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Why favour Icinga over Nagios?

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so what can we what everyone I think it's time to look at and things fall short I wanna talk about this in that today and that may be why you wanna favored instead of meiosis considered choosing senior migrated whatever 1st of
all who am I I'm a consultant working for a German company called that waste where
the 1 of the driving forces behind using and the choice of of the thing that he's it back into the 12 and my main kind of motivation there still plane of the organization a singer to all everything works out a plan what features we to and in terms of project and on my private side emotional packages for deviance on the 1 hand brought to using it to do that in the bundle with help from a few others and you find
as cells but 1st of all who we are using a single 1 of the moment if any of you have seen it yes the the again it won't
be here to deal with to the eventual until wanted with this
thing about quite a brief overview cell our targets OK I think it's called the
again the central of care in the target of our efforts is to bring something we call an open source enterprise monitoring solution and that means that should be scalable should work in very big environment it should make it easy for you to use the data but it should be as easy as to use for a small home users I myself have
light to service 1 at home which is like a file server so that the argument of the sender just to play around with stuff if you buy slope presence on and if it's me just quite as well as fitful became the 1st company and that's what we want to do with our focus they're the people
involved in using a few are doing engaging staff and before the people around you previously you might want to only use it but we always you're looking for new people to get involved and if you if you just want to contribute to find something in that documentation that doesn't fit you don't of don't understand you might say could provide better than the support request you will come and where we
started actually was 1 way
back in 2009 and when innocuous developments was a bit frozen and it's still this kind of and we want to make it better that you cannot afford to make all cells and of the development cida and as you guys did and I think the only focus because was to fix boxes to make small adjustments just to improve the overall behavior of idea spectra and he became a long way since and I think 2012 we started working on this single to and and the 1st week what we consider stable version to about almost 20 years but I think it's quite interesting and of course 1 not only 1 and provide you with a nice called the fixed things but also web interface where can see what is your the environment doing as a social worker
so of In our team we have some approach for a minute to tractable and 1 is still have the the only
serious which is basically a single 1 of the web in the face of the in the so-called class in your eye movements and this is the way that 1 interface to which we used mainly on bigger installations it's quite a complicated on the other side we have seen that and see what so and both of them are still supported and I think a single 1 will be supported for a few years to come by many
like using it to so that maybe a few never have to touch something like models also so
what do you want to achieve with is seeing a moratorium it 1 until everything basically 1 might or if hardware is working in a web services working SQL database stuff solution and we want to do that and not regulations have also like everyone that doesn't work it doesn't work possible and the idea is to prefer active checks and anyway active checks means anything a call runs a command that reaches out to the target system verifies that it's working and testing sing at the at the final so we're gathering all of status and singing only collecting some performance data which is like the fueled this user whatever you would like we want a
montage to monitor sort modified people on every you I
like to know maybe a male may be as mass maybe should the message of some kind and you wanna provide a way to the
set tendencies of the signals can be serving that artists and under of the root of the stone because of not responding and more maybe whole . us and stop and maybe I only want to get modified for that 1 would that's spoken and not every 3 thousand so that should be as easy as possible and then in addition we want support Adams so all
the data we know like stuff that changes performance data of any kind we 1 of last and for them to save the got of you and a lot of integrations knowledge we can forward to the workstation grain of the consent metrics to graphite or used to be and looks at of what everyone supports like graphic interfaces and metrics and we wanna extended support in the future so every tool that makes sense to integrate just let's do it the like if that looks just looks such approach was like 1 thousand
books and 3 thousand up sports and the way so where we had with a single to at the moment we are devotion to the
building which just like the sort major version on the fax exhaustion world government clusters released in July and so we're working on 2 3 9 at the moment from smaller boxes some windows to the main feature of using cool a using to is it has been completely rewritten from scratch but now I want to make use better we decided maybe it would be better to avoid trademark issues all trademark questions in the future and of course improves the quality of local so it's now C plus plus and samples we could real challenge cp exposed quite cool and what we wanted to keep from users is this in the ideas behind because the critical and in addition we want enable users to use a singer to when no 1 wants so there is a public module that fearful receives their of playbooks was that of a single some of our of yeah managed but
