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Building a culture of courage

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Building a culture of courage
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At my new job, I was surprised about my colleagues reactions to my mistakes. No blame! People trust me to own my mistakes and fix them! Complex systems are brittle. Developers work in a constant state of new things-not-quite-working-yet. Programming in pairs and code reviews help us. But what about the quality of human interaction? How can we build a culture of blamelessness and why is it crucial for learning and for brave decision making? Stefanie Schirmer
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I have no money you welcome thank you for coming in and out of the engineers at the cost of an activity over Online Marketplace flake environments and made it into its good I think we have 1 . 5 million active sellers right now and we believe that concern and human connection then I write software to have said that now the title of my talk is a kind of currents and I would say
that I am nobody courageous a and think of side and I'm giving a talk right now so that requires a bit of courage I'm mainly
because of my community of encouraging people so it is unlikely that there exist parents 1 and I'm very grateful for his encouraging people so it has always been this way for me especially
in international captures minority and hectares of like minded people like me and all of us here we see a lot of the opposite behavior what happens to all its money each other causes said communications we find out that for sure and I think that's a new with technology shaping our brains and behaviors weighted with
medicine technology makes as you know I'm not excellent far effects and everything what I meant by and speaking from the perspective of a software engineer might happen we can use general patterns for communities from 1 writing all
every day I work with the computer and that because the computer the great teaching instrument and computers and from the nature of the construction seeing as
a machine and 1 of the computer always right we could say that now rely a 40 test and programmed into the computer related human sample so soul and trying something new and it doesn't work I can be pretty sure the status on my son and I have to poke around and to find out more what I did so in comparison to a human and a computer was very determined that that predictor that following the same word I think is kind of flexibility and programming someone mistakes like for 1 line in the program called can make the computer you are in order most of the time I read and that is very important to pay attention to the tiny learning instantly like banging your head against a very rigid wall at times it's a very humbling it is also very intimidating process I have friends who can never remember passwords and they say happens because they feel computers because complex but hinted at the same time and that the doing something wrong when it touches soul mind and
strength and your program that means I work on part of the system that are under development and they're not quite working yet so where the broken called the main part of my job imagine the code was working already then my job would be done on I'm sure it's going to translate into other professions like editing or creating identity yeah we are you need broken things all the time and it's not our
fault the weird thing is nobody talks about this part of the product I don't know what you are used to make me slightly grumpy and stresses me out when he's not working at things before I start from a coworker eventually and have thought about this and that it gets even more difficult when the constraints of the
real world like type we want our code to be ready for that because you have a lot of things and the sense of the trade of total and you need to write some tropical to actually to understand for the next person and we see we have to make it work and then move on to
another thing if we have seen and smart environment we tried to strike a balance between idealistic and realistic if we just take shortcuts in current technical debt in the project meaning are shortcuts introduced and price that other people have this idea laughter many landed on a project where the court is already messy and we're scared to touch set by the way troops and another constraint
is the connection of want to listen to was 1 of my contract together with the rest of the code based on my many different styles of writing Sean like spaces and I like to have my friend enough that we would call this should look like a single person rule that no matter how many people contribute so in Assam communication and decision-making to 2 to accomplish that and can be an area of frustration and
people insist on having their personal style and are not willing to collaborate the 2nd surprisingly often and I suspect and because computers straight us over the years 1 of very rigid side because that's how the work of art silicon operation in terms of special you to understand when the new persons joining the project and that's not a reason to focus on the key decision and communication about but we could say it was
a bunch of different and completely non-technical people fall and or you when working with computers no matter how we are called on researchers or other digital workers I simply friends and colleagues become desperate and send it back and the only these because the computer always wins in the ring again and fold it seems to be some finally wasn't
space then to working with computers even though on because their emotional machines has suddenly 11 different items in between different communities working with a computer so
it's somewhat technical colleges when I my dad was a programmer and knowing that Don and some point and call it with the former he was too impatient to release energy that energy a book that he had written in the
this component England I don't think I wasn't primary school and this was the the programming I
was just too young from from when you thought you lose of you are and you went to his rule and also for they are actually was very mysterious but not the very collaborative I want to read the manual before ordering to
us before I was in high school and then I say remember my 1st time so units on my
