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Pioneering the Future of Computing Education

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OK welcome back into the next SALT pioneering the future of computing education and please welcome from the rest for replies foundation then so 1 thinks that come to the token appearing during your Python as much as I am the best way to be here and so on from there was reply
information and benefits by 100 to development and I work in on the education team as well sigh the response of the website website and you and other development work in writing educational material and and do outreach and talks and things like that and so what is worse because of
the 1 here so it's a single-board
computer the runs linux from the God has USB ports nationwide the idea is you just put it intuitively putting a mouse and keyboard and program and then you can use it as a normal desktop computer to some extent so
what is required so why did they what they call this device but there's this is the BBC like have these user and the idea of this was that you would put into your TV and you get programming environment straightaway knows exactly what was required was supposed to be so the thing is
we used to have a computers like that the you could program now have to these like this they can just you just this is the magic box and it just works you wave your hands around and things happen and thus making us stupid as great as that that is the technology not learning how to make these things legislating season and so on there is
reply is the foundation of the Charter UK charity a board of trustees the managers direction and there are 2 sides of it like any my most charities accounts listens to at some point as a trading company so the engineers is robust run by adding up to and that's it that's a bunch of people who bring in money they make money they give it to us we spend time on the foundation side as the fun side uh so yeah we hire x teachers we hire developers who want to work on the educational material and as a we spend the money that the engineers bring bringing so this is the
foundation was set up in 2009 and by a group of people at Cambridge University they're trying to essentially make a modern-day BBC Micro something you just put in and you get it was gonna be adjusted their Python prompt at the ambient to put into TV you have a Python prompt you have keyboard you just you just the learning programming in a basic environment and you see the few examples of the process types there the 1 on the the right here and that was almost like a USB stick Some comes size device so that was just you as the 1 side Haitian either side and it was just could be a programming environment Python the 1 in the middle level so holding was this approach site of holes in the walls computer which eventually became the 1 on the right there which is the the original recipe model B
and and in that time and the entire foundation mission was just to get board and production make it a reality and then from 2012 to the beginning of 2012 when they're asleep I went on sale and had 10 thousand was revised waiting to the weights into the ball and they sold 100 thousand on the 1st day this is a little bit more there's a lot more interest than was anticipated and that was just from having a WordPress blog saying yeah we can make this cool thing is going to do Python will teach kids code
and a lot of people saying hey this is really cool that you make a 35 dollar computer I 1 1 of those and they'll they'll try to get 1 and I was ahead of time trying to to order reply on the uh on the 20 20 9th of february the lead a year in 2012 uh and so we had going around in this 1st of the year uh your 2 going and giving talks telling people about about whereas if was about and we have lived and he was
managing the block into a standard a great job of promoting everything we were we were trying to do the time and we we announced a new the new model which was an anticipated um and the development of the model anyway so that was the chief less powerful man version of the original recipe prices just is just the same with only 1 USB and without 2nd that we had client join the team is the only on the and here he sort of form the 1st so the iteration of the founding the foundation's educational things he was around giving talks about how he uses defined schools we had some funding from Google and you wanted to push these devices and into schools around the UK and where we have a whole lot of those with the we've been beginning at schools will separate out a the 1st official products add-on products for as required the camera module and then there was a 2nd iteration of that which the infrared filter removes the camera and applying new as there was something people asking for and then also in an I think it was like 2012 we moved production of were already replies from China to the UK to really kind proud to be to say all the rows replies to you by now all made in 1 factory I 170 factory in Wales in the UK and and
and then after the rows reply became available and it was out there in the
wild this whole community just came out of nowhere and is a real kind of amalgamation of everything from the existing hackers who were already used to these kind of death caused by paying a lot more money for them there are people like myself who that program and sending user groups and releases in the tech community that way and and a whole host of people in between and there was all these new kids the parents teachers all trying to get involved in in water supply was about uh all these books and magazines dust stretching out loads of things on Kickstarter trying to it further it blows of add-on boards people during the Baltics and also of things and the
release of all these people out there just making things and by an blood was was just full of these amazing projects that were but a guy sending them into space to take it to the efficiency that absolutely amazing I would definitely recommend you don't check his stuff out that is called a very common the search for and pie-in-the-sky you'll find a lot of cool stuff and there's a lot of this just an example out of robotics projects and all sorts of things people people wouldn't resident prize early on so that and from
