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Open Roberta Lab - Visual Online Programming Environment for Computer Kids
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Open Roberta Lab - Visual Online Programming Environment for Computer Kids The Google funded Open Roberta project continuous the Fraunhofer IAIS initiative ”Roberta - Learning with Robots”. Roberta aims at engag- ing and motivating girls and boys to take a sustained long-term interest in information technology, technology and the natural sciences (STEM). For more than ten years, this underlying initiative successfully enabled girls and boys to explore the world of robots and to learn about computer science and technology in a playful way. With more than 30.000 participating children and young people in over 600 documented Roberta courses a year - Roberta has become a permanent fixture in the German education landscape. The aim of Open Roberta is to overcome technical and professional barriers for teachers and students alike at home or in the classrooms. The free to use cloud-based Open Roberta Lab consists of graphical programming tools that enable beginners to seamlessly start coding without long-winded system installations, setups or additional technology getting in the way. In its first available release, Open Roberta enables children and adolescents to program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots in the beginning. A variety of different visual programming blocks are provided to interact with motors, sensors and the core of LEGO robots, the EV3-Brick. Upcoming software releases are aiming at a broader online programming support for additional educational hardware (like robots, toys, etc.). The necessary machine code translations are part of our new invented NEPO programming language which is build into Open Roberta. The created technology and its concepts are free to use for anyone and are available as open source. In a first step, the development team at the Fraun- hofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems reached out to teachers, IT and education experts within the partnering Roberta network as well as to universities and their students to involve them in the develop- ment work. In the ongoing second step, the open-source community has been opened to all interested parties and programmers. By doing that Roberta still follows its main mission namely the encouragement of female newbies in order to help them becoming role models for the next generation of pro- gramming experts. The presentation will address current limitations of available classroom pro- gramming solutions and is going to showcase Open Robertas online coding capabilities. A further aspect of the talk will be the introduction of the NEPO abstraction language as a core concept for upcoming hardware com- munication. Markus Ketterl
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so there's us but can when is modest about and work at the front of the which is located directly below so it's not far away and I don't know if you are familiar with from overseas mission in general a problem over is Europe's largest usage institution for clients from applied science so what we do with trying to well I new research ideas into the industry so this is only mission such as that are doing research but there
was always in close collaboration with industry partners in my talk today sperm about our open about left so the open about the project entitled little programming environment for computer kids communicate this well well yes no by itself and pretty sure and boys and girls should learn to interact with the computer it turned out that over the years that this has been a problem so the kids boys and girls will bring up that motivated that is solved from beginning and well not just in Europe but globally worldwide people projects of trying to attract girls and boys to get in touch with technology and now that I understand coding computers machines how this world works and this is 1 of our core missions here instead of better approach but better over about this country funded by the and graphic close collaboration with will so development goes along with the other guys from google also with the label is further part of a project but this is probably getting by on it before we have teachers in the room and there are no teachers in the room because this is mainly target for this I might be wrong but it is also the teachers teachers and learners school peeps Q school pupils young children but it's good for me to know that there are no teachers inside because then can skip things work and I need to explain why shows the cost is also mutations differently a brief that gender so what I have in mind for this little talk with introduction and overview of course I will also talk about the space initiative so I'm talking about open events but there was something before which was called go better and there's a history and also affects what we're doing and lessons learned over the years especially with features so this is why I was asking give and to give you a sense of what is going on in the schools today
and then I'm going to present you open about graphical programming how we envision this thing on and what is learned over the years how it should look like how to behave how to interact with people and on the right side you see some people sort of working with educational Roberts amateurs for any 1 of you with education what's at all at expense label for example limestone so this is this lady here of this this guy here I don't know if the robot from 2 from the legal system from the Mindstorm box and we can work
with this you can program at index with you and it turned out that programming such a thing like the robot it's not that easy it is you know it is a machine that is not computer it needs to be bonded to a computer and it's sort but store programs so you actually need a lot from the beginning to start practicing but once it is working is pretty cool and it's not just for for the little boys we also present a range of the and I'm pretty sure you can imagine that once a father to such a who think then there there isn't another another von component but this is 1 of our target systems that we the
