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Elmar's Whistleblower Quiz Show Forgotten Heroes & Stories Whistleblower stories are amongst the most important and exiting media events, many of them delivering cool plots for movies. But the real whistleblowers are to fast forgotten, regarding to what they did and how they payed for their courage. The Whistleblower Hall of Fame shall remind us of these people and what they idi and do for us. The world is full of whistleblowers. When we read news, lots of them based on information leaked be internals. Most whistleblowers will stay unknown forever. But some have choosen to go into the public, sometimes it tok decades until their identity was unleashed. There are dozens of exiting stories to tell. Almost everything evil has been more or less successfully attacked by people who put their ideals over their individual welfare. These stories cover: Surveillance, Corruption, Murder, War Crime, Fraud. Lies, Arms Trade, Terrorism. The lecture includes a "Whistleblower Quizduell" to entertain and inform the audience. Theire even a prices to be won... ······························ Speaker: Elmar Geese Event: FrOSCon 2014 by the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Free and Open Source Software Conference
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how'd words would completely rely and you we have asked before and for some candidates for a quiz show and to and I will give you what you do is I will give you a shot entry then we will call the candidates lucky to happen that we found for people and you see I got some guests and supporters see I will introduce to you and then we will stop with the show OK so I you see that no 1 has the right to obey and this is the sentence is the quote by some have quite famous German term years but it is called haven't and so this is quite important thing this is like a their money to uh for being a whistle blower so this was quite the opposite as we experience there because everybody's is was expected to obey but yet to obey is not the normal thing so why are we here for my
mission is to bring up let's say more
persistence in the and knowledge about whistle-blowers and not the super up knowing everything guy about was the blowing but I and this is some thing which drives me a lot and I try to know a lot about that and I tried to spread knowledge and I tried to possess that knowledge because we have seen that we are all victims of mass media information which causes that things get in high here get all there only few things state there you sorry he didn't just by chance of being new direction so what do we like about was blows ask myself just to start with it and why do we like was because it is really a fast the audience ever if I don't do that and United States a anyone here who doesn't like whistleblowing doesn't like whistle usually nobody puts his hands up I can do to anybody here who doesn't like was but no 1 OK the thing why we love them is because we accept that this this are people who really do things without care the from what it meant it's better students have and that's maybe this is might be definition for your roles for sure the correct I guess definition for idealism and we think people who are of idealism have a high could a credibility in the community this is the typical item I can find you don't again and this is the of the 2 that I can we know all that this is the most published photograph in the in the world and this is I can forward idealism and we found that and we find that in many places and it is quite important to have these kinds of item because people can stick to this oral fault stick to and as we seek getting into visible I think this is a photo of from 1 of frames was what color Perry follow and you see this is affordable 1972 and was hanging there bag of little cheap this is our I can't I guess now we see that this is developed into item in a way because we see that special picture and we see that and kind of graphical reproductions which reminds a lot of what is done to the famous photo of sharing so I would love to have that thing you're running along a random around town OK so I will I buy the be characters to whistle-blowers do for us it's not only that they leak special cases which happen let's say in the some countries follow a from us our work on neural far from us but then I believe I think we all can agree that attacking Fremont information is just the start up to leading to other severe restriction of basic rights these are 2 photos we from taking in Istanbul Turkey ham and where we see what can happen if somebody doesn't respect that information freedom in that case was it was in the data where they shut up to guess so the
blows with infected with a set of free so let's come to the show and all of these guys so I want to introduce the people we will help me with that because we get some really difficult questions I might get an extra team by my side and and some of you might know them so I would ask understand Mr. clients and give them a warm a applause because especially the age you will see that I think this is the standard because every good good Christian needs a good looking assistance now so if we had and she will rise up and thinking that that's the reason why we have all but I thought about dropping the bomb making that system role but I thought the better job for him would be that the judge above all because he has the freedom to tell what's true and what's not true and it doesn't matter what Wikipedia say I want to see a clear and that at would that meant the case so some guys like to explain a bit of the news of attacks that is all the to to use all of all these we have a uh that the cations and the overall view of the uh call on them and you wouldn't want to use that and we we're uh 1 of uh exponential growth that we assign to each of these by according to the it was obvious that the so question for reasons the cheese and ask you what is your view on the OK then what's the so we can to you in a small the residence for them as well and then again the data that you would use this thing to and then we will have to be more questions for the final this thank you and going the questions are which stressed and there for instance of 1 answer is right we all wrong that always in the 1 right answer and really really in for cost of the parameters on the based semantic so we assume that we discussed society as possible and we know what it mostly with the development