kernel.infect(): Creating a cryptovirus for Symfony2 apps


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kernel.infect(): Creating a cryptovirus for Symfony2 apps
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Fraile, Raul
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kernel→infect(): Creating a cryptovirus for Symfony2 apps Cryptovirology studies how to use cryptography to design malicious software, given that public-key cryptography can be used to break the symmetry between what an antivirus analyst sees regarding a virus and what the virus writer sees. In this workshop we will create a simple cryptovirus in PHP - for educational purposes - able to infect a Symfony2 app and encrypt data such as database records or user uploaded files using public key cryptography with OpenSSL. To create the virus we will study how Symfony works internally, especially what kernel events are dispatched and how to use them to attach our virus. Several strategies to hide the virus will be discussed. Simple ones like using different encodings and more advanced strategies such as polymorphic code. Finally, we will see how we can defend ourselves from this kind of attacks. ······························ Speaker: Raul Fraile Event: FrOSCon 2014 by the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Free and Open Source Software Conference
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located at some time little about the meaning of the virus will still need to know when case of that the company that and order to meet the economy being muscle and that's of is hosting
companies that there isn't this the whole thing since the and they're simple means and the underlying and trying now starting at less than the previous steps involved in the base and focusing on it directly under the impression so I thought that was really interesting to true to transcribe those those things about me directly to the expand this and so on OK this serious something we talk about in in this talk with see it's being on time
lines because the the symphony Mendel ignore international Symphony understanding and that it so can follow the and constant and the thing and think we get the variance of the necessary to make this we find work him with the minority is the start made on the inside computer science you know various studies cultures would directly to the site analysis of what this because the related to run somewhere to and that something of informational down the stress and the and the last for model in full information the information about 2 and we usually think about and also have a private information retrieval it from the point of view of a lot of fun psychic and it's always important to they and they want to retrieve some information but they want to do is say tree so I don't think of it and it was a fundamental the same in but there are few and the format and often was use to protect information to hide one's reading don't want to share with the rest of the world but the applying the theory that the tool to monitor so what was going on in the we divided talking continuing about and that when wind in the in the test
with the animal is going to be the last thing with cheese of the people who work with the culture of right and then something like 10 hours it's important to note Washington and so we can have in some of the ways that various strategies for violence on on the end of it stuff and all of but that from this kind of facts great soul I want to see if how and when to create our
own writers 4 this only for some the seesaw for integration of corpus and in doing this is not only a DB concept the economy is I told
Symphony because is what I know what this is saying concepts and it would be applied to something works in the sky when 1 unit in the and we assume that the virus is already in the article of went on went on and a seeks out to index them using the computer and I know doesn't extent of his all of it would be done by a security the expense so I have to minus so we are going to so on the 1st that is being
willing to yes in yesterday I was passing for me the and navigation within the company and we already covered by then we found another sentence in the history of the the once the motor system fear and its execution it on its ability to other and asked them was seen in
public and if you the then yes we get the misunderstanding that's keeping them on the of the cell it returns a public key and stages that right the nation and the violence or anything that but the funny thing inside the interface they're
simple interpretation and it will be there and in many ways what we're going to use a specific events and their most of these order to find to see also following were and then you have someone so I called the
sphere but without access to the maintenance connections in new several fires results with so we can do is not publicly to increase that information once the police innocent risk so of was that information is encrypted using the public key there's no way to all them and they related with other part of it I mean the primary key which is in the focus of so when until next that the all the
things that my so what we other predicate we can get back that information I that the use of status is that be going to London and make some available and and that will be our around somewhere unwilling to see also added and about the fact that can run information and using
a single without and the the effective application of imagine without finally I will states in sequence and this is done in are in kind of space everywhere so if we know that we are working as the you but we know how to use the information so what if there was something in good that they and say B and we've been unified anyone there were less than notes and see in kind of violence and this is what we want to know what inside because you will be included that they were created about that so that have a
set of government and then the sum of distances and with Britain and using the right of the there will be because of and we see everything in then now well adjusted to see the different parts of the
important part to know all of these devices will to this quantity means that would that be at school so no so don't the what's going on out of by the and is also called a symmetric and it directly
request to different pieces of quality so we consider the with anyone um we do this most of the time reduce their the quality to improve information the other work and there natural ways was seen with which is a public it and give information on the private into the but even tho the face on the lower classes and to all of them and this mathematical concepts really sequel to compute in what ways and really difficult in the other 1 was an example now and our distance this is important because it is believed to be difficult or I will dust that it means that there is no no way to it fast it doesn't mean that anyone or any organization that up already a method to live in list of and some of these smaller parts the interior of the station you might be perceived as they are willing to use this query on a corpus so the without unreasonable and I was sent an e-mail to both ideas
