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Title Init
Title of Series FrOSCon 2015
Part Number 1
Number of Parts 80
Author Kupfer, Andreas
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/19546
Publisher Free and Open Source software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
Release Date 2015
Language English

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract Short introduction and last minute changes are announced here Andreas Kupfer, Boernd
but then you have like 6 minutes by the fact that your to which part of that 2005 there was an
idea on the way back from fast and a couple of guys said customers nineties but the buildings are like that of the correctly and the winds are overheated the other problem with customers but it's in winter and I don't know if you've been there it's freezing cold and Russell we decided not only have you might university here we could use and that's still wouldn't summer so we can do about that you afterwards and the in the the this is a touchscreen by the way the output value in don't touch but even that many of them had the the features that we use to to like X for example the conference and even the 3 wise men children and about the constant and all the user the selection of balancing then there are the merchandise museum background and that you can by this user features but the male at the merchandise was that was totally when and we had like I think 5 years ago when I like a natural and blowing from and there was a lot of fuel by the way do you recognize this guy we all were much younger bigger than than the level of quality is over the years
and 1 lying from islands David often in other words the novel somewhere in the valley and we used for the IRL something something start up and and then we have this is that this is a strange thing every every year round frost on some of these those those little the top part US appear on the way from from the from the train station to the university we have no idea what happens we
have of course we always have the essentials like food not end of and over the years we have like having idea the problem you have like long lying roles for people of people while while waiting for the food but you don't we have different views was and some so what do you you that give everybody at the end of that you assign to possible on and the birds and this year we tried something you know we had professionals to do the bottom humans let's see if it works or if not we will switch back to will and use over the years we have something that I and the me because that's the way I do the most of the of the conference I really like to that you know the hottest but next time please the shop for a pencil because it's not really useable that ran have had some
famous speakers over the years some of them you might even say again the again this you like and attend alone but the whole reason able to come because occasion and also resonances giving a presentation tomorrow at 5 and so also had kittens over the years then the forms
and the yeah I I think 6 or 7 years the main overnight decided well there's a long life then frost like family and other boring stuff so that we have the new generation of organizers stepping up like was to was 3 years I can't remember that around this time and the only be grown that so we are now about 20 people while another user events with the help of loss of 1 and you that on now walking around the UK and Europe and then by that insurance so yeah and for of this year we have a cost a further announcement so yeah I'm on 1 of the earliest actually is roughly 10 times in Boston there was some recent changes so schedule and for 2 days on lecture in 5 the talk at 11 15 um revolutionizing healthcare is replaced by attaching OT 2 images and the images the military whatever they didn't think German is a bit easier and on Sunday they were the ones in the Sept workshop is constant you to use of the speaker and also lecture room 5 there is 1 new talk which is from SAP to give tenderly ERP which is the German and another in new talk is electoral 3 continuous cells from both books arts and what the report 6 meaning and being mixed up which was cancers in lecture 5 which was ideal the title which is replaced with uh what is cloud of us but also German talk is recent changes in the balance has this year is not and the answer is literally on it will lowered its income from the bearing on the right hand side would go down and there is the amount and also have involved those that just looked at In this section of the conference also this we to lecture lecture Seven and which are the written the around the year relational stages involved they will be the last year I think it this this year so we're not using then these years so we can give you more there are very clear what of is the is decisions and so on before we finish I would like to hand over the microphone to the Dean Dean of the Department of Computer Sciences and you have like minus 2 minutes this was remember that you don't want to waste your time was compared to speech and so therefore I just would like to welcome you and express my pleasure and the honor of hosting this conference for indicate now is that has emerged from this university where the initiative of at the start 1 professionals here today together with a few students and has become a regular event and very interesting and the growing international conference so enough on our which you're going to present and interesting this is in the 1st column move from the with your head
and the only possible with the of the head of some funds from the 1st of all just mention a few Lycos Europe denoted here by 1 cent makes electric lighting while 1 equals and and all and with that it is it's all is think you are much and the the hurry up to the next stop and that sort of
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