discover team to the songs out please you know what all smartphones during the tweets role for the use of and the rest of the universe is dark and that's also times 1 minute for his and then and then because some of I collect and you will decide yes I think I can't and so on yes and whatever that is and that's something to win so because yes I found some of the surprisal literary I found some books in a bookstore I preferred are not found in older than I might try to get some of the for you to March of let's say books at 1 gets the bookstore because I what I experienced this and this will be the matter from issue of my next talk i will make maybe you have that the exterior is and what is the world according to Amazon and what's left of and what the rest of the world as a similar game like what's in will is this really the internet or is there isn't there something out there and I experienced many books and many interesting facts and not you cannot order them anonymous so what we found some so and this is what we get from we have from shot but at the time we on this machine kills secrets and we have for sure the no place to hide and I think it's cool to have them on paper because so you can read it all the time that the back where we left OK so so it is not that they call so these 4 candidates are meant to be part of the and this procedure has not can for everyone is not yet when you substitute go fast please so thank you thank you for the the 2nd 1 is the so she said no but that that you need to of it this this is the minute but I think the thank you thank you thank and the end of all Thomas hasn't been so that for OK not hello not in any modern looks like but this was and the other 1 is the anybody would be willing to step in for somebody didn't show up OK cool should you might know better than you would there was no but it doesn't matter this is for that reason we have moved here yeah only the OK so thank you OK everything clear for you OK so if you discuss that the solution of 1 . us again please don't have these claims and yes please don't talk to loud about the solution and try to put it very secretly the right thing and 20 others down so that the others cannot find out which solution was OK so now we will start by assuming a forgotten area that we have 2 letters of of this because of so this is of user and you you close to reality on the right and the loss here is the source and so the rules of being that in you can use the joke on the part of so the questions and then it to be is that you don't know all the answers you can ask the who not that in the end user so again so any letter would announced that you that some of the other team knows that you don't know the are on so that they are all the that's more content thank you so kinds the the every good movie stops here OK OK at so this is the 1st question it's about metaphor so we all know that last yet end of the so again 2030 can
pump became public that that our German Chancellor Angela matter was wiretapped by the US but this was by far the 1st time this has happened to this has happened before and our question to you is when was the 1st time that this happened before OK and out of shape 0 that's too dark the being listed that OK so I will tell you undoubtedly will remember this will happen at every each and every question OK so it's a it's in the 19 forties sixties see 19 eighties and I cannot single myself 2000 maybe we can make them light years is OK OK we have we have to do that OK so you start 40 60 80 restart 2000 so OK so we got 1 OK so protein to found some answers might provide much run a k might be right or wrong so on maybe we want to the 1st year and so on so it's not as tho we the different and you the ones that have the name the the a OK so it was a going to did not islands and all you can do it yes the sixties is the correct answer so I will always go yeah quite world and checked and double-checked by this guy this research so it might be really true this is the book and 1 of the books I tried to get to give it away today was these books and with this almost impossible to get this book today and like many of the books of that kind of yes no bits philippe energy was was the man and he brought it was the CIA a guy and he brought out that the natural and these were wiretapped in the 19 sixties so not only about military issues but about economical and other stuff to was 1969 and so on OK so that ready team like which the orange teamwork has found someone iterations of as conditional I cannot decide to get the point this man OK next question is related to that guy from the beginning so it is a question maybe I maybe can't just guess I think nobody knows this so but I thought it would be funny to bring in questions you can you can guess can you see that it's 5 different countries he lived after he had to leave the you they took this past but way which is quite the same which happened to its nodes so to hospital the way the 6 different countries live the 6 all 3 different countries who lives I mean he lived in the set of his until today that is to say that 1 and thing is that and countries he lived not easy just as had a transfer of the airport to just live there OK so all 5 6 for all 3 that was joker you I have to say which 1 we use and what was the development location of the as sum of of the simplest gap by that but I was wise enough to alter that there's a lot as something that should be a a bit of a bad like choosing the destination is just the presence of a closed and on OK this is from the evidence but it is OK so various versions the this is again this year is the whole thing was that there was no longer in the US so which and right don't don't don't turn out to be is growing and life is the right answer so OK on this apart from a map are not all countries he has but these are the real if this is really funny part if you call that funny so what happened is you had to leave the US OK he went to come to England where he was I think about 2 years since the country number 1 and so on then in the that guy was his name Kissinger that we will talk about him later convinced me and the British to send him out so he had to leave and then FIL following happened from England to Granada anybody here remember that they're very very small country that I think of know the Americans when there was a movie his because there was a lysosome mistake and you government there and he had to leave immediately so what did he left to yes we're Nicaragua