members of this single team fuel them like I think and the real interest on made by I suggest interested in that but still can contribute to cultural controls and of course packages and bacon boxes soluble so everyone can just start setting up without worrying about compiling upon talk extensive library like you and welcome to the and the and do before we say what is better in the signal what is good about not
as a said monitoring is easy you just have to install and configure fuels configured services and have a basic monitoring the status so simple you just need to install new ideas Knoblich dependencies a simple that interface and you're done with the basics of everything you need to do is now described using single holders your environment looks which should be monitored and we wanted to keep the and those active
checks is a form of really powerful because it avoids dependencies but many monitoring solutions rely on some components somewhere to send the central monitoring system status we want to avoid there that whenever possible and that I want to give you the way to do with central asks the assistance and my guess is a pretty huge community especially using still today so if you search for my his problems of questions you might get a lot of fans them and of course all the plug-ins that exists on the internet for basically a lot of windows of a lot of basic issues default standard plug-ins that they're just use of was just a best group few lines but you do some chick output and a return that's all we need some but why go
to singer I follow a lot about including that slide here because I want I want to bet on molecule so that's the only that you like but that gives you
an idea about that but the focus of my users so the moment that Saddam and area on nuggets of log so they're open source web website and it tells you pretty much because by users the
cooperative meaning you have an your score that's pretty nice and working but all the other stuff they wanted to go around you have to pay for all it's the same want you to pay for and you notice me that small people by now but 1st you know the and you can get all complexity free to so let's
start talking about this and that
and only goal and even as a company of that waste behind that and we want to be 100 per cent open source 100 per cent free software that really important for us to support a community and so on I think we need that's quite well received at least I hope so we welcome contributed would have an active community support a lot of people here not directly from a single project in are talking to you so that have questions and that a lot of channels just show do so have
problem with and ideas and that maybe something new you wouldn't really see in your home environment or small company is scaling i started liking 3 years ago and I hadn't really big idea about what populations in his life and if you start reading the cold and understanding it there would be mistakes made at the very beginning and if you had a been very really big set of you will notice that quite early because and this only a single doing jobs solid like the scheduler that's just running running away and executing checks storing notifications doing status updates and that costs a lot of CPU time especially because it's only runs in 1 CPU clock time and that has been there for a lot of time it works pretty good but there a limitation level you might reach at some point what a person noticed if you have a idea processor which like and love the runs with about 24 causal
more at each call grows smaller and since it can utilize only 1 CPU core it gets slower and slower the most of you courses so then large installations of difficult without even like 10 thousand services you might have a mid-sized companies and give you pretty and of course the the external interfaces with talking about but we have a pretty nasty problems you wouldn't you wouldn't see in a small and 1 FIL
and our goal was to go Maltese right from the start and and be able to build a little to do with a lot of stuff in parallel to avoid cluttering toward promoting any kind and we wanted to be able to distribute old about it just just automatic then the it tests we run like you 1 million checks in 1 2nd and a lot and of course I had the benchmark sliding here and it's it's it's a pretty and how should say nice statistics
but there is actually no limitation using it to a matrix the limitations harmony checks can handle can be handled by the server if you have some check but once extended PHP library or child or whatever you want of course be able to 1 thousand of checks of a 2nd but it is just a simple shell script like SNP modification whatever it can be done and there were fewer used life struggles in the past on all of them most of us and this trapped this models
scenarios were pretty nasty so and there wasn't really have a real life link against you would have to take a few halophiles compiler module against citizens works you can to events with that you can exist on a limited budget it's not a very good solutions to excess started because it can get very very slow if you do a lot of effort and it's a very complicated to install so the whole
goal was to go modular and
this names all modules inside a single to at the moment and there's few smaller ones as well not only did your idea is to have modules the dual their staff can access the internal information of the cluster and can talk to each other exchange status state of any kind and just the module recital doing what it should do so when a module that check stuff runs checks how you come together as a module that cares about modifications of the Czech results changes we will send you modifications the model we have compatibility all holds folder interfaces mn lifestyle model that costs that brings you the same interface the old lifestyle of integration brought but just if inside the core you can write a post op we have just a connections and we can write to those various external tools and this models a pretty pretty easy and if you want 1 of the recent events not to a gal so put up to a commercial tool of any kind you can take that model changes send http stuff somewhere and you and would be equally together the new API and that should that be done until November and will be included in a single 2 . 4 that sum additional activity of the
