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A description of contributors.debian.org, the site that Debian uses to collect and acknowledge every contribution to the project. Its aims, its implementation, and where it got two years after its initial deployment. Enrico Zini
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good afternoon and welcome to this talk and because we know that in developing the ones that realize that that the and contribute to site and which is about the making sure that all the contributions are acknowledged no matter what they are and and then the contributors came as a way to fix the old situation we had in the way the only the idea is that the and the fixed the old situation we had and at the end where that means the only kind of visible Bible contribution was mostly being a package and that this is the kind of page that you would have for your contributions in that in the past that a list of packages bonds that
our open versions in several
distributions and so on it's a nice to to see the world people of learning but
you only see package maintenance and all the people doing other things like translation is that it has a vast group of translators for example reporting bugs up warping to different architectures and however
is not visible and some of them still are not visible and the people doing those where the unsung heroes of nobody sees so their main efficiently on latest but that's it and and the people including that people and including the people that were not mandating packages they thought that that was only about package maintenance at the end of pulses to join that the end was called the new maintain processes in those all around package maintenance but it was that was not reflecting the reality of the of the soul the at some point we we approve the diversity statement which was a 1st step in acknowledging diversity index so that that project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone no matter how you identify yourself of
how others perceive you we welcome you we welcome contributions from everyone as long as they interact constructively constructively with our community and while much of the work for our project is that it can in nature we value and encouragement emissions from those with expertise in other areas and welcome them in that community so this was bolted there's the something we already with the will mostly all OK with this like an important document and that that that we're we're we're going to follow principle but the visible sit with
this documented the effective situation but that actually seeing known by his maintenance contributions still did not happen L there was as opposed to a book called in my blog where we kind of have decided that we have but the need to make out kind of contributions visible and we tried to make a little list of what are the kinds of contributions and and where some of those information could be found but still there was no actual that the cold central way of showing these things at all of that because they're in these complex well this is a simple
infographic about deviance well
which you can't have it is that you in which you could
not and then and then the
the the the balloon and then that topic and so on so
that and that kind of user a bit of a visual idea all and a very simplified visual idea all contributing but the different parts of the project that contributions in different ways so my e-mails on biological names on body uh GPG key In these not really feasible to not all of them being because it keeps changing and people set up new systems then there and they have that and the maintain as people that commute on the people that the book by people that had to do the with translators people that are participating in these discussions are and we have people maintaining practices people reviewing somebody else's practices in people who organize conferences people that go to conferences people that are that in both that the benefits are people that do precedent a system administrator people that develop web applications for that in so yeah yet all of those should somehow yeah to is
the slide so the it is a social problem of self-perception therefore we needed a technical solution and this is what I'm going to present to in the idea here is to to some of what we started out in the world and the main idea I had also introduce a new title in that you know which was the title of deputy contributors and so there is no process to become a deadly and contributor and when you contribute to the idea you out to matically our other countries and when you have a problem with that you can have your name on the list but that is a list of events that at least of
all old the 1760 people as that is as
much as we can tell that contributed in 2015 well at actually that should be changed the last 1 year the so we have to
get it for anyone dance there things that actually contributes so that and you can also choose not to to have your name on the list of various Solomon privacy management in this so you can opt in and out of the list by default all contributions that way did that the end or do e-mail address or quality of that in all of the e-mail address of public and and things that the private e-mail yes e-mail address some sort of the mostly up at the end there is a way to manage to get out of the list if somebody doesn't like to the and now we finally have a place where we can find and acknowledge the contributions so if you have the better that and because it was unacceptable that in the past people would contribute to that and not even get effect to and so that 1 of the important thing is that it kind of automatically expire so the list that presented in the main page he is of people the bits things this year and you can still get credited for the posterior so you can go back in time and so but when you do things that we have and you get even tho stopped so you can see why did things like that that was not the that you can uh there you have a baby with this everything 1 has contributed to Saul I