art has shared and wrong child from from choice the K. would become operational what happened there because at that time around their understanding is does when there and then and the American that that's great invention of that organization called contrast if anybody reminds us with a really great idea they sold them in the end of things happen in the Colombo and he had to leave so good to collapse and as we all know that the America's best friend the usual trick didn't work out so they tried but they were unsuccessful that's select so you could think about what he did then he then he later married them a general in the gym ballet dancer which brought him a German passport and which meant that enabled him to travel and between Cuba and Germany and that that's what he did the rest of his life and in fact he spent most of his life in Germany and in Cuba where he founded a travel agency which was specialized on and making it possible that Americans who are not allowed to go to Cuba find a way that they can get their and make their their holidays that's at the nice name could be telling them which is perfect true which everybody can say what has been in Cuba OK the next question
to OK the more popular was in love with rule I guess good anyone Mills and I of against some of 1 the name of this standard that's per 1 of the 5 most famous whistle blowers ever so and 1 of the most hated by the government of had to have at that time and they're all hate it so it's a really challenge to be the most hated so that there's a film about and which is called the most wanted man on earth and this funny because you're the set via the same turn attributed to other was because of nowadays be most wanted being the most something OK so which US president is quoted here on at work so what it is and what he said was goes his heart general and he's an arrogant intellectual so without the Harvard part could be here a German you could have said it but um factor was an American presidents were and it wasn't a than B. Johnson the George W. Bush C. Richard Nixon data or on right the time runs then the Johnson be judged W. Bush viewed as Bush Apple CEO Richard Nixon the run at Reagan OK you don't need any other ideas I wanted to that might help that if I say that the 1 who made it was apparent alcohol consuming they don't care about sorry can I can say was anti-Semitic at a later of OK it makes this again and that it was to be held on the health of the blues and discover additional OK so far the origins the user and the rest of the result makes the whole graph is it's was which admits it was really just sort of to to notions of the OK yeah yeah that they crazy crazy thing is that this code comes this is is documented as I know on tapes which were recorded in the Oval Office and White House because Richard Nixon was extremely paranoid so you take everything which was spoken in that room which wasn't always good for him as a the and the other crazy thing is and this was the 1st set to you know that guy some might know this some German relation to that is quite famous what's in that box Creek fibration English for war criminal and at the same time we as the peace Nobel prize which is really cool this man's Henry Kissinger and which is is due to some of the funny thing was that Nixon was off because he was known as anti-Semitic by friends is how can you work together with Henry Kissinger and of is applied this that he's a gene is that gas that's but use different OK so OK help help LDS we should do
that because we sorry you just not take so long as the state of the art on these the 2 questions that full to you so you should use your job if you or want to make use of it the no if if you can believe in a joke cellphone which think that Nixon hate bucks so all much was it what papers why does papers Nixon papers and again a better and now OK was an anti-Semitic alcoholics syncopated for anything and the indigenous license and this is of the of the system notice that this was introduced in a you the OK that I thought I'd like a it's like this so that we can also be talk and you know it's there all day the process of the correct so we have 1 of the things we have to think of OK yes but that was Pentagon Papers which but which is true is that for sure Nixon had some relationship with the Watergate papers as we all know so which is what it's exactly the to the think 1st of all the resign of an American president there is history of United States so and and it was only resigned because he stepped back fast enough so they couldn't should await uh more send them away which is what they do in their own country and so on yeah the funny thing is that this happened um the Watergate thing which has happened with helped expect in the and a lot which is the funny thing about this is the reason why aspect came out free whereas Chelsea Manning is in jail where the Watergate papers because without that he would have been in jail but um Nixon said that what the same team which is headed to Watergate and some of the building is sent to the psychiatrist of Daniel that spirit to take up to take out the files which were then allowed spirit and some this came out In the when you have when asked that was inferred in front of the cart and this was enough to send you immediately free throws helped lot was a good idea this is the guy who will be sent to the enormous part and the leakage of the Watergate papers and his name is Mark and out 1972 this and the special thing was his a special uh specialist admissible because he refused to tell anything active he said just will react on questions if this is so we have of the world the content of the product of the patent pending because the Pentagon Papers were on the war in Vietnam and it would have brought us yet another big system of the things that I 1 main thing as I see it was found that the American public was constantly lied by I think 4 of 5 presidents on Vietnam because they always say we need some 50 thousand guys doing there from troops and everything will and these things were in that all American President lie to the public and knew that they could win that war that was the Pentagon Papers is was that previous on the internet and so interesting moving on that nicely you consider you choose really really interesting about that 7 thousand pages he brought out that so but what we want to do now is we want to know the secret name by which failed communicated when he was whistle-blowing because he wanted to stay on