State of 802.11 in FreeBSD

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: State of 802.11 in FreeBSD

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State of 802.11 in FreeBSD
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FIL 11 and frequency this talk is only and nothing to do with anyone who currently is meaningless so it
was the happening in our locker for a bunch of different things so this is just this is just the only thing I I spent some time don't these in the US adult notation into the into the Wiki because we out so lacking a little documentation I hate woodlots and health documents things we use perspective on why have you document handed live works and what features out that these like tutorials what I much of I have also documenting the and held I was sold June talking about the school Hobbit people that that's currently supported it is a long list of and based on existing driver had nothing to do with the actual internal dada sheets of the document was part of the play you questions from people about how the errors how that works so I've been going through the driver and the and the and the house and reverse right and documentation based on that plus from doing it this way is all the right is not in any doubt sheets covered by but there's only a few things are at the moment of calibration as I find the time to it We've done a bunch of working that
11 so Bernhard and I obviously but if I operated years than it is written in negotiation approach from an early draft up to specification was will all that much work but that is sure how long Allen and consented to read nothing I went through and found a bunch of we blocking issues that are with fixed when out that it's in the 11 and stuff including our time with changing aggregation we've got a new and you can use the Mumford AI has been working on updating allocated to live in NS mesh support from the earlier draft work that we did up to the what actually made in any 2 11 2012 IBM also working on and he's also worked on a Wi-Fi simulator which uses to test this out because exactly doesn't mean you grow up with comparable updates and I've been working on radar not station access would write us all so is iron should correctly support being told by the axis in stationary will correctly school being told by an access point change channels and incorrectly how we won a case that that such a change to a defect he tells you change which I which also runs the effects so the access point has to stay quiet for a minute the the corner case that was if it doesn't hear an initial we can never actually determines that there are no there is nothing on the channel it's that patient for waiting to hear the 1st week so it knows when the next beacons of ACh arrive sorry now will correctly go to that channel to tenders next with and start writing for neurons with the Senate but it's
been taking care of the Intel an and drop support and so he now supports and on all the car generation of Intel mixing it has gone he's actively be finding and fixing 11 and issues sorry if you've got a lot of when it in mind head you can use 11 in right now the way be UN EnBW while you maintain we've done some bug fixes but unfortunately on a last touch comes waiting for Arabs and the mountain driver also works great dissenting take segregation and I'm looking into this for us of interoperability testing but again it will be nice if it was maintained a constant after about primary and in writing working on a link
hardware from a base near the speaker the plant here is to bring up the basic support through the stadium and should be back where we find was broken and support of which is locked trickier
than you think my main focus has been on the terrace drive so I had was sponsored the 6 months of last year finish off takes non-segregation handling and when I don't it's that people of polarity undiscoverable consequent cases that would be handled sorry although the chicks not segregation and pause and resume hands are of a sufferer trends have Hadley both transmission reception channel which change support all that support it now had I operated I would be lying to a 7 support from the Ferris reference group based in a fixed up the melanin or nice wedding any 25 support again from either of the so all of those chips everything up to 9 trace is now working in stable as far as I can tell you and I don't events and 3 or in-depth noise testing there and all the users of those chips now report pretty much no problems that couldn't be traced back to really really noisy whilst all difficult to connect an antenna on of those 2 another source of issues with the chipsets pole with after radio its bank calibration fixes are lined up hoping they yeah like a developed the Linux happening cable find fix a bunch of these corner cases as well so we end up sort of talking to each other and fixing each other's both as well so I was an example of lakes and B is the cross develop that actually work quite well I think something he thinks is that in terms of driver support and there were lots and lots of weed corner cases do with concurrency as in our really having 11 request channel change or reset or having stuck beacons or baseband hang during reset walls of was to doing egg arcs and we reset achieved in the middle of Turing takes x that you mention has had his wife and random crap everywhere is a bad idea that's fixed on for 11 and there you can't drop frames so that standard while private inactivation of the drop a few friends their holes in the sequence numbers to find solutions Sikhism's progressing everything's archaic what happens of 11 in an act takes an oxidation is if you miss frames in meters increases series euro-using using was number of visitors of this a that's like TCP there's a there's a window frames we have to fill out and if we continue along and our suffer retransmission and will be out of order stubble friendly frames out of water and it's up to the stack to reassemble them in order and asked not in what if she still dropped frames during every said been that ticular when the tracking stocks work so a lot of the recent related things that just simply stop the chip dumb everything that was in the takes an our shoes of why and in continued that will need to be addressed again corner cases that happened and direct control code has been extended to support 11 enough for me realities 11 the rate control code is is is pretty much less want all right the right right focus from the need someone right their own 11 right Colcord please do I would love it somewhat better though there's plenty of interesting things you can do that but again when and where to find for me at all the matters so
