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Humanising Math and Physics

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so we are reaching the end of the afternoon and I think they're getting a bit sleepy after so many socks and I think in a way to introduce you is about Maxwell equations with this very friendly introduction on the subject so many of you are even trying to read this because it's really boring so the forest and further there is a lot of induction and the 2nd is a Breslow and so on and so on and before starting anything for the 1st time I was introduction to mark so equations have heard about Max equations this per year OK great the professors came into the room suddenly adoption and and the broadest this us and said that what does it mean there this friendly I wouldn't say so what this channel whether this point what is this so and then the effect of having a certain introduction can be very diverse so you can use maybe you can feel like totally like dependence among the snow on some of you might understand at the 1st glance but what I want
to talk about this in this talk is a little bit of my experiences of learning are trying to learn science and so that old like to share with you some of this point so my name is Henry came from Brazil so sorry about my accent but it's it's a long flight from Brazil to hear the you know be that's just like the the computer engineer do some sort of stuff in my free time so this talk is not about database but a have also database made up things on ball about new for about Cassandra about debate about stuff I also like math and physics as a hobby so I am and lectures that is being as a hobby highlight legal of animals minutes coffee and get so we're going to see some data and the preservation just stupid less boring define explains this disclaimer understand that we come from different cultures and we have a different experiences so my experience might might have been different from yours for instance for example I have some friends from our rate and everything that I saw that a saying the stock is not about for them because their educational system is very different from what have developed but again the stock in the United States and we reached the conclusion that we have a lot of things in common but I also give a similar talking at your account and Boston some weeks ago and so we end up understanding that has to have something in common about our educational system so I would like to hear your your opinion if you want to forgive me I'm going to live my Twitter account or my e-mail address that in the end of the presentation and we can we can share some experiences amid the subject is really white men and again we come from different cultures so that would be very interesting to hear different points of view at the heart of talking about this points that I want to show you what are you talking about math and physics at 4 we just came out of you know I I talk about databases about I don't know how to clusters about kernel about anything what why and talking about math and physics so for instance and how many of you attended college or university or are in between training and getting a diploma did find many because the balls to math and physics the moles of you yet is that if we are not going to college during our school times we don't have a lot of always dedicated to match I don't want to you but I remember when I was like 11 12 and doing math homework and it was like a big list of exercises and I had to solve that and the liver and on the other someone like this equation and I got anomalies and I had to solve and liver and that idea was similar for so the are so we we can share some of some aspects incumbent about how frustrating is this process and about the problems that we generated by having this kind of processes into our educational system so I will talk about a little bit about the structure of my engineering costs so and all the subjects related to math and physics at all about you but in Brazil we have of course of a 5 year cost for engineering and we sold everything but I try to bunch a lot of content you and everything is based on that look like you get of subjects someone shows you 1 equation there are concepts sometimes of a concept like hey this is maximum equation and then they give you a long list of problems to solve and then into the river and again what you you need to engage with so you have asking yourself like why do we need to deliver this slow it when you get the content that is all you in a mechanical way you apply this and the liver an event great and then you rest of the process like she decides to be like this as so I read it was really frustrating it was really really interested so when I was a child 5 thought of having math classes and the professor was asking me like soldiers equation my 1st reaction to the user like what and they're like because yet but the sentence this means not logical why are you solving an equation In each called texts 1 which is that maximal question land-use minds equation I did you know anyone if someone told you you are going to do be is to understand fiber networks it wouldn't tell me I was totally frustrated what was the channel in the middle of the equation what what is being a little over personal came up with this idea on the trail in the middle of equation of I hope all have a body of but I was really frustrated I had all these questions and usually 1 the professors came to show me a new concept they didn't tell me this thing so it was almost inoculated frustration that that's and so what I stole from from all this scenario is like in many cases not all of the cases we all of our contact with science at school is without context and also if it if this sentence is valid in Germany but a de-listing waiting America our of risk to say in America this is what happens most of the time you're introduced to a mechanical told but they never borrow at least rally the tell you while you are effectively going to use the and this is really bad and I think this lack of context that makes us confused but sometimes generated something even more so have you learned some friend of using like a couple of all I did and for example I have Instagram and I was like hey that the search for a couple of the so essential for a couple of be sure at least like half of pictures someone with a sad face the hashtag hate calculus and then that's tomorrow I hated it why do you need a school but also sometimes that the way that the professors show you work on articles that let's you to hate or even a fake aid but it also means some sensationalist come along confortable you film going from the board that so at and and this is even worse so I started studying by myself understanding some concepts and well like my and I went to align causal with a lot of other students around the world and by the end of the course so we had to provide feedback to each other and this feedback calls for me so basically someone told me that I was not being human when presenting my results because they were like Q without context they were appeared numbers and so this is this feedback was for me and I think that will
