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Music Production under GNU/Linux


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my talk about of in the culture making music that is cooling of my name is Tobias laden I'm and Othello after fellowship of of of from this new 1st I'll explain about free software as the software is software that comes this forcefully them the 1st leader the freedom to use this software for any purpose the 2nd thing restively them traditional Starting with the work and make changes to start freedom the freedom to Monday to distribute the work to address and the falsely them as the freedom to modify to distribute modified box if 1 of those ligands as missing dissolved as non-free and Freedom League clients that you will have access to the source code of the software but it's not enough down sets like people's attention this is the contrast to Open Source and there's all
related to the person domain of the culture and open source colleges and desert environments of something as open source it is not really fully and in the end it's the book about open-source culture here discusses the mask multimedia shared domain and that has been doesn't have to non-legal she is a Japanese pop star actually contains is instrument of his he used as a new musical installment but software itself is not the about those media sharing appears in animated is similar to flee and this flea contract you 7 Flynn and media companies title is strictly dual can for example local idealistic did you cannot use to say just some examples and desires the and to this thing culture you have to actually them you can change the sound no I Goal tools how do we will make it was it was good morning Oaks there are special audio distributions for modeling of some of them are fully usually then you wouldn't need to the according onto the that looks is your eyes not every kind of model so plotted on grown Linux but many class compliant devices are this case the court idea can be a Michael 41 MIDI keyboard if you have does not saying the you'll need to understand how tool use because of their own Ignalina exercises on quote Jack event which should allow pseudo interconnect multiple applications and control agendas and using advanced tool make actually if you don't use physical installments you need it so desires or them flowers and there are many for isn't as as as exemplars available for until last that you can produce you you would I will explain later this is a start and advanced the music is composed Ukraine post-processed in music using different block in such as a useful in the tool we have 1 can change can edit effects as such as the love of or equalizing voices and in the last step 1 can explore there so a finalized of what and upload tool the Internet digital music has closed called like some of them and there are several other this displayed 7 of this whole so software can be distributed as for example all music and a source code can be distributed linear ponders the notation Paul which allows you to end our text and get musical notation media as a format that use by hardware music synthesizers as far as software and linear can explore there's also music examined images and Newell X and former which maps on the trust that cause can be used in class including musical notation fault lines cumulative musicians is but I didn't mention it was all has so is a lot and then there's the classical blended sheet music that's also acts as a unit that was called it can be transcribed many other former forcings isn't users there are special formats like that of the SQL format from Vocaloid which is she really is use an XML-formatted is appalled it as a musical score format so western from which that was similar in recently I started implementing adjacent best for our monophonic music and these formants can be yours tool cleared advanced farms the shy actually not called except annual that quite directly former physically instruments there the source audio events can be processed using different flag then you'll start making music the 1st step that you the music using median because media is that most programs to understand media the common source called for digital music images you which was invented about 30 years ago and it can be used all modified musical pieces if you have only a is you cannot do modifications as easily as you can did medieval mind is an open standard by Digital installment my cost but for example a young myope keyboards have a floppy disk drive what had a floppy disk 5 10 years ago 1 key what have fewer big support and these keyboards can actually say the performances on a floppy disk and then only played the performance the sheet music can be typesetters lily Pond wants to actually do you can use mediated or such as for currently explored Lily Pond and in most that you can always all graphical node important using on although are the classical musical score and you can use keywords as an input but anyway stroke from desires to knowledge and they're always oldloc instead can manage to Media . artist could this info tools so you can build in our head cheerleader some on some really affects you can create back onto quartz on detected Melodee's and those media files are smaller than fit on a floppy disk and can be easily shared souls even than this is an example of such a many based only on workstations and you can compost songs in this case it does not detect quality scale and it really does you cannot the reason but if this is not a good 1 this is 1 problem of from eating music format and but you can manually selected scared for all the segments and then you get the good lines the which I was flooded quot after 1st tonal feels good months you'll have
