Concurrent programming with Python and my little experiment

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Concurrent programming with Python and my little experiment
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Benoit Chesneau - Concurrent programming with Python and my little experiment Concurrent programming in Python may be hard. A lot of solutions exists though. Most of them are based on an eventloop. This talk will present what I discovered and tested along the time and my little experiment in porting the Go concurrency model in Python. ----- Concurrent programming in Python may be hard. A lot of solutions exists though. Most of them are based on an eventloop. This talk will present what I discovered and tested along the time with code examples, from asyncore to asyncio, passing by gevent, eventlet, twisted and some new alternatives like evergreen or gruvi. It will also present my little experiment in porting the Go concurrency model in Python named [offset], how it progressed in 1 year and how it became a fully usable library . This presentation will be an update of the presentation I gave at the FOSDEM 2014. It will introduce to the concurrency concepts and how they are implemented in the different libraries.
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is been watching it is the correct promise that correctly again and he is best known for being the author of Energy unique but today he's going to talk about that but reported the goal concurrency model to Python so please give a warm round of applause to but what really has to be given the country's which and to
be very clear as we learn presumptuous little Cochran program these patterns ally finished by experimenting and boldly go concurrency Monday patterns and the delivery of what for so just to look at it it was myself on the gene you go far with the web server and patterns and so comes to be commuter and member of the PNC which is the project manager Munch group of the company and by definition vitamin there and ending up at finite so 1st what is concurrent programming and basically concurrent programming is a way to
and function as human tendency but the mean and forwarding by the didn't have to be environment could be just waiting into you function basic encoded as intensity value and sharing your processing it at that size on which will be run from time to time about
because you want to if at all you can run it on the which views machines and then can be run by the case and
you have the muscle to models of comparison of the first one is a chair and memory and uh which is easier for the programmer he doesn't to care about variable really can use global variables and they were not passed to functions and the hidden machines the runtime is managing for it uh it as it can be a pragmatic case that the more efficient way to into a new program concurrently because the length of to cable looks at when you want to exist for example to prove valuable if you will the system we have to to ask for justice of the variable and then we have to look to runtime checks the valuable and passed the function x the eigen back and forth and the the is not really involved and z always misses scene so you have to more than you of of the Yakima them and he is he has viewed and I will indicate the family and there
must be a way to say my function my could use running independently in new part of my professional wanted to die from both of them die from mission and then passing through them and that the army suspicions so again this is between themselves connections and that the and that the elements can be well known to onto 1 of them so and knowledge in Python you out of different went on and that's left freeway in the summer I read the away from the police is
a constant growth which is
basically just improves selects uh celestial rose you to wait on the read the white even from forget as those as encoded as you that to do that but again resistance function that we on the some code when it and that you have a more creative way which friends titles uh we'll come back later and that's and that you have many parameters red and impact zeros uterine concurrently that that the front and back and then there are 2nd series garbage processing that allows you to launch code on the front of set was processes and that have this spread and on top of them you can use literature of which and knowing pedantry but there are a lot of an extension pattern to and that allows you to execute could uh is afraid of full of spread of process on top of the process in France and you you can execute your code on 1 frontal and process and so we will come back later in the future you we cover the Wizard of exceptions you up and you can also put some code but on that on the right you are asking you about which is the model went by the free and which is the most of even the the 2nd programming and it's uh basically allows you to yet to orient from a generative and learn and not really like this seems you because it eats like you you where you are doing this interesting this because you can send to a to a director of getting back somewhere from interacting but this this this expression and this is on running on 1 framing effect and so if you just think you could go the the time you get the that from from entitled to intuitive and then you come back and so you become really which it's could in the main concurrently you just to from time to time because and he's also running on 1
but you can also use the library and then you have to improve self-esteem library there was the 1 that I think this is the year genes running as from this code
abrupt encoded background you don't have to care about only when it and it's you that you are using you you are developing your patent and lecturer his only to its function of Brookings you work processing center derivative vector to raster and the could use run in an a she eventually that they're being good library for that's an an example based on we know that and as they just using different advantages for g of and this is the today and that there is green using binary like the beauty and value and user group is that even the library Tristan and like he said uh which is a mostly what can like as think you at least the spend a lot of things you and this is the for me this is like anything that she has some out on Titan using your waiting for color but possible could but eventually differing some code for data and this is what I really wanted and all these various encourage and you will achieve and you get the green trees to the old days of even mostly targeting value as input output so files even and forget even and we some motions to to to to the time when we've entropies using uh from the sum of all tool to all the time so I decided to
widen your library and for that absolutely experiments some new clothes and but if you put in runtime library and the runtime fighting offset means the this is a small individual competence of plants so that is going on in the present and sharing the same idea and they are both in the same but a print of his own life and this is basically what is also his um and making it good there on top of
writing on government by
Indian and have some will also I want to support blocking if you like to even the amount that but that is not trying to batch in in background them I just on library Apophis something explicit of prefer to see it to know when my library is is a patch and the perfect proxy for the library for that comparison and then so it used to be working on pattern to surrounding the working in item 2 2 7 2 8 2 7 . 8 but there must be being to them by the the phone by and because I don't have time to to ponder all items and you can find it on money repository and the book
goes in that it is mostly a memory model that is based on protein it's going to a bunch of code that is running on the 1 friend explicitly way to work to this picture frame in in 2 to best function it should go in the back of your friend energy from and when you want to switch from uh 1 to the user of the system is choosing 1 friends afraid to to institute and they will back you critics and it's basically just adding and that the few friends and this goes in the middle from each of winning independently from all contests uh global reliable of his field goal you of label which is not advised to use them and this is the mean of that you can use because you're going back but I don't advise you to use them because you love again conferences as anything China bite out