concentration is well industry outside of the British models for by itself goes to cold our only a minimal group so if you take a look at the matter because like the apple who will Facebook you worked with the you see of course the women are working there also young women working there but they're not doing actually technically so that doing everything else but they do most of the time 1 of those and so it is the chairman slide it's that's just the indicating women in Silicon Valley and the 2nd 1 here the 2nd 1 is indicating but the rate of male and female on the right side we also see that the the to most of the fact that a good thing there there have been done date so and that there are different reasons for short interest is of course 1 but definitely not skills well our intelligence whatever but the problem the problem is different young girls and women don't get in touch with technology in a way that done well that motivates them but in touch with technology and then it turns out for the industry the light or becoming an issue we have not enough programmers were monitored universe people coming from around the world but still women are not In the major position positioning other questions
an online coding or with coding that tutorials to learn coding I suspect done by you or scarcely identical for example the cult of our large initiatives for coding sponsored by Facebook for example the gates that putting a lot of money and effort inside as platforms to bring new these 2 parameters Python or whatever with small tutorials video moves and so on that just keep keep electric so anyone experience with with this kind of systems assistance you know well beyond you know so what see in the left side the cell a system which is called blocked leaves of a visual programming environment to well hide the complexity of programs that will program here computer guys and so and so pretty well how complicated is is to find the right function or the good things in loop or while whatever to understand the basic concepts of programming where the basic ones and of course then also when you think of Java Enterprise for example what is included in the package was an API what can I combined what and so on and then things getting even more complicated but that's the basic things like that repeated do then this set concepts that are mostly true for all programming languages always the same and but you need to understand most of the time that those things are running all him so you start with something and the and and between and there are no sources different ways the program and if you're not familiar with this kind of thing then you is room around arrows you don't understand what's going on and this graphic programming idea has been started around 19 1960 what has been done in this domain since that graphical programming environments user interfaces your all things that are going on in the browser without images without buttons because that's when yeah I will put it differently completely different from just think about command-line special whatever that would just not directed against everything needs to have some kind of I think it needs to look pretty but this is the world today a lot of buttons and things and from bad but a lot of complexity in the back it is like photos or or code category also scratch Our incorporating these ideas of little coding not in every domain but for the beginners they start with this idea that the blocks can be attached the 2nd order to get them to get to the to give a good entrance this is is something that you find in all the capitals once you move
over to harden and things are getting really crazy to they had enough in another question you playing with hardware like resp replies or other seasons there are a major maker rooms and so make make a space for example so in the the things is around the corner for a couple of years now it looks like that finally it arrives in our living rooms are at home but there a lot of computer systems and other brother Robert systems are showing up almost 1 each day but there every month every year someone is doing something new with the rest replied of you bought the robot for example of this guy here I think about so small but it's it's it's actually not but as a small boxes that you can combine them build a new logic and this this block here that index and the and well they sound files on the rights of the classical world that really looks like lower this here from fisher In this tutorial system running so a lot of hardware and a lot of programming and that based on our experience it is still colossal still and an issue to bring the roles of the web browser and another device together in in a so as mentioned
previously open about is the title of this thing here the world project but we started in a different position so we started around 2002 actually targeting to school classes teachers pupils are so making Robert classes at schools really I don't know around in the 4th 5th 6th grade this is worrying always start with this idea of this is the robot that see how you can interact with the robot is used some girls sitting sitting here and we've learned a lot of things how girls for example work with the role of robots are getting dressed up for example the girls always doing completely different things doing some some badly you can imagine but there is a well the differences opinion and it turns out that boys as well as girls are solving the problems the social problems differently sometimes it takes longer sometimes it's a completely different solutions but this is interesting so it's not a problem stupid you or whatever is just a matter of how this is and get just to keep them playing with this hard so what we have
