Google Code-In and FreeBSD

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Google Code-In and FreeBSD
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11 to my talk on the summary of all the Google codon and this the the previous these partition the coding actually went and I have a
small 9 it's basically the explaining what we called is and and I'll go deeper into actual results so for those of you who don't know what we in this is that they have obviously by war-weary initiated a contest to engage pre-university students in open source and other engineering areas but will focus on open source because we are out of work in that area so it's a a contest that runs from like member until December on all from start from November to January and the bill of that we as as a open-source project meters applied more Tostao go at it with more into tasks and in a minute of so what is going code and actually supposed to do it should help open source projects getting new contributors committers and people who can help out and the idea is to get a pre-university students so people like the age group from like 13 17 can participate and it's a kind of a different idea behind rather than having it in the summer of code itself the difference in the audience for that and what you do is an open-source project is to put up tasks 40 as a minimum and then you know if these tasks a priority like or a difficulty rating like easy medium hard and then students can request to work on such a task so each student can only work on 1 task at a time and once they have finish this task they get points for this task going to pointing or this point point later on but what's in it for the students they can win a trip to encourage you and love you California and d yeah Mantorras sort of participating FIL you know benches and get T-shirt so there's no monetary and reward for the part of for the projects rather than in new coding recode with whose sum of code where they get know what's it like 5 thousand 500 euros dollars of
so this is a small comparison chart this is not to say that 1 is better than the other it's just to get the a the point across much what what the actual differences so for those some of codes you need to be at least 18 years old and whose coding is targeted for a lower age group and as probably most of you know by the summer of code is about open source project putting out tasks and 1 that's a bigger tasks and use of 1 big project that you're working on over the whole project runtime in the Hotan it's different you picked multiple tasks you were the multiple tasks as much as you can because you need the points to actually win in this context and usually have wanted to mentors and since in the codon each task has a different mentally have like over the whole contest period different matters but the turnaround time is also a little bit slower in summer of code and in moving code and it's intended to be much faster so fast should be finished rather quick and then also the response from the Memphis should also be much much faster so that students don't waste time that they could use for actually working on these tasks our criteria for success is rather obvious you know we sum of quote the project needs to be finished and in recording the small tasks that the project but also also need to be finished that's the responsibility of the mentors so they decide whether the task is actually finished for us need some work afterward and the 1 of the biggest difference saying that differentiated factors is that we summer of coal as the name suggests mostly or like exclusively about programming and software development and so what you to us or for me at least is that English coded as a much wider variety of task types so we have stuff like a cold is a little bit so I should be reviewed with a different mind set because since the students are not 18 yet they cannot say it's it's copyright things they cannot think of right of the colon that they contribute so the contribution that in making the code category are not that that I think so who followed is you can contribute coat in movie coding but it's not as such cannot be such big ones as heck has actually pick copyright issues associated with it so that's a bit about it some of whom our documentation is a is a big 1 and and was a big 1 in our last year some code and other categories of reach so outrageous everything that's basically a marketing call you from all the projects anything that you do to get the project known to a wider audience Quality Assurance finding and fixing box and go getting you know increase the call quality or what have you research is like the the project gives to a problem and you need to do some research and find possible propose possible solutions training create training materials like a cheat sheets or to actual or e-learning videos small instruction videos that translation of think into too if that much and the user interface tweaks and that's probably not much falls previously but I think if you were you have an open source project that's based and there there are probably a number of that can create and at category the Google Summer of Code is as add value as good codon and they should be viewed as little competing projects they should be viewed as a project that can a difference the you know target audience and that both of beneficial to the project as a whole so what