2014 onwards this is a point where but aerosols of all of these things we've a lot money coming in uh we do with that originally said they weren't we were going to do some of teacher training education materials and of leave that to the community and but you know we got a point where we in a position where we can actually do do a lot of them so what we have so far this year
so we brought out this this is the industrial version of the raspberry reply as circuit the industrial compute marginal this is a radical i in the form factor of around sets a certain connects connector slots
into a dead for like this and you use a surprise attack is your of your initial product product and that's a really really cheap and very accessible death being yeah that will find you know the money comes into as and we thought we'd be used to fund the educational mission of the of the charity we have a
major milestone recently announced 3 million sales rose revised which is very cold
and just last week we announced the model B plus the 1st of great to look the 2nd operation of state the original Raspberry Pi as x 2 USB ports extra chief opens now has 40 it's got improved power and power consumption and so will you will use less power and I said it deals with with without almost instantly when the compensate for the 1st from TV onto the headphone jacks it's just just there on the 1 side now takes a micro SD card um and the best thing about this is that the price is the same it's still 35 dollars and so
most notably about yes of specific related to this talk is that we formed an education team this share so I joined at the end of 2013 Clive was already there this is and time Philbin who is the author of 1 of the books that I mentioned that the community put to the next feature as is plies and got couple of the guys who are in the you know the sense of makes of background once along the teacher and there was a developer oneself and where coming together now and then doing a lot of things that we've got hi Academy which
is our teacher-training course that we know run we do about 1 every month or 2 at the moment so we get we invite teachers to apply and it's free CPT for teachers and is now open to teachers around the world a common for 2 days training again used to all the different things you knew the present find a classroom and helping them overcome any problems that had classroom logistics that kind of thing and introduced and uh nice kind of way that they they will realize they're in the same boat and that they can get over these problems
and I was hired to take on the websites of previously we just had a simple blog just showing the information of what people would do present pies around the world all the projects that we can find to a civil blogs uh which is fantastic and content but what really needed was an was all the stuff is this new website brought so we now have educational resources on the web site we have held guides the molecular kind of thing
in a more accessible way so this is our resources page I haven't
3 categories teachers learn and make so those things for teachers to take actually just give give them the give give classes based on this estimated teaching computing concepts and that kind of thing and then they have all the all the stuff teachers need and to to to deliver the UK curriculum um they have kind of learning objectives and all that all kind of things that you know the latest to the curriculum that the the teachers need and learn or things like just you know do do this exercise you can learn a lot about this this topic animators kind building things all on making sense of interactive applications there
are free to use and and
and free and in the end the liberties and so there'll be a creative commons license so you can do whatever you like with those we don't apply any restrictions on teachers to set the compromise on 1st accompaniment can't edit them or whatever they want so we just uh the reliable enough for anyone to use for any purpose and we encourage them to so that it can make make their own resources out of the materials the role on
guilt so we have collaborators working on that and around the world file issues if they if they have any problems with them they they can edit them back and forth and were encouraging teachers to get to get involved in in sharing in this way as well so some of our
results is just just by a few examples have got a new 1 this that's being worked on the moment is that using a of a Morse code an attack and we've got a we've got a Python interface to you and it's typing messages and using that Moscow's you learn how to build up the programmes and through a few steps of the building up um which will be releasing since we don't an infrared box using the camera along and so you can actually have a where feed a video he's going from from a big talks to you know that's gonna infrared sensors so whenever whenever that comes in and starts recording yes with us and we've seen some of the users that around the and around the Internet people set itself and made their own and make the box we got and there's actually a pure Python interface to the cameras Welch's when by a friend of mine in Manchester which is which is really nice to use and integrate a great example of a community contribution um and we we've got the resources based around that searches um the a push-button stop-motion 1 so we you can set of a physical Boston that will trigger the camera a I need to make a a stop-motion animation with something like Lego so there's there's a whole resource around building that self and understanding how the code works and actually building the you know the the so the product for and for making that that results happen 1 of the we had a poster the composition of the and then the last year people are