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Pythonista: A full-featured Python environment for iOS devices

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Pythonista: A full-featured Python environment for iOS devices
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Chris Clauss - Pythonista: A full-featured Python environment for iOS devices The Pythonista app delivers a full-featured Python development experience on an iPad or an iPhone. This introduction to the app will provide a rapid overview of the Pythonista user experience, features and Community Forum. Then it will focus on a few source code examples of using the GPS to deliver real-time local weather, use the image library to manipulate images and convert documents, use the gyroscope to understand pitch, yaw, and roll, use Dropbox to backup and restore scripts, images, etc.
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we welcome back again and I'm also something from city north of Norway I wanna introduce this house only we talking about as you can read like this whole thing to Python environment for wireless devices but take away Haifa have folks name Chris class so I'm relatively new to Python on I started computing and 64 kilobits Commodore machine way back in the day on so I've done basic RPG languages you know that anyone can have also done a lot of job work for son so working under work for 7 years for Apple I'm doing development there and now I worked for IBM and what I do 4 IBM is a the smarter cities suffer from so I have a group of architects who helped customers to Smarter Cities suffer and at the end of the day on a long flight it's really fun to just break out the iPad hack Python so that's a magnetron show you a little bit about a hobby that I have on on on off hours on Hatteras Python and I was devices and so python East is written here in Berlin by urgently need all leaves on and I met only have me in later today for the 1st time but he writes to products the rates to IOS apps the 1st one's called east and that's what today's focuses on the 2nd 1 also uses Python but it's much more for workflows it's called editorial and by workflows I mean I'm a blogger and I got various conferences and write blogs and I want to upload my blog I might want to do some editing of it and I want to do all sorts of interactions in the text converted to PDF converted to HTML converted to whatever format and editorials really like for that so I personally gravitate towards Python is because it's really about writing Python and living in Python but lots of editorial type folks on the people who deal with text documents love editorial and love it's workflow so I'll focus mostly on the situate on ontology a little bit of editorial if we have time answer just and just a little bit about what what we're going to
talk about this what I wanted to do was focus in on on on this particular future
that have a lot of constraints on on developers who want to develop applications which are coding platforms for Iowa's devices the principal worry is that you can download scripts that can change change machine and and so there's a lot of constraints around being able to download code into an environment like Python Easter Island and upload code and so there have been times in the past when facing east has been booted out of the app store buy apples because it it sort across the lines and so we play a very delicate game is a community and trying to make sure that what we do with Python doesn't on go beyond Apple's guidelines but they actually take the AP AppStore from some very interesting things on a really strong community with community form and I'll show you a little bit of that on the internet here's why was he saw nothing to show you that life but unfortunately a little bit of you but there's also specific models that have been put into Python used for dealing with IOS West things like graphics and sound and things like that but also for dealing with the 3rd party things like Dropbox all talked a little about that and I'm really to try to focus most of it and showing you actually on that surround and OK so that's the main web page for Python again you get the
idea it's a Python environment it's from Python 2 . 7 . 6 running on I was devices and yes you can run this on your your iPhone yes you can run this on your on iPod so on yeah it's a it's a full environment on and it it's got a great code to it that lets
you edit code on the device but also if you have a bluetooth keyboard and lots of people in the community used a separate Bluetooth keyboard ancillary and the text and it's got models for graphics and touch that Algeria and of it's got and just recently added a number times math but lots of alternative goes on and it's now that we have to the toolkit so you can build an application with a graphic designer that looks and feels like a real IOS app like to to an IOS user you can actually and put that into have the apple code tool and then you can upload it to the Apple App library so you can make a full-featured running at that looks like a Mac and IOS out on your side hand and you can put it in the Apple App Store OK and so and the doctor online there also all in that I can
add to that's beautiful thing if you're on a plane and you forget about some standard library function call or you forget about some model that always provided in the tool you that's always online sources that and it's a full-featured 2 7 6 there's very few things that that are a little bit special about it but it's really a full-featured on 2 7 6 although it also includes these special modules that are specific to well to dealing
with the IOS things like and knowing your location during the reverse geocoding which is really beautiful so on take take the the location of this device and turn it into an address so I know the street address some of the device that any moment onto the graphics on in in a thing called seen on sound speech and then this new UI component that lets you create real you on that I had it looks and feels like any other right there on that there's tools like don't put forward an editor that lets you get at the clipboard of value was devised and at the end of of the text that I'm dealing with so I can actually manipulate that the text of the editor in inside the change