do you need to do if you want to participate in what we call in but 1st of all you need to create a list of 40 high-quality tasks and that was a big problem when we started participating will want to participate in that because we had at that time we had no tossed at all so what I did I went through our wiki page and listed stuff that I thought would be good tasks the tasks the to be small and granular so that students don't need the whole of contest period to work on them so they need to be rather small and like a type of fixes or they will to some converting of a wiki page to an actual article that stuff that I want to have a student stuff and so basically rolled up a list of 30 or 35 tasks and others contributed also some nice tasks and the interesting thing is that task that I thought were important and were actually really easy word where the task didn't get finished by the end of the contest so I thought I did put out easy tasks and students pick other tasks so anyway Allen then you rate the task so if you will have a task that requires documentation and it's just simple type effects in new graded with as a task that's easy so easy gives you 1 point to finish a task that easy you get 1 point in the oval and we hold in scoring and you can also have a task that have a medium difficulty that you get 2 points and tossed it actually heart on the other would give you that 4 points so you can work you this as a student of like with a strategy can say OK only work on hard task you need more time for these but you get higher points but you can also do the only easy task you need to do more of these but you can collect points click and then what you also need to do is a product you need to assign people who know were knowledgeable in that area who can help students when they have questions these tasks so we had a talk with the task that had the conversion from work and that they had see it with TB and virtual books and that that was 1 of the task that we needed some people have expertise in that area so we eat so we had people who sign up as much was these task-specific
and then during the contest he also need to do some stuff you need to will mostly answer claims from students to work it out so we put up a that after we look on its similar probably will in the summer of Croat its survey security a system where you can log in and say this student has just played this past and what this what this 1 task and then you can say as a mentor OK minus this task exclusively to the students so that students can work on this task get the points if it's a finishes and the need to give feedback and help so there is system there you can you can post questions the problem with that is that the it's not actually into your e-mail address or I don't know it it didn't get any e-mail when students responded to any of those tasks so I needed to evolve into a problem of project each child I know I was there any response to any of my tasks that probably that could be a span the application that OK and then no you books is exploding with yeah that's floats agreed that OK maybe there for that of most of the stuff that students I ask is a basically on the task itself so of Buddha it warned us in that in advance that since the students are so young they may have like excessive you the exclamation marks in the postings or they only post with like CapsLock turned on all the time but from our from from my experience at least that was the case most students were actually they pose a good questions and they were very thoughtful and that of Libri sometimes worries how he sent to know this sort of thing and can explain it to me please and I think that was a good kind of communication that we were giving help to them and they could ask us any time goes that set up and IIsi channel we use the channel a for summer of focus because that was running out of time so we use that as to solve the students locked into that and ask questions directly or virus and the that is the case that students at work then you as a mentor need to check the work well it fits your so sometimes students submit something and I think it's I think that's the project once but if you if like it's about the documentation of fixed and you see all the excessive white space you can say Al-Qaeda students of this is new to this and started the general converting of the actual documents the content changed and we say OK it's fine enough you can fix the whitespace afterward so that's just shouldn't be the problem that the students should have too much time and during half of the contest time you need to provide the the fall task you wouldn't imagine how many task it worked on a actually fixed by students were actually very engaged in these and things so you need to provide another 40 tasks and we went through our wiki again and we were trying on could this be task in we also had some kind of task that would of depend upon each other so what 1 of our developers of the suggested was that we had a kind of freebies the community portal and he did some tasks like create the basic database and then the the basic web page for it and then a code the actual of indication to on that web page so it kind of a build upon each other so as some of these task work done but it's more difficult if you have stuff that you need to build on that is based on another task and so I I tried to make task as atomic as possible so that if if it's 1 thing that this all task is finished so what
is the actually experience from off from our 1st participation in the contest to actually increase the number of time because we as a project you want it also assumes that the Finnish many task that we should make it as easy as possible for them so on 1 thing that you need to remember is that most students have little or no experience no source for you might have heard of the project it might have not they might know something about the project might using the software itself but they also I just wondering and they just by just looking a task to solve because they can work not only 1 1 specific task list from 1 who recalled in participating Our approach open-source program but they can we give a list of all participants again do jobs from freebies the jobs from for tasks from so what it also participate I think in the on the VigiLAN client or LibreOffice so they could pick and choose from every participate project the surprising thing is that once the student get project they come again and fix other stuff other tasks that the project put up so when they get to know the actual workflow and they will probably or most likely to come again and fix other task that the project and as I said we need to or from my experience it is easier for students if the task is easier as granular as possible and if you put up a task you need to explain every single bit effects they even the most obvious thing and more explanation you will do the more likely it is that this task gets picked by someone and gets actually finished and that if you have a big task that might be too big for 1 student to swallow and you should probably put it into many smaller tasks so that