case-sensitive posters of ideas of things they wanted to make we sent them 1 of the people must be pockets in the term 1 of the ideas was perhaps the party can they wanted to this this young child wanted to come see what hamsters didn't like saying they were they were nocturnal so that they're probably you know running around having a party and so so we made the results based on the idea um and show you how you could set a camera to watch to watch the to be triggered when the when the hamster wheel went round or when the when the when the house is walking around the cage and those things like press heads which is the time lapses press going out of bag and then there's some natural sort of computer science stuff so this things like and networking results we we recently put together which is a whole series of lessons and based on learning networking with respect which is a lot closer to what a lot of you learn imagine that we we you know which during and there's a there's a program on res replied called Sonic which is a very interesting project uh it's essentially writing music encode saliency is an example here this is actually based on real data which is a nice step between a visual programming likes environment like scratch where you just drag and drop the blocks and building up to something we can do you have a lot more power like Python and because of recent ruby syntax that was not as many brackets and it's known as the it's not as the reliance of upon you having the indentation settled of in the right way things like that and this is a really nice way and also and allows you to that and to evolve visual representation of your of your code it's audible representation which is which is really interactive and can be very good to teach computer science from
the concepts so have new help so if you're you really joining a club club or but also some some something like an open text school something like that you can use of materials and I would see and the being used and if you have any contributions if you Varinia your materials of you fault 1 of ours and and added to it we love to have it come back to this and in the greatest some contributions from from the community as well as you got packaging and at the end of paper or something like that it's just check and see if it if it runs on the other if it if it would be if it if there's something you do to to improve it but be that would be great the the there's also had a network of of events surrounding mostly around the UK and and there's a few around the world as well Carrez region and this actually just 1 recently been set of in Berlin by a friend of mine that so if if you if you could attend the rest region just enough you got projects show you know show show it off Agenda he if you can have help when the hands of the teaching aspects because a lot of children and parents go along and then the need guidance and any any kind of help along that 1 of those gems and the really really useful thank you if you don't something with the with the pine you know and you know me tell me about it and don't to somebody or another Foundation and the degree to it's always good to hear what people are doing this because I find people are quite quite about these things and they and I'll be chasing phrase is telling him all that what we're doing and then they just say I In this Gorriz require yeah I built a killer robot with its and that's alright so that it's also the like and I set 1 of that land you know helps the children in Africa like for all this this amazing you know you need do is tell me about this with about a blog but thing that you can do to help is just virus reply and the compute modulo William that the really really helpful because some
antivirus require your funding our educational mission which is which is a worldwide mission is just not is based in the UK and you from the development of new hardware so a lot of factors like in the in the original days before this can now really excited about it and they know they want a piece of the action they wanted to get hold of of arrested by and that the model the model we can work on that the more engineers we have working on new products the you know that the more everyone else will benefit from that and you know there's there's always work being done on on the kermess requirement and future products that's an another can be further by by our the expansion and I'm sure you see the next generation of reverence reply and then we can you know we can we can make a big big leaps forward in in that respect and funding free and open source software by by bye by we try we and we have a lot of contributions towards open source and then so we we find that the the port of pipeline to to which if you saw the talk yesterday and on pipeline that was that was mentioned we funded xt and see kind of proof and prove that on on hardware and things like that they and expand wave Western we're working really hard on that that those kind of test of environments for the work best a hardware and pause again those forces in getting and we've got around to version of that would be what the moment called Maynard um which is which is looking really and we've we've developed a lot and find a lot of element of squeak the the small sodium which scratch in and actually scratch itself and MIT have moved on from the original version of scratch and uh and um and have moved it to a flash environment so where we stick with stuck on the the old version and we're actually funding and development of that itself and incorporating a lot of loss cool features that you can do with res replying messages to the I O interactions and with with 100 and and is a new browser that we're we're working on and which will be released soon we also run being have all been brought from that the guys we and in makeshift the we used to open source their graphics drivers that something off people really wanna see and we've had a few a few a wins with those of the last 2 3 years and I know the initial we would go out 10 thousand bounty to the 1st person to and ports some drivers that they that I open source and to to to to work on rest reply and that was 1 that was that was quite big big announcement