composed memory new tool cleared and audio data or by composing this is excellent played like if you to land in and there are there are different based told orders this Mr. maybe you the media format convoys not of own generator and 2 examples of use some general adjusted I often use Q was instead the sound formed based sampling horizontal and as an industry standard for are installments on and the assignment as excellent have more syntactic sounds attention has rooms and as I said is connected concluded organs onto petulances especially the goal isn't for creating patents and to do this as the event based control so when you press a key on the keyboard uh and the event is sent toward a synthesizer and the result is created and the most important to me the messages on hold on hold off and modulation so you can change the pitch this is there a special component events such as the sustain pedal and Departamento time that you can specify there are special Media installments like let talking about such kind in the contiguity keyword lists sex messages OK and also it was the 2nd method to transfer news on on all continents influence you know views are 2 more examines the for us is that you want answered has building effects now you can specify the amount and quality but only globally not channel the 2nd 1 assignment of effects that a lot complex and desires and that 1 can conflict fuel different the and they do all in installments values the want to make different installments so you can change the loudness lot instruments and that special effects such as a complex or for example in 1 installment is not not very loud and you'll I don't want to make the instrument globally loud out and you can use complex or you can you should all us at the VOP tool end the has the ability to make some it supports both media and audio tracks for MediaTracks you'll all that to all instances the centers of in but this is not what is novels you tool used to check transports over in Europe click that also a sequence of the conditions of and 1 of his eyes and litigation is hydrogen hydrogen is a kind of Georgia they those kinds of assumed corner staring at a common time various and this was normal and although this allows you to control the media you can actually control the what I was with using the same sentences that was very popular Japan and most programs that this a lot things and a monthly I we began writing her feet placement of tools of 11 and as a couple of times I have working text anymore also an internet connection of 1 can after all the media file get things and this is example the program supports both German and English meaning it is still life from the please solved speech synthesizer using the
and once you last that you can master of music and makes all to get out the following rules use in in detail of the steps so far placards already mentioned for each thing I will use of course and but also for many other instruments if the effect the leyline produces an echo effect this is often used for get us you can use your amplifier and emulation convalescence convenience to change dynamics and the following is that the the the most cost flat against the dollar for life graphically equalizers and much more and if you want to have a graph that sound like you 40 use vocal orders for you can make an installment signal the voice and last step I will explain how Von can happen she of the Music SoundCloud there's that involved doing that but I don't use it because it uses monthly diverse because I have my own the Media Copeland and stands down although public media complements sensors that form can make songs available to the public you can says that belong see the story of fan base for example many local point users asked send their cities the these and I'm in the conventions and this is leave new stressed active compared to all these such as iTunes with only books and monthly operating systems and think fighters monthly or last and edges as soon as you can you will select if log more obvious if you distribute their music online this forward different channel and not ideal and select is for example supported by Cindy variance and you can also allow makes aspire populations was called for example median was to many will tell quality was installed and so on I think and currently there is new payment system in Développement called commute Tyler that could be on insulin by and music stores that allows unknown memos payments and you get then the flat download and last but not least there is already for the utterance vision and the German along courses scene sidibe yes next try stole making fun the culture end this is because of the amount is centers are shipped on the Internet end we actually don't want censorship and I want to make a step people who create the culture can be also support of financial this is now the end of talk and I had to be you can ask this was more yes I have many songs
on my at this so this character you have to let me go all the treshold again tree was created by the cut future media and I have been demonstrated some sums she the the this is something that most for that I found a desired all the use of the of you on loss of for last all of these I know this is a standard size 100 was threatened by passing from drum need and I'm gonna give the blocking on and the synthesizer just was the speaker what and it has all connected to this Japanese certain size of it is less known you can and draw the about the and we think that we have the I works of art in this 1 actually you use psychological sounds and changes the tension in the land of segments and segments and it has been released under the GNU General Public License version and In the line engineering then only on men also I talked of all come and plotted it told newly Knox and you know I mean going to accomplish this thank you on mental there being don't so that anybody can install the program and that will come in time system what format to compress the this evil and part of the sound it uses a speech analysis frameworks that detects the fundamental frequencies in don't detects the spectral envelope and that is the sort component that is point of the you and that part can be only compressed using what is because as the compression formats for sound and our common you also don't phase of dissolved and that can be done with rules for and and then you will optimality what it is instead used and you don't need to know what this format which was actually not designed for speech and users 1 week ago I am so experimentalist London office of and I found out that this may also comprises the speech formed the PCM to add to 1 half of size but you don't get the same speech vector forms and it's silence nearly similar to the voluntary sound the in this of you good for some of our you will yes you will create a MIDI file with all started I condemn one-sided the what
