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Init - Kicking off the conference
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Kupfer, Andreas
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Free and Open Source software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
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init Kicking off the conference The opening event of the conference. A few starting remarks and warm welcome from the conference organizers. ······························ Speaker: towo Andreas Kupfer Event: FrOSCon 2014 by the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Free and Open Source Software Conference
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and welcome to cross God 2014 installment of this and and my mail client is complaining that it doesn't have implement this kind of a and 1st and foremost very important best to get something we want to model the way there have been numerous people told us we should rename this talk from in to system but we also
to take the and yes I am
studying and this is the on the our main organizers of this year's event 1st and like to welcome you to this events and I hope you have a lot of fun and that in the next list and we organized there's so many together the Department of Computer Science of the University and therefore this is a part of like to hand over the microphone to the house of Department Mr. Science thank you so it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the free and open source the Conference 2014 not only on behalf of the computer science department but it's also a repressor representing the president of the university who were on short notice that he could attend which for he originally intended but he sends his greetings and so his best wishes for the conference the frost comes started almost a decade ago 1 as it is an initiative of some few students and 1 professor but as the university and the department grew over the years so that the 1st column and knowledge is with no more than 1 thousand participants and the 3rd largest Linux conference in Germany we take pride in being a part of that and having been a part of that from the beginning and so we we have a we like to hosted this conference and so on we see that the open software has always been an important part of solving real-life problems and as a university of applied sciences we also are dedicated to solving real life problems so I think the 1st 1 is well situated here and so on we can work together on these issues of and moreover of great importance all the software is growing in importance also in the field of business and economy and many other subjects and talks in this conference showed that this also is it the so part of the development here and 1 of the major issues is security data security of course is always in public discussion and also at this conference it is an issue and in fact the choice for using a based operating systems and open software is not so not so seldom already uh um based on the security an issue of security aspects well I don't want to spent too much time on the introduction your on every 1 of you is probably you get to hear the talks just 1 more thing only 2 days ago we had to another meeting here from international project where the economic development is based on free and open software your score on which will also be presented during this conference in 1 of the lightning talks and so on from the timing and it's almost perfect that we have these people still here and so we can combine these 2 1 event so let me think everybody and all the institutions who made this possible and so let me wish all of you will and let's say all of us some interesting encounters and so fruitful discussions and lightning talks at this for storm 2014 Thank you the next slide please yeah so we have a few counterparts
because because the bill and other changes so we had an JS talking workshop
which will be if we have to cancel
and as well as knowing you garbage collector talk which sadly all too can be held so if you suddenly have like I think if you want to sort of what level the and we
still haven't slots available that and I believe and at the at 11 reasonable talks of someone at the presentation ready and is very eager to present to the score of the crowd to talk to us we are at the offices of the right above the entrance and now for some general information as usual and the most important the knowledge and the most important thing you need to know about and events is that the hashtag so if you want to use respirators has across continents and for this common 9 as you can probably guess from that it should be in 9 by the way if you are if you ask yourself what lower this year means are then that as usual we have something to eat something to drink and most importantly this time of day for many of us is coffee so I start with that and you find that the of the coffee from line on the local rostering worry so we Cathy Coughing of course the company and I think of me but I have a very good thing about them they are from a distance but some just follow the the smell from weak and then you get a good grade on the opposite side of their lives are that they can buy brings a alcoholic analog colleague whatever you prefer this time of day and the level for food you go to the men's answer at the other end on the rights of where we have some breakfast and later on Monday and of course we have so if we you went to mind and since the weather this not some mastermind anymore and decided to go analysis here that but we still have some need on the barbecue and there's a a fountain in the what the answer this is due to the high so and the translation different not correctly and I'll get you Michael to come there after the concentration and the join us for Bureau of non-alcoholic beverage of your choice and that the from from the giver this is the loss will be held by considering that probably many of you know and he's not here yet but the we will talk about the hospital the companies can help can handle open source projects it's quite a lot of experience and that I believe that started doing IT in the nineties in the back pages of some some of same um at all he that's true the and get a little over and everything is so the attempt on again on some of you would like invited talk the party we all can relax and get drunk of if it starts at the a half translates 9 in in the voyages of New population bottom the you will find this information entered on the on the page later on and presented to all handed over again but also all speeches the cycle in addition to those of the author just yeah so when we have a couple of donors features here so I'm not quite sure what we have decided on how the bouncy castle involvement of going to situated up so we have been lying around here I'm still not sure where they're going to be put out because of the weather issues but they should be available at some point it state and we have a table soccer tournament because like responses something goalkicker tables along so based in organizing about a tournament about that from that had settled in the only thing you know like just was sort of the social event you can start getting and another we have prices and the church for the family and friends and if I add the whistleblower quiz will be on related to data and I'm not sure what quite exact time was of the normal and the quot last fall a yeah so it's like mn users India and so if you're are interested to know that is that participates in got to informed they have some landslips away can sign up and they will uh choose the the ones who who can joined at the quiz and there prices as well books you can't even buy in Germany and I was told that the special variable messages that and here we have a delegation of guess some joy and then they will not be aware what quite sure what are at the of this should be here and any minute OK so in general there should be writing in a minute communities and it's about that not and so they should be be around the moment until they have a good answer because that and I guess that's about it follows very special as we have like impulses year there in room 100 and it's when D I believe that's like downstairs they end up in the 1st 2nd floor in English and write a lot like our land our like like this the through lecture halls right up next to say smallest but the big yeah that's that's what 1 of the things that do we stay still startled thing destined to open for 2 days and fall off 5 for tomorrow found that is in talks and doesn't add at which we announced that some various locations where you can enter of altered all call the right to do you need and the question the and unique in as an unilateral he organized like adults that the 1 can and an event
like that would be possible about without the sponsors the the special thanks about tool in events who gave us some money to follow because so most of the speakers so the matrix of the hotel room for free so thank you very much for this that's and therefore
also on blinks some
model and mention mention mention of online social networks and let's get frost this weekend that that the you this year and we signed a cooperation agreement and results of the uh the university and as usual and then these are some pictures to be taken so we doing this now all of the this is a kind of the year


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