come in let alone but the in quality of possible and the and the the and then by so i'm system both and want to send out and that's what this OK I give you my body using the public key you would be able to increase their soul the only thing we want to the community they without seeing this of like uh books with both sending of books and open books and an open and the idea is that in input and this is that the next in the looks processes and go to the problem so on people will be able to open the file that we've been having if anyone in it and get the information in this was not so out the sea is that the factorization of the for example it would be you know what
about race and and the silent indication of being used so even you would use and some the numbers of computer really easy to do really fast In the other way if you want to know that motivation there some fact the reason and want to know what to and then that's what would you and for with the division will need to factorize effect the ice is really complex for computer of human so it is slower and slower means that and there is no known way to do it and putting them in the will use all the necessary for for the example of the cell and you know 1
of us to and the will and this in the US so we can use it from the speech and you don't know what
happened we all of this is that you have so how can we use all the necessary
from the the binding will will want to create a think of their private and public and there is the for I would say that this is going to be in a and the other is a recessive RSA uses that the company's With the constant and you will get a hockey player they get something it's the results function we extract the private key and then we extend the only thing that is this is not complex but it's good bias is that what you will you this function you want to know the answer to on this qualitative look if you already compare about 2 for
example we fix the Ys who thinks the support of the we know and all these kind of these and then to include that information you can
use on these tasks so it's that's the data to improve the thing in the rest of this so we work with it making the information you need to do is it and 1 functions the last thing the information they would be in the model world well what would be the information on the so for the class of always and the information with the public key and they could be really so it's everything
created by recognition of his any question OK this so you have to use the services of the reason for that is the other question a set of the virus will use all the necessary so in setting up of requirements for for the virus to run and this is it's a requirement that you can do it from the speed memory but it won't be so much from minus the by way so
um seem funny and all this information for the Apple product using for the OK are symphonies itself in the form of the given patients and this is quite complex and quite flexible so you can do that offering water and use only some components an insight in the root with the there are these parts of the events of local events so every time I a sense of what was and we all do this over the request just and then they can of requests the when there is this box and it can be hard when the senator or lots of that returning to the set and so on and you can use that information for something or you can for example send a response to that is in and then l'exécution then a 1 in a responsible thing is created that can end up with false negatives spots so we can also use it for what it was sampled that we we would use of cold another man whose mother this idea that we will use it for the so what was the response sent to the to the process because it's and for that matter the scandal and they will want to use that because falling with the information because we are going to create a new set of all these functions so these later time due to the optimal value so using that and then
they try and really fast and they want to know what so we can do is this is especially useful for for example and sending e-mails or for processing and information then
in the laughter use it in those controlling many parts and then in case uh with only that and also the contrary and this article last opportunity to 4 members of the example of 1 history interpret the portal another way of thinking that it's unintelligible and if these parts of the country for the exception in of authors of these also with its information example so we will use this event for 100 information and the scene and to but what can tell by a by a guy there we go in and then the question as to the request right and enjoy once the controller is
useful and in the face of the because of them bonds in response to the recession and sitting this is for expensive response and and the other policy for
me are that you want to you need to know is that was that these define this is our final greeted by symphony this gradient value we saw a discrete but is used to improve performance is assessed on a fixed fight with lots of classes and interfaces and that's about the basis of those fine why is it follows that instead of overloading those finds that the will up the other hand we want to use them for students so this is something that have to have if you don't this and I cannot see what we will see these 2 and so when we look at the start of day this
class will be executed creating the was of that
this was the cash generated by a huge
deal all its of all of this is
that it is clear that these colonies completely encompassed by the of and all to implement the plan of the colleges questions which is a web service directly to the question of of of of of of but the question is if you you can use a and then we can find on the of this is in the letter recognition of think about it and using the money in the event of it's not society the other way
so we see that the past and finding the right that's the study and devices so what was in 2
different ways the 3rd wave through right is the conditions so most information and the and that's our work so we can look for the most environments going and is fast because just compare but it's not useful for non model there's an old violence and the violence the will of the voters that conditions so we will be so the other study is to use them the air and
the also partnered on the roof also species spot for example 2 species disappeared the buckets answers species can it's something of biased minus the initial replicates itself so this is not the goal line and this is not common for moment so soldiers would be a a flat so you use that would be a buyer's OK they I had to train a slot and these
books increase the thing you can do all of the all of the files so