own computer knowing all just that will define a new and then having a friend of a new set of mind I 1 and after moving to my own plants which by on the keyboard typing things without giving any explanation of what you must be reserved in
university I studied computer science and I started going to the local hackerspace so his election before I specify took office was will looking be at kinds and things in and this was many years ago there going on you know doing things for the computer as a political dimension and a lot of the taste tuning my computer like and admire matching and moving the ground of my operating system in order to run some wizardry months mostly on my list the meetings of families are reserved for boasting about neutral explosions arguing about always opinions on so not learning or staring trying to find my way to a component of culture want to have very rare coming to be false in part because people seem to be afraid you might find out what the quantitative these random walk
on use of 170 yeah and compete at all it's
people not asking questions and fear of looking foolish you know everybody in the room with the same questions and that that didn't seem to like doing the calling but not the documentation and writing and was look down upon dynamic toxic traits of engineering culture I suppose they engineers redesigning was
the trace of bridges and makes sense to have people prove themselves and find their way into the ranks of its seemed engineers in order to make sure that you know national on build stable minus 1 sensible idea always started time and created a cultural and an obstacle to learning and development during the
following years a PhD and post-doc in which the university became a professional work environment I saw more and more of these
patterns from going up in engineering manager take over the so people are automatically an on professional like hacker news and StackOverflow just as we have done it and on and on and here's an he I supplementary having conversation by adding a relevant tangent the attendance at the time the phrase was actually just like in the world as understand lessons being asked and professional conference calls that when factors and you made statements of opinions affects to put the speaker and to play on the conversation to the person asking question instead of having a real desire to learn by having the burning question also there was
this really beautiful sounding let's soft and squishy concept of meritocracy or Germany's got there must have been and whoever does is right which essentially says that fame and architecture is based on what to do nothing so you
are going to do where you can have I want to call some immune not being just by what I do but I mean that would have been something away and other factors such as money class race age gender by the things that can be used to judge a person not registered for song brain except for current doesn't work like that In a meritocracy of the theory in reality people from different backgrounds and they're very different and and amount of money spent time and education influences what they can act on cold when they can do and will be judged for it sounds like this romantic but unrealistic dream of continent where everybody can be a millionaire where as work what does a really dangerous about the meritocracy ideas and many people in this especially always be just based on productivity so you spend time we're supposed to write not all contribute to open source software with and to with so we are optimizing ourselves be productive you know what's best no net here either tinkering and taking the discussions and the site and I don't want to say that we should never do such things as as as but basing our value on this from a psychological factors and that creates a lot of pressure and it makes it hard to really take a break from things on do useful things that don't fall into the school attack continually that spending time with my grandma not taking a break makes mostly been depressed and burned all the way but I noticed and I was taking
on of the then go a sentence and was work with I was in the we introduce themselves as it's rules network technology specialists grantees environment with would images and use of the data center and so many people are introduced and 7 the history of how long they've been programming to to make themselves more credible than the when I
understand that every person has the history and some people had a great history I really the talk was sort of on and understand and you know I don't like my 1st program as the kids and I compartment on operating systems before and natural language tailored to the people I worked with now it's often on events for them except when trying to impress and establishes a hierarchy and excludes people run into the ground the answer is that all the time FIL
looking closer at this man and there seems to be a war of generations going on and can and somewhere in the middle of this form the and the only dinosaurs of the internet uh somewhat say but is the year that go into but on the internet was the plane on a few which 1 say space from the rest of the world and talk in its own way because you have to find
their way into a and prove that you know something are and he's you are able to set up a dialog connection and regions I want to it would be pretty sure to be from the docks and mainstream people that want to school of your in time and change the
not everybody is on the internet and my 18 year old grandmasters from right it's also for and with different communities that different interaction patterns again so again as a part of everyday life if I put on my dinosaur decay it's about time to go out and reflect on my their repentance the question and that's not in our own society you get angry about new people invading my save space it might be that all our monoamine should be intrusive and extend space and make bigger and nicer but we community focusing on the
professional sphere I think we have problems with passing on what is about technology this article is that people have been kind of extremes of water maybe because the necessary technology was a number on each maybe it's because In computer them or