the the at the and then you can opt this is the latest in a not explored and really file it and then the then you would then just sort the paying this may take a good time and then intestines and as I said that that that's the turns per tend to get to download linked KKT and the short about fault with me finds that you have created this also garden and you can always always you'll see speaks for no change especially if you will use English for always on going to I can't fix that problem currently I have to look into all my lock size and find out it did not the the but I had tested it last week and it had at the time or so there's often as public yes it is published on getting you world so so you will the does it is happening on the and if it doesn't back the FIL kind continental that myself deserve I let he met the them can't complain if something doesn't look and see also using the corners then that is also population but its documentation is so only in japanese sold as much much more work to do told does also said actually was decide is actually a kind of export more weight Maureen as Japanese town that a new domains that was recently indeed to order domains of names and due credit then this then set so many the and since some of these variants you and I and this because of the you when you were but I have found that somebody has use so important as and the size of was singing but in what I itself as monthly and I think it is time that if 1 bits of these unpleasant draws all require splitting was french and that is still much harder part then building good sentences is a software known you shouldn't want causing infinitely yeah for example for the the the the
this law is essential in a knowledge thank kind of future media and this is the same this 1 despite on them equal and on you at your status of the Kinect version that should was covered but instead please after was used for things and it sounds really similar to vocal but unfortunately does offer this result only supports Japanese it is not actively maintained anymore and it's much more powerful so what as languages as Japanese is tried easy to also plugged in and things and desires and and for OK languages you will have to constantly was is widely so you speak font and which needs to be the 2nd if you'll use development bank and synthesist engine and there are somewhat people working on local lots the placement status has been the least and as these often but most of them only supports Japanese and Chinese I still as engines on token by good and I'm currently employing something that is more powerful than not use q tall let's try it actually went and as it is the kinetic to they can demonstrate at all the the the the I don't know know if lots of projected onto the and as not the no I have told us that the 1st can only the and here you can draw on knowledge and I know that and you get the phonetic transcription does is already done tool that supports English you can always switch to other languages so appointed by you speak and it works all of the people in most cases when it but is as might have been and but in sometimes change into a tools specified manually leader of phonetic transcription which is a bit higher than you tool is being and I did not happen at this level and yet there tormented boxer I want to fix and when I have fixed them life may be released poll the course of the dozens and media users on Jason form but it can be a model and explore the potential you told that the sequence text files it was to the EU was so what off on that but that format does not extend that was not valid documented i've defined and you'll trading format that is easy to understand them actually cute has its own Jason Pazis and parsing was the 5 stages a text-based format actually modified the nodes in each that that's not a lot of and you it seems that Kyoto is all interconnected the and it should also party was founded by play popped up at the top the class and the sounds that takes a little bit when they would all this fast but once solvent once the know this case it will be the size of the local system so this seems to be a little bit but I make those mistakes but it's not perfectly valid weeks or months of gold before I haven't told the name of that on and after that I change the format to Jason it is not it seems so molecules invented media files as is big has special at for its woman so I don't plan to release the program under most box are fixed and it has been tested and uh and some complete songs have been produced and I the were these
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Title Music Production under GNU/Linux
Title of Series FrOSCon 2015
Part Number 40
Number of Parts 80
Author Platen, Tobias
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/19622
Publisher Free and Open Source software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Release Date 2015
Language English

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Subject Area Information technology
Abstract This talk will be about Free Culture and Free Software in the context of computer music production. GNU/Linux is often used by musicians who want to share their music. Tobias Platen

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