achieved with robots actually the the boat you see here on the slide you're reaching 30 thousand doesn't always and only over this role of classes in the schools so which is not a small number this I guess it is motivating this so approximately 50 % girls this from each year teacher different as well can imagine sometimes have more gross sometimes less girls but in the middle we reach as many girls as boys with this initiative and well the basic problem is actually to training teachers to get familiar with robotics tools get familiar with how things work and then these changes are going back to the schools meeting with their pupils and start doing something with the with the school children of his hydroxymethyl not that this works quite well teachers are but happy because someone is taking care and someone is giving them and with this technology things and on the other side you see this a lot the girls there is something that India Indian works and that's where the computer and that's what it was intended to do by well
around 2 thousand we started 2015 is now open about better start in the middle the because he started with and there was a pedagogical initiative not the 1 in the beginning and we had over the years different funding scheme as it was involved in European projects it has German local finding it also received funding from industry and you can imagine that the company's ah well today it is you want want to well it's not girls and boys familiar with companies so then
later they're still remember this companies as a good company and the idea is to get the story so and this is why I am companies are interested in supporting this initiative as well as the politically correct so to say so it is it is it is a good thing to have for for Mendel's for companies to do something for school and don't lose contact with technical so
over the years different partners
were on board of this well but the this these so so to say of quality of of intact assaults guerrilla oracle that some similar most distant from the general is supporting but we are doing and otherwise it wouldn't work of course and continent on and the legal which legal provides us with robots that and the church mentioned in the beginning the targeting different hospitals because we also room of people doing crazy things with additional hardware and we want to incorporate this different hardware pieces as well in our in our systems to make programming easier for these different other devices so as mentioned
that about starts on well we start here with the certified by the training so we teaching peaches his teachers are teaching other teachers like this mobile systems and the going back to the schools and teaching actually pupils but an God was then sitting in the classrooms and learning together with their teachers based on about the learning materials so things that the incorporate also this list of liability is like what was working with was not working experiments on them these kind of things and the gesture and also that the this concept has been taken off different partners from foreign countries as well it's currently may need a Europe thing everyone this thing mainly in Europe countries England Norway always Italy Austria but we also received some letters intent interest from the US for example for the the world will
inherit the land is 1 of the things I want it means and do not want in the text of it is and the people in my book to will get it on human action the main who is the name of all of you what is it that we will so for for example there is the question was if this thing as far as I know if I have say you right so it can be used in physics and mathematics classes and how socially works then this was just a question that it is it is mainly of of course it is mainly targeting mathematics and physics of course so it's is targeting a stem like that all the technical subjects that people girls and boys are running running through facing at schools but then there experiments for fruitful for the different and the stuff inside this further the learning material books and pdfs and online tutorials the some of is not the teacher but wants to have a group but once worked with a group of of newbies and index of office that is available in some parts of free some parts are books are not expensive and the material is there so what we've
learned that 1 service starting reagent vectors that work to bring this to the to the schools East the teacher is not a computer guy most of the time he's not here she's not an administrator and he actually doesn't want to spend time on modifying things or some of the key things updated viruses into the most of the times and most of the time goes well all kits for school children are smarter regarding technical stuff like computers or whatever as the teachers teachers don't all
response although we don't Moscow heard this is not true of all the just for sure but there you can imagine working with this huge amount of of of natural systems and teachers over the years as we learned the lesson that this hello world thing is complicated to maintain and then just another example that if you are a teacher school you're not allowed to download 1 gigabytes of space for example the data amount or ports on open because this is not a lot you can do contact with different Boston denominated for for example is a test small restrictions you also but many times such as school level only includes all hardware alternatives machines nobody cares so this is the reality and with this setting should also spend time on on on on the 15 year old girls and boys you can imagine a complicated reasons that and so he's also teaching different subjects they're not but they lost my of physics but they don't care about computers they don't care about false
and true of everyone but for many they are taking care of many things and but they won't care or they don't care much about hardware they wanted includes smaller devices don't include tablet devices and as mentioned they won't spend time on updating the accede to Windows 2010 awarded this is the desert so that if integral and this is what seen and this is what is reported