us to focus on technology than on interesting or maybe it's because of outdated safety concerns and maybe lesson with the the fact that it's really hard to teach programming undetectably you can learned from both present on what is most likely out there and secondly the big leagues of learning come from doing the thing itself so it's like a yeah there is no such thing as an an apprenticeship or a master printers relational learning about programming because they had a new graph and has no links in traditional a lot of for me the informal way on the Internet after class and this produce but we
because of the problem of passing on knowledge is also that kind of engineers laughter point people to documentation instead of explaining the we can talk manually experience it as a kid interestingly and nobody seems to want to write his many myocarditis on immediately with primers everyone just writing and documentation was almost as good as Neural procedures you know we might
want like in the past and so we might not have fully identified memory like in different parts of the student and they are not true the entire intergenerational which I see myself and all of you as a part of its the toxic and the currents in the culture
we all along we have friends who are the key and we realize now 1 moments the common with technology makes up for cases the it can be that so for me and fully realize the extent to which it was stated the dollar and how much of this material ingrained in me myself before I moved across the ocean and background kind of different communities with the different interactions that it's been I
want know in what I would describe a kind of current and encouragement we find that I went to
the school in the city and its contractors with not quite the repressed center the school was like right for programmers so
there are no affinity data that had when you get stuck essentially impact on
project and then you get program and teach each other what the ones and who was 1 of the 1st 6 cases like wonderful program as well as an eye-opening experience for me a customer created the space by giving us some simple social helping so 1st of all I know and
actually if you try to explain something in another person directly with well actually what they usually do as they find some facts nobody asked for justice on smart and they were the conversation with the 2nd 1 is no feigning surprise so it's not asymptotic surprised what you really don't know what a framework for they don't becomes anything except for making you feedback no that the driver if you listen to a conversation with 2 people
trying to learn something and then you hijack the conversation with the answer you meant to improve the really bad and then use that tens of learning how to figure things out and that's what knows that it is almost the same as possible to quot all the idea that makes his and comfort of marginalized people and negative way coming for everyone In this latter makes for great learning environment and place people feel encouraged him to try new things out ask questions and get answers in a straightforward way with without posting are in human understanding this is 1 of my 1st encounters over the dependence for asking any kind of questions they raise when
I started working at the to write and bring it back to the site on my 1st that like a giant way
before I trust that everybody in the of course somebody was reviewing my call and extending steps supported on the set to make sure it works and this is like an empowering accomplishment this on their 1 we call the 1st Bush project because that's it's the 1st time an engineer courses go to the side a few months
later my my colleague Dan and I organized the 1st was project in the region of where work wrong so my colleagues from the international community design team and office management restored to our the effect of the sense of form and as I did in my 1st push for this this is a great exercise of community rating on the somewhat artificial barrier between engineers and 1 engineers that our sponsors and then it's not magic people like to everybody
to also a few months later it was called which contains about . and I was in the later on along a billion lire my fellow engineers were Brooklyn unanimous flaky and notice and push the wrong thing and cost a bunch of roads on the test I rebounded by people patiently and in the end we fix my back before made it onto the real website yeah I was actually surprised about how relaxed and friendly my colleagues in this situation this is great but no was angry at me even at the time and try to fix the mistake and I think the thing that want nice reassuring messages from my fellow and nuisance and
no worry about breaking staff everybody has done it and they're talking about 44 stories you know about all the way across the Oresund ventilated sine-wave wave of support so from this an account can be committed by the process for pushing code to decide that we always it together so
we have to choose so that people don't question is at the same time and right what awaits us changes becoming a catalog Web being in acute together the Bush during opening hours to make sure that people are on what's and people don't write about which late at nite and that's what I into my time and then during the opening hours and also are available emergency every engineer has the full autonomy was go to any part of this size so we push continuously to the letting it stands up to music the times for it and when something where we can push effects on the sample fashion which is often times faster than wording change and the keyboard for the time it
wasn't constant is very surprising for me and for the price of breaking the side the most spectacularly but really from related to what happens here with the In the previous part of it in there but we have to be on display of afterward and at the same time it we
aren't where as a reference to our famous hedge mission using an arm and so on so what is the price that means a colleague from Nazi ones that we answer because he accidentally banned by the end from the side they have a lot of going over here the price is giving away then jokingly as a reminder of the fact that you know people usually have good intentions with so good
intentions and interest are very important point to that of the a lot of strategies songs counterintuitive right like we discussed before everybody and push go to the site and there's no blame people break something in that you can get it right they given more modern and makes sense right if you come from a place of truck now we can assume that the person who introduced the method that about true accident because they were so changing something in the best intentions the system is just so complex and that didn't know it's going behavior that point in time they don't know that their behavior would have a different all come from what they expected by blaming them or even firing and we would let this opportunity of this great moment of learning that and the same thing might happen again in the future and the rest of the calculated we do have only been