what's missing for 11 and I well this 11 does a pretty good job now the only thing it doesn't really do is par-saving cover that in a minute so all of the 11 a negotiation fixes a 9 but we haven't backward the moles and some of them is just because we have all that I've made and I made a point of not back anything all elicits of small graphics and some of them back according to a break in the eye and so someone else gets I'd like someone else to this 1st on minority support to pick that predictor from of IoT so as that love to be out of disk NFC things I treat 9 in 8 as snapshots of stuff that you worked what didn't and whenever someone gives me above report I think is about when I was working a hopefully this work but I mean if it if it worked on it did work on I'll go fix exhibit almost all the being something along lines of Denmark I did work in mind what's it right now I I basically use them as a as a comparison point I have when just works on and it works in 9 out but actually that's what stops so people using right everyone anime issue just work 11 and otherwise someone popped up to say that he's got he's having pressures in unstable and I've often bring us open to the freebies the wireless lists so yet if you wanna live in in right now I we when we have defined in the Marvel BroadWorks again but it's weird situation would say anti-segregation so disabled and had everything works fine actually gets in the way of its received not on the model supported modeled explicitly and is there a stop is that it works extremely well it had only might get up to 150 makes unidirectional to cite the interrelation make you're actually using the OS the relative error snakes I know that putting led in tonight as a center-right out somebody else it's a big job there's a lot of bullish changed between 9 and and I would be responsible for try make with well I said something else wants to go free aren't the only thing the doesn't to things that don't work is scanned doesn't work because again extensively across all the traffic in the use and then changes channel so a lot of Stackdriver change that needed to actually she the cue that traffic do the scan and resume where you left off we do Linux thing which is you drop all the traffic and slide this the sequence number less there aren't a whole 1 1 needs to be done doeskin during like traffic for the same reason the background scandals that when there is no traffic and scanned request you put in time to scan during my traffic same thing happens he active in fact traffic it's brought those of channel doesn't get comes back to the relevant section at a peace power mode needs to be fixed and that's on my short so the current issues
in to 11 is a lack of sensible locking sorry on there just lots and lots and lots of different places where commands and and trafficking happened and Our of this some of that sorry if you have a overlapping takes NIREX it mostly works fine but overlapping takes exoticism comes along the channel change on you can have an annoying situation where the drivers basically ask you please change the channel waltzing traffic and in which you have phone there are also sound I there is also some issues with reentrance where the knots completion will trigger at at its from the Latin seconds the stacked to these what is as I see the times and result receives nicely requests and send nice here reply every single time and so the driving Khot just simply get around issues by holding locks for long periods of time the hold a lot of passing afraid back the stack you get be in the stack somehow you know more professional constant this issues with handling are
actually at 11 trucks which is the representation of individual stations but the summary here is atomic operations are for records can endure by small sorry about that the the basic issue here is afraid I was to decrement reference counterfeiting was implemented and trainer just a different that monitors era of fall for it be in the middle of all of the bitter simply that takes the point out copies at the reason but look work off the stack and returns a is a tiny race condition that each can fire and and the reference card will actually ferment Acer reference cats 1 and that the free and it doesn't sound like a condition happens very often what happens with IOC told and what happens here is is the they PD or dedicate supplicate show an IOC tool which will do at which will trigger off a something on a task you happens in 1 3 and then use context also do something that tree is some kind of operation band will actually work in parallel over time all the way the kind to what was the reference code the reference count was always held these reference camels always told by the least and norms when they when the reference count reached 1 at MIT and nothing else besides the stack subtlest held that reference and so you would you would suddenly the no anymore reference coder hit 1 and the garbage collector later on right so the user has their reference was still point to a a valid the going away not right worse now there is no or at least holding the reference in the garbage collected at any time and that was that was a change from by by some years ago fixed issues where all nodes in particular that the assessment which was what the state of the Codd network the IT interesting you know every time needed to change some say something about the set some kind of integration thing in a noisy environment you costly to creating and destroying this be assessment you can end up with hundreds of them sitting there waiting for this the garbage collection 3 changes so could be but this is the side effect is if it on SMP machines this particular issue creeps up of sorry i if that's on the issue right the reference cavities hold