course so all the models we wanna give you a way to enable them just easily and just configured saw was ship Italian only a few unable plentiful and so if you wanna use laughter and a literary studies in the 2 and adopt and if you use the ideal 4 stages of part of part of it is the only thing you might have to changes to the go to the config file and interchangeable about response changed the whole thing was about a base size whatever some if we look at of all you have here is a
lot of configuration files and if you can't figure that
that on on Debian-based system the noble during the past is pretty similar to what we that here we have a bunch of default configuration files in the light of times directory and the only thing it does is the set assuming so they had to the same to you just
and like for missing the busses to accept that link you could have a look on the config file
everything about system
instances a model collection of if you would like so you can add a parameter in whether UNIX
socket for lifestyle should be and it will be the last the start because of the that's the way the process the in and then we have a lot of circuit and then to be there we wanna go don't make it easy for users provide all the stuff we support as much of
makes sense and just a little way to use it then after compiling we have models from some place of course the appendages in the past but and actually had a single 1 has pretty much problems with those modules in the past because every time we tried to use it to the change in lists in a single 1 just for adding a new field because he wanted to provide a new field for most of us have weight problems with that models because they were breaking and now we have a simple model that provides left out of the kind you all the trees and if we change we just have to make it with 1 or 2 lines to lifestyles and that's all we need to have a useful support for
so let's talk about clustering
I'm still not sure how many of you you have ever tried to make use of a little signaling and all that magnets was never intended to be eligible so you have that 1 quarter right state of stuff stuff good and but when you try to make it even like cold standby system would just have our 2nd system that can take over the work the other systems don't pretty hard so you would have to build a lot of tools around that and not you not just pacemaker was really 5 to to transport config files to transport status started which gets updated every like 10 seconds or so and so that's pretty hot and I didn't have solved but customers but it is not really long so we thought
about how can we make it better and not only how highly available but scaling horizontal and vertical so be able to have a medium such again to have the signature system at another location at another continent a country continent 1 so and that's what we have and we can that the configurations so enormous OK that's checked Central District somewhere else 10 that enable scaling to avoid all that let see you have to go through to execute checks just random on-site interest John transport the status to the central system and if you go horizontal you can have like 2 or 3 holes of your central server system they are level high available and they distribute checks so you have to hosts every all stars 50 % for more it gets it on the on the and using that
to that we call the master says 11 agent while this is basically single to everywhere but you configuration difference so you have a centralized instance I think that
that's local checking I can have another 1 besides that you have the remote singer somewhere else that network checks for the whole location and you can install single to in every single host but basing it on every single would just act information connecting to the central cluster and along the classic to tell and he's wrong that check and give you the results yes you will the world what is the of the you yes and there are multiple ways to you can do look at the central you can put your conflicts everywhere and there's a tool inside the little cluster such that called with that is called repository that makes the central using a tool instance available to talk to all the stuff at all systems collect their configuration and provide the central instance knowledge where it's what and what's what
objects should I know my state but what you always recommend is that's the confocal about him and you can put your configuration on the central instance and their internal and can replicate that configuration so they have the right here on this system with 2 masters the configuration is done on the system and when you change stuff yeah who we don't assume that to him this will tell the system but the new connections here they will compare the configuration stayed on file and if he hasn't had to change yet it would just copy the file load itself and have the new configuration and then goes on to later and we try to keep it as simple as possible so that's all files all just configuration on this and it's just replicated and that makes it pretty easy to experiment with that of so and the problem we
always see the In the in field stuff the security pretty hard to sell so and you have an opinion which allowed you to run execute plug-ins on a remote host of any kind and that is not secure and it's a problem shall injections of possible it's only security based on IP address white list the encryption is pretty much nonexistent it's more like a scrambling of communication with the
compiled and probably came and basically the same way but and this is stuff that since the check result central instant so and of course you could do checks we as whatever and about that makes other the problems so there isn't to