used to test the limits of the point process and the tests are which is going to print but there many times that was autonomy of the brain called for everybody at all times is important because it allows us to move faster things it mentioned to raise his head on our precautions we can fix them to another topic experiment
on Colombia's have been questions asking questions the right way looking back at my time in university at the sad about all the questions and in the process of comment went around asking questions
after I had a student in the class of learning in my life and so there's so reluctant to ask questions we asking question survive and exponents an area of not knowing and it describes a new a dependency on another person and I was like there's a patch around creating a space for asking them you know Professor of occasionally that phrases that i there are no dumb questions we buried in my sometimes and I somebody that as the question so I have enough people ask the professors after class or I went to the library instead by the when I only realized vectors that so many people had the same question they did their show up so I would have made it easier for everyone if I the courage to ask more and of course there's a trade of and on 1 of the surfaces and with the classes of the professors time have them came up to my smallest new planets and concern but understanding each other reprocessing questions sometimes and this is surprisingly hard to do without and encouraging community without example and without practice the government is the other characters and gaining more knowledge in general but you know that that's another form of power I still find it hard sometimes what is going
on questions at the same time how can I help people to ask questions how can I answer person without making the person who asked you to and then briefly mention some questions I that I can't I mean questions that really questions there are more demands of attention sometimes this axiom and another person they're really good explanation Orenstein people speak and many endowments guided terms of thing you answered during the my to
answering the review questions we would affect us we have a lot to you because they come out the great deal of Saturn or maybe even subconscious ridicule and those things such as enterprise and well actually and encourage people to reflect on their communication patterns they allow us to address negative mechanisms we have names for them right the 1st step way coming in question so a Conigliaro and he's really great so if you have questions you will go that's a great question with a lot of them don't is found to have questions and you take the time to answer and now he's back to us the question that another step and so on to admit not knowing something as a positive example and make the normal and 1 scary thing that you don't know of this can be be used to buy constructed so when you say things like an analyst the 1st step of the problem but I don't know why the 2nd step is happening inside of this other thing that I assumed to have so you can buy from and and this is an area where I tried to watch must continues part think about the
change of perspective that my encouraging when think of and all this if you take away but we can say this is the current and the laws of the prominent 1st of all I know a bunch of music and engineering literature that
estimate that are such a thing as technical perfection and that it's gave some bigger systems we are alone in a
sufficiently complex and so it's impossible to Wolesi everything that it's not
possible for 1 year and then got then estimate of the 10 times and you have some
medical people and 10 times the work of others this is a test and I because of introducing more pressure when most people don't have a problem with not working their problem with taking I saw
them moving 10 times as fast and and the cost of technical debt and an untidy base for other people named it doesn't feel like it would work well with others and then decided adaptation a
boundary between engineers and users so we could say writers and readers answers and consumers of or whatever you can you see the pattern and during our 1st this program with 1 engine years of the when the common people in London and engineering in our office was
1 of the most important moment in a long time in the end of and then we can on was things and you everybody I could do it and then as the element of ego and pride and programming among code is an interesting
effects and the big problem with the entombment finishing important or maybe not even started yet and the other not being preferred and I think the analysis of the of the monitor Internet where everybody take each of opposable this and this
makes it even worse because you can see all the people around you presenting the our sampling and analytical of people with really great ideas of people that are just read the slide it can be intimidating everybody wants to be on the right and thank the meritocracy it we also have the
problem of strongly identified with our code those parts of the plants really hard to get a code review with criticism and that because there and
that they are identical which is obviously not true when you read the human being with a high enough machine but it seems easy to forget when people implementation of the size maybe it's not coming with immense power that you can change things in the programming I don't know something that cannot practice meditation and wanted to prove involvement in all legal and he's already controlling elements that come with program and then estimate part of society was the perceived failure as a simple process but insistence that
Don instead of fixing the infinite 1 of parents might have an angry when we got that way and I was made to the decide for every time in when he has to cover
