3D sensors and Python: A space odyssey

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3D sensors and Python: A space odyssey
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Celia - 3D sensors and Python: A space odyssey This talk will show how to build a simple open source based NUI (Natural User Interface) game with 3D Sensors, incorporating PyOpenNI with PyGame and WebGL. OpenNI allows you operate several 3D sensors, enabling hardware independent game development (supported 3D sensors are Microsoft Kinect, PrimeSense Carmine or Asus XTion). It also runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. ----- This talk will start with a brief introduction to 3D Sensors and OpenNI. Then we’ll surf into PyOpenNI, features such as the skeleton, hand and gesture tracking, RGB and depth video. Every topic will be presented with practical demos. The talk will end with a demo integrating WebGL (THREE.JS), 3D sensors, Flask and ZMQ to produce a simple fully open source based NUI game. Attendees will not only learn about game related technologies but also about innovative ways of doing domotics, cinema & art, Interactive visualization, scientific research, educations, etc. 3D Sensors will be available for testing during the event - you can get yours for about 80 to 140 Euros (depending on the brand). Slides and demo code will be available at Github. Talk structure: * Introduction: hardware and OpenNI goodies and a tale of PCL (5’) * Hands On PyOpenNI * Normal and Depth camera - basics concepts and small demo (5’) * Skeleton - basics concepts and small demo. (5’) * Hand & gesture - basics concepts and small demo. (5’) * Final Demo * What we’re going to use? Flask, ZMQ, THREE.JS, PyOpenNI. (6’) * Q&A. (4’)
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so high yet we are going to do about how to work with 3 D sensors on high you and me we also game
are known by him up the the about on Indian something
of this shit script and fisheries so 1st of all I am
a PhD student in computer science but in Argentina of ideals on
assistant professor active at our university by the time my main work the son of but then research center and also on the
matching in science that might most of the work is by bioinformatics is stuff on Serious Game Theory I'm also going to solve the 1st by clinging Argentina and this year I have been with the 2nd 1 so in this talk about the
fact that what we are going to use that minimum so that you're going to need to infrared procedure and an infrared that since depending on the moles of the branch you're going to have you can have of more heavily these sites kind sensor for a texture information or maybe a meager right make up microphone array so you can get some data from the old know they are also and online 3 distances but I am not sure what is the state and the face support open so
warrants open you new ways so this is a
framework that lets you forget about the device you're going to use so you can write your code and you can
use any of the device was for and it's going to work anyway so it is not guaranteed to Don with the devices is also I think you'll be doing me then where you can you didn't even know before your final still we have to use 90 studies have pointed
of computer vision
algorithms to doubt makes it I player Segmentation Motion Tracking and Gesture Recognition and I'm going to other so what can you run you can run in most of that from such clinics not only known I also work in arrested by and 6 junk worked pretty easy to remedy and redress so on
that part the opportunity to just in so but what you
do with it you have identified area the most popular of the skinny bad you can also only the natural that interfaces system programs like media there only eating here In that end is the wire you have a lot of motion capture for and cybernetic so you don't have to make all the information you get recording himself and then they take that just get it done and put it in an interactive you can also use it in robotics you can use the euro at 3 divisions so she can analyze this scene avoid objects of purchase on this specific out you can also use it to
like out very achieved through this can happen if you're not looking for high higher resolution itself pretty
and she would to get out and I think the most is is interesting topic in owing to the reality so you can convert your home your entire in an integrated manner so you get playing games maybe for educational purposes that museums and stuff like that so how
do you call opening from my time you have to have shown that if you have by opening the innings basis meanings works with open you want forms when phi I think they're working to support within and you have in this transcendence meaning with the size of the sample you can see Additional binding site for opening so when we
start to make you know right in is great to work with a 3 D sensor we are going to find and various similar by a non abbreviation this of all you have to create a context this context is a box that you're going to throw all open open new staff needed for your application so you can start to initialize the context from a conflict find so you can say OK this device has these especially node i want you to use or maybe you don't have right away your reviews answer but you have a required that you don't regard and seeing you can move around save these the gunfire and in your next you get to know these because applied to your and then what you how input of the after you create your context you're going to want to add some generators you have no never generators like that's inference there amongst
close to device and have kind of don't that can I use additional data from generated data that you can add some collects to do so if you want to this summer specific is staffed reduce generators again permit in there after you create an understanding of the genetic diversity you are going
to we're going to have In this you're going to want to update it had this and so gives to you and I need use the opportunity of maybe if you want to wait to the evening to generate the you say OK let's is done with knowledge let's this established let's make it 1 and they image generator is finish so the next you already have your update after so maybe you're going to besides it our mainly play which some position your after your obligations don't you want to go you look it's good practice institution down on your of a task and and removing your context there are several ways you can ask for at each node to stop himself as What
or you can access to the context of stop all of this annotator's that you put in this context so it is
so this is the 1st demo we are going to
support all the libraries we don't think space so
we can regard all context and initialize it then we are going to try the mitochondrial DNA and we're going to say OK use this isn't in this context this is the constant affectionately in and this is uh content to get here to the data from the time and by the following you can get and the the of information so you have to know that is speed attendance and switch them so you have to be that so in this space we're going to predominant so we can predict there's not
