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Lecture 01. Review of Chem 51A

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Lecture 01. Review of Chem 51A
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This is the second quarter of the organic chemistry series. Topics covered include: Fundamental concepts relating to carbon compounds with emphasis on structural theory and the nature of chemical bonding, stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, and spectroscopic, physical, and chemical properties of the principal classes of carbon compounds. This video is part of a 26-lecture undergraduate-level course titled "Organic Chemistry" taught at UC Irvine by Professor David Van Vranken. Index of Topics: 00:44- Why invest in organic chemistry? 03:40- Are there other reasons to invest in organic chemistry? 04:53- Why invest in this course? 06:38- Who is running this course? 07:34- Who are the Sherpas? 08:56- What are we covering this quarter? 11:06- Where is my syllabus? 11:36- How is my grade determined? 14:13- Sapling Online Homework 15:52- Why go to discussion section? 17:35-Organic Chemistry Department Tutoring 18:17- What other resources are available? 20:33- Are more structured resources available? LARC 21:42- How do I communicate with the instructor? 23:39- Notable words from Benjamin Franklin 25:45- Review of Chem 1A 29:10- Chapter 1- Structure and Bonding 34:43- Chapter 7/8- Review of primary and secondary Alkyl Halides
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the parade scientists electronic media and so it might and doing weird things with my neck apologize that I 1 on the coming in at 8 o'clock in the morning and signing up for an ATM class to commitment on your part of the last year when I was an undergraduate I wanted to stay up late and study late in the evening slate and I dreaded 8 o'clock classes until 1980 in the wake myself up early enough to come so thank you for making
minister today despite covering the cylinders of remind you kind of wire here what specific to this class in this section they won't be presumably all of you that chemistry 51 a years use on force of ,comma or somewhere else ,comma and will try to have a very brief review of what you might have covered at the end of chemistry 51 a which is almost a month ago the Ansonia star Byron remind you why you when you come here at 8 AM in the morning light you sign up for the can 51 series and why should you care about the other the reasons why people told you hear so alternative uses for a while but I I think we're going to chemistry is important you sitting in this chair and during some ridiculous saying about a chair conformation and honest and 1 American who really cares about stuff on that and this is important stuff society for your career so probably from my perspective is an organic and as the number 1 reason why you should care about organic chemistry on is that this is the way we cure diseases in the United States in variability going to doing surgery to cure people on if you have ever had prescribed medicine and you open up the boxes Cecil package inserts and we know that the package insert there is always organic chemistry structure and so you may not realize it or you may not remember this Sunday when the prescribing medicines to people in writing this fall in some sort of hard to read prescription on your prescription pad the computer on all these medicines that people take that make people well but nowadays are based on organic molecules like this remind you of the kinds of structures all these molecules were designed and synthesized and are made by people just like you they the Senate last just like you they learn simple reaction like that in 1 incident to reactions just like you and they use what they learn in those classes to design from these novel treatments for diseases so you may not care about this because you're not old enough to be be played by problems like heart disease like high blood pressure and maybe Castro suffered the only loss on maybe schizophrenia on what is the value of sort of childhood asthma you made taking Advair discussed these are all organic molecules and so someday you're going to be prescribed medicines in it's going to be an expectation he'll understand how those medicines work at the level of Adams and bonds and that's why you see here and it's also very cool I think to make billions of dollars a year by curing diseases the sales for the struggle of that will last year were 8 billion dollars per year in the United States 8 billion dollars a year that's a pretty cool thing to do with organic chemistry and all this class are intending to go off and on and and pay attention to health care there's a lot of other reasons to care organic chemistry of future technology relies on organic chemistry you don't even know there's probably all the different ways in which technology affects your life so most of you have high-tech cellphones a fancy computers on you may not realize that industry is what you used to synthesize ought to make all the integrated circuits that go into your computer and your phone's organic molecules are behind optical switching the goes on to make your phones work mystical at some of the molecules in there all this is based on organic chemistry ships into the articles which he lives with his parents and requiring all new displays that you hear about who knew about that fancy phone within a Moline that always stands for organic and models like this that draw these new displays