the chances bigger that multiple students work on this parallel and then basically you can put it together after was 1 that students work on that they document that might be too they 2 for 1 person and you spilled up into smaller sections wouldn't separate tasks and then put together after what's once they submitted the patches 1 other thing is that you might not have think people thought about it is that you can reopen a task again so the students submitted a solution to this task and you can set up OK it's good enough but let's see what another student might come up so we had a number of work task with student should great posters or the cheat sheet and we we opened those because we wanted to have more results from students no not a student might have different ideas how to design these so we have a number of of nice cheat sheets for created or posters these are relatively easy because then you have a collection of like posters that were generated and you can you have the luxury of picking up from the ones that were submitted and as a mentor or you need to be much quicker and providing the the so the student actually don't wanna waste time waiting for you to answer that wanna get but next task or they want rework the task is to say the tasks not good enough to be awarded points for it and don't be afraid to provide Baktybek as well so if you say to a student Hadas is not good enough we have a might need to look up our like documentation of rules again or you need to know fix those typos that you did in this in this document or something like that you need to provide feedback the most students will actually see that this is valuable to them and they will fix and resubmit it again on the other hand you don't need to and we shouldn't expect perfection this these are still students they're still learning they are they getting their 1st experiences with open-source work and then there is stuff that you can fix after with that's relatively easy rather than you do in the whole task so that the students do most of the day the basic dirty work and you can do the finishing touches afterward on it so what are
the actual results I put up here is small graphic to show which kind of tasks from the task were actually finished so 96 per cent most of these were from the documentation category and I hope we have when we participate next time we have a little more variety so maybe we have some task or source tasks that is possible so if there is a software that is easily portable but non has at the time yet of report that maybe should put up a task so we had like some of them were still open so no 1 knows student actually played those costs so there was still open after the coders we might we use those as well all we need to look up what action task descriptions were in that maybe they were not clear enough so no 1 claim these these are tasks that were reopened and didn't get finished by the end of the contest and the red ones are the ones that unapproved so a student claim these like in the last day of the contest and no mentor were actually proved that the students who finished at work and there was 1 % of a task that was actually claimed by soon but no mentor actually I assigned to the student so I think that's a relatively good charge from the results and I think since since our 1st participation that overall I am very sad and happy and satisfied with the results of this you have submitted
so I've put up some some highlights I don't know have all of my slides because then it would a to talk to talk a little bit more we have true freebies the wallpapers that were created by students and kind of nice we have to do cheat sheets I talked about this yesterday that we could use these in our actual fruitful documentation as they maintain document so that there's a trade show and the on the floor they could put out these cheat sheet for people to pick them up and that it gets them started it look up some certain commands that are maybe not easy so the the ports to choose and a nice it has basically anything except that package a G. stuff but they're like package add package to use and the sum of options that explain in there but there was also a new of freebies the front page graphics layout proposed we put that task of to just to see what what the students would make out of it it's It's nice part of it won't replace the previous the website next week solar will be scared it's still at it's an approach which we have a look at it and it had some nice elements but it wasn't perfectly enough to to be actually a useful but we get some ideas from it and maybe you use parts of it our maybe you redesign of the web page but it was a promotional video created so is if you look at it it's still a student quality you need that you have that in mind when you when you watch it it's basically a system administrator waking up and 1 time it's a Windows system administrator and next and previous to system administrator and you know the result is that no previous even its sleeve after like 5 minutes in the Windows admin as get up on room some but the thing was that supposed to templates were created and we could put them up again I just need to increase the year and the I have some posters that we can put up in places to get students interested and there was a screen pass generated for the new freebies denied installer which kind of a it's it's nice because it walks you through the whole installation process and give you some pointers where you need to be aware of certain things and I thought that was kind of nice has like at an Indian accent but well it's good enough I think it's nice because it's on the new to and I didn't put up the Euro EUR yet but so you know you don't know what might come up with some people might watch and and get interested in previously and then they know of and solid well but we