them up and hide them from a messages for learning on us in this room of my and I think these 3 problems are just a part of uterine American with all grains ideas of computers I so on and among scientists writers artists and we got oftentimes we cannot see the light forward they seem to want to we cannot touch but he's different inventing a holiday from real want to evaluate and is for me I think it's easy to get alienated from the additional work for this very and myself because of a lot of the work is done the work done the real on Sunday they don't do any work in may and just impostor we did not only the longest and find out when and why it is that you and I make the of action of the field
of collaboration growth competition so what images usually compete when resources limited right that's why countries fight over natural resources and characterizing we're supposed to fight for reasons that are not limited to the lake grades in school our money to buy digital to establish ahead of
the competition using this is bound to establish some artificial borders many of them and to world cerebral that education and information and even if we have limited if they didn't like for example attention 1 on 1 time of 1st whenever and freely and helping each other with high everybody around you in the long so that what can help each other and you in the future in Montreal was part of a group that factors do it together with the exchange computer skills and spirit do you have someone tries giving away a self-made scenes about the eventual industry I think sharing and doings after genomics less scary and more from and
I mentioned that I noticed that all of the above find findings to walk from this situation of into a situation of learning as quickly as possible moving them Absolon when ethanol blame and shame that becomes a learning opportunity right away and so I want to mention that this from stupid and from an impending understanding and you community you might get that on the
back or a kick in the butt some regularly in this place and I can talk about I think it's important to create an inclusive and say space in which everybody can ask questions try around things and improve because that's the way we learn always being right means I'm doing what the only thing that I know or meanwhile having to change my view was actually on them because just learned something and I was idea and I wanted to us that suggestion that you are
someone spirits 1 and transformation by other people I don't know I figured out and the learning it's an ongoing process from me as encountered from the dinosaur cards and letters and that's in the everyday I I'm was
starting 1 more ways to build and expand this page of current and I want you I want your spirit 1 and I wanna encourage you to encourage and I want you to sorry what your community and will and the the only 1
that aspirations questions you know anyone may be discussed in the and my thing will come in the form what no 1 will all and so I'm supposed to explain what the student was free and honest picture from the potential and there was actually a cheerleading squad which is that is was so this was from a performance specs are I might have like the 1 I use this as a metaphor and 1 of his his colleagues have my bag and if I did something wrong made on and I don't trust anyone with all right all my might not only 1 of month where idea the national and that's about what I'm trying to so how can you How can teach children nowadays programming and and then that have a better experience with the question of so I mentioned some of the focus of like wanted a year and then what would I like to be there so all and then on the these mood that I got from the pastoral creating new spaces this work would be like what what I would like to enhance the soul can just my natural curiosity and drawing up and like it's going to work answering my questions with all these that's that I have to do with that and the 1 the 1 there also the but I think the question was when you when you get an objective number from uses them and how can you communicate when the number of negative how can you communicate and it would way so I I think the and need touching it you know what I think many the this topic of Nonviolent Communication and Media in the previous talk on the phone so you have to think about this emotional side to when you when you are discussing joint effect because we talk about computer science never have to effect this that humans communicating and we tend to forget this part of the and and especially dealing with negative things on there are some interesting reactions and the bread and salt if you tell the person my example negative feedback from the tyrant a and there time when we say no no that's not true and then you can discuss sold I would say when you think of if it gets emotional right like some negative things this is what i want come back to the discussion that I often this brain reaction fast because you can wait at all because 7 and everybody is like a pool of scientific 1 question and I think and the start and have like a discussion the at the the the what they are and so how can you and how can you work with the system in which people are wanting knowledge and no 1 is sure what can you what is that with the question of I think that's a cultural problem so you have to creating kind soft area to create a Kyocera contingent as well and sporadic curiosity Handsworth and more important than having his finger 1 of the person and you will note within within but it takes time yeah as the but in question was about school and associated with that that in alternative environment and and I would just encourage you to try school because everybody is going to mean I can there from the international but everybody can apply and that takes 3 money knowing which you can make your project so you can just go to act as a common knowledge of requests and her tho no you have to find a new website because in my time there was quite differently than on request and we were far away and no and and wants to know and reflecting and the glass from and to have 1 the optimal pessimism is obtained a big role in In this change like going from a single but I think that that the true when we we we have such an attitude toward that but I think that's facts that speak for so it's only and know you just want to optimize the learning within your organization it's that is that the smart proposal because otherwise the and that his moments where where you can find something because something was wrong they would just as well 1 no more questions than know before you to continue the discussion of the corpus that or I mean if