that you will see people be the size of this going on when I use my material the plastic Sidonia car last month materials that can sense the environment and repair themselves role based on organic chemistry so even if you don't care about health care if you care about technology and being a part of the future it's a good reason to care about how things work at the level that not that was a industry OK so they have more local level so just forget about you control in society and making billions of dollars in curing diseases and developing the future you may care about is getting through this course and satisfying some sort of acquired most of you in this class are taking that this this discourse because ultimately want to attend some sort of a Graduate School Medical School Dental School of commentary school I and people in those schools expect you to understand that is in your world at the level of atoms in bonds or maybe you're going off into graduate school in organic chemistry or or some other related industries so on the if you really want 1 of these kinds of people that has an intention to go to work out some sort of a graduate professional schools you're probably going to be taking some review class like this in order to help you prepare so that you can compete with the other people that are out there and they're expensive classes but the main point behind all of these classes that will help you to do better to get entrance into Dental School of Pharmacy School is that they are reviewing classes they assume that you've already learned the material in a class like this I've had graduate student before that of talkies classes excellent instructors and is classified promise you they are not better than me I promise you that not better than me and they're not better than the TAC support you in this sport so it is our mission is classical realism appearances Sunday when you're reviewing it comes back so you have to make a commitment don't take the attitude well I just wanna get this class and we have a lot of pressure I just wanted this class and I learned that stuff later it will be easier to learn it later became members those are the focus was of his way so
this course is running the circus on this course is run by the University of California at Irvine and they hired me and then hired 3 TAC optional courses as many of the provisions of the break in the rain in what is 1 of those inspired Chris Dora Yates for this class on we get paid in order to teach organic chemistry we've committed our careers to organic chemistry we care about it so we want you to learn the material we want you to do well in this class and I want you to kick butt in this classic Gowanda 51 C and he kicking butt in somebody else's sections were committed to the reliance on us for that on the quality of the wheat and on all mentions scheduling later but the free we welcome you to come to our office hours and spend some time with us so we don't just sit there alone in depressed which is typically what happens then
the Organization for this class future leaders from remind would assure players but you'll hear a lot of people talk about on climbed Everest Sunday will sign up for some 30 thousand dollar nation declined every you don't just climb Everest people who claim that they think there is actually an anti-Musharraf was helped them climb Everest is an ethnic minority in apologies people grew up at high altitudes and they know what they're strong altitude of oxygen that underlies the environment just like me and prison are and they have spent our time Of the majority of out of my life for certain doing organic chemistry not the main point behind assurances carry also tackled materials to the base camps is that they do not pick people up on their shoulders and carry them to the top of Everest it doesn't work like that you still have confidence your goal in this class is to learn organic chemistry well enough to do well in camp 51 C and then to remember that material so that later you can use it in your career or or at a minimum just to gain entrance to some some Graduate School of Professional so we are here to help you make that ascent 2 2 years to reach your goal that's what we're here for and we're good at so take advantage of us take advantage of the resources available to you OK so here's the
class so we've all had him 51 images remind you can become 1 of the things that forever the main thing I forgotten everything and we'll deal with that you haven't forgotten you know it seems like he's spent the 1st half this quarter covering chapters 1 through 8 innings Genest Lewinsky Smith organic chemistry textbooks on so have a new edition of the 2nd edition it's very very similar on time I recommend that you buy the 3rd edition but I can't actually see any difference between the 2nd and 3rd edition except that on it's harder to use copies of the new edition I'm so here's or covering this quarter of the minister from the 1st three-year 4 chapters of this quarter learning lots and lots and lots of new reaction so at the end of last quarter in Chapter 7 4 reactions N 1 into to the 182 and we are about to die about 300 reactions on top of this quarter if you thought for reactions was far get ready and this is not my choosing that I this is the way the field work this is the way the book works as a waiter or structural work and so it does not work not to get you ready so that you'll be able to water on all of these new reactions were going to cover and just to make it hard for you that the book is designed and unfortunately the cost is designed so that you learn about your reactions in Europe pushing a mechanism and then you're going to start using it for a month and do something spectroscopy and MRI are and won't be using any of that stuff and you'll forget it over the months and will not right in the order and I'm a blast was more reactions and expect you to be really fresh and the stuff that you just forgot so I I didn't invent this system it's dumb system but we're stuck with it and we're going to make it work so I'm sorry and it ceiling of 100 million billion zillion reactions to remember and it's doable there's been class after class section after section of students who have done exactly this hard stuff that I'm telling you that you're going to hear is that this court 51 OK
