255 million in here and it's if you think about in fact and anti security program and it's undermines of course the trust we have in the IT systems we use every day that was really interesting to to learn about the friends of strategies and from those the secret services they really have a lot of in that that they pay and it's really hard to change to change it on the on the on the idea idealogical like this if you take a look at the British and the Americans take a community it's quite common and to work for some useful and say contractors or even for the inner of this may be very different from the European have when we would all that and I am this a lot of revelations because I don't have time to to collect the money uh but I want to have a little bit about the
success so what about national security and I copied best from the so called White panel which US President but 1 I have initiated as a commissioner in we 1 layer Secret Service veterans and even those secret as guy who clearly belong to the intelligence community I wrote this and their report and the metadata of the communication brings only a modest contribution to the nation's security and there has been no all instances in which it it's a could say with confidence that the outcome of a terrorist situation would have been any different without the written some distorted phrases we heard in the beginning of that scandal that all the mass surveillance explicitly meted out of but also content would help
against terrorists attack is quite not and received at the White House report and the intelligence community itself who was sitting in that Commission as stated in his own report that was really interesting and as may be as it may be no and was really reported it is not then you may be no financial aid to the optimistic part of the talk right and they also targeting
into what we know from October the presentation the a presentation for Faustine's and there were published at that that was retargeting to wasn't mice and network is maybe not and this July and the German idea and the digits item had a publication that explicitly target users a tall uses attractive that was really interesting because they released some of the filter we were told that the packet inspection was the NSA the gchq used to as have
triggers for every 2 user not only to a user but also people who search for information about 4 and that was really interesting because right now toward the only affordable and reliable technology for people in in for example China or you have to communicate included in normalized with the rest of the world and 1 of those or services operated by the use computer and so the data traffic to and from and those as Sokoto directory service that is being taking into the repositories of music and that was the reason that we and defiant again a criminal complaints against undiplomatic ministers in Germany the head of the secret services in Germany and foreign secret services a mostly everybody you could be maybe that responsible for that because against them atleast region only need political help and we need technical tools to fight against cells and a must a and especially targeted surveillance like that 1 but we also should used and the loss existing and that's why we find a criminal complaint against those aggressive surveillance in Germany directly and just hope that uh the cannibalism invited to state federal prosecutor against headliner now but maybe do is job and the NSA into you some question and if so if I have I am not quite sure this will work out but we even and grievance right at end and what I want to do that and that's the last thing I want I wanna talk about em about and the ways to defend against those mass so they end their quality of former gchq mainly from May 2012 and where gchq and so that all may concern a set references straight the practices meaning the
scale of interception and deletion could lead to damaging public debate which might lead to legal challenges against the current regime and the scale of Saturn and retention required would be family like to be challenged on articulate the right to privacy graphs and that's exactly what we did because the article 8 as part of the European Human Rights
Convention and the UK different from the there's of course ratified that Convention and in 1951 so it's bounded to the convention and a big brother watching the Open Rights Group and in the English Penn and myself we
had a joint application to the European Court of Human Rights and and just before so we try to goal the legal way is all I think we should protect us 7 technical way and to begin with of course maybe in the end of July we will know that moral from the court because we want to now we have a
separate were 41 which means that all cases of priority but actually the court although we have the TrustRank and as stopped the process is that because of the British tribunal and which is also secret court on UK science where groups Reagan Privacy International and try to make a case to cancel they they waited for that outcome so we just now maybe in a few days and I was a case of goes we just the right now have a catalog of questions for the the British government and also for the German government because I'm a German citizen but at a knowledge of the government decided to not really answer any of the questions I I am I guess it's Adam just a legal way and we should try to and and really very satisfied that a lot of people solvent of people and spend money on the cases Witiges 48 hours as the 22 pounds needed for the case together and but that we and which is packed 6 Europe come from all over Germany and and just 48 hours we we have that the sum we we needed to to get that was about I'm very proud of certain I feel and that different from opinion you read in the newspaper people actually care and and they are they they want to support that's that's that's all