for a for passwords and things like that on and under some extra marginals that are just great things to have like beautiful
supreme requests and just models that on our lots of is what until only includes the difficult thing about this platform is it's not really ready for downloading models like like you might be used to underwrite career your Windows box right so you can just go out to pipeline download models and your device communities done a pretty good job of on letting you download models that pure Python but if modules include the you're really gonna work are beginning to into the into this environment so again includes lots of libraries right out of the out of the box which are quite useful in particular the drop functionality is really a lifesaver and in some instances OK and then last but not least there's a really active communities so on this is a snapshot of the
of the community this morning on also just uploaded in new game that there was a show off to people and get them to collaborate on the 2nd 1 down here he's trying to rotate text in these set trouble is asking questions and communities so really active community of 1 around the world going around for these 2 1 around editorial on the they're really really useful and the last but not least the community has relatively recently created a a platonistic
tools on GitHub this is really a collection of and code that's in specific specifically built on top of faith in Eastern and so on but let's say that the community . 2 and tools and get collaboration around those tools so on through throughout Serbia have we have multiple people editing and other tools games whatever they might be on encountered on the platform there's other playgrounds and the IOS and so I thought it would be useful to you want to just talk about those on
I think by and large these are things that that are useful to steer clear of him with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions on so on editorials have mentioned is the sister product and and you know I'd really encourage you to look at it on in addition to play stuff on this this new 1 is called computable and it's just come out of it is a on it is an IPython implementation that has that apply Lebanon apply and all that good stuff on this 1 is looking good on but it's 1 . 0 1 right it's it's brand new to the market so I'm comes out Austria and went and the the creator has then at the contributor to that the Python east of community and now has come up with this new thing so it'll be interesting to see the dynamic between computable and quite funny and I think those are really that the 2 to look at in this space and the other ones come from various places around the world 1 wants to use the look looked interesting but they're very long in the tooth and they haven't been supported in many years so long really the there's other ones out there but but these I a right and so lasted at least this is sort of what it looks like I have on
this while on the left hand was really working minimum right that's my last slide so from now on we're just gonna live inside the OK so
this summer this
simple fire on just use speech library and so I thought I'd show you that there's a thing called the higher you talking to me are you talking to me and I knew talking to me and if you know if you know text directly might make sense and so on so that's that's just a simple module that always built into the tool that lets me on take arbitrary text and through a speech by a text to speech engine on it can take multiple languages and is very flexible but sometimes just useful and fun OK so 1st and foremost let's start with some comments also so it's got a standard Council like you might be used to and so if we go over to the Council almost the types of the standard council that Euronews to on what I can also do and I can also do graphics to the Council so let me take a simple on mathematical formula that resistor on Monday rather constant so I can write a graphics
context and the consul and again it's the standard Python counselor used to so when click that next if there is
a module that lets me that lets me do a bit more sophisticated graphics somebody came after the Council graphics and on it's called scene and so C is basically an idea to use the the the IOS visual display and do various things of that sort of show you a few of these so when I create a scene at newly created in landscape a portrait right this the device can turn and I'm afraid you're right I can create such that game or anything else could respond to turns right so that may be incomplete going on so 1st thing initially a game called cloud that was unusually put up on the people said you know the the officer the fact it tell me what you think answer the problem for us is that for me is that it's Iris until today right so I mean and you play thank and
the but so now it is still too but but
I'm unemployed humans that connected because get then what
is this it's 1 of those you know and I was you always have something that's geographically close to each other and the nanosecond secure passwords there's an a case of project was the bounds of benefits for you can see that my Warner sounds no not effect on so great great nice to that out guy actually built with this young child together they built this is a programming exercise is actually built 3 or 4 these games on jumpy active posts and there's a times times table torture that so he's he's created these games of this kids on so he put it up on the community and let the community have added on what the community did was at high school or that sounds and the ability to play in the direction on etc. etc. and so on if got a higher score than money and it's a different game it's got some monsters that a different character and pick my character etc. on and so now it's that sounds and if I diets that explosions all those sorts of things to do so again through through the to the joys of the province of and community people can take something that started as some people make a better and better and better and better together on so a lot of good ideas on the use of force is things related to my work so again my my work is about Smarter Cities and I worked with on cities all around the world trying