so we already have a website for the costs that served our syllabus the syllabus is kind of like a legal document we say we're going to do this and we have to do it we say you have to do is to get a certain grade well that's what we have to do so I may update this missile this frequently but again questions about the structure of course what determines mind reader is the discussion sections of things like that go to a website and the evidence for that on it OK
so of course you're interested in a great be crazy not to be interested in hearing from you future soldiers would concentrate on thinking is the saying of grace structures used in Susan King section from Freeman section away homework the sampling learning online homework that's going to be 10 per cent of our great on then were like the rest your great is going to be determined by exams so to midterm exams in a final exam and the majority of your grade will be determined on the use of these Indians the final wanting weighted more heavily because it is heavily cumulative about half of the final exam will be new material about half of that will be old material from from the water so many of you will be interesting midway through the quarter do I have a chance life going to fail all of that will be determined by your performance on the final exam I can't prognosticator that way and tell you until you've taken the final exam which agreed will be on the right to to be worried about that stuff on there's no makeup exams in this quest to ask the To give your makeup exams if I give you a makeup exam or I allow you to take the exam early it compromises the integrity of the exam I can't be sure that information about the example will not hold around you in some way or float from you to other people and it takes me about 8 to 12 hours to write exam there is a huge amount of effort and in writing exam to make sure that the mean isn't 10 out of 100 right that totally demoralized people off the Minas 95 out of 100 icons assigning a grade distribution that way that made the exam too easy on so I guess so there's no makeup exams Of course great distribution I'm woman when I made this this matches what happens in Susan King and former Freeman section at the end of the quarter we're going to get our spreadsheets and compare them and make sure we're assigning comparable great distribution you don't have a higher chance of getting a a B by going to the other sections on this was intended to to roughly match what goes on in biological sciences and the moral of this clearances will automatically receive a greater say in the making 90 percent rate of 1 of the finalists 500 points you have to make 450 points on I had an opportunity about ever in this class is always a chance on but I'm confident anybody you no matter what happened throughout the quarter I'm confident that if you make over 90 per cent of the points made in the final you know the material I'm perfectly confident that's why be willing to assigned to the class OK
so 10 per cent of your greatest based on sampling of work so looked online at the Kennedy 51 A Sections Alaska waters some my understanding on at least 1 other sections did not use sampling Sakhalin region just like in major yes a significant fraction of it you're going have to get online on this for the 1st time just like everyone else did last quarter so it's pretty easy to get online you give them some sort of password they know everybody was assigned the class I don't make a duplicate account another class and use that to get the answers because we had to feel people has courted government that's not OK and that's not that that's not fair to the rescue years if you cheating that the what's the point behind 10 per cent of your grace the point is to keep you working on material even if there's not an exam because I'm just like you if I don't have pressured to work on something I'm going to put it off you got a lot of stuff going on in your life other horses and I'm going to make sure that this homework this course is 1 of those courses that's it's forcing you to do stuff so it doesn't end up with the nite before the exam and that's the 1st time cracking open a book on not because you're crazy irresponsible but you've got a lot of pressure and I get that some miniature course is 1 of those regular pressures and that forces you to keep up with the material and that's always there OK and unfortunately cost 20 extra pucks I realize the book is really expensive and I'm sorry I can't hear fix although all of the sections of the during the 2nd homework and I think it's a good thing to do is allow you to sort of work with feedback on we discussion sections these are mandatory but we don't take grades or role