have uploaded packages synonyms of thousand 7 actually 2006 I should mention the sum of the of
of this kind of things so messy at the moment um but have also been an application
manager to help people get into them in I committed to
the positive uses given that the analog the Tolkien
through the people on the beauty on
the backtracking system as I've done some editing and that we keep our eye developed
the and then that that involve website
I said boxes that a system administrator and so on people
can have at the of a more people can be thankful way
more than development packages and so this task to actually start to change the units that we have all contributions in that and that I Western looking back to the In order to
get this that then there was a need to do identity matters so that say that the I am also this e-mail
address I am also this strip is then and I'm
not sure what is that he the no need to look into that and we have however 0 that's about it
decides that there exists a very there there's of the log
of all the changes that happen because there is a problem that arises in these markets and
use of outer association value as my
editing and you can change your
full name whatever you want if
you uh and then because people have also things in full name that they have differed full names in different parts of the ambient and what can choose how to be current and then I can manage visibility of contributions for all all of their identity fires that I have to so if I don't want to be credited with my work address and all you want to be credited with my private the best I can have some control of the and so in order to get this implemented we have to also introduce identity management that did not exist and that in the past and that and that was really no way to say that e-mail is actually mean and and this opens a lot of things that can be done in the in the future and so when a new services can interface with this and to deal with people instead over e-mail address deficiencies and so on In the identity management when thinking because if the idea of and this is the following
false alarm believe about name and they equally
all of the things I'm not actually done so for
example people's names
change we have several people in that in that have legally changed things and even all legally changed or the process of changing in the is to that this line and then
we need to collect data and the main design principles on collecting doubt that these don't expect me to do it because that fast and it's impossible to go and find everything sigh designed the sites in a way that allows every team to submit a contribution that to the side so every day in the realm of can go here but the thing will hear
and see the list of the resources that are coordinately
sending out to that and
contended and then you have been
developed that can create a new 1 it has a name descriptions I you know about
education talking and some of the things and basically you configure the authentication
talking and you included in the post requests were sent to any of the so everyone can there it can and out everything as a possibility of sending data out there and the general design principle from from the schools when in doubt relax the technical requirements so the system does not support the gaps in contributions and that's only a 1st scene and last seen at the it is OK to have a granularity of among even as it is OK to have some go and and send contributions in college of their own like once a week it's OK if some contributions are missing as long as when a person keeps contributing eventually it will show up bound so I tried to make it easy for all teams in that we have to actually participate in this uh because have yet kind of the decentralized so genes need to do it around and then there's something out of matching so that a and allele user names are mapped to that use names and things like that the to and the technical details in this
system is that there are users that people and there are many identified and related to a user so a person has to e-mail addresses the he's uh no 1 another to login names and so on and other services is that the source several contribution by soulful example being parties maintenance 1 can and maintain a package that 1 can sponsor of the package of somebody else and contributions which identifies and contribution so that he made a lot less as done this contribution time from that leads to that the that's so that the model it's reasonably simple end of the summation yeah in is the optimum the it is basically a posting a
song that looks like this
to the site so you have identify which is a long name the with the value of the call that in so no it's this the unidentifiable and because that for a bit about the
source that we estimating has them talking from 1st of all generate 2002 16 November 2000 something and so you URL know that can identify those kind of contributions in helping that's all that is required actually that's more then what these acquired because you can't even post without the dates and the system of member of the 1st states it has seen and uses the submission post as the last so you can have about the source that just as a list of people who are currently doing things and you just posted the list of people and that is enough so the idea is that each of the as simple as possible to who some no it's not about that
