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shutdown - Last call


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Title shutdown - Last call
Title of Series FrOSCon 2014
Part Number 21
Number of Parts 59
Author Kupfer, Andreas
License CC Attribution - NonCommercial 2.0 Germany:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/19641
Publisher Free and Open Source software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Release Date 2014
Language English

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract shutdown Last call Closing event of the conference. I big warm thank you to everyone who helped make the conference a success, along with a couple of interesting statistics and other tidbits. ······························ Speaker: towo Andreas Kupfer Event: FrOSCon 2014 by the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Keywords Free and Open Source Software Conference
anybody here that it doesn't speak German no problem that's where all the slides are in
English and yet sadly that all of these things this 1st and so I won't singer promise and see what what what what I think is everybody here because then I go and lock the doors and just getting so sub somebody will probably in the Senate and the others should watch the public will Rome don't want to have a 5 and also as a side note that only talked before the lunch break news probably they I even more by now so I I guess they all talks will be reduced by half of states so if you miss some cause you can watch them at all on Monday justices EURO frost kind of TV which is my guess is we are even due to this and the but the most important number usually is the number of participants and we actually long around 200 people there's
always some kind of magic in creating these numbers
but still so then doing the magic for the last couple of years and pretty certain that we have more to say stable Leonard the most important thing about those clothing depends on statistics so
1st brings development of the mind that ball we will we will be out of of of the of the of the the book in 1 2nd we try other things this is what I took this record is proportional to he's 1 of the guys who is responsible here of the gasses responsible to that you have all
the views available already so the moral of the walls of the different it would be sticking better a you know
I talk about just so that he
drank a 100 because more of click model this year you and therefore they you 300 levels of the year the great traffic was at the end of the hall from fossil the away and produced coffee from 8 kilograms of action aged used today date is date of 18 18 kilograms of coffee and less today than they use 100 and 10 this is of milk so you like a coffee and and some more sophisticated natural that only 600 peak program graphic lines In this crowd I would assume everybody has made this he's to the weather but probably the topic that would so you could use them there was 1 as a side note we don't have 1 final lecture halls because of reasons so it's on your side so it did we can do anything about the the the the wife and lecture rooms we know it's terrible about the policy so that the you have decided that students shouldn't use Wi-Fi equipment during elections probably so this is we we can't really get that right inside so otherwise it would provide you with but has a but this may be changed the even build us for next year they built the Dust to new lecture rooms so far content and we have a new lecture rooms and traffic time you know and get a bit of a frightening there's a pool of the island network they had to pick times the 2 of them at times as part of the screening and at the 69 people reviewing frost come from home the beach or evidence we collected 3 terabyte of other well recalling the talks which equals 60 and a half I was the dual so that's like if you if you if you into binge watching that's more than a week madam infrastructure to provide everybody was power in that we meaning what like 2 2 and a half kilometers of cable and that's lots of copper there and we had a certain distribution of boxes and we notice that so when we go to the list of stuff we brought that from the the university brought 42 postscript this number is not been altered the promise but as usual is time to sustain you and the most important thing people to say thank you the guys that run around in the and the green shirts a the 580 also of work have been done this this region by the and it's it's amazing we don't know what we would do without you thank you much and it like that about 70 so you can do your math about how stressed some people yeah so if you like it here and want to contribute next year just signed up and we will find somebody found jobs for you then you move the additional slides and Roma children to the think that it happened of Computer Science of the University of Applied has of form of what I think and then there's the events that lead thank you very much for the posting lists like 4 for 9 years now and making sure that the university and the powers that are there are still understood for the next to the time food tenure neuron anniversary and there's a lot of this kind of event doesn't come for free and doesn't come cheap so and this is only a subset selection of wealth from those them anymore I that stuff and then operate on 100 most of them are looking for for the quiz so if you're out out of a double or you did in between jobs or just like leave a change of blog talk of them they they it's sometimes of
really interesting stuff to almost all the guys you can see on there are currently hiring and most other sponsors also hiring so OK some other people think the pop those are the guys that provide us with little mice forms which I already gave back so that without this is what would be possible because you have to run around followed to communicate with everybody and thank you very much I think they are already tearing down the equipment so that not here this year the the book with all the guys that provides us with a recording of all the torques yeah and they're getting better every year as I told you before the end of the untouchable provide all speakers and helpful to rules might so the towels little frost come along and then do Generate new training you have like somebody from crafty stuff that you don't have always will not anymore but next I talk to medics and firefighters in which often don't they told me it was pretty quiet just the usual carbon and somebody who saw his hand with the state of the global but nothing nothing major happens so can do so remember what the next slide has to do with all of that yeah the all is done in the hands of the uh university is ready to be given back to their normal occupants and we like to meet up and get rank and so we like all like you won't to the wages of the population and have a drink with and it starts at around age uh some of us will be there on the and the rest will come when we have finished hopefully soon so good point yesterday with this if you dare at 8 and there's not a lot of people there you're not helping getting here this down so please stay here and help me and and as usual if you wanna give us a hand there are people in blue shirts like Monte the voting and thus asked him how can I help you and as many people join him that will be done and then like no time and many people are involved at the weekend making this happen but that the people that being ready for frost column false over 8 months 9 months meeting regularly and that like the last thing to come to the front so the control of the city and it's that more every year so if you if you're interested the sign up for a newsletter but some as usual I think in September we all but we don't want to talk about force and 1 of the 1st time you don't want to think about the we don't do any conferencing but I think it in October or November there will be a kick off meeting for next year and and that a lot of next year's of our 10th anniversary we're looking for a great features great ideas great content if you if you have somebody was you who think that guy should talk at Frost content some of the melody and some of you may give us feedback some of amount of feedback across common but the AUC both should work I think and yet so thank you for making false points of 0 14 great grand and so they want to get to help us at all small and the all next that later on at the officer of probably all next year course content
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