have many tasks from documentation categories solve focus on these here but we have many wiki pages and freebies TBK that we wanted to have an our official documentation because you people took much effort and updating them and we want to have them in off of official documentation so we put up many tasks St allies this wiki page and there are many people did that many students and now we have much new stuff in our documentation so developers have you got a new inform sourced in the box we have more stuff in the Handbook like metavariable as a Linux isn't that you need to me to be aware of description of 2 moved file your license infrastructure and the previous sample got most of the updates because these updates are not only type of fixes but also new additions like do you to be chapter it's completely new that's a nice of updates from the yeah which what's instructions and that of Woodridge Road near yesterday that the updated weekly against the logic of that costs well but It's nice because it's it gives us more stuff that we can work on and the students submit stuff that we just need to submit into of just committed to the actual documentation repository that's much much easier for us then rather than writing that stuff again all writing is ourselves cortana reservation a description of a z of S which is also kind because the examples are pretty pretty nice and we have to file system support for you know right of aspects of SN x to invest these are the ones that
aren't yet in the documentation because they need some little work like whitespace fixes or some wording changes but we try to bring in this well because they are the good enough to be and into documentation so a number of task that we need to do and this is my actual summary
of the whole experience now we have I think it's a very good result what we get from this is was our 1st time it might crashed and burned but it didn't and it was very good because many of our task that actual result modern student had also gained an inside of out of reviews to project doesn't work and there as a direct result we had a new could commit a in our ranks just is belong to this she worked on many of those documentation task and so sheets of substance that he was punished with the documentation that so that's the actual best outcome of the whole if you can multiply that by like 10 people for each time the contest runs you have to declare victory and certainly which participate again next year which means that we need to create tasks again so we probably collection should collect them over the whole year in the no we can page 4 will be folded and I I once practiced tossed out not only into a documentation but over all of the other editors like of region codons and no translation all that stuff is valuable to us and students can work on that for each task need mentors was of course so if you will have a little spare time to work on the stars to answer questions from students when the contest runs so please think about this what I think about doing tasks that you would like to have it finished and then you can enter those and see where students can I finished owes instead of you you can sit committed that's the easiest part of it of privatization is not too difficult you can probably guess how much time it will take to for a student to finish that might take a time multiplied by 2 of me and I think that time frame to to guess I and yet the the overall goal for us is to act at most students to become actual controverisal committers so even after contest these people should still help us update they our project do stuff for the project gave us some even if it's just small that's the students don't we just work on the contest and the task they should be motivated to work on the project as a whole even after contest is all so what thank a few
people and I don't know was pronounced makes all just OK yeah thanks I tried to yeah yeah right that is always right yeah how if at all what yeah he did have basically yet the idea that produced you should participate he asked for for it or said yeah we could do that if you will would have enough tasks and I didn't knew about this so you approached me could you like create 40 task will call it like that let's see it motivates the whole thing he tried to recruit as many letters as possible and also provide a virtual machine images because most students didn't have a free systems so they when they need to worry about mentation task to download the system in bound of the actual documentation stuff and then could that that they can work on the actual task that's difficult because it takes much more time than just having a VM that has everything prepared for it and they just started and work on the task right away but Gavin was sitting here is also it was very good at helping increase the these of the the quality of these which machine because it is much more of up its stuff in there and there the Buddha the updated documentation tree there who it's tools also for work on the contention so that's that was probably very helpful to students and probably the reason why so many task documentation area that fixed and I wanna thank all the mentors who took up the task even there was just 1 because students needed some help in these tasks and if you cannot help the student through strudel brought the task back into the pool so that it isn't resolved again it costs thanks to all the students not this year of course I unfortunately but yeah I want to thank them for working a lot faster now they will work and then again when we put up our next contest so any questions from
you that's why we're doing this yeah that's that's the whole thing it's probably easier for for the for high school students to actually find typos rather than you know come up with a new like which a memory subsystem as have probably a little bit more difficult but it's it's a started you can do in open source project and then you can wait work away from there so that taken by the hand as much as we can and then try to guide them to becoming winners hopefully future yeah I thought that the All-Africa knowing Latvia that that there that who knows maybe some of them will actually work in the summer of code as well so once they get to know the project a little bit better from the you know from the inside how nice the people allotted artists working on it then there and then you know you have more people and that's did we need more people too much stuff is undone resins any new need not not just intepretation also in other areas so the more people we can attract the better it gets that OK hope 1 but running over time so of Energy and thanks for listening thanks