animals but you did before quite a long time because about 30 years he stayed the report as Bernsen would work maybe somebody know these names who created the world that famous Watergate a story in The Washington Post kept that secret so that the team top the the man named to talk to him so they gave him a name and his name was taken from that time really famous porn movies and as we are at a moral lesson I hackers conference style we need at least 1 slide with porn relations this is the slide was formulation that cell what you have to do is not get name which is steel balls was that this is a name we would like to share the throat doctrine well or hidden treasures so what is and these guys on Wikipedia yesterday OK so so 10 seconds as was so knowing all the rest of the you have these people who the s system you have a lot of what they call it the the very very slow and usually only about that you want this is uh all about but has to be thank you very much for Einstein's idea split in the middle of the land of the way and remember that that could be used to model something about it is contingent of the king and to just finished you might have to that's 1 of the what I think that was you know that it was used as actual response to Johnson and there are only 3 questions to and it was for the presence of again OK so some
of you might have seen that and have some fun with that and new personal like these 2 things clear lows as the sun and then we would get and calls might as well and this this more like about really made idea traffic in cleartext here a k so this is where the sorry of original slides from that and say documents leaked by Edward Snowden and our which questionnaires which Cantonese proven to have created paid back doors so at least 1 of the 4 following if you might prove a 2nd and 1 minute we have x upon OK so it's a it's a security this very sign say and 1st the IBM intranet security systems so you're yes it's true at least 1 of the believe yeah as they they they don't deny it's they stop denying it I think it's clear the way for the future is that that is in it's cool idea interest of even if I the state of the art and the OK just in time so get answers it is the all of their of yesterday is that it's the random generated as a as a place they say OK you give me 10 million dollars and I by chance manipulate the random number generator they could I could be a coincidence it was for several years it was in the software and I guess from the snow and the commonsense proven that they took that that that really deal for that this then the funny thing is if you them yeah so they this is really cool because this is the economic side which is good because they charge and for something they already had done so that isn't that what we all deal with and OK question number 7 the so but about Germany OK which German politician a spine discovered was uncovered by WikiLeaks so it's because the German secret agencies have other things to to ideas like not finding not Caesar and so on there are coverings making cover stories and you they're all that stuff OK so now was it but the Thomas Tunisia minister of the interior Mouton you still remember that sadly voice system was with no anybody remember that former President of Germany and you don't remember who do you do and the rest of the so which German politicians and the importance of the effective politician is no role in that Christian doesn't matter whether he had any the 1 the quality of social and right and it was OK you have to come to the end Foreign Trade to 1 the OK you so that's the things that it wasn't so there is in the form of seeing things because is more the and you know what the infected was a vessel chief of staff or is some office manager I don't know being which is present would what did he do he informed the US embassy about internals and they later funny same thing is they told later this were only internals on the half of all the parties not on governmental issues that is again as there were something labor something were reported what it was only relating to the FTP which is totally who can take care compares of Christian away here from what selectivity that you missed connotes welcome to the end of the meaning of life in the view of the all of the people on the basis of the model most of these of these and OK good contact with the set of K and he was really young to want to take care about are all health and what he happened to see in his job was totally yeah dangerous so which funds scandal was leaked by meals stuff that's the name of that map was it graphene do not wasn't scruffy fish wasn't scruffy sausages scruffy X which foot scandal was leaked yeah number shit please the the donor fish those similar because well no pressure but the others are still already ready to digitized didn't know it then you want to use that and it was this at the being seen this year
1 a B C B C and D were were were porn career form answers but there was no point questions to sorry OK and yet I love flows it was next have to be tied in time for the entire nodes also a value from will grow the of the and it was 1 of the things that that with yeah that wrong yes for thank you because you made the 2nd round read the only would you have to do this is to know this is a cool book by any further it this is a 2nd of a yeah and that will suffer that was it was just a lower driver and what you brought up was 150 tons of so x grapheme made which was delivered to Berlin and left to then and some of us might know that there was a kind sometimes some years ago it was that the 1 you roll do not 1 you refer to goodbye everywhere and believe in some years ago and this was exactly that made because it was that shape that they were able to sell for 1 euro a meal in the streets of both men and this was just using yes it was part of part of that made was more than 1 and a half years old before to get into trade was used and devoid of any had difficulties an interesting story because it's much difficult is that they had many problems to find a job because everybody in the training each other and said don't tools that take the driver so he was unemployed for time by today he's a bus driver and brand in eastern Germany so and what's really really cool story and really funny thing was ever interested in that so you can find it on the way he tried to call the police police said we don't care that was really interesting thing he watched the guy In the meat factory putting away the signs