maintain it's about that being contributed actually I the unofficial than in developed it is not necessarily a that and contributors in case actually stopped doing things uh and this has the that that is contributor is actually a serious thing in that and people so talk about that contribute to the rather than talking about that in developments and less they want to refer to people who are voting rights no what was called the new maintain process for getting into the beam now it's cold and Member courses it was a change that was a clever facts that allowed to maintain the same acronym so the documentation didn't need to be changed very much and uh that comes out when somebody wants to go to the that can't in conference and ask for expansions spot from and asks for sponsorship and their that conference and I have ask for an explanation of 1 of the uh what 1 has done to them being that the and all you going to contributors that in so they start to be like a Q could all the people in the and I think way isolate start contributing to that in case 2 contributes to that and make it myself and that 1 is concluded that for contributing to the of of at future developments in the sites after that the
conference so now we see that there are people that started and contributing to value and so we can handle them welcome and goodbye so recent developments is
having a list of people that just started contributing to to the the and the
ideally there there's a group of people in the and that are considering starting set to start sending e-mail to people hold show up doing things saying welcome and if you need anything that in that scenario person just so that people we we make sure that people are not left alone in doing things and they can ask that have a point where they can ask for help and the way something but see that using this to the people who stopped contributing to that so here we
have a list of people who are listed as official that
in development not who don't seem to have been dead and contributor since the Parliament that and then there's that that the missing in action being consent e-mail to these people and saying what is the balance is a multiple of your mind closings the accountant that nice way so that we don't keep possible attack vectors of parcels destined to that the is and we can see compute the core when we have elections so after changing the way that you perceive themselves as
well that that in event a side has started to be actually a research to manage the resources to the work with membership energy at it in advance because there are so few of us so I guess but I could make more sense that link people at I would say question who is that and was the following also the history of so in the world and that of the the following all and will be here I have here is you think people of in the world so and this is yet uh and that there's more kind of on going to have people who spoke and that governs people volunteered for that constitute the organization being uh and potentially even that confront and these show up in the list so that confront and these would go attack because some people uh is need to what opportunity and not show up by the Fulton that this so we'll see a it and if the system is good enough to make that happen but yeah the there's been talking also like people are saying that involves in conferences like this to to do show the so do you think you of it is sort of a formal of way yeah what do we to move what about solutions usually so much rule all of this visual the earlier it is possible as long even if you can have multiple alleles accounts and and manage them as like different identities and located in in different ways to the site uh what we miss the user a bit of a guide on how to do it for example if you want to keep things separated do not put I mean you can make 1 e-mail for work and 1 e-mail for the other stuff but then if you have a with both the e-mail and things will automatically be associated with 1 of the 2 all the contributions that would that dp dt can only show up it up in 1 of these 2 accounts so it's convenient to be a good idea to have to would you also and that sort of thing should but also the the of when signing the change a package you can set this environment variable to to choose which of the 2 way identities you using and we may submit of a guide like that which will be better I think to have an at this that coincide even doctor the the idea of we could have people having to there being developed I mean it will be twice that in developed this with different identities and I will have nothing against it and people that only I had that makes a little sense I was afraid of people go like that that small infant and they wear duration and on so amenable to acquire QGP duties at the end of the 2 reasonably careful about the management at if 1 doesn't want to contributions to make some the the problem is that once the action has been done it there's really no way to avert it I mean when you sign loads and that said that will show up in the thousand places there's an e-mail sent to a public you can maintain its about that gpgpu key that e-mail address assigning that Apple so you do it once it will get credited with the pretty hard to change so that there no requires a little bit of better yet precision and attention of that
the this year of this step there and end all the year knowledge is also used you and apparently I've said that if 1 doesn't show up there are not that good good good good good and the themes really wants
the people the working European and
not show up as that in the limit of that would be back that the and did so in a way having this list is a motivation factor of 4 or some of the important things like the back tracking system actually went and wrote that the mining script myself and then interactive that now you maintain it I don't want to know more about it and it's still comes across as old as my user and some machine and I'm upset by that and it's a long and that's a change as and sometimes there's another 1 thing that was really well is sometimes I get an e-mail saying well I know lots of working that the man and don't show up in your site and I'm like Alcoa because the role that the source so that the impact 1 that's the human variation and like OK that and after a while that although we show up that's have been so that also works but this is not as many genes as a like actually showing that there is a wish list the