that the current state and will be very so this could be a I will wait to infect missing from the and and once it has been removed the file that um we need tools to inject some cold into was by this so we can reject uh and so normally it's because from site to I think in the form of the time minus 2 so for example if I think we went to get that it's what kind of this standing there on that makes the company some winkled 64 on the basics of what is the slope and so when was the golden with with the same information so we call it by hand and then we generate a PHP code they want to because so so it is in of in the life of a writer so on and I will get there in same 64 legal but then the go there and gold will here and there the 5 but this is then we can use this a tool to compress it using itself so in this so then we would be able to in millions of so will the political then using this when we want to execute the code was sample also these relates that
is nice but is that a couple of weeks so uh Batavia is used when you want to call when and this is happening much again Dad and to what they call so the last sample and we did the chemical but that's exactly the same so that's what makes it really difficult to quantify to recognize the court as saying this everything so our most of the time don't policy to that optimizes so were to use in relation to execute that fully assembled 6 environment just seeing what for example you would have found these end of gold and all the science bring the same thing they bring and what money later in different ways for example if 1 1 of the 4th 1 and this is the
history of the that and this is the 1 of states and the fact that found that so all of them agree that was by using different called
using this and making life more difficult for the multiple and it's been generates the friends of people looking the cattle and the will not things
they're all different so in the next the goal for items will be to create a putting market and then
it was to generate different goal things in it indicates that infection as you know that this is so so really think we're now produce computer because it is impossible to generate a reality from the number of words in the
computer you just run or in the right answer to this if effect the the the Lewis didn't
say that they're part In the event that I also want to use it is better than not that and we know will be done I think so it's
always sound recommended to use intergovernmental from the run book and this is the time to generate and from a number and we have just a few months and the tool to
generate random numbers so
where when and where went that would best and doing lexical and so on we want to think about 1 number between 1 and 2 but this is where so most of you probably have been a bit in the number 7 bus company and when tries you know and will run them and that's why the violence and out because the the space and the last thing on the column and then looks for said finding out 7 years I would consider that there there would be this 1 class it's not an unknown and then is prime like an idea similar on the London number the narrator is between the OK and the
last part of is about protecting us and so the on
infection and we knew what it was administered to their
use of security national with the with the machine and set the same on the field in the center of you know when use and something that we can also do is have a kind of and the some examples a minus I always sort of a method to see if the environment is already infected or not so we know how to tell how they sticks that interface infected with can index in that information from 1 another it's become and on using some this article by the Pastor and get that information there so we know the writers but we want to avoid that that the the uh the strategy but only for a given by and once that about the other thing that we want to take into the to know is that so 1 way to take more than 1 way to take and integrity of some gold found information is
using such functions as instance level where we are induced to use it In in everyday we use and some of sample and the 5 something but I have basically make great fixes the midst of text the nature of the training they must you the a procedure to computes and there must be really really really difficult to generate messes with that task that we want to really difficult to modify a message without modifying their defense really difficult to to find 2 different messages with the same fast and this discovery because the number of class and this is the case but it must be really good on lexicon and the eyes I think that the changes in the source then the rates of the
changes in the years so for example if we add on trusting when the article information and we taste that
1 the the very 1st sentence with no and should generate annual costs the class number with the least 50 % of information to to you if you like because series is that they need to and the multiplier effect in in the initial conditions
and need to take this initial condition and the tool big changes in and at the end of it so but theory says that the developing all of the wings of the father model that good because in the other part of the world in many the and when you you will to the past and of the this is done that's in semantic and way way way in this and the fun anymore it also is not what in the
sense that will be in the the idea is in the process in a when applying the so we can create a sense of the whole project and then take taken the regular for example saying their final complement of cyclin dependent on all of these kinds of something and then create a batch of different price so there did you to go on with 2nd In introduction from the time and said if anything changes of not in that will be a nice way but we're what we're already factories in the it's the
missing and by extension anyone from news from front news local also focus so and there is a caveat use you'll encapsulates all that great even in existence these in a single fine enough qualified 51 and tools know
and then the nice thing and actually still is the product price kind of thing a signature of take some form include files so we are so OK so focusing
on of include files so we can start with we will we need an
equal amount of income from it and to market how much higher salary writing in 4 groups that
there's this so I start with disabilities and their internal little semantics the on some cold to read to her mother between the include bias and that these people it always ends with the constant problem a full of what a function that's don't to for on my salary and it's the function and 1 says he's about to appear to be interpreted just stop interesting that I will then that is not exhibited by the by the it's been so we can use it for example for installed and it's great that company then would have thought about this is no longer in the it's the numerical people use these functions but a manifest basically there was there the name of included by names as and that down size with some some magnetic flux then we get some constants in about the here is the goal and dependencies at the end of signature based solely on a signature the 5 7 1 2 and states and so I don't really know that this only a machine that I