much to see solution so you can do when image or and we are using the online we can lead you can't sue this is a classic by
game look you have to initialize created and then when running and the other thing you want to do is to update that from the mean distance and then ask the definition we created about capture actually that
so you can have pretty simple just that the lines
unlike we had the program and we can still and should not be carried out new 1 don't worry you don't put
died out of generators in 1 context I don't want this to be a so you written cannot text the dictionary on Uganda said the solution you won't 2nd and that of think you can see in the recommendation means that generations we create a similarity function it's like grammar right there that are from the distance of every shape it begins slide and you can get it if work so over
the Internet can can we do this in exactly the same to the sun in front of the material these standards the same function and then you can't in and
stake here some
regularization the so we can finish it passes so here context so unless
noted that seeks so
inside of all the new era of the british and data you have to think about the ease of striking instead them on and analyze falls so for that kind
of thing to simplify maybe you don't want to track all the this skeleton maybe the half and half you want to track opening gives you acid of joints you of them make substantial and you have functions to a standstill the integration center at so this could turn
another demo these so we are
important in the library we
are defining the false we are going to use for pedigree and then finally the lady of the showing so you want to attract maybe if you want to do something especially which some showing you can use a dictionary to get the right so
we created in the
context of the current
again image and you certainly 1 of them
associated different context we ask to the user from the skeleton articles about and then we have to write some code right so when you have a new user I want you to start looking for a opposed on windows and the user is gone you can save of maybe the
European brand of some of the major or something you so far pos can can dates as we get the final collapse to change we don't take the ball said to process and then you can start charging the discussion and when the integration is going if it's successful you are going to start talking to spend this not you are going to ask again to make people so after you right your requirements you have to
register then and then I going to to provide the skeleton then we have a function that for time the position by the of the showing and down the tree distance this is the same although there is to be capture so we can see it with establishing at all that that this is the same height and look beyond the thing that changed after we are in each iteration
we're going to get the showing so we can protestants here In this paper so what and
medication How would you like to mention to work with the problem is
and then I will waste issue downed or you so the
last thing that we are going to see about this unit data I'm just a and
concentrate on you just have to write preloaded 5 or 6 Chester like wave in sweeping leaking out and I to other models and you get a standstill the Turkey was so we used for the
libraries created benevolent context create dictionary during the meeting and you can see that the register and generated have to have digits search you a room to try if it's not the basics you can you know where the energy of she so we
arrive at home the skull
access OK we get that it just says that you tell us to look and really and this will and her behind generator and we have to pay when you create a new kind of these this is that when you take
it out with you district these their just shown up hiding this price so I can then cases and you can create this less year than the C dot and
history OK just
more position to they need to be in your in your pen and this training from was from this to so you're history of colon
absolutely this is just answer and it finds
users that I want to put this is certainly glad that out playing right so the only thing that passes through the nature I understand it so you
can try your hand position was the function to come and this is the by note here and the other thing that changed is dead in inpainting you have to update your spring for
going to from when you aware thank you and that all of which should
not so it that C. their
final them over and we we find that we makes some technology so we are going to use from mean we use
just around and generator but when we are writing of collects we are going to make in each callback appetite from dictionary so then we are going to be included in in g and send it to you and you so in the other side is going to be a last application that is going to be waiting participates and send it to our this web page
is it's going to take
JavaScript they we call it the message saying OK where you want to read a new option if you want to monitor and went to the data
so through this stuff in which she only use these yes is an amazing array is made some highly directional where she and don't use all the the stuff life shape changes from when she so increase yes you can create camera on this object or I want to staff material and and even more you can import and export of 6 or sorry seen 1 so it's pretty will here
I don't want to go and you are not going to show the school because I don't have so many times but in the end you have the recall and this is all the colonies command that is pretty really any so we're
going to so we know that
someone from the so this this need with that 1 of the most of the year in which early in but the thing is that we have this and is on the
formal and doesn't have and I have to show it to you with the museum and you and so be
the you have it is to hard by so you made a
point of a tennis you always shift I different culture found method at the end of every session of you may make a point that very explicit about simulation always shut down at the end of a reason to assume that if you don't horrible things are going to happen uh does this support so context managers of the with something as yeah the accident vanity don't need to do that ICT industry is worth that's in the need to the code and did you were about this who and what what happens if you don't you don't even hear dimension that can you pass all the world we you get someone has made it's not just the ones found and then essentially you have you yeah you don't have done so this and the a new life all right you're you for grounds that was to you're going to so if you have 1 of professor something in the sense that I was work have you know that the according the lack a and the work that the the last thing years the yeah hi


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