few but and the legal way is 1 thing and to put political pressure on those responsible for that but I think as a tech communities 1st of all we should use encryption and not only use it to implement that is what we should do in all and almost all working habits because we should we as a technical community should help them modeling user because he will rely on us to have working encryption because he enters a mass surveillance programs and that doesn't scale if just 10 or 15 per cent of users really submission to people and they get blinded and that's what we actually should do so no and so and that's actually what I demand from your using but that only used but as implemented and be as transparent as possible when using encryption In technologies are suffering and you you build better I guess to rebuild the trust that has lost its essential for them to be as a parent as can we should not only we should not only
can the pattern of the professional peeping tom but also raise the standards in general for the government to look at every day communication data and media that the content at the
practice records medical records and so on because by its very nature must surveillance is neither necessary nor portion because these technologies enable the violation of human rights that the human rights issues particular the right to privacy and also and the human rights of freedom of expression so easy on that message gain is simply not acceptable consistently let's thank you thank
you thank you and the original the simplest in have a question and about I don't know and I wanna be a negative I hope you have an optimistic feeling right now not at all microphones you can go over there over here you have like let's say 5 minutes and the existing wrong is and think you for these amazing insights thank you I have 2 questions which are actually basically what what would happen if 1 of these companies at some point just says but no and what would happen if all these companies the ceos come together and then make the agreements and saying you know can you tell me can you do you have any insights into the when where that is not enough such a trivia question it's really complex question actually the point is I have and maybe 2 a to and remind you z and all intersections techniques operate into all commercial telecommunication networks by law and they have standard to put standards so the technique to intercept is from a legal perspective necessary to be a commotion telecom carrier in all western countries meaning another possibility is already there and from a legal perspective and not only the US companies but it's in in many European countries to they are simply obliged to hand over the data what they could do actually is to switch on encryption tool not longer any content and it in that way help the users of the what they actually do right now mostly in the US is of course right that is because the and that this that that that the trust crisis and it's a question of economy right now and the European and Asian markets because they see that and most of the culture as a counter and condoms and then it will it really drops of the partners the loop what the movie they don't have a lot of new contracts but they also have a 2nd contracts and from latent European partners demanded from the US companies that they have special privacy and contracts to the moment contracts and stuff and so the pressure from the economics years to the US administration and it's getting higher so maybe that that that trust crisis will be not the women not solved in political reality but in economically we have a lot of small companies who said and was saying OK we build all technology that way that we we can handle over data and they can the to a network or or as from but this is the reason the huge telecom carriers and Internet companies they don't have a choice well it's interesting because if you step out for a moment you look at what's happening is basically it's the nation states an institution with a mommy which is very powerful of course but it is interesting to think what would actually happen in be happening on the enforcement side of things if a group of these companies just agreed you not to participate where they actually did point is that we as users we tend to use the large companies so maybe are 2 2 think more decentralized thank you over here at the White and Gold deal undressing the creator of light and have been working in a company that mixture we all have our data security are most important data security of for the last 3 years of the combining of shows acquiring new member of the board of directors which is common is the rise of 1 of the main supporters of commonsense which is working at the same component of the guy who created this beautiful language what are your thoughts about it and and what would you referring to is actually there's a revolving door is that what what you meant so revolving door that that you have this a a lot of people who switch between companies contractor secret services stuff that's that's what you mean I mean job you really well so the drop also is a component out how of you the Old Europe most important files in the glove what Gitelman residents working the created by the is working for the company for the last 3 years this company sold out of the the new members to the board of directors which is Condoleezza Rice 1 of the main supporters both classes violence 1 of the 1 of the people who explained that is necessary to have son and now I get to have concentrated in the news and and maybe since at the hope hope 10 in Europe and let us know and we refer to this case so maybe most people know no where but I don't have really any any any to comment on that I guess it's not the only case the this was something we hold in the world community adopted gentlemen thank you very thank


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