really that really simple part right so we have and that's the OK this thing which is not part of the landmark Supreme you can access the input files and and they call many of this is this then there's the money these will need to basically the last so in my face this is if I can do that included a 5 . 1 The indicates that then it by contents of the fire and find some random text inside and then missing at this session was that you this last week's indicates that kind of thing that you will I remember I indicating that the use of so what happens here we have a really small this might
and say well I don't want to say and it was my family of biological samples I would do something that takes it which I tool execute and that's the animal and they were not possible signatures so automatically and computes is taking that people will call and it will be even more smart as we think that the
and that says it is a signature or not it would try to execute and we can for the doesn't a signature is a mandatory for for quite a policy that you know it not my fault line that is the little tiny fine without and
username so far in firefights required to a signature so but then you can sort out into a product 5 could be and they to avoid this and and in
this huge area by all people in the
the nature of this and that will be will be you even more more more more more books and I wanted to
let I wouldn't but I need to to from time so that seemed to match it
is the only question what's in the the it's not all about us symphony brilliant but if you want to use the
new themselves and I understand that there you know them all and you can think of that it's like these have simple and and at the end of the on this
is the name of the file understand it so huge volume of the computational 1 Symphony process and interfaces is it is based on the idea of this annotation and part of surrounding faces in this thing by using this efficient I'm willing to look is in the example of the so as said
on dataset assessment set of it would provide the public so this is a square that
we have the following this is the only thing that changes the India itself so that of the public so need to compress the thing that might so that that's all based on the money for we found from the the the right we would say that and so on and and on response would be on the rate of the system involves something the idea of the public research in the game and storing the right engaged based on then coming and back the focus
simply break in a unknowns . we could use and the other thing was about we know already funny and we know that that looks like this year so far this is the type of thing and what and imagine that this what I loaded by the on
line and just so we're going to read it and based on the a lot of the news that information in the and this is the goal of the devices and not know being
culture and basically medical name so that in polymorphic and then want to read on last because some writers see something about that to create a different class every time so name of the that would be the while the and that that the and I think it's of 10 candidates in message without thinking function and agreed that and an axiom which depending on on the request and new anything this kind of knowledge for the year reiterating the contents of the books that I was that the contents will want to index sample to all be in any image of this information was so we have what want to do is to look form these all that all of of the amenities but said and what will would regional admin thing that gold but in front of the skull In a cause to willing to lend process of like this that and the that so well then depending on on the then complemented with you then we doing this structured and other in their response just what this thing we will to have money by their response planning and that's something that containing the the following think and the contaminated will lose their religion the name of the the Father and and think all right OK let's a national probably 1 fun and that they will want to move look so we will
execute the violence that automatically connects to the other so that gets the quality the public key is then injected into right so if
we open it means that Thailand in this course these
qualities is only 1 of so it's somewhat difficult to that the skull is doing all of these these gold on things discuss that in and we also states that
have some function that will we
look for we look for these because some of the in and the In an oracle if they not not it is negative it's going according to the of the process but also in the light of the men in set so if you say it doesn't mean in every request because intonations executed in the West so it will refresh that much about the states it was seen there this
units that is the the next thing that we have and it would seem that the bodies of the and
so if you find this and its upper I haven't these things and the meeting so that finds nothing could decline and then to engage and
execute for this script which and so what we what we are doing and now it's sending that right the right what and the here it is single that now is that
come when you think they're about to the
so towel follow them and then not
works you see Nicole Nicole
these is available online so
when they have to make their the other in many requests we get some action so engaged in case
that's in these are fully met that information so it does the same thing in this case property and unjustified and will be there in a private information retrieval without
this simple enough of so we you 1st going on on Wall 1 2 3 4 6 5 it is in the body that will be and we can see the if I
understand you follow that column and thinking and in In this file we open the file system with the so if anyone
on find so slide but you would be to that and they fucking away to Q stress for something but they don't know what what they know that they are villages at the cost of another way that was my good using any name they we say this contour 1 2 3 it will cost to 2
different of Anderson and other
different kinds of new services
and it is not only in the in the news and then use the different countries that right the they then the
1st and so what is say on the from 1 to the politics of again and that's all there's a cold of the of the model and the kind and there efficient and
simple question it you from the
thank you
thank you will soon theories of their of this is
the a story of so so you you're right you you're right of course yes thank you the context of the differences this somewhere and you knew that the decline the machine most to that darling and Nextel dependency and that was seen I must talk go there and so that on only 1 million data but this so this In this work information and so old much better than the 1 that is not just matter of fact you find this without it is nice to to think of all the last sentence from from the the question thank you


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