another 1 also if you will be familiar with graphical environments and put on the right side this was research has been done last year where we took a closer look at what this terrible to stare in the in the in the lecture rooms this quite to the systems that are being used not just in Germany but worldwide and xt the enchanting will see what his great standard system societies that are running on a computer and target different hardware platforms standing and it turns out that all these these besides market of our need to be so things need to be installed in need to update stuff in it too longwinded blindly take the things together and you can't incorporate new devices you can't incorporate the only because you can't stop things from the outside you can't just use it from its own for example so you need to be in the in the in the school led to really work at these things so costs long-term support 1 inflation as mentioned pairing of hardware cross-device platform use its data turns out that if you can imagine and boys and girls in schools are but in so they data there is even more important like for the graphs and things like that of personal data from from markets should not be taken by outside companies so teachers are taking a very very much care of of there the in the data that is being recorded and gathered from the system's fault companies like this with for example of so privacy is of of you Nugent port once we are dealing with a schools well and the take home message here is that everything that is there it is complicated to run and needs some care needs to have someone that updates the and the press the right about this at the end
so with open about better we really tried to and make
sure that we no run into
this pitfalls again so we want to make programming with different hardware devices as easy as possible and how you do this so they you to incorporate things in problem so there is no other way would be to which there is no as far as we understood that the domain and there is no need anymore to force people to install things on the machines wanted installed things and the lab environments in which they should run out of the box in the web browser on mobile devices on and tablets and there know complex the system setups but also the hardware the connection should work without paying and I go through this different that respects later show stuff of course and representing things look like that justifications for a couple
said reducing the complexity is of course 1 of our aims and using modern web technology felt technology which trying to collaborate in this online platforms with with with school the most important is that things are running independently so that the school can decide is they want to work with other schools or if they don't want to work such things really private but used to the problem and not something complicated the emission today's generation the structuration of tomorrow's what is what he is
actually it is an online programming environment based on visual coding show it to you like blocks that we see that so you can interact with some programming rise above device the by combining functions that are presented visually and block from and you can then stick things together show than that of the it has been designed the language has been designed to not just work with a little it was this year is not that she was around 400 euros we can imagine like if you have children at all you think 2 times if in this thing is really necessary or not if you can find cheaper hardware that does the same or similar things that so they're pretty much aware of the making sure that this different heart devices can also be bundled and coupled to the and easy programming in the environment that we envision the source
code is freely of course anyone can participate in the developing world from Google engineers are working together to speed up to come up with the right features that are important from release to so it started to 1 and a half years 1 year ago vector coding of online online platform for coding of of of hardware and we're moving soon we moving pretty fast forward so incorporating new features in trees well with the with the intention in mind that there is no dedicated service but that means I needed so let's see how this
thing looks like finally so when we would get providing because the variables that are represented in the project are also working other source domains like opencast for example article began as a working in in different open-source projects so we know based on our experience how to combined people how to get in touch with with each other how to make sure that the software is not breaking from each day each week so this of their issue trackers are there and we use there to get you involved with the with the general idea how
you start doing something how you can indirect
the on this is how it's going
to look like so it's so I'm running locals probably because I'm a Democrat terrific can access the systems outside based on the on the wireless network so this coming up once you're once you start but the source code so and what you get there is said different features on the constant prices and so we assume the left side different visions blocks that you
can in true come up and
program features of the for example features for a robot like what it does not it is starting of course so there's always some something that starts and ends and what should occur now what should happen now use the robot should drive forward with the speed of of study distance of 20 centimeters there another
and blocks like you can also interact with the browser and we since also like this guy here this fellow here has a sense of which tracks the light environment so can distinguish between the colors for example and distinguish between dark and light and bright so maybe you can have a look after water a brief experiments on it's called line fall off and diverse see interact with the sensory here and this thing and then reports back to the machine all those for the motors like Richard so the future trends and right or left or if it should go faster or slower and what the mission is of course cannot use track of the line and that's the summation here and it turns out that works quite well it is interesting it's and it's actually another another complex thing to do but there for beginner yet it takes a lot to get there to to get the story
so lots of things on there so you can distinguish between the variables we can combine like logic muscle
and all that but you know from systems programming no and