um just done before I finished I'm going to be doing a US told next year and so if your about Protestant this map is so vague and anticipation of my reads as the me from the beginning of August for the next for the for about 2 3 weeks the I'm trying to stop any any hack spaces of many communities or groups if anyone is in the US alone as a non US it might be interesting here we speak all welcome to visit and or anything like that and check out of our website as a as a call for a request for comment comes piecemeal organic search
and that is a if you got anything you wanna talk to Iran Namibia afterwards and but also by means of sending e-mail to check our our work on CALO um and projects when something about please do you know me so feel free to take a picture that all and doesn't cards at the front here if you wanna join graph as well and so thank you they call them as if a very nice project and any questions all of them have not had too much time was but I I I see you mentioned that you have ongoing development of what's going to happen next to draft apart so I knew that there was a BBC Master and the other reasons and so so uh what's what's the next thing in the pipeline the next cool piece of hardware and I realize that you we can say I can't tell you I
like very well we really just brought our new model so I would expect and things immediately but it's more of a term term thing talking an added did references Raspberry reply to in in a blog post announcing that the B + but he you know we're not talking anything imminent the opening of that that will be the future vision but that the B plus is the is the final and the final revision of the original as reply so we won't be on the you know the currents of hardware pass this but this will be a very long term supported device this is this is a there are 3 million after the current has replies out there and and we've with no interest on on In leaving a behind the and what about compatibility of to 1 1 up to the child and I want to a child so what you mean by compatibility what what can be done in common with the rear of the project but even in the instance sense of the project so that was a really cool project and which um you know a lot of the and the aims of the project was very similar to our own and the rest applies a lot more extensible in terms of what you what you can do with it with the With the physical hardware and and the physical computing elements that I'm not sure what the weather is to be said about the possibilities in terms of I don't know if this a still uh the sort of team working on the project but identity Viking specific to to say we have to to talk OK 1 more question what sort of software comes bundled with the last part of this so our major domains of for the distribution is recipe in which is a community ports of the bombs deviance and and that's the 1 that we we generally support we do have a lot of a piece of software which runs of this decoding gives you a selection of different operating systems but not just about a recipe and so on it's a full-fledged Linux distributions so you do get a full desktop environment uh things installed by default um a lot when anything is available in Devin and the divine archives anomalies is supported generally uh but yeah by default you get a lot of preventive programming language Python Java through the things I that um and OR packages are available for 3 Python as well as scratches bundled something that the GPI or libraries for instance things like that and the the kid the camera the camera interface and basically anything you can gain in deviance well and is is available walking into a much again
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Titel Pioneering the Future of Computing Education
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DOI 10.5446/19948
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Abstract Ben Nuttall - Pioneering the Future of Computing Education How the Raspberry Pi Foundation are leading the way in the computing in schools revolution by providing affordable open and connectable hardware to people of all levels of experience. Now we have an education team, we're pushing forward with creating resources and training teachers to help deliver modern computing education around the world. All our learning resources are Creative Commons licensed and available on GitHub. We write materials that match the UK computing curriculum. ----- I'm Ben, from Raspberry Pi. I do development and outreach for the Foundation and I work with the rest of the education team to help make learning through computer science, coding and hardware hacking more accessible to all. In this talk I explain the Raspberry Pi story: its mission - the reason the Pi exists; what happened before release - getting the board in to production; what happened in the first two years - the community birth and growth; and what's coming next - education focus, new hardware and improved software. Python is the main language used (and advocated by us) in education with Raspberry Pi. We're creating learning resources to match up with the new UK computing curriculum, where we teach young people programming and computer science concepts with Python on Pi, and help teachers deliver quality material in the classroom to work towards the objectives the curriculum sets out to achieve. With Raspberry Pi we open up possibilities for connecting to the real world in an accessible way using the powerful, high level and human read/write -able language of Python. We work closely with the community: hobbyists organising Raspberry Jam events; educators teaching with Raspberry Pi; the software communities and their contributions - and we welcome any interested parties to get involved with helping us provide for the wider community.
Schlagwörter EuroPython Conference
EP 2014
EuroPython 2014

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