to help them and figure out how how to use data about the city to old problems like water and transportation public safety and and things like that the huge trend in cities is open data where cities are here and the publishing developers and developers to run lots of that's that's all I want my work is about is about showing people in the art of the possible so you know that the work is less than not this is
1 of them and I am let people go up and create ones create extracts of those datasets on that are then stored locally so again undergo out to cities Open Data integrated couple datasets that I want to deal with in the United American and somewhere along the line of known non-PPI and that plot line right so this is a way for me to deal with the disconnectedness of I want Open Data and I got the tools but on an airplane American doesn't work on so simple simple fact that I'd run for it if we actually had internet here but we don't have to write it to grab on datasets and put it into a format that can be used for for for that on the other thing that that idea and services users we actually solid tool that tool helps people run traffic water public safety or complex stuff that tool has
arrested EPI and so what I can do is build into my I had the ability to talk to some huge system not the cloud and use that REST API so here I have on a really nice graphics rich from platform that I can create a really slick dashboard from a for the guy who runs the transportation office and I have a pretty simple straightforward way to go to a REST API and pull out all sorts of real-time data about traffic as it's going to be an hour in the future or and where the leaks in my water system etc. and so again actually those but the unit here is lousy on let me talk to you 1 last thing about scene and that is color and so this is called tilting color and basically the idea is that I'm
looking at the pitch yaw and roll of the iPad so
I have a sensor and the idea
that tells you the pitch on role and I can change the color and this was just to prove that and we can build them I wasn't gains around pitch and roll but but it's a simple demonstration of what I can do with see so very short piece of code just grabs the pitch on role and what's the play with it and show it off from the on the on the OK I don't want people originally built again of light around this so I wanna make sure it's we Michigan double so use standard of life on and again these things and go up and then they get improved by the but the context module lets me going to the uh the address book of the year of the
of the IOS device I can go grab all my contacts and various manipulations of them on this code just goes out there my context and uses the geocoding to out the let of where they live so I take the interests of the address book and I use the the geocoding to turn them into a less once again really short piece of code does some interesting things
and can be can be grown on recent 3 recent tweets Don goes out to twitter on and basically for a user tells me whether they're recent tweets so that I can do these sorts of things that that can write
down that my my key here if you want on that I that I can I can go out and you know voted Twitter or do do lots of screen scraping the sorts of things with on with requests and beautiful city and and all those basic tools well let's talk a little bit about you I so answer this is the the you like tool that that comes with on
that that comes with the package and it lets me create all the things that you see here so I can create labels and buttons and sliders and she which is shown pictures and all the rest of the usual stuff that people expect out of wireless apps and basically what it will do is it will create a file file that's called the P what namely that PY you and so that you file from really does on defines the user interface and on I can basically just loading that file at start time and I have up and you that's ready cooked ready to to build with or if I want I could build the URI piece by piece by piece in Python you know you have a choice some people seem to like that that that learning tool and laying out the you I am really making it nice and then just something involving is 1 piece of other
people like to build up piece by piece of his imposed on selected to show you around a little bit of what that looks like an actual reality and so here you can see I can add and
new new objects and so I can say that I want to create an object and wanna create some use of that object
etc. etc. on so I'm just a really slick selects
like little in addition to 2 Digital found whether where you are on the again was a simple simple tools and that uses the geo location of the current object and then uses an open data on weather service called weather underground he students know it's called open weather map open whether man . or 1 so again this tool just gets geo location of the device turns that into a city-state countries and then goes out to the open weather maps and our work and gets the current weather so it
tells you temperature pressure humidity Sunrise Sunset that's a K so again simple tools like it created quite rapidly that that use on the sensors and the device the about the locations sensor this pitch you role senses on and the various the touch sensors various sensors inside the device and of course there's an axon of Python right so this is another thing it's just rights to the Council and the essence writing the the Council