in the and we also build in a the simulation we know that
does not everyone is actually spending a lot of money for hardware devices and to do the 1st steps to do those things that at home you can start with the with different simulations to test you new
program this is for example here you see our vision has trouble about the on the on the top here in east sending out its signals this because our sense of sensor values so it tries to interact with the environment and text objects and you that also uses the light sends or other colors and so on to so now we have to interact with the environment like checking which colors some of the machines rats new is also able to this year the number this is also able to interact data let me just loaded programming so that you get a sense hold more complicated thing looks like this she for so you see
that the combination of let alone the the communication of different classes based on sense also based on blocks that
are currently available this actually pretty easy to come up with a of pleasing might be the wrong 1 if you're familiar with development that is easy to come up with new blocks combining blocks for this that environment and that are not there is described how to do that and you see here a structured program called what the robot should do is all well I tried what I tried to do it
is I tried to make sure that this fellow here finds its way to the parking lot and what is stated in the following the road well known I but I think that almost so it's it's using the wrong way it's going back and it's going back as far as it recognizes the green the green square then turns left and move very fast through the parking position so this is the so as mentioned we're started with vision the visual stimulation a couple of weeks ago so sorry that it's not that we don't have more the below of more demos cereal but you recognize that this area
quite crazy at the moment there may be a different 1 can it just this
1 so there's a line for example that you can use
and but also the future in draw something so that you need to come up with some mathematical functions and let the about go crazy for a couple of days and draw mathematical functions and see what is going on there the some of the so we can think of as a so helpful for when you is here to get in touch with programming but on the other side if you so you don't end up here you can also have a look at that time so what is currently going
on under the hood is this because you guys are developers who are familiar with developing these things here this graphical things here are based on XML representations of things are described in XML with color scheme and so on with dimensions and further back end servers actually trans trans transforming these XML stuff to Java so bands job what is something that that the fellow you on the right side and understand so it has a certain features that doesn't cost as support can be challenged the prize with all the framework but it has interaction possibilities to record the motorist play some pastors to to show something on the display and we know that this is true for the hardware devices as well so there visual code so to say it goes back to the server and gets their compiled it actually gets compiled to John files with the right machine code on the right to our code is being transferred by the speedy wireless too hard you know what to say is how things look like companies working on his mother biases which in theory experiment why do so let's see
from there something easy a
program start motor court being should and speed 30 the
you can also get a sense of what the system or how code in the and then read so it is not just that you stick together you know of things that you can also have a look at what's going on In earlier preparing so that you see here that the would mean of course a typical challenge I catch phase and the the of you see how the interaction with the it's a harder should look like and at the moment because it is working progress we still have some that imports left for the server but we can of course through the results to even lower
lower the barriers and to focus on just the but important things for a newbie but also working currently on a feature that shows on what is programmable left side actually the source code so that is what is going on what is running in which all the in a real programming language so that you understand the flow of information the flow of data from such a complicated thing OK what the so I guess the
story know that was the wrong 1 that was to just glad it's not
want to do this year is working right so by the I see here but you
don't see it said my so it is
completely down and and the
I want to present on what have read his we have a lot of work at the the thing about this it for what is it do you from the which is in the we all who what the more we are all in the we so the question was if we as any kind of study in some of the that the effects young young people on on the long run right so if we have an anything like that so little about the initiative has has some work some studies that show that things turn out well we have not yet a lot of studies based or for a better for all the work that I have this really is helpful at all we think it is and then the day that you see so far from networks is encouraging so the figure on the right path but it has nothing say no written papers yet that are indicating that this the true what we proposing so on and brilliantly starting I only have 2 3 slides 1 and just showing you how to get in touch and to get further information this is really going on with the as the colors here was the question before the the but for the the for yeah so it's doesn't seem to work at all at the moment well strike of get started to make good even so they and so on student here my slides will be how old you are reaching us so eugenist so that that was mentioned the approach it is called open about the website is simply open about the problem as that of the park there and there you get access to our issue trackers so what is going on in on of development teams with our features that currently prioritize what he's still the Roadmap what is in the back it can