clustering forces you to use and you as a means for us scramble connection with some pretty private key and but certificates I know it's really hard was almost a cell to do certification stuff creates something like a CA create certificates it's not easy and that's why we prayed you true why you see like a monster so you have that sentencing yourself just create a CA there great certificates have to bring only CA certificate and the whole certificates of deposit system and that's all you need or if you have something like half of that already have the infrastructure in place to reduce the certificates it the no using a tool that the the moon itself is also see a lot to and it does all the stuff we went along with it's the same you know the the right things then basically
and placing it to has that cause of the and peak I commander which can create a CA create create a certificate signed by a certificate request and if you use the and there's something called an old was just basically a command line tool to set up a new and there's also a way to and connect to the central server requests a certificate from the and it of and that's what's the last point is to get to get in our world is basically a password then helps indicate you to connect new client so and the possibility that is configured sentences using a k that as well as from the usage of different the for a that we
don't want to let you yeah so sorry people this so I sorry OK
never seen prescribes the form that was 1st so I want to show off a few configurations that in in if you if you don't get all this what the configuration does here and I will upload the slides afterwards and there are a lot of examples and documentation but I want to show you how I do configuration usually how it might help you self it gets spectrum 1st
and if it was called the full configuration clicks so it allows you to son is age check to a white list of false names and it allowed you to make all schools may be assigned checks to that holds true but there was a lot of work and was a lot of influence on the how it actually works and I know a lot of people that never understood so we brought logic and let's just say want to have a service as a stage that runs legislature and it was applying that service to every holes that is a Linux system because most of the people with minimum
and where some address configure but not the most at our test systems so and it goes further and further so you
can do mentioned also you a radius full school you can do your own role definitions you can filter on other and that describe your environment and only using a single to work out I have the most let's see what else would might have so we have a lot of confocal parsing the impact of course but it's easy for you to configure cell let's just imagine hosts and sorry about mechanical system so that let's say we have also somewhere the internet that's doing stuff for your company and it has some of been addressed and we want to describe it so it's a production system it's a website it's in about us and that we call the number 1 for example that occasions publisher music and who was
responsible for applications of but the so taken the 2 year good for you In return later described so I have something like a web so if all just since Prevention website do all those specific stuff we just include the template almost and knowledge that some all monitor HGV TVs on every node for whatever fits the company service of that's all you need to do is to monitor
modifications the let's say you want to be notified of dollars if a production systems goes wrong so he said 1 Outline of this case that's the name of the notification to
almost well also must match that definition so only all productions we want to be notified that's configured in the that you will understand modifications to all users that I and others and call and 1 of the not affect only on a of only and if you configure modifications before you have to adjust the level of contact groups on using of the only of the union and configuration everything else is not just on resolving the configuration so the same goes for services let's say we had publisher before now we want to be notified modified the education supporting articles strong again only provides should only after also and always wanna send the mail to support and behind the user groups are users but user might have e-mail pager number yeah but address 1 well 3 miles security no idea but but in the user is only we therefore be defined as a user to describe as a user and this information is used here when defining notification you
yes region there's a lot if you
have a shell script that can do that that's nothing we really care about because we give you the means to modify In that is strong some kind of command if it's send sms by local installed user model more main sent to the local medicinal and forwarded to 3 of them and we don't care used to write a shell script and give him the parameters 10 . and every imagine you wanna do is in your script so far of dependencies should be the and
would never wear with scenarios so again if you have a location number 1 status and somewhere I wanted to find that every holes that matches my rule of thumb here get a dependency so the also target that clearly as good as a parent and if that was the goes down it's not a well before and that means that all the animals on along eject because well and we can check it and you wanna get modified for every dependent also so in theoretical and you should only get on that occasion that hosts stroke what constituted like you so that what is not really
easy to explain that how we run clients and I seen a lot of users not understanding what we're doing we wanted to provide you an interface to describe PostScript checked modification whatever can be executed what arguments and supports and give you a simple way to set this argument so that for example some but he went check you might have to know 1 it supports a lot of arguments maybe like all stand as in the community a mold what the chicks were checked on on so a warning on the critical so you tell us 2 where is the script will arguments that has and maybe a default values for the so you can write them later and the only thing you need to do is to define a service by defensive end up to anything to which chicken of and then lost attitudes