other and did the other issue here is without at 8 in example that walking so this particular function will actually replace the BSS NORAD and remove the reference to it but it is not walking around that's a three-day courses functions updated NORAD tripping wants to use it to something like say to receive a packet for the network any connection of privacy frame using an knowledge that has just been freed on me for money is another 1 of those stupid race conditions so I need to do said this is the of the requested actually it's a lot brothers
have the same problem with currency and I can't hold locks during takes hours completion the way that that you told right it's around it is hope that the law is held for these in the operation the entirety of the operations every operation the knows what the the the drive a lot so but he releases it to receiver for and multi without really checking that all the state of the North is still about 5 so so for example if your in the middle of receiving a list of frames and I got the driver lost a change the channel or do a reset then in the reset functional store wave a lot to be released during military setting out of receiving a afraid single received the frame unlocked OS not stack which put finishes occurring in the explore Stewart continues along right instead of the yards parts a new concept would settle the the driver and fly fish receiving what was on the it's 30 to fix that as a
general probable all power-saving is a pain in the arse especially with 11 and aggregation because we need to actually make sure we do legitimately leak 1 frame at a time when ever be whenever the ax station actually Breton's peaceful frame and because some frames of the pulsating here's some friends on the I you some printer in actually been given to Hogwarts stand before the station went to sleep I need to make sure that the need to do all the frames of listening to a station get correctly failed and then put back a list we don't we try retry until station wakes up and sense us smell frame all the stations and this is all for immunity to lead them in order any DOS the driver do you have anything you want to give you that you need to leak yes no no is a thing of the Pell City Canada Italy is proud of yes no otherwise Our just wait of and that to the pain but I have a plan the St basically like of any 2 plants a better looking so people talked about our batching frames in drivers and then have a network status and having them at 1 time so I'm thinking of doing an edited 11 is still it is due on the link Solution which is to grab a lot before you do anything in the at 11 stack I plan on doing something along the lines of that of having a friend 1 at a time credit but an and buffering list from the driver of say in France and 60 frames inside the lock and then unlock the driver posses friends up the stack and then relock the driver check this that that that the state has changed to you a lot so that whenever any completely frame on handling our expressed on not grabbing releasing a lock every single time I I had lived frame and so animals are doing outside of any trouble so well past up edited live realistic frames and in the the the report function when you hand 1 frame at a time but now but the nice thing about this is we're doing aggregation at a number of tens of thousands of acts 2nd or doing eliminate see reckoned being frames a 2nd the I'm not having to pass a frame onto the stack and they have a try the gravity be rewarded culinary order Q and then slide the window along a compositor the 2 friends they can operate on that list and see what needs to be reordered in that list so what am I working on
next fixing all the properties that was work is the summary of the slide also given all be out the car generation of living incurred from the appearance how rather than from app like a I saw permission to do this I just need to sit down and and clean up the current the internal stopped so that probably will appear the X 2 or 3 months but when I got some spare time and that will get us support up to the current generation and the next generation of 11 and products but was preliminary see talk covenant and I hope we will finish find sometimes do documentation of what's
coming up although these days the better regulatory support it'll all socks is the 2nd version and would probably not actually regulatory compliance at least in freebies Dr regulatory diverse the company's more than a couple years old and doesn't have also said is missing some new frequencies is as we see I've updated some updates the weather radar holds that house France and on anymore that that's the sort of stuff the sink and when working I can do is work with a links guys have have a regulatory database and find a way to import into beasties that all of these diverted we use this court that's and he added that the regulatory probe that what that was 4 is actually I see lots the people we need vested right or support in order to actually work as an access point 5 gigahertz atom were people just figurative as channel and would have read of support and I've seen people do this by hacking the regulatory demand of race that