in these and the discussion section the whole thing ,comma discussion section is that women have worksheets break into little groups and work on problems and then go presented those answers at the border you'll get a chance to see from your peers eulogy everybody else has the same questions as I do always confused about the same issues I am she is that how you answer the kind of question .period behind these these discussions section worksheets to train you to do well on my exams don't ask exam questions are recycle those questions on exams or giving you the kinds of questions that I put on exams and other instructors from using and I want to have training beyond the problems in the book and beyond the sapling homework for how to do well on was questioned you've never seen before we went to treat you to answer questions universe Over the special sections please go to your discussion section on if you can get you for some reason your discussion section you could always go to a different 1 part of the problem is with the passive had some discussion sections 80 people and others with 2 and we can we can manage discussion sections with them OK so please go discussion sections were never going to give you copies of the problems that you need to go discussion section or get a copy from when your friends don't ask for copies of the problems that because you couldn't make it on in Damascus for the key because you're supposed to be there getting the answers and putting that on your discussions can work but once
again here's article last thank you for giving us ATM and being here you have a lot of
resources available you it's it's amazing to me how many resources and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of resources so let's talk about some of the resources outside of the book outside the sapling outside TAC media available to you so the Department of Energy has appeared tutoring program and 1 of the key word here is freed on that's just 1 of the worst not important reason to take advantage of appear to agree on but they have people
your peers other students who are good at seem organic chemistry you should go to them and find out what do I need to do to ace organic chemistry the way that you do you can go get help all of week all of from appeared to notice from the section on their work here too there are 4 characters in the Senate leaders signed in the mind of the history of the game and Anthony if your here stand at just I wanna see where OK so I'm not joining the clever design make sure that you're here so I don't know if you guys will communicate through the quarter humanity can come up with a little practice here come I they didn't see how this stuff works I don't know about you but I often find that I sit in my office and uncertainty over there and you can't imagine the crushing disappointment was sitting there thinking there's 300 something people my class and nobody comes to mind my office hours of legal and policy director letters pretended the just sitting in an office at your office in 2 hours that appeared to in here I and just student coming up good no think it's a long day of the week and I'm really tired I am really lost in his class in case of first uses this site and on the other side of the yeah it was 1st he and there is something so you just hear about asking the questions the value of but it that sort of thing needs to be immediately go and thanks a month it's not intimidating to go ask for help you go on the block when Houston was meanwhile I worked some problems and CDs but it's not hard there's no excuse for us to be safe here during office hours and you guys don't come on if you like ,comma if you're on top of the material used when it come work With so many things that's cool too mom so whatever the advantage of that but in addition
if you'd like a more structured learning environment they also help these large peer tutoring classes where you will be there with a group of other people and will have another person who is excellent at facing material so the attorney general with around the locked sessions and the use of the castle designed to help you ace Mike these are people who know how to use organic chemistry and so if you'd like some of the force you to come 2 times a week and go to the material in addition to our government and In this course and taking the use of peers learning sessions at a given by Lockamy Hasan's were among the main courses on the the Islamist-led after this class so another way that you can take advantage of the losses of in the guys here right now so stand up just 1 entry gage of OK cool so I don't so thanks for coming to the lecture and these guys are here to help you do well in the class to take advantage of their finances on the scene but if you questions about is going to class on way asked me after class of being offered little bits you can ask questions on asked the during office hours please go to my office hours and take advantage that he can go to my office hours at his office hours and hours of Nick's office hours we can answer whatever questions you have about how things are great or if you need help with that cost content but I'm going to ask you do not send e-mail questions about chemistry I can't read e-mail questions about history I can't write to answers about art and history it's another round of e-mails from people interested before I had a policy where people try to to explain using the keyboard some complex question about a structure that could have been drawn in 5 seconds