this is not for humans conservation so you get a lot of this is the case that everybody practice so yes no but there's yes and they they they really this sentiment weight talking and after they know that way so the crazy white and see we can do with emotional without the crazy right be special so yeah he's might be matter of discussion that guy would and I think he's done a lot of good things and that so by launching Wikileaks and 1 of the 1st major publications which which worldwide attention well the published we can establish an in Iraq war and I guess most of us remember but do remember when it was so you choose was it 12 2008 H 2009 10 2010 all was at 3 2 thousand 11 and off we go 2008 2009 2010 2011 we OK joking you remember Collateral Murder maybe that helps you know the title in line with the constant was and yet the over you OK so the key in the rest of the 1 of the poorest cities of just this is based on in 2010 was the year when there were 3 big medications on Wikinews 1st move was not afghanistan files 2nd worse in October the rock documents and 3rd wars some November-December there was that was the uh um the embassy staff committed murder was largest of which was knocked over the the frames we yeah OK you know this girl and she was awarded made that so 2010 and good question related so for that doing that 3 big big big links she was put into jail question is for how long 16 years that for years 44 years 34 years are 100 years which is so you can take 100 years as equal to travel so what the I the 0 the goal of for instance we done up OK so for all right so this story for all the way up to the point of view that was work was use for growth in the 1st part you know the effect is this is what the iron and starts but thinking the prosecutor wanted to have 100 years and that thank you and this is what the effect would you get an got so yeah yeah she will be if you would get the nod and that this thank you very we
might get out of 2000 to 20 but I guess no American president can tolerate that so will be state calling for quite a long time personal have now we get some expected to images so get no children here but is free to look at them that had on not I know this is on is not the most evil stuff you can find but I just say that so that nobody comes of it and say what did you do you know that OK and for sure you know that quite creative because you can have any data and somebody um putting down and have a really creative thing of putting them under high voltage at the same time this is the place where that happened in that prison which was crazily um totally empty before Americans and the british came there because Saddam has everybody but out in the related to another amnesty but the question boy who leaked that story the other got story so we know the pictures but wouldn't it was it's now what was it was it just by WikiLeaks and was a Chelsea Manning the I was just so this is the opposite of what 1 or 2 of which involved with which we're very fast you will get 1 of the questions if you both of the right answer so and what's known and Chelsea Manning Joe thank you because of the but it's uh that was the reason for the 1st time of in his career in the article that you this 1 was the fact that is the story was brought out to the public several times to the at impact which is really crazy because if you see the Aquatics images and this was 1 guy and I'll bring them to because he was 1 of the 1 that doesn't look like we respond would think is 1 of the good guys but in fact is like the lectures down but like the truth to so and you the famous quote at least I think is quite friends called and use from the court when he was asked if he confesses that that's true I have seen them all and being asked what was his feeling when he saw that he said the best description for that is apocalypse now meets shining and that's what you saw another guy and fear that he was absolutely right so what do is of interest only in all of no so this is time OK so last question maybe some since how many days that's known in Moscow now on his way to a 3rd country 400 27 500 38 600 57 of 380 how many datasets node in most next time you do the show to the guest the spinal spot the so this the best you have the all all there OK let's leave you got some some of the question for that so we come back to Germany so this is the guy you know when the known this questions is about what's the legal situation of whistleblowers and because we talk too much of United States and not everything is bad there that some things quite get there even if a woman expect that and concrete in relation to whistle because of this is the man brought out so good it's names on a moment and he is the reason why we don't have a thing like these fusion this is the right word fusion reactors in correct that right he's what 1 very important reason why these things a lot with the field luckily enough because was 30 years record that and he was the guy he really knew that they don't work and you brought that up but many things would be much easier for that guy if you would have the law which we have United States and in other kinds we have in the UK to this loss called key terms so my question to you this what does this special or due to support whistleblowers is it a providing them with money the it takes care for publicity it takes careful job protection or for their anonymity what does 2 times provide I think this is the worst to be the last question because it a difficult 1 all of the units that are the only 2 years for the because all the orders and this was also so far is that all about the money again that with capitalism and now this is the law which which guarantees you if you will um do with the blowing especially in the public area she's find a public institution and to blow the whistle that you can participate on the money which is saved because you blew the whistle so it's a business without model in fact and there and if you would calculate that for that guy in a moment I choose to you you would see would be quite in multiple major right now because he saved hundreds of millions of euros so we got and forgery that no more time now so we want find out who who's really the best of you can organize not that I like I cannot answer that question sorry as the ability OK I want to thank you the things that you participation any interesting what was most just and you see why and both enterprises take


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