source code and information for contributing listed at the bottom of every page
on the site when we and
here is a list of that sources that we know we would like to to have and in some
information all held 1 could help to make it
happen so currently we
still do not track localization because it's really hard to go and find out who did some change because of the way things are done those things but I don't know those things so is it's hard for me to figure it out and but a when we need that in project secretariat to send information about when people vote because that's also a uh counted as a contribution and that's easy that this should be easy so hopefully but in what is know that the list is public so actually there there is something the list is not just public there is a collective thing for so that this this this a list published together with some came token that you can use to verify that you've Voltaire's being counted on at least received I don't of the this there yeah but the
big the big missing thing is localization at the
moment this needs to be updated the backtracking system now what's really well I'm very
proud of the work of unspecified like tool based on its and now the for
yeah well questions people usually me about abandoned and achievements as and I don't want a lot of energy to this site I would like this to stay object is an optimal people love about chief you know this and because the that I would like this to be only about the acting was goodly contribute to that to that the and and not start saying
that person contributes so that more than that other person and that that sort of thing if somebody wanted to build a badge systems in that year and then they could build on top of this because this is the 1st place in that in that actually thinks about people and not about the e-mail addresses and so 1 can somehow interface with this site and get to the use of that the person the list of persons and ways of tackling them and then build budgets if they if you like but yeah this I would like to just as illustrated in contributors OK
I have it on you stand in issues the union of the on the they're is all of a sudden the question was it was fun and at which point 1 person shows up in the site and this is all the various themes in that in that sense about they we can decide what user contribution but I'll I'll list of the teams that we have and what you think so to be connected by system administration made is 1 single commit and then a positive as in there is security that you I have no idea the so that I also have no idea their packaging go 1 patch
committed in their pollution
control systems but
consistent at
least 5 males in the back tracking system well this is just 1 of many just 1 commit 1 blog
posts published in
the officials both of them having participated in the conference ones although they haven't said about yeah this here I grew which fossils yes it the wrote in of form where you were the has which is but well for that new contributors and the 1 that's of the hand and yeah you OK so the question is an at which point uh what do you mean what what what practical actual action you need to do to to show up here know that was not this well of the world you will hear and it in the hands of you we have to do with the and it's a lot of money and query that the rate of all if any of in I want you to do this what is a long history will be yeah you know he is just a the so for example about people that we can consider the new
contribute contributors can have a look at the given example of like entering and this person has had as send 1 back it's still be evaluated by the inventor again by mean there
no the maintained this
1 edited with the following 1 there they have been just once all of these people are
the back the has been that
sending e-mails to the back consistent well from
July to August so I guess open the body in July and kept the mailing on it after 5 males 1 shows up in the system and in and the limit 5 males is because that is found that sense there's so we want to other
meticulous instead of spontaneity can get an
example of people doing
anything that is not by this maintenance in he's Your
yeah however that went and we then
and waking up there the
entered the week if I probably not continuously like maybe even just like well so the idea of this is that the
that's not official courses just you do things in that the and
and for most of the things through that 1 can do in that we there is no need of getting some official membership for the actual then the only thing run needs to become an official that the development of these 2 and have an e-mail address at the end of all and but for cannot anything else so it's just the way it did things and sold the and as soon as somebody just does anything I wanted to show up here as long as I go along with the examining and being that has been set up an escape to send out to the site and if but the a you don't know what to do in many after a since last week we have the welcome
and the reason I have seen channel has there been
welcomed although I
that that in the long where any question can be asked questions will not be applied in detail by the least 1 can get the point of all what to do next so so rather than using so that if somebody would like to get on that list but doesn't know exactly how then 1st step is going on that seen channel and then and some of you may ask us all what would you like to do what we like to learn at try to give some action the does
that answer your questions I guess if
there's no more questions we can and it is thank you very much for