OK so low that I appreciate the fact that this person's hand for paragraphs to try to explain a chemical structure but I don't want to right out of a paragraph that about a chemical structure I feel like you can to read this in 5 seconds so the it to get answers about history is to come To my office hours for the TVA's office hours or to the peer tutoring session office hours or tear locked the gates of hell so I understand sometimes it's late at nite in water use on problem you get stuck in a like the whole world has stopped until you get the answer you need to to move on to some of the material and get up that they get over it they the world will not stop if you can't get that an answer that I sometimes question used to brief I him possibly answer questions this rate that's not so the worst situation world as if if you might ask what we just ignore those e-mails you do not want to have a professor who's include more cereals that 1 of the responsibilities of that means I need to make sure that the e-mails that come to me the prefilter some the bigger the last piece of advice on review for this quarter and for your life is called by Benjamin Franklin who was an amazing scientist and statesman founding fathers trees and what he said was derived by business drive the business for use in this class organic chemistry is your business and specifically chapters 9 through 18 are your business as it as some sort of a student your student career is your business getting a degree is your business somebody lent him money somebody's paying or somebody's paying for you to go to school or else you're often working your tail off in order to make enough money to afford these classes were investing in your career made that off that's your business to take the money and that's invested and somehow pay back by getting a good enough job having good enough career to pay those people back that helped you use to help you get this education so dry that business and the mark on part of the squad is the 2nd part the matter is drive or it will drive the that's the full quote if you don't get on top of the materials and stay on top of a major I promise you it is going to be driving your ass in the quarter and you know this to be true and we all know what it's like to fall behind them so they all got another deadline and mind ready so this is easy for me to say and it's tough to do and it's all about self-discipline means when you get out of this lecture today or a whenever you're done with your elections this morning and go right to the library or somewhere and start studying the 2nd you get out of class started studying and don't think that we will get you want to be in the driver's seat I want you to be in the driver's seat on and this is true for the rescue life drive 5 business or it will drive but there we have just a few moments before and then the lectures let's go and stop and talk about what's going on at the end of the world from last quarter so for most of the the decorum and using this document actually prefer chocolate it's arrived I was told specifically by students that they can see even with the big job when I'm riding on the chalkboard so while this what I wanted to wanna start off with a review of Kent 51 a I'm just very briefly the reactions which you learned at the end of the quarter and single and take something out and take some notes if you want to come on that are I'm trying to get a room for this Saturday this coming Saturday and have something called Boot Camp just a review of camphor that 1 on the intruders coordinator totally lost there is no free ride you can you can't knock on the trail of can 51 A and expect to do well in hand 51 at some point you've got to master the material and so if you felt like you left and 51 a totally confused then let's spend Saturday morning together and get you back contracts that you thinking about this class that circle but for now I just remind you of the stuff that you learned at the end the quarter of last quarter ,comma that I look at what goes on there were 2 things about that in the last quarter of the year it's a really demoralizing for for me from my perspective and I have a lot of perspective and 2 decades of organic chemistry on that what built what you learn in Chapter 7 any assessment 1 you you want do is probably the hardest stuff in all of organic chemistry it's hardest and most confusing 9 and I don't know in the 1st quarter with that if you let it go really totally confused like SN Wanderers meanwhile I don't all I can figure that stuff it's all so on I'm
sorry did you spent the last quarter on just lost in the last 4 score and is nothing new about that except we're going to try to walk through some reactions in this little bit of time in the 2nd key thing that happened at the end of last quarter and that is that the book started transition into line drawings so in other words you went out from having all the structures drawn out for you like this To suddenly they were destroying structures like that and for some of you you did not pick that up he did not pick up the skill of counting 2 for bonds to carve a 1 2 3 4 instantly recognizing where the hydrogen atoms or if you're not instantly excellent With this kind of rapidity recognizing how many hydrogen on every single common out you're doomed to failure could doom to failure and 1051 being you're doomed to failure and 51 so draw stretches like this now without the hydrogen atoms for you I expect you to instantly know how to do because 30 per cent of