Lec 6. Basic Properties of Solutions & Review Problems

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Lec 6. Basic Properties of Solutions & Review Problems
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UCI Chem 1B General Chemistry (Spring 2012) Lec 06. General Chemistry Intermolecular Forces -- Basic Properties of Solutions and Review Problems -- Instructor: A.J. Shaka. Ph.D. Description: UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics.
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the letter was being To be you know the 5th floor of the so so the world of will hold a directly elected at the conference along the lines of what became the the next thing and satisfied 11 as well as any review Chavez might want to read the will of the list of clients I want you to take the textbook as possible on the information upon which has widened by but there is recovering a little further ahead in the course so guess which afflicts find that just below pervasive poverty solutions so when this chemistry demonstrated when this picture of what happened and what country you usually think of someone in polyester said that kept its it's so see typically about picture someone from what I don't really question the need to stop blocking rubbing together and picture then makes instant solutions solutions a very convenient and
much of the industry's occurred solution so we want a reaction to the general you think declined to get on the need to give it that happens a lot in the traditional work was rolling on top of it and it's also stated that the part of part of the debt and nasty if you know what of religion of that general to you lost pensions that they understand what it is doing solution and so understanding the characteristics of solutions during the quarter so presence said here that has little chance of controlling the reactor was true
:colon gas states however Simmons has accidents so for instance I don't think
that's going to need recently I don't have to look inside so I can't hear about this this was a joint accident stagnating for our Vermont all over the place and last Sunday was billed as against them in the world was both Palestinian thousands of people to get on it's because of it's like this are always of questioning how can I do this century in the office of 1 year or so friends that we know that there is no mere Vermont Natural Gas yes
you use the 13th that transport so we always worried about that live in likeness of burden paying so we can avoid I
say solutions can cost basis to biological myself but while the solution gasses before competition throughout solid sort of frozen natural solution solutions for which we have liquid solvent and gaseous liquids or solids and think for a 2nd that last line with with solid and gaseous liquid or solid solid were after getting this right the sales actually asked to fall into a little Water and that gives us that if you ask people in the last month actually solution on the gas and it's
the same with liquid with solution to the something of a liberal the Windex and makes it more water jets a liquid solution as solid has a solid wood without much food for thought in so
that a solution is something that I think the will arrive in thing some water has two-year basis rather than because of soaring points would result so I have won thing this year history so the results fluoride in water use of steel David saying up to about 25 per cent Florida by way so your 1st chemistry class you may remember and I'm not reviewed your guy but the UAE solubility tests taking water and including putting us the and told them that 1 woman is also in 4 areas of Highland Park after it reached its saturation point and Wiren temperature around 25 . 5 per cent of what the result is almost saturated and the to face the solution for the war and the solid sewing on board founded saturation point depends on temperature would be about that decision is generally known that half all these things evolving faster than during normal use of incestuous surprising note here I before this lecture about seawater was a higher with personal interest in this unit to during the normally will not
have reached and all you have to go through my allegiance all so the phase
diagram of a diagram is not going and textbooks that I was the evasive phase diagram but instead of professional venture units in we have temperature versus the way per cent some fluoride in water parliament of this slowly so we're taking its water at 0 % your knows the importance of the slowly change to 100 per cent .period here that we have here and so on now that's just not right so that as 0 results I just water left in the eyes of the world and above that it will be just the water and use stuff and so you probably have seen or heard that freeze over electing down passes you're going to try not and so have to solve the road during the war but they're doing is being sold in the water and choosing on the sea on stage but asserted this stand and political assault almost certain that everything .period search lower and lower and lower here and now I see you deal with that in mind and solutions will bring his state roads I think that in Iceland in general it was the revival of the future so at the start of the year just as I had an interagency were room-temperature 320 . 2 Celsius realism add salt the lobbyists until we reach this what is around 25 per cent .period survival rate any Florida wanting to know what you need me yet depending on this line you can see that spending slightly to the right yes as been increasing temperature and steer away from the whole week so that I wouldn't solution before starting with solutions for certain to increase this is just the application that lot where the horror you that the higher call that more inside 1 the sodium fluoride in high style but the penitential rental housing estates with solutions plus what makes this so the notation aid be it's always seems to be so different in this instance we would have solution as 1 thing and solid serving more than that if we took this liquid solution was Forrester at 1 point were going the liquid solution was soaring foreign hybrids and it's something think it will make downward than mortgages fracture solubilized last updated account some really really cold temperatures restructuring of water on floor of the this publicly as you call it the lower temperature which last year me hits yeah instead of assuming full and the crashing 1 of the areas were granted what actions in war in 6 weeks hydrogen and increase the percentage of sodium fluoride more and more and more recently gave story and wanted to reach world plus storing water solid enough because he think didn't have the time
or staying at all in this region have almost no water and was also for so why do you think there's all kinds