get access to the deepest frequencies this is an order and if anyone notices you get in trouble we had issues in this work we have reports from commercial customer is going into the firmware and slick debug words from a commercial product that's most was later change country code not exposed to sever right our plenty of in I'm network equipment vendors that is a not because we don't want to work because the FCC and various European right out of regulatory bodies don't out there like this so all of the Beastie projects need to feel that to take it out in my opinion try get their act together of it's the missing part from the there side is about which working with a group of Linux by using commuter right open-source 1 and I'm going to leave that go of beta as nice license being a drop into history found and is the packet and dynamic power control which is a of pain Yossi the spectrum lots of the basic the basic premise here is to green axis which transmit highest at the highest it's power every single note use low-power often as the closest you use hypothesis that far away from you see when it using less power and less RF especially when you have your heart that have Hi Tate powers speech a lot as mixture resp Our best part that actually know the requirements some in some channels we also should look at what we need for literacy that's currently going through the standard body at the moment and may appear in the next few months the poor Broadcom was announced talk with the US have announced public will come out that lot where this is actually happening on it's right up to 1 comma decimal 3 Gig over the years as a million frames a 2nd is not it's not wireless really anymore it's not the same kind of words b packet throughput that that people expect it looks a lot like that of samples of the guys do so our time is simply too naive looking more in order to get performance so we've only when that fall
at what these these lacking is developments especially 1 that like 14 drivers from other operating systems I explicitly stated that I'm not gonna put any drivers for many of our pretty system have enough 1 problems to deal with at the moment I'm sorry it's almost all the young 11 and it's from say but we know that the the steel links freebies yet happier take the current iMac cited tested comment on it but other Dual EC where any help I will see maintains the other drivers is a lot of activity in a Linux fruit updated set supported in production and beasties slips currently tie the lessons they slip in or it's not nice last we implemented so we could as projects in the leverage that as well and and and so that we make some cares about that though the prison likely to make the old gold and silver PC cards this between I know it's that this but when a thinks that then make that better basic that the Knicks that basically looked office of you wanna use that in all or any other wireless on previous days they're also makes the then the 3 best best-supported mix of 1 but we're working on
regression testing especially with this itself was simulated answer now we can we know we use of doing 11 as testing regression testing but in the future we start supporting access point word and station located on the assessment we can actually test sets behavior for all of this the birth of our of our new development and regression testing existing stock so almost take a break control and extended to the proper 11 and be my guest around all polling to elementary of bolstering support once I get the the the Tarjan of 3 stream clinics from with also in the tree Leonard the three-stringed its goal to foreign to maybe it's so stop this again if maybe is not really wireless anymore right in order to make this is really not really wireless and or sorry this significant the used to make sure that that was correctly and finishing up house that's a support and the final being that's the supporting putting the need to sleep at station so access point where it is the the basic access put behavior is the XPoint always on and there is some support in some products for part of the access put to sleep in order to say hello when you're running off battery but by and large most that points leave a writer and all right and antennas on all the time but all stations I Palisade note is 1 of the to What basically gonna put as much of the chip to sleep and wake up when we hear beacon like everyone with we were transferred in always complicated program making sure you don't do things like put the need to sleep in the middle of doing it sticks arts the that's the basic idea no locks up off sorry just out of wood when we finish that the access points sleep stopped work that a work on the stack sort of stations legal work on the broadest side stations the Nets a significant power varies if you know how
that's my talk they would have any questions I was in on it what the 3rd 1011 international the AVG have what's right for 11 and you can run so you can either run 9 with the therapy is also issue if there still I found so he runs mind with Apple in it works fine he run 911 you have 10 of take segregation this does not injury but nines drive are still has sleep race issues it still had it still has reset th arts race issues still dropped frames when whenever we set so if you if you have the drivers' stuff beacon we're actively queuing traffic will drop what's in the 4 in the queue and the AP make side of your aggregation such from at least on our invitation turn and the new age with grace and says Lennart it I'm at hoplite until X number of milliseconds before I just declared look and see those frames missing and flushed the acuity so it's not as bad as it sounds but we get we will see traffic due to it being a reset in and it had a dozen I can i've i've CCT all that actually forces a stop is stuck the research market a superior wall true do cis control block of 1 . and passed from the beginning his hammers resets the down the store managers wondering recently unless you're in a really really noisy environment or you had will mark stuff like well what so yeah it as ZABG works fine and I run all my books is that it is 1 head and they run fine and the heat they people run mind and had it 11 that and that works fine I make sure that with age and had needed to 11 now the dog doesn't work because I had the double his supplicants and host were updated and you guys tonight at 11 were updated seemed can't run user land we had snow 11 but also so we go through the efferent gabinete still sizes that 1 Leninakan 1 8 hidden at 11 plus head at what's the case of and so on and her city and I have to have to build systems do that if they want we should work fine then sorry it doesn't work only and it was a year old Nobel I can be the only thing that change between head with some of the constitution for about 4 something right and that's like yeah the 1 1 change in editors limbs or articulable cost right so I know that you can build that had happened at 11 wireless drivers in a as a module that what's fine it's the user let you have to read all you recall ifconfig sorry as well as their 11 blog Apple people we had the 1 because heads ifconfig doesn't compile anything else would have better ability that's right that's a 2 days some chromatids for not supported by data only support any other questions because it is our TCP 1 to a quickly enough especially 11 and when the packet transmission is what is is in microseconds now and so on the last thing that we want to do is what we wanna do aggregation we can quickly we transmit all those frames on the hardware rather than actually the self we can do a bit of the work that we present that defines the hardware and just drop friends and sure you end up with these sessions have do every tradition but that's very stacked and of the year if you start dropping frames we like RT up like that it you be strictly to year streams of if you drop the future many frames in TCP may decide to back off quite significantly and take a couple seconds to recover our which point you've lost right whereas during retransmissions yeah is a lot cheaper easier to do mostly hide flip mostly hides the latency but always work that well but for the thing I think the given wireless is at the speeds you will lose packets eliminated 11 aggregations based on the concept that you want to drop at least a couple percentage of frames and retransmitting those is pretty easy so you can still presented a pretty reliable low-latency environment the step if you stop presenting a aid to a 3 per cent loss the path to TCP when you try to form a 50 minute it's it will get unhappy anyone else the but what I saw a film week either pay the asked the firm sorry you basically be start beating the Linux drivers and trying to get safer model finally talked a novel about India so it from here from either side the energy program at the source cite gives you the drive torque someone right that so the the outside it's easy but for that I got involved without reading it will inspect because of all and it's and I should believes that if you're not that way brain it can be quite forwarding and to be honest you probably pick up my intention of driver having the Riley 211 style for to give you a background and it will let you need to have red suspect some the driver like calculating of or some some drivers want to put say the the yeah preamble current in the pill CPU no where inspect no things like like the definitions of that the timing of the interframe spacing timing and you can look those up in this we need to respect a or like a set of pithy of something like the novel drivers gonna be be familiar with device drivers and a bit of wireless and then what's reject it I think that an Indian and I think that the the initial Artigue segregation it is Indian issue words it takes sequence number initialization for aggregation issue right doesn't look too with just a tad fragrant plane here now when I have to do with after know I don't think it does and I don't think it does not because we know how to make it work I think fair and waited right so I think the driver has some support from but it has the same look based on the the all you cannot use because so what you would find laptop speedy arrived in I hope right OK I did not come the that was needed is double while this but 1 of the and I get said I've seen this program all right that the so the reference at the moment the reference doing wireless stuff that's not the US Drivers is like because the vendors role docking their into money right It's not that interested party couldn't sign an NDA like standard with a bunch of other vendors and start hacking of stuff get the new chip said to them and it's most a problem that the vendors actively support Linux and the open-source community has really picked up driver support really engaged in the and some people from other non nontrivial vertical said and as we possible to deal with what that translates as is this would give us free access to everything this is meant as a possible deal with the long and the short out here I guess it is possible chances are that finds and was to maintain it and look at the Linux courtesy without support Linux code doesn't then you have to say all to that fall to Intel and Apple contacts Intel who would love for to freely security gives developer to pick up the development of of give them all kinds of shit about friends contacts in model that you know I happily do you use the community of apparently go context support Congaree much the same it's not that I wanted that they can't do develop themselves I know what is what want to know the Ducks lack any other questions well start using 11 and is the support 11 and got of that would people saying we don't live in its crap with the