the reactions you will see that in the coming quarter in the end of the quarter you need to know where those hybrids are they are part of the mechanism and that's why they're kind kind of instantaneous recognition of course so on top of all this confusion about wanting to invest in 1 of best into the books started due to to go to these lines structures that don't have all that strong and so you just have to you have to practice that networks OK so I just wanna mentioned 1 thing about Chapter 1 that's important just a talk about 1 of the things that I it's a skill that I think is important has to do with what's important about 51 I expect you to know transatlantic negativity your understanding of which nucleophile excellent and which ones are pathetic which faces a strong and which ones are we really does boil down to an understanding of Elektra negativity this is a really simple mostly simple kind of idea to master and there is sometimes you that there's an important trend in Electra negativity and as you walk across the periodically on those walking direction across the table and particularly at the 2nd boron carbon nitrogen oxygen and Flory there's a monotonic increasing elected negativity that makes those Adams wants to have an electron density in more negative charge it's right down a series of increasing Elektra negativity for so obvious Adams in the 2nd row lithium boron carbon nitrogen oxygen and flooring lithium is the least electromagnetism only want electrons in doing so that's less electromagnetism negative born on we're going to see some more and chemistry this quarter and that's less of a lecturer negative and Cardiff and that's less Elektra negative the nitrogen Sanders marching across the periodic table here boron carbon nitrogen that's less selected negative an oxygen and that's less Elektra negative and flooring which we really are going to see which is too bad because flooring appears all over half of the pharmaceuticals prescribed maladies of the forum is so we're OK so the hot this is Sue breezy you can just look at periodic table is 1 over there on the wall that will be there when you take the exam at that shows this trend born on government to enhance the story so flooring is the most electro negative the theme is the least but the hard thing for you to know is that hydrogen where does that fit it's not a 2nd row out it is just a little bit less electric card it's a little bit more electoral positive and thing that have a lot of negative charge would prefer to attack a proton will require that a little bit so protons are a little bit more electoral positive the car so let me maybe you can write adult plus there but it's just like it's like but a significant OK the other that you need to know the important for chapters 7 and 8 from last quarter but the hostages and this is because they're not second-row Adams it's hard to know where they fall in this sort of series and so are little remind you of is that if you compare the halogen chlorine which struck down to the 3rd row calling that has the same election negativity is nitrogen it has to do with the fact this that of atomic radius atomic sites bromine is just a little bit less electro negative then chlorine and Irene is a little bit less selected negative the branding some trying draw nitrogen is the same as chlorine and bromine is a little less Elektra negative an item is a little less electronic but they all more election negative carbon all these would love to have electrons more than common work and that's why I see lot br acted as an ironic leading groups on charges of 7 and 8 quarter focus so that the practical consequence of this this would draw up a simple reaction here I'm going to draw a carbon atoms the bond to halogen In this case will be chlorine when this bond associated with this current .period Bond Associates park we have to think about 2 different ways that we can come let those electrons part company but the Adams 1 way would be like this To give the electrons declined and the other way would be to give the electrons to carbon of the 2 choices that we had and how those 2 choices just based on Elektra negativity and you understand electronic activities just by looking at periodic table of all you have available to use the periodic table than your prediction should be it's this red pathway it is preferred that you want to give the electrons declined because Klein as is the most elected negative up out of chlorine and carbon and so 1 of the things that we want of a positive charge we do not want to chlorine and positive charge that's simple yet powerful and Indian behind everything from Chapter 7 and 8 where you have leading groups where you introduced this idea of leaving groups it also was elected to the concepts guide your understanding of should guide to understanding of which things or good nuclear files on the Internet X here to the blue line yes don't give the electrons carbon you give the electrons to the left of negative ads we're going to use this this concept of leading groups and the importance of electronically over and over and over and over again last quarter so and the next quarter after him 51 seats and so you have to be prepared for that