pick stuff so we're really welcoming people from outside there are a couple from guys from Finland parts some that are showing of France but in our open-source works so everything is free available there's nothing to nothing to signal but no the sign thing they can use the environment that's what's there you can use this service that we have can do infrastructure which means that is there we have seen we can develop a meeting so online so can be just when I see for example chapter but we also to have some something of of opens sessions to get new reason board talk with the development the it will lead to and world as the world of the and it known the think it as a little it is it is definitely this is what the the current set of is that the and you're able to install everything on your on your local machine so it would you receive want to check out the source code so you see for the charter service open and the it is a Java-based and then there was it this is just so you see formulation actually everything but you can then use the server that is coming up with the code to use it and the lecture hall on the left and so we have currently 1 version available for testing is called let thought open minus sabbatical part then we can see that that's open minus better part is running not there last motion so these running the last iteration so it's not including currently the little thing but we also presenting next week will know well 1 week and a half at the fountain bones and those we open that we get things ready finally ready and 1 and a half weeks so get out the next release candidate is currently under test testing and to find the last box and to find well the merits of this force that are currently still in the code that yeah so in 1 of the half week the visualization the visual stuff is also inside but this letter don't open minds about them is for people to play around with but the intention is not to have 1 single server that stores everything we leave this up to the users all the teachers to make
sure that the data from from their kids stays at the school but if they want to they can of course also use the public public environment this from school it was called it was from within this it is it is envisioned it is it is not yet there but we envisioned to have sort of coding features inside where you can share programs and things with students from outside from know whatever different different languages as well this is on on our of course that is where we have been so this is how you connect so you for my typically under the liberal gets operating system small modifications but it doesn't need to have this happen this little thing needs to have some tweaks there that can install biomarkers thinkers then and you connect the boy you can extend the robots to Wi-Fi system at home or in the school and that the communication dynamics of a to consistent so huge generate a torque on the server and the hardware that all circuits and talking to make sure that the you're program really ends up at the right and that some someone else's so this talk this system and then we can start programming and the problem finding the aerobic system yet so that your cells are the once again there's so it's called open for better code open minds about the Oracle brings you to the development so it shows you how
to start the maiden things hard to get the code yeah well think it's and stuff that is currently working on these blocks and so on you don't need to tell you how this works but then we have the complete and infrastructure ready it's running on from service this was important for us also to not done but to really make sure that the data space the control and that's because I mentioned that there there might be some some well problems for people that the because cubism will send a note that we're working with children in might turn out that that there might be a few that are we sending data from kids to work for marketing or whatever this is not this is not conditioned and this is not the case you keep everything at the public from of service currently and make sure that there is not that know marketing things going on death just as a side note and it's believers but there based on experience and they're talking to people 2 lectures is of concern thank you for attention a filter from the associated with
them you each experiment here uh use group of girls and boys that are working online or with the browser and do some programming of the kind of mascots are a better education what it is 105 so thanks for your attention any further questions this is all as the many rules which is a lot of a lot of things for the simulation and honestly quite happy about that because it has been done in a really small amount of time and that we require kinematic sample the performance of we respect seeing the browser like the print secondary the running but of course we had in mind to an online
provides robots from different children so they can play together program together and and not just use 1 the call ability and then we have this in mind as well but what if you want to try 1 day will come when we we could do was long so I think last year have you on all there could be a that is a physical ideas and then they're getting even more attractive for once there can be simulated and and not to end up with future amounts of money to and spend a model of course further questions what you and indeed what are denoted here uh how to install things and there's a history is written so the question is if true we have information about this harder connection things like how this is working is inside the wiki and that is explained where something is called AST is almost an abstract it's strictly for Hopper but you can use to and bring new Java code to another platform so 1 1 of the good clique is so working like well like trees is the wrong thing but he achieved to use the generated Java code and use a temple Python programming and and we go to another system that only understands parts of example so this has been done it is working and data but there's also a number of codes Christians who called the types of
things through natural choice this early on Sunday