in a way to communicate between them but also our way to unblock request because when you are waiting for the channel that the studio is able to run again to say someone we sent to the China altruistic it on the sphere and you can wait on rejection and so
get and that is a good at
and above by this procedure but it was the some now I have some nightmare of the radio and you can see from time to find a way to screw
this by selecting the major like when understood you the main part of the deal is that is a tool allows you to going to to make is equal to our global reliable between the past able to function have today said to do that the system is at the right time is need to look and text time and also because of the 1 of them was quite easy that thank you you may have committee frightening in buying a systems but you can only on 1 from the fact that the and then you need to weight of the Fred finished addicted to it together with so to examine the system itself and that's what
ways for Fire wings and things like that accepting OK with from connections with on the we didn't even know within a 5 . 2 5 because all of the is on the background the background by your eyes so using faithful that's and we use of that is very fine and yet by and has no implementation of the decoding and I don't want to try to do that and that I don't think it will in so I decided to to
to create some contents the coating systems coated with or with the assistance and pressed into interests and political repression would be did that french a Python
to have to because coating on using Python fiber and by the time the user does if you both of continued its wants to buy items from central to talk value and I've contributed to grows to reversal of the senate the 2 on top of my so you can use fired on top of 5 using such and I models to do what image looking so instead of using a B texts experiments systems using an atomic operations that you can find Jesus young although in conditions and that it together suggested fight for that if the use of sectarian process so if you want to screen lets you can have a pretty wide you will affection to difficulty so sittings so
this is a member of the of set library and there created using the scale US rate could have because everyone introduced in Frankfurt and statistical convex fisheries cost be because you have once caterer context which meant that you uh in the infrared and this is where because of process and his processing you India and doting which are called so
only discover what is pretty simple in fact and the end and you have a process context which is mentioning at wrench you when through of chromatin and these coatings aspect in which you and the first one and there will be the 1st to be out to be effective at a time when you want it and that is going to be the 1 that with that of the wrench you and when the goodness of 2 and can be this the back in the 1 you or can be and is a good thing from them to be of
course at least you have to school system called to handle and any blocking cold like waiting in having a time or waiting for a connection of world with unifies any protein persons mostly I questions so you have the right to and when you go looking is typically that has red and this is done by team prompting the star salivary in this fiscal motives and offset some of them adding and taking any abrupt coding from the start library and when function is it the case that the the interferometer output good out of the of the runtime of the rent you and we create a cold and effect was that freedom on the article so what is the the activity prediction and reunified again that in French and when you come back this theory recreated go wanting and put it back to the ranch you and pretty pretty up on top of the range you so it would be the priority and the and you would get with of you at the the landings and all
oil will use a story
about able which went power and you actually able to on the rest of the code new and then an
example and here is a good usability example on the right and you have to buy the bond underestimate the booklets which outputs you so what's the this is doing is pretty component is cooking and lower 5 times in to 1st and the main function is the these executive so here you are seeing as some kind of local because the when function that is about to be removed and interesting to commit the crime and that right now it's so 12 so you have a protein that is worlds and the and the main function and he's Psi animal and the same functionalities doing is 5 times fringing this is that the the string that this past week and that sleeping during as 1 of them is going and when seeking this is the score functions and when is sitting at the voting is put back in the range you and the next could be so the 1st sentence in which low men and the men should good out of review put back in the and the next coating which is the a way of putting the 1st row putting the print and will be put in the wrench you then the next alluding basically we said no x directed the fact that and yet pretty sure that the book of the model that
and channels so in
terms of the implementation of sets selection goal you up with this shit you having good on that you have a family of sets as such and I was surprised that connect complementing events and value in Europe and China into other from 1 alluding to the user and we have is when you are in the proteins and by means that when you are sending a value and the good thing is put back in the wrench you to let this chance to another to 2 and that this is a good thing to send back that physical eating when the when the Bhutanese sending it reviewed by intuitive lexical we can be really be available OK and and you will be able to read so by doing that we have mostly fitting the student 100 new code by passing message from 1 relating to the use of the term that we prefer that the mean that that but that's the way that someone using the phone when you sending you can see send any value at the time uh so these before reading you could and you can select and each
year a simple example of an underwriter fight and on the right and the left go again
and we are making a channel yet the going through some of the stuff and no to some of this some more efficiently restricting to and restricting the resources to work written to broaching that we some this is to the the working with a single channel which is created by the make function and when the sun is done the voting age we send back the resulting the channel and the men who would demand in the main function is waiting for the president of the 2 proteins getting the results of the sums on xn xn prayer and we some final resort to print the front and couldn't go with and this is an example of
something buffering and the system example the channel so the size of the selected function which arose you to wait committee chairman and you can wait that someone is able to we said that they want to send to him all 2 way to that someone is able to send you from that that you want to reshape the most selective selected when you are working for me white and you forget and this is done sense functions here and you a reserve some and some even seen the set function so you out yeah we the receiving a sense and reaching the membership for and what features of human intervention and the time the dates you
of ozone with this instrument you have seen function without actually looking at and that you can use the new the library uh interests of channels so you can do some the protein and you have time and net I would is to learn from them as I connections to the file on them you forget about union and manner what they want to do
is to we were extracted using and that this is the students spend on different processors matching which need the
first one to be done with each other
and make the winter and future work like in West so you can label the fish to a library here and then for all to use a greedy position went down and any of them and yet the pressure due to uneven was put into the room some questions from yeah
you have questions please line up the microphone well or raise your hands you're no the questions will be things and then 1


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