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Since NetBSD 5 was released, the support for MIPS on NetBSD has been completely revamped. It is now one of the more advanced ports of NetBSD. This talk is an overview on what has changed and what the current state of MIPS support and a brief look forward to what else is coming. Subjects to be covered: Why? (Big Embedded space, large amounts of memory, etc). Quick Introduction to the MIPS architecture Overview of XLR/XLS/XLP Overview of what changed (toolchain, SMP, pmap, PCU, compat32, new cpu support, use of MIPS features, fast softint) Design decisions why N32 by default? why no separate mips64? Major features 64-bit address space cpu abstraction dynamic fixups (changing indirect calls to direct calls) splsw UVM changes Fast software interrupts SMP (for NetLogic XLR/XLS/XLP) mostly lockless pmap Choosing a new page size COMPAT NETBSD32 networking filesystem mounting 32-bit systems N32 Kernels Effects on the NetBSD in general PCU direct-mapped UAREAs COMPAT NETBSD32 common pmap for TLB based MMUs
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