stop the afraid of late in I'm worried about science and where the modification and I am not being human and not so I need to think about the situation the and then I
started to think how can I humanized of Math and Physics or at least how I think it should be so I I I thought about so group of techniques some of that I could apply in Brazil that could help you understand the context behind of what we're learning and the 1st thing I so and try effectively was telling the story behind its context so for example let's get calculus when I see couples which names of people who comes to mind 1 main just 1 you know what the 1st line on we also yeah but the theory tells us that the that the model main figures are labeled as figures and proper a pronounced in German sorry about the other very very important figure who will body told me in couples want you 3 or 4 report if and is very very important and Hollywood professors life span time that's telling the story of Newton and when I was uh university nobody information the name of entire His Newton's the guy of the following apple and no knowledge of the user and I like the self I found much more pleasure in math and physics after reading some story behind because by reading some star behind the concept this starting to remind me that the people who made this they are also human beings just like me so you know when you find a common point between the that the subjects and you feel the subject somewhat closer to this is and so and also professors at the when you think of telling the story behind the the formal already equation articles that and this and all that that is the only radio lessons learned dissension and then the 3rd and lecture like include FIL centuries someone dead this is not simply the story behind just for information from it so that the whole and many of history behind a domain and given do reference of time no 1 another's so biases and say and I started reading it a little bit about some equations and who created them and or what is the context involvement then and you find very interesting things and on this topic so for example you have a lot of the new dramas someone who comes from a very very poor family and the father try to hide money from the young being trialled afraid that the Internet becomes a mathematician and becoming a mathematician would mean that he would be poor for the rest of his life and then you have to start like this so far is trying to hide all the mass pulled from the kids there and then the kids started developing the man by yourselves and it's really beautiful you have also uh was about the best later but it's it's also interesting that you have like a totally random facts so that you have some people during the of 16 something who created the 1st portable complicated and that's super cold and you you can imagine a portable calculated by a 16 something and there are people trying to make this and there is also a lot of of arguments and discussions between uh some people who actually created a very important concepts for example we probably have hard about probability and statistics so there is a great name behind this as an I did this guy is general and look at that general market than his entire and this guy is very famous because he wanted to to everyone and many people hated him and he Mary Frances Berry and 1 that you are and then discuss with everyone but he has a very tragic family history so for example he had some child and he was he was just he was sealed panic going on in not killed but he went to jail because of his son so his son pertaining to jail for his own father so this is really tragic on these are the rights of a movie or novel with the start of this people this is the 1st the 1st thing that the story actually that's really a shock to me was Keppler's started you know how a hard have you write something about people who what is a template 1 those come to remind the 1st claim sorry yeah I mean I you know it what want people tell me gently the 1st thing that comes to my mind is speculative walls the which is sad have but you sold the 1st thing I think it's skipping that I think is Kepler's laws but you can also think about some basic issues and chases this guy was literally hundreds by Catholic Church and then in terms of him if he left his house there will be someone following him so the the history behind is something like that and when template was living as the Catholic Church basically forcing people to believe that the OAS was the same of everything but also against conclusion DNN which was also against that the real physical system behind so chapter was following Copernicus ideas uh which basically but the sun into the center and makes sense but according to Catholic Church into a be bad it would be a crime so people shouldn't believe that and capillary should not spread his crazy ideas so he was considered somewhat dangerous and he should high but of course they they they had not the a solid argument you kill him or so they bayesian change and in the forests wrong movements he will be arrested and killed so this is a very sad story begins the game was just doing science was