on the important this text data is doing so on changing told slow
I'm just trying to see if I covered what I wanted to cover all and that's what lies in the number so on here is a a plot of plot lives so if you use to using these tools and know how to make go on and they're all here fully functional
and uh and quite quite useful and powerful I think it's it's true it's created a lot of excitement community having tracks from Python Friday less for a long time it was like really commonly
requested thing to get here on mean it's just come to market In the last 4 months so and it's all in there and people are really started to to a crazy on it doesn't have that that that Platonism error does no search tool to search all files on so I can do that and so I created and and basically what it does is it goes grabs all the files and look for a slight regret I it it brings up something that that that's useful so on I can either tap this at the upper right corner of the screen to run or I can tap and hold in a fight happened hold it will let me give command 1 parameters right so yeah usually when you're type command-line you like to hear I found that the script from other command line parameters so you can run with arguments on and so this this tool on will do that and bring them to the text of and in the editor with that the text highlighted I think I showed you what I want to show you an open question far Dr. until when and let me see you not this there was an the on the other is a whole sound of libraries and when so this is good because it lets me show you what what it looks like 2 to be a developer and the environment answer so here's a model called sound and it's got samples and whenever the samples I can actually open those samples in the
text editor right away and was wrong OK so that was melody and then let me go back to and so low effect play effect stop effect and set volumes but there was also some undocumented teachers and so the sound library that that parties are using so that's another thing that goes on in community people on sort if you go to the coding and find undocumented teachers that that that are useful but a pretty
straightforward simple some so summary the world Mr. what was the only the and by wire I think the world so that yeah yeah so so not particularly for sound and but for other things I have seen that the community build up sort of a a wrapper around various libraries but but not for sound that I see there was a question this year all I'm sorry not all repeat the questions answered this a what we good and that the and this what is the word whole the results of this was Heider in a unit of of so 1st and foremost 1 thing I didn't show you is that I can put certain scripts into a actions enumerated these these are things that you often 1 of those droplets and cannot understand try Dropbox think it probably won't work but maybe announced that on so so drunk that saying lets me push my scripts into drop at then get on my Windows boxes thankfully and my Mac and and use those use the script so moving things onto and off of your device can be done through this this community built tool that is built on top of the drop box model the nice thing about that is I can then drop box income I was divided among among phone and I I have codebase St. between men to wireless devices now your question was different than that your question was how like take the act that had built here on my iPad and how like getting into the Apple AppStore so so so basically you what what's the code tool that Apple uses that to remember what is called experts that on basically you take your Python files and on you put them into acts and then there's 1 script 1 Python script that you need to run on your Mac to create resources into being into that project and then you build that project and it builds down to an IRS executable and that IOS executable is something that you can put up on the so again take the code from here and sink it to your Mac probably using Dropbox saying but there's lots of ways of the 2nd run this script on your Mac which creates extra resources inside your could project compiler extend project and you have an IRA set that's ready to go into the idea cepstral it really is like the whole it was I don't know the answer would be can rugged in biostimulator on the Mac and that had just been not familiar enough with that piece of the puzzle to say my suspicion is that it does not but I would need to check that is yeah this is the thing I think that it is yes so so that's and also point it's it's really really hard
to develop on an IOS device and the touch screen but we have seen people build a really complex games on an iPhone they sit on bus every day on the right home from work and or 10 days they build a really complex at on the iPhone so it's a really small screen with really editor and all the line wrapping problems that have but I gotta tell you that the majority of the serious people who really do work on on python instead use an external keyboard you you it's like essential I actually don't I I don't use an external keyboard but most people do and so on that is yeah I I I I think you're right that that that it's hard to want to develop on on the I was device alone and not be able to emulate on Mac and again I just don't know the answer was that's the 1 I I just don't know the in so give you all that stuff so the question was can you can you access on excel files and Jason and all that stuff yeah the standard some libraries and there are only reading through files is is really easy and and actually you know if you if you really love files manipulation def definitely check out editorial too because editorial has has workflow to it on that Python eastern doesn't work for making that had easier and there's also lots of conversion capabilities like going to convert this whole thing to a PDF or I want to convert this whole thing back in XML and so so there's lots of lots of good code snippets and and work done by the community and to do that so let let me show you 2 more things but so I this is computational this this is not created by only it's it's sort of a computing