and every atom proved that chess commands knows about it tries to find it's reused so I can override the pumping communities in the form I can molds switch the warnings which whatever and the magic behind all that stuff this shows the extent of it's not possible to inject every best Colton whatever command might think about because you have a interface attention exactly which only when
they are so we can make a provide change and that of course as you descriptors 1 2 skeleton injection of any sort we can't fix those who have so again what do you have
a lot of has sorry that's should be treated what yes it just it and the any executable on a Linux system all basically any executable on Windows or whatever systems you know it only relies on the so called Marcus Plekhanov reaches run script it echoes and stuff and it has a lexical all the same the old man yes you yes yes they accept implied in but a safe way to use them without writing a SenseCam online and if you want examples for Czech commands or uh don't want to write your own there's a template library called idea which we should allow packages that provides most of the yeah I think this is a bit small so here and uh yeah
so the ITO provides a lot of the Folger commands the default modest programs for public popular stuff like the mice coherence checks from Collins or whatever so there's a lot of then there's also contributions from commonly used checks and so we we have all In that you would need for basic set up and you just have to define the services of the virus and it runs
we have is yeah went to find the like and what if you have a system the this year it's useful by the
package it is not meant
to be changed by you that's why it's a musician so if you want to prove a command change for you either copy it or the importance of September and change and inside of the command line interface for the money on in of the blood and some Windows plug-ins found plus 1st checks everything is in there and they're using it to include this final ITO and its main configuration file because also disable it if you don't want to so 1 was and it's gonna
get you it's signatures and hands and
that some things we included
in 2 . 3 which is like that we got a bit further with the configurations to so to can you can use functions and define your own functions and it's a pretty heavy 1st started but just to show an example the instead of assigning fixed number like a little to was to that wire and we give it a function we define funds that's what the double brackets the rows right function brackets and like in other languages and that and here is was something like a script called in the configuration with what it does is every time that check is wrong the function gets evaluated every time and so you can do stuff like this are we in the time period 9 5 then use 40 the if else knew 68 and observers but remember as a little bit or the name the low below so we will the evidence our OK remote is easier on 1 side combining multiple service is hard and the idea is to have and to set the parameters central but if you have the knowledge how many CPU cost that no online it's there he could set that as the host parameters may be from the public sector any other intelligence avatar company and then settled here and to say OK that limits multiplied by the CPU cost this is all the way through the of user the relationship of the world now if you know was the topic the OK and question was to check stuff a cluster and yeah we move on is the 1 who cannot read this you of all the he in the and you can do
that stuff you can connect multiple status information inside that signature and I think that was example in all blocks a few months ago and but it's still resides on and running multiple checks on what event points and have additional check that's a combination but you can do a lot of internal stuff and then you don't even have to run a chick command you can calculate the results inside that configuration language by comparing stuff from multiple nodes and display a shared result but too complicated that's for the presentation and but
there's a lot of you light of the yes this was yes you could do that stuff into and I I see what you can do business process and so using but it's a a bit more complicated to explain as seem to get the link for you and if you continue in light of cell last point in an
open my presentation disabilities and I'd said 9 justice or the court and I think that's been very provocative it from minus 4 but that's basically the web interface you move from the past and it's still there it's runs pretty that we tried to improve
lot with a single 1 that's what we called the class you I did a bit of a 1 selection will command seizures and make it through the but it's still have a lot of limitations and even if you have ever
experienced singular ones I had pretty much fun to make that impatience with a but it worked and that's pretty complicated the a set of JavaScript every it's a Configuration Item and we wanted to make it so
then in 1 of the biggest drawbacks we ever had to make it easy for users to to use that so with the dressing you I would not just worked there would it was pretty hard to get a user to modern web interface so without about is similar to
and it's a new framework it responsible for meaning it should work everywhere and it's made lines setting up enough human it's only drawback for you it requires some database
and it's quite hard to explain especially for small users why they need about a place where they need to bother with my scrollable squares for there to be free so set up and how 9 and that's the magic status stuff transport status information all the core and the web interface always rendered displayed information but it's pretty ineffective at some point and is the main drawback was always history so if you have a small set of an old and you wanted to say about them out of my system so days ago Nice would have to pass a test text what file for that time and depending on how big it is it would that gets lower so we recommend you to you please use at other places it's really easy can be set up within minutes and give it a try so that