observing planets and there is someone chasing you persecuting you killing our family so that that's horrible a varied randomly interesting peccable Keppler extra worst do like science fiction books ideas and probably he's delta of the forest science fiction book he wrote a book about the expedition to the moment this so don't don't you about that this work is work alone in being with fixed things that they and so on until all the alternatives that this incident will because I don't that that's plastic and and I think that this 1 of the 1st books about real science fiction publish in the war so it's it's amazing you should take a look at this book that you can go on for frame the internal and there comes from very very poor family and see if he could in all levels of his research just because of a rich friend Keisha and went I should die he's only protection pulse applied so as title was very reached you really didn't have much trouble with the Catholic Church but when he died that died very young because of the way in life that he that he had again kept soul himself alone again and ourselves struggling with and all some sort of persecution that's horrible that's really horrible so characters and most of his life along into account so studying by but doesn't really sad and so that was a wasn't at university nobody or even school nobody told me about computers story but there is a lot of benefits before we try to beach Keppler's falls below this this is stock of happenings so for example you we we could create a bridge between heinous which is a subject that was done in history with science so when you connect different topics sometimes they they make much more sense so can explain the catholic church uh persecution and real examples of people who suffered that that the problem and then you can actually show examples of literature of sensation which is the best thing for a lot of simple and other the other that some of you mentioned only by the has a very very very interesting story so probably the chance of of you having bred something about are there is is I think it's higher having or read something about all or the about his history not not the what he did and this was the history keyword those culture mind when someone face or it's really high because he acted in so many areas and you have like all your identity all use formula orders plan always there's something wireless featured you have many things related to always and it's hard to to select something for you and if you if you know of all this but when by the diets and he had he had written so many things that the publishers is still publishing very new and fresh cold and after 50 years of his back that if there is a lot of things that are not because they couldn't find the the new content because they they didn't have space or day had been understood the meaning of the paper so I a person who rules a lot a lot a lot of things that that's very interesting and it also has a very encloses facts and he he he got blind and even blind he was still playing man so when I read this was and think was like 14 or something I was shocked at because I was thinking like I can't demand with people he can make a blanks so the he became their life example for me that was a very something you know that if it was a motivation so absurd another interesting thing about all your which is that setting just because of you know reading his life story was mental population techniques have heard about something about this which is very interesting you can find yourself when also when I know that multiplications divisions faring in a very efficient way when more efficient than solving into this people and so on I can always there was very well known by his his ability to solve of some sort of equations mentality and he had to improve the skills when he applying because he you couldn't right so he was able to utilize the like those that the multiplication tables of 600 numbers but that's that's quite easy and that he wrote into his his diary that hair whereas and this and I can now I can solve this using the system I had this crazy that's really crazy with some benefits again a few the each of the concepts that all year related with a history so for example it's a clear case of motivation the you can also look the age of medical issues so for example if you were a biology class as an addiction illness that can guide that can make you blind you can mention others example I can also used as a student you have eyeballing with someone and then with someone with disabilities up the wall as a simple blood or the I have time for this but he was blind and he could calculate something as an equation about the moon blind so he can you just concluded that the with Maslow's pyramid and you know so again disabilities students out you to do things so again I know about you but I found this this is very very interesting and I think they could become movies hiding movies about scientists to
have we have much more movies about Superman about model about that I think there is again there is a very very cold but we don't have the same amount of movies with the sciences and every time you go to study the history you find new names in news in news stories to tell and sometimes the stories big get out of focus so another technique make from was about science and so there is that there is this person ever his got which I really think someone should make a move about him have you heard about this this this guy so he is that the person behind group theory but his life histories of tragedy and he is that the example of tragic of that but what would would I suggest where again you and me I can but lots of topics about French history which is important and you can also felt that someone that this might have can be it also you know be part of the rebellions and revolutions and so 1 of for instance got loss suffered a lot with this because he was at the university he was In our very active into the the political will the political field part of his time and this so he started developing the theory but he never had a paper accepted because when people took his papers they were like this goes from politics it cancer man 1 what is doing here just a little or less ignored this paper I won't lose time with this and then they put his papers aside so in the 1st iteration of this person and he's doing a brilliant work but people refuse themselves to read just because they think that he is a revolutionary that probably can demand so is a fight against stereotypes so we can talk about all these topics and again he had a very tragic go back and so he was arrested during to political issues and he fell in love with a woman who all history believes that was involved with the opposition so he he was a lot of her and she was engaging with another person and by that time tools were very common so again when I was he requested to have the dough with the the girl students and he was shot in the back and he passed away when he was 20 so yeah we can talk about all this this traveling to from the and of course we can mention something very important which is isn't very but again it's it's modified subject but we really could properly tell and a very interesting movie about about his life story so just 1st when we tell the things about science it's important to tell that there is there people behind it just you know people like me like you