product and it is an I Python implementation for the iPad on and so basically you know the full I'd I Python story on but but you know read reformatted to work work here I and I'm just going to open up a going to open up the book with whatever they call those on and here you
can see I call all the usual things you'd expect from a from a Python world but he's giving you some samples on where about you know he he
shows you how we computed the logo of the act itself and and so on so again there's there's that tool which produce if you're in top I Python and and and that sort of style and I would
definitely recommend and then last and the solution editorial which might be and
editorial is created by all the so it's it's a sister product to you 1 2 to Python Easter and and you'll see it looks a bit different from what we just see if I can find 1 of these and you can you can see that it's got more of the i Python look and feel where where I can I created a user interface that feels like
a web page but it's got more tasks that is more task-oriented and again based on certain let's let's deal with marked down 1st and foremost but that's the old lots of other file formats and in addition other comments questions and issues what's this the but the but of and that the
champion that among the big believer in that so far but really the only Python trees on that I know of this is really in the other packages on that I don't really recommend so I can say that there is a great place 3 on I was to them on we bargained pastorally about it but but for him it into the right so on a lot of people say they want a single at that step I country and play continues on but if you think about that that's really really hard from a developers perspective and from a user's perspective 1st from the developer's perspective he's gonna have 2 sets of access to set the standard libraries to sets of worries and debugging in an environment that does both it's really hard for the other by the way to go straight to separate where he's got you know Python Institute Python these 2 3 and and you know that the theory says over and over again as it's a disruptive break for the for the users you know it's going to create a whole lot more questions on the form about I had this used to work in now it doesn't work and I understand that original patent to country there's still a lot of 100 in the community so on right now the you know computable is Python 2 . 7 . 1 on Python an editorial a 2 . 7 . 6 on were just not there was a great with the great Python 3 gesture go for it OK the things not well so so I can use Dropbox sink in 2 directions right so I can and I can do that trick I can now myself things right pick up and put them in that way but there's lots of ways in and out there's you know that lots of different methods to get text in I think a screen scraper I can use requests or you you you are a little to in text there's lots and lots of ways to to get things there's also a great set of tools that didn't talk about that let me go elected have right so on you you know get get Shaq basically lets me you check something you to get out of hand and and retrieve things from Japan on there's another thing for drop box that's much user interface where pick the pilot I want and I just stuck in that 1 file and yet there's lots of ways to get things into and out of on get out of and drop box standards and the techniques what is probability of yeah so perhaps this is so that the question is about remote requests and this is where we start crossing the lines they get apple very nervous so so right now Apple doesn't love pipeline anyway because Python is got some new momentum that scares them a little bit and they're really trying to get people this way right they're they're trying to say OK we we tell you the answer was Objective C but we were only kidding the answers now swift and people are scratching their head about do they really want swifter not on so there really really trying to use this on this idea that mobile code is a dangerous idea right now that I came from after I worked Apple I worked at SunSoft I don't believe that mobile code is that idea I believe that mobile code with the right security and rights in maximum right understanding is sort of a vital to what to what we need to do in a modern computing platforms on but I can tell you that would that when we have crossed that line of on doing things automatically where we automatically bring executable content into the environment and executed without the users authority or oversight or watching at the gets really nervous and when Apple gets nervous they actually take the output of the app store right so that that that has happened in have it has happened again very recently so on it's it's a line that that is difficult to cross state they really don't want mobile that happens without user authorization and physical clicking you no exactly the bell that all works and all works don't just is there a way the use of version control system the IRS of it depends on what you ecology get another version control system but not now adding at so so so so so this is this is not a replacement for your your PC your Windows bacteria Linux box from and some of the complex things that you can do and just log of 1 of those devices you don't have here on you could probably put something together but is it there today no it's now but join the community and help us at 1 minute last question did not have the time this is the thing this the yeah like I don't think this have in the in the time so I think it was said by the and I think you will still in the this to get the idea that definitely been hearing lately about k and people saying it's really cool you can put stuff together really fast so that 1 pretty interesting platform so take a look things laughter times in a real pleasure to speak with