is a to actually is
model of we spend a lot of times on the basis from and that's why it's still release candidate than we're the working on it and that fixing box wanted to provide you on friend to do your stuff and it's not restricted on monitoring information so that monitoring staff years even you the other modules to come we working on the good try to release over the next month like business process level integration PNP immigration lobster and you know all documentation runs inside a single 2 so if you read this and it'll documentation it is actually running a single to for you the only the only difference with the online version of and not other indications to that's a big difference
so without explaining
anymore let's have a look on that's
like you so the main idea is to give you a clicker all of you about the situation that of so let's say you open signal to have locked in this magic possible against some of observable whatever you might want to use and and you see what's happening what are the same as the problems there's a whole that is
critical for like 3 minutes 40 seconds for the ones that
seconds you have all the fuel all services have a common
in the past so I think you might Ableson's 1407 described that's all the information session if you wanna knew exactly what is behind the camera think of have the
information go on you see 3 modifications have been centralization relaxed 1 1 minutes 47 seconds ago who was responsible contact what
but commanders behind it whereas the chicken and execute so only approach is to give you always use the fastest possible without a tricky but
and deferred belts on some holds configuration and just give you much about what's happening and make it easy for you to do stuff so if you wanna reschedule check all check it now just think about and not to work on the form and the date and put will serve he wanted to make it easier to just have a few
clicks to go so you web interface several fuels so think of this stuff they're chemical
directives to the maybe a visualization for the performance of that is collected 67 modifications Western central division and and also give you a few of the history of attacks it is so just click on mystery and I know this is a part of of the sorting using number and you will have a historical overview about status have changed modifications have been sent down
time 7 7 acknowledgment of cancer in once you just from that so yes really the they do not of the but that's still to come displaying the command line about interfaces not that easy the really included that of the classic you I was a senior which is basically she made command line parts what we wanna do in the future is to connect a singular to the new market directly so you can ask into what has the last model and the and the reason for that is also a security we consider that all the wires call that are named as in the community that have precedence name so I use of little indivisible the apostle of the application but if you just have the command line somewhere here will be secure and that will that's what we're trying to do in the future it is possible by internal commands currently for debugging reasons and and it appears that you can see it all the IPI later because it's the last status was also shows the last executed from online that's to come but not and what I wanna give you on the way it's
just just experiment with that of it have a look at a few
loosely integrated here of we play around a bit with humans to give you decide upon when when the events happened a lot reporting staff just playing around with that of the and and it should give you a
little and where both map to the
like trees that subscript culminated go away and and it shows you where on which shows services on hosted on a grid so it and see what is happening so what's problematic so
and sentence responses nodes
must not just given web access again or achieve from
somewhere and you would have the same status on the dissemination the Samuel one-click checks acknowledged just should work so 2007
and where to start if you want to
read all dogs there's introduction how to install it how to register and there's a the chapter about immigrating from using all models that's the biggest drop like you might have to ready consider but I promise you that you would like it and again by convinced if you just 1 of start of the and have assigned us worse on using to running inside of the demo configuration I had him my system is just set up within a few minutes and for the most most of the common operating systems of distributions not say best you know not pure sort of Windows patient installation as a set of useful you met recommended only citation used but would run like a single to and they are missing at a cigarette to
and so on you would be happy to have you among all users and big names on it and
most of the most of using a single 1 what we're learning project with a lot of customers at the the moment knowing a lot you that 1 our goal to a single to big and we get that on softly pages in with doing the right thing at some point so
that is you are from the
US or going to the US we have a significant Portland just over the public comes and you plan to make that can happen in Berlin next year still about details are still open but I think it's march 1st so for me see
that and thank you
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Titel Why favour Icinga over Nagios?
Serientitel FrOSCon 2015
Teil 17
Anzahl der Teile 80
Autor Frosch, Markus
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/19596
Herausgeber Free and Open Source software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract We try to explain some of the problems Nagios has had for years, what the differences to Icinga are, and how Icinga 2 can ease up monitoring in small, as well as really big environments. Markus Frosch

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