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Conference Closing


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means that the that the problem is
that if you want to do I the and that
is the thing about that
the and and you have to and this is the idea
that the same
I'm I'm I'm my
a lot of people have
great so a
bank uh an example of that has a
bed and uh
right across I have
the best my son no 1 these were you you do hello the Bureau knowledge
you would not impair the my my my my I I I think you I think there is much more to except 1 thing and that is going to take awhile let me introduce you to the team of organisers you the 1st the many years and all those the project coordination the then master of Europe I 2014 by also in the broader broader and that in the world my my my foragers of your present 2014 and members of the board of the German Python user groups might move over the dinosaurs go hand in hand I think all Program Committee modern when Louis holiday the government in the time of all or part of the
controlling TV 1st of all financial do epicycloids done those that again and fight for you and I think that I have here for the sponsoring His Edwards on and fight and also Fabio your reasons you have
a minor the guys because communications owing to the intruder is only may get your own mind
but I I the vector you everything online is markers all the money was good money and done in always the my the traveling part program was organized but there's a lot of undelivered loops and take
so my my my my for everything graphic there wasn't are made up of people involved and the hands of football Said militia revolt elements of that in the defined as that which she do their mind but across do accounts
and there's a I'm not the video bridges and there's
still a relatively working right most of the time from the owner of this sitting up there the board they are that underlies the money you have and will slowly lovers that have the people also
the is the BCC has been housing us for the last week and for the next 2 days and I would like to thank them as well and come up
here because of the balancing the universe much they mother you had she's did much I this mind and for the bundle I I this already a lot of people in group but there is the volunteer organizations so cutting out the markers Haldeman can you raise the answers so again used likely that these 2 guys they're organizing more people would was was light of there the these all the volunteers that about the history of the I I I as a reminder of where
volunteers we still need you know we need to dismantle the place and the we will of sorry here on and we we would give you barbecue tonight at PM for honoring always services are additionally funded leader of reasons you yet from the PSE society and he also says thank you to all the organisers and the 1 more specialty we're very very grateful for the word the pi ladies and gender roles made did put in here for making your Python even more authenticity experience for everyone so please give a blouse to approach it Patricia Alexander and again at all as task of
my my my the Romansh
concerned with this very nice way to think you know everybody think to Princeton and I I would you know not done yet saying thing to In that's not yet again there was this conference will be possible in the formants now without the sponsors and that's why we
put all the goes up here for all the sponsors you can see many of them and and given that was beaten that side will be have the bronze and silver and gold sponsors that help us to makes this conference affordable and a special things I would like to say to our street platinum sponsors and I would like to call them names so it's Google it should be in wrote code that thank you very much for all our sponsors I
I think we're on we're not quite done yet the curious but there is a group of people missing that we haven't think yet as you if you that all of you came here we are extremely grateful because without
you from all this would not make sense at all so and thank you to all of these values in a and I
think so to everybody will use a very soon this year I have a sister book to everybody else and Stacy tonight and constant surveillance under uh under the springs the bottom and the point the conference this leaves only 1 thing for me to say those sort great about this this only 1 thing for me to finish with after this slide everybody under the 1 thing to say at the end that's why I thought
that was the they got very bad section the 1st thing we have to do with the with the the the the 1st thing we do
I the the my this my 1 of the things that I want my money
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Subject Area Information technology
Abstract Conference Closing
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EuroPython 2014


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