have I personally think that to his this movie techniques work at the left for elementary and for instance I hold some pages about Alan Turing Brazil and after the movie people that increases the back so that you see people asking questions about his life about his work you see people getting interested in computer science not only because of the movie so I really think that more of these work media content like movies when they're well the the the really have a positive impact into people so I take a really think we we should try to make more movies about all the other people in science that was a little on the part of the presentation is about multiplying this techniques into computer science I believe that most of you are involvement or have some co-authored with programming so so and I believe that most of you had some contact with math physics of how we combine them the sometimes I feel that this fields are like islands spared easily that and they're not so we so then the last thing I would like to show you is some real examples so we some of them I was able to try and see the results so the 1st thing I was able to try it was Titchener numerical methods which are only and that's actually a good and yet it sounds very old using but forms and you know you have separate subjects right our algorithms 1 2 3 and numerical methods 1 2 and what we did we that so we have we didn't had the subject always an American markets the school what it was like in my 1st years of university and I was waiting what motivated choose their own reasons requires that the numerical methods classes know I I I wanted to write a golden seeing and things that make things happen and so so the I hadn't pairs of algorithms and data structures and tests of numerical methods so I probably will dedicate 5 hours to study 1 subject and 1 hour to do another which is maybe it's not fair but it's related to the interest so by the time that we saw like besides the better the better grades was so we mark and all the interests of the students because the soul something really being applied so they they had to build an efficient algorithm that to the numerical method works so they had the the perspective is different than the old age that again we we come from different cultures but in Brazil it's not that common we usually have separate subjects and by unifying then we so very positive results but then again 1 thing that I ask at the but that the professors to do was like can you please tell the story behind is an American Mathematical created this is when the person did this and the same thing for an algorithm another very interesting about unification that we tried was like the change the want acts with his statistics so I hope that you work with front-end the a few of you work with from but some things that that we usually needs to provide these AB test and we need to evaluate a or we need to collect data from our users and analyzed and want to do if the state that how I noise this but is into the right position so but those the user confortable if this button and you need to collect this data and analyze it and again analyzing this data that you collect from
maybe that is very specific so how would we also saw very positive results from so we want to solve here with some very similar to students in the positive way and then people really enjoy it this unification of course we screwed up something so for example we had to cut some information from statistics that we should go over but again the unification calls it a very positive impact but not everything is like the perfect so for example by the end of the the period we had to have you know show something that we had and go over like a this this Boston distribution and I don't think I can't think an application for this whiny lights but in general was we better so some final messages that we if we have several lectures here at Frost come up for example we have a lectures about the the base is about management about the VOX about clusters so I don't want you but I've seen that we've been trying to is find areas in into a softer development Conference because it's important to give a general overview and make people ill at least had a better understood of all the parts of software development but you know we've we've we are more open to the unification of this wonderful walkin draw more general unification 1 of all now Walkinshaw unification of our mass physics chemistry and all the subjects to computer science because it's interesting after work and for some years into computer science with involvement with hybrid involvement you see that this kind of job that's in 2 very different areas so today you can be working with our medical system tomorrow we have an hour and integration of systems and again we should look in my modest opinion to about unification of the against math and physics you have a lot to do with computers and there's the pier basis for this 1 behavior that is so when we started creating this unified ideas was people blaming follows this students falls because they're are not interested in learning or professors fault because they don't wanna talk about this they just when a graph that that they exercise listened give us some final grades and again only sir tangling people use your time tune to property produced some content that might help people but that is not conservation here by wrote a lot of blog post with a shot stories about day-to-day life story of scientists and how they discovered some topics minutes all of them are like 3 to 5 minutes reads minimize idea was like a someone of bands and randomly pick out a blog post they can spend like 3 were 5 minutes reading this without getting tired because I understand that sometimes you get a book of 400 base about that it's a lot of time so this is my small contribution I believe that we all can only and should be a gift diet with it's someone drinking coffee agree I believe that all of those who we can we can have a better relationship with math and physics and finds that after have died for instance I've been doing math for a period of the and that's very interesting because it started studying move very category theory and it it made me out a person when model created I cannot think about critical theory and apply them to graphs so when I go to explain that to someone I can also explain the Italy you start developing some sort of new ideas and you see that when I talk for example to some mathematician friends they sometimes it'll media have just problem I created this equation but it can pass this and I investors