but OK so the money I want a review for use in reactions from Chapter 7 last quarter to remind you that you didn't totally forget everything and and just to acknowledge the fact that it was really confusing stuff the way it was presented I'm or maybe it's not so much the way it was presented which confusing stuff OK so but couldn't talk about strong reactions of primary and secondary alkyl here lights and I wanna start off by considering the case of strong nuclear files it's a good example of of a species that I would consider to be a strong nuclear file his violate on Sistemi amino acids city that you find in human proteins on the small-market good time is a and finance the most potent nucleophile of anybody finding human cell and if I take that powerful nuclear file and I put that in the presence but an electrified then what happens is that you can expect that the island attack something it's either going to attack a proton or it's going to attack carbon now there's 1 kilo firing and that makes them so so prominent as nuclear files is that even tho there are prominent nuclear so they're not super strong basis the negative charges spread out over a huge address offers a 3rd row house and so what happens is because there's not a lot of focus negative charge you can expect the filing online to engage in essence to reactions like this so you learn lesson to reactions the the characteristics of things there's very strong nuclear files and it's better if they're not strongly basic OK so what are some other examples of things that you should expect to engage in a century reactions other things of that a strong nuclear files on a stolen right out of a list of other up of other types of species Alcock sides get ready Chapter 9 is going to be that over and over and over again OK you know the S into reactions that use of Lucy is that that's Chapter not over and over again until retirement we lovemaking carbon-carbon bonds in Oregon released organic chemist in Sinai and is an ironic and Carter when an accident hesitantly about makes carbon-carbon bond so obviously I love that duties love that the tutors love that carboxyl they're not super nucleophilic basic on but you can use those to make oxygen carbon bonds nonetheless ,comma common ones in this listed the halogen is iodide and bromide and I'm only drawing 1 of the long of because I like to see is lone pairs here because that's what's doing and to attack but examples of love among those are examples of of nuclear files Judy should expect to do s and 2 reactions with primary or secondary lights so once you get to tertiary out lights things become too hinted to do a century reactions targeted at just a little bit but 1 of the things that are strongly basic a stake an example of a species that are that to me just school reams basis city has wanted you here is a species that you haven't seen before but you're going to see coming up with Chapter I think 11 on all kinds you're going to see this species and is used for ripping protons off things amazingly basis amazingly based in 20 orders of magnitude 1 with 20 euros more basic than Alcock signing and and so when you expose this to the same electrify that I drew up above it doesn't go after the carbon atom it goes after a approach member sometimes just a little bit more electoral positive and so here base is these response to the negative charge so if I take this Super Duper Dupre and is nucleophilic but it's the basis city it takes over it now reads the proton off and you still have this guy that acts as a leading group and then that's it he too and so the products of this you now have a new NH bond that you didn't have before and you have a C double bond I'm really the focal point of this process here it is that you pull the proton that's quite important literacy see program 1st examples of some other species that has found that they're used for you to reactions I'm here some typical ones on Monday to say that some of the properties that make up a story agent good for E 2 reactions if you want to have any to reactions hindrance will slow down attack at carbon where things that a weekly nucleophilic will slow down attack occurred which really want lots of negative charge so the typical kinds of base additionally only 2 typical bases the you'll see used as for you to reactions in this early part of the quarter 1 is TB Utah oxide and and we're going to see more of this throughout the quarter so there's TV talk sentiments almost always potassium TB it seriously injured it makes it harder for for that whole minus to wiggle its way in attack the carbon on and so it goes after the Proton which is very accessible the other common basis I'm not going to draw a structure for you is a nitrogen-based called the DPU at Stanford II diabetes of cycle and invest 17 which is totally meaningless you you just you know DVU is and the base the nitrogen on and it's a very the distance off the it's being used a lot of proton that's the only reason has ever used mining industry and you don't need to know about the structure but they're not quite have time to to finish up this last so here's what I talked about I've just given you a very very quick review of reactions of primary and secondary alkyl here we come back on on Wednesday on an official visit might prove review and tell you what happens with the tertiary level him whatever the verdict super strongly with the way things were or what what kind of reaction during expect from tertiary elderlies reports that could be lessened 191 reaction and will finish that up
because you haven't forgotten everything from Chapter 7 8 when you leave here today days go back to Chapter 7 and work problems from the backs of those chapters like get excellent and that this is going to be using the same reaction injection on that cellular division on top of the