because and my so I only know my sequel and my mystical can handle this amount of data on and you go to the person is and we let me introduce you Cassandra and the like wall not like in Paris my question and then they published in the paper which is incredible so we can help them and they can help because of his ideas they're like what if I apply this to no networks instead of salary has everything to do but after that I had no I had never heard something about this the idea of group theory and he could show me so yeah we can it'll extend knowledge and sometimes I felt totally blind wonderful pain just websites because they had couldn't field that I was in the edge so what are the challenges that we are actually trying to to create to write papers to you know what we would have a limit for computers work to have above it what we don't know and I believe that the people from my group of a physics book from chemistry we need to work together because but we can we can see the doctor solutions for this when we are working together because I don't have them the knowledge that a mathematician has but sometimes I have a solution that he or she needs and versa that it's it's already happened to you that happens to me very often so we shouldn't unanimous opinion interact more and how can interact more I've been trying to get some a mathematician physics physicians and so on to computer computer science conferences but I trust just like the conference that we have in Brazil and they are trying to get me into their conference so we can extend knowledge but again this is just a small work so to choose to summarize all my ideas I think that we should maybe work to better and maybe you know spend sometimes into the the bottom line is the edge of the problems that have compressed science and granted them where their help and help them with their problems because probably we have had goods and role 2 is a good that and that's it thank you
we don't have time for questions so the body has any questions any comments we I think to of which will be all the reason some of the problems in this period of good news and so on so you slow yeah and is you know soon you don't really need is no 1 wants to get this it's our national on 1 of the most of the universe all but you would call for you to mention that definitely agree that very sad story thank hello that they the become OK so we have added the question was whether the question was a common to add some comments about the collective because he also has a very interesting life story and he is very important to humanity especially to communications been any other comments questions it is you to by the time you people who would have to do it but want get it there and sigh a need to repeat the question so the question was if there is any kind of research showing that the benefits of you find areas when you teach it topics to better that might have a correlation well I don't know and I know some papers about education in general education focus and for computer science who cares about the subject of mainly for uh you know connecting comentarios creating uh a bigger picture so we try to apply this generate yeah but still it's very hard to choose to provide this when I left the university they don't into this environment we just stop it so that the theory and that that's where hardship to provide objective of the all in a way that way so I was a student by that time and I just suggested that so I I did some sort of mentoring within the proper word they just went the financiers and we had some professors hold in the band really they did with with the idea and they volunteered to to make this kind of thing but again wasn't new even efficient so we made in the 2 thousand 14 as suggested this into other institutions and their what expect I'm sorry but this is is not working this is just the colonists and a teacher and I think and I don't have time to this an equation this is physics how is introduced resistance it is all about and notice the increase in 1st which is good for 1 just a certain inherent person but still 10 minutes later they're planning to do this so they always i a civilian review I don't bulk the background but this this also happened to me into some talks I will submit right so let let's say it's not from a lecture I The have great sort of thing but many ups and for the 1st 10 minutes it works and then the person that's awareness said trading and so what I saw is that 1st we have people additional problem the present value that so I need to understand that there is a the 2nd factors like probably tired so agent host near-absence during the morning and the person work at Ford inquiry and here she is dead the brother here he's tired have to fight against this that's why it was some data so my stupid but sometimes works because a personal while there is Don giving the middle of a presentation and then you wake up against it but the cell phone back and they work for African minutes so after token to a set power of social social science friends they mention all this points probably it's something that should take years she may sound a little more fact none In the 1st moment sounds like frustrated 4 hallways they're spending their energy to no creates of Mary Neil when territories educational system but think sometimes sigh especially a belief for all the human factors for nothing to do now we have to we few lectures that that's what it's all going to them it out well any other questions so all their OK there was a lot of work just the not working but I can I can trust it's a psychological
microphone hold you just have to put it on so much for science what did you want to ask is and I made use some harsh words about but do you really think that turning Turing's life in this sort of syllable around is really serving science I don't think that and I think it's nice tool to see biopics bolted scientist by the way was scientists are but 2 were there to we focus interest in pupils and students and you must you must presenter science in salt that they can the that they can use in thinking they all life is the problems and if they have such problems and when it's this is it's the task of the teacher to create projects and so on so that they can use it's it's my opinion and if you are interested in that relates the mall but more weight on the non the dramatic part and that's not my thing so but I would like to quickly reply and that of course it's not going to college you apply to determine but I come from a country where sometimes you don't even have a task into the classroom so I can provide you know equipments for creating an experiment is to include super but the children sometimes they don't have a place to the need to isn't far at all so so sometimes you have a lack of resources and sometimes you you you need to tell the story that Haiti there were some people who had a horrible situation just like you do just like we do and let's get moving so I totally agree that when you have the the chance so you need show something practical for example 1 thing that i've tried once it was like teaching electricity and you know showing some experiments related to light because we had lied and from which the basic but we can show so light again that when you when you do have something to use as the the professor mentioned like she she she gives a real tempting to Physics class sometimes it's it's easy but what to do when 1st you don't have any sort of basic research is just like a Basque and what you do when this just for thinking up when you do when the thing is really really abstract really in and you have some everything that that I really really really abstract and side to show this to our children of there maybe 5 years old so again have I don't that doesn't agree with with what is said but is still that thing there is no perfect technique he may be combining them all but and I just want to reply to that because I am right now at the moment I teach 8 8 graders and they want to know why do I have to learn linear equations and I don't know a math teacher and I don't know beyond saying that it's a tool that you'll need native later on In the event of a presentation is and all of this newly made recording thank you the I don't know all the English words for that but I think 1 approach would be not to to isolate problems but the creating bigger projects in this case maybe are starts to make start up with them this month Collier I didn't blame the teachers then that's that's structures you're right yes if you should have the time and you should have the time to connect to other teachers and create such as such environments throughout the connected sure for this kind of almost the top of the this it so you will die the you have a that's that's my most the my mind intruding on all who should do if not you only about 100 to none of the teacher to fight another front all all of of the ball of all right on the all all all the just for the record this humanizing has problem the very often more officer results with some dehumanization by the parents saying don't worry about hated as well but this is 1 . 1 in my experience with moral as everyone I tried to tell something about lost and never met anybody who
didn't understand if the time was taken that means if the structures are 2 grand masters of contends into functional units where there is no hope but if you have the time to speak from person to person then nobody In has to released will that's the first one and the 2nd 1 is so I think it's very important when to insist on if you want to have a humanized there is a limit which can be stuffed into people and this means you don't have to classes of 25 for something and schedules 31 so and salt so there's a lot of points here the forests as as a nation we have some sort of cultural problems so I think I mentioned this know this problems sometimes is temporarily with her parents like a math difficult don't don't worry on the tissue type and I have heard that some of my friends elsewhere that those this is disappears sterotype so a point of addiction people sometimes you're not interested I can't do some things like singing I can't sing and I believe that I can learn because I don't want that some people might have the same problem in the the the the what we we can put some efforts we can basics but did not like at the we need to accept that some people won't like it but again at some other reason formation in the movies is that I think media to its interest on people so I have some friends that they didn't care for that compares science history but after to movie like to some interesting so again you can be the only source of motivation but media is I think it's a great so because sometimes this kind of media can compensate the for the like of hours that you don't have and the person sometimes was the scenery and get the movie session about this and sometimes no this is an extra culture that that no care can be provided but again this is a very wide topic but I hope I had been about some new and fresh ideas to you especially in terms of working together will we had 2 people of changing ideas different experiences I think we should do this more often especially because we come from different cultures different realities and that that's you know that's a unique experience How can we improve science sometimes you need more communication with different areas of that that's my my personal opinion to last time for 1 more 2 minutes going to make it actually like you I think like we forget like point we are the candidates telecommunication like what's so if we use those social media like some kind of link it in all of this book or something like it would decide for the student so that people they can candidate can increase that knowledge and they can share the knowledge of about as well if we like to join the university or there is called for that so that the lecture we can have the external world outside that there was at the time so I think like with the social media which have some kind of applied mathematics is some something like which increases the thinking of the student it gives some kind of a problem in those people who can solve it you give a prize for them so I think back to this also called his more for this is that which we call that some kind of resistance education so if we involve that the school for that I think this will be very would have so I think a much we ran out of time will be having I
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Formale Metadaten

Titel Humanising Math and Physics
Serientitel FrOSCon 2015
Teil 33
Anzahl der Teile 80
Autor Tavante, Hanneli
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/19577
Herausgeber Free and Open Source software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract There are some myths around Science - it's boring, useless, difficult. Many of them are heard while we are young, and many people tend to take then for the entire life. Science is very important, specially on Computer Science and Engineering, for building the basis of our logical thinking. Hanneli Tavante

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