scenery the gas spreads out to continue but the it's hard to think in 1 spot things like spread so there's always increases the disorder of song she created just 3 based of the you'll have the just think that so that statistics just 6 at there were just as it ripped off but it doesn't matter if it's just a part of anything untoward taking 6 hours in about on gasoline contains starting with all 6 on 1 side and the top half of the picture just a moment to the next guests next year so that we have this scenario where we have to chairs and his staff here so effectively blocking all I will point to a weekly 6 patents which fortunately that secures small and happens has just demonstration 6 and proponents of an open spot we know just from common that that's going to be delivered until their own I am so why does
this happen was virtually blind I equalizer but that this is the most likely if I go back for a moment there is little left for a moment and take them only when there were 6 and purposeful and opens so got 6 outs there's is crashing around all over the place naturally since there's nothing here that it was going to be physically stop bouncing over on the other side and once get on the side also has a chance of bouncing back until forced to reach the final of the worst people and this is an example with only 6 were
the chances of it not being equal on both sides so
here we vacancies at 100 but again needed just because they're just college students the difference in individual atoms to take the same colors but on a system configuration 1 possible and talks about where this is the way in from there this is not how much this particular configuration contribute to the told of possible outcomes of overweight 1 of Tyrannosaurus rex 6 on 1 side I'm a 16 0 so there's only 1 way out all 6 on 1 side right that way right there all 6 colors and 1 nothing anywhere else so far moving on if I have changed a little bit and bring over 1 or more even distribution the highway so before we demonstrate we have a way of 1 of his duration has 1 possible way when I go to just find what I see that I have 6 possible ways to to do this consideration 501 taking any 1 of these colors yellow red pollution 1st flu magenta of our the 1 on 1 side there are 6 different ways to do this just statistical the inside of the house ,comma yesterday that so far
have made it for too there are a
whole lot more possible we can take on some of the qualities people take any combination of these colors for 1 side to another and you find that there are 15 different ways you can see how that grows exponentially in fact it is exponentially I tied the duration so for the region to region there are 20 different ways quality of the configurations to or you only go back just once and severe adding that with all these Place possibilities would want to know 1 moreover and with 383 there are 20 different ways to cover those at 20 different possibilities and then were we to continue right on the left or the right from the start with of the 111 the Warfield if you go in the opposite side of the world will also be the same just doubling that possibility the configurations to move 4 5 and 1 0 6 at those same always has wanted to find 1 that appear to just as much the whole number of configurations of the have is given by 1 of the most successful he was 1 of the prospect of 1 was for you and see what we were doing during the 16 year old ones like by and 1 that should fight so often for years and you can go to the other side that's how many possible orientations of the system there were about 60 told which as mentioned earlier I look with at exponential it's an exponential statistical analysis to set the number of containers 2 raised to the power of religion moments in the that with 64 that only 6 and just think of how many how
coupling writing those with just over 2 million containers and I have experienced 1 of the biggest exponential like that in the 1st possibility that include hands mostly among some of the problems in all statistically insignificant given the it's about time we beat any sort of significant and hence there is so little was considering a situation where the Adams around on most of the people who will hold the people that 50 or 60 4th the time he adds
removing randomly will look and see if there were 2 or 3 . 3 4 2 before and was possibility that equals up to us and working at the time was less than 0 5 2 1 4 1 5 4 2 6 letter saying if we took that
64 Canadian 10 billion right organizer number 1 is the theory that the bill building in was talking about huge huge numbers so we viewed this
way the gasses spread out just because it's more like when I 1st started start looking at the system we have a chemical used in the Beijing West that led to 1st approximation who don't consider the interaction that this type of work because of this article chemistry describes the world it's only when you start taking exact scenario we have just considering how adds so it's more likely that equally distributed January was small likewise in statement that the 2 of the 6 role carried out the most likely outcome is designed so that large numbers volumes nearly the distribution overwhelmingly won considering the solvent to be like that you understand I used to be like that so consider for a moment if I had the the idea of a speaker for water with solid sitting on the bottom right were dissolves in the history of that side of things for him I "quotation mark 1 balloon that you have the the right to life just sit there and there's room in the solution of water it's all so serious all of the that and solemnly to be like against is overwhelmingly likely that a solid will dissolve if there is no energy interactions between part like the ghastly sustained event that sodium
chloride had no interaction of some or all of the work of so
what Andrew Legislative Yuan dental just waiting to hear from you haven't in the media that sold you the interaction of sodium chloride regularly soaring Florida that I was the 1 Crystal there are lots of Ireland were 1 so you have not directly with just 1 point right there losses on their lots of forces .period together at the end of this century .period the fluoride from another source of we know that the forces so there are some in the center of the water and food and water ,comma that sodium chloride results well there solely solving the following the soaring on war so you solve the cost of sodium chloride interact water and solvent people wandering around a lot for me get a sodium chloride From the story war and water from another large I have
to bring a lot of water action associated works and work and put them together so the let's say that for a moment that certain foreign waters were visible in the last 2 years and in the end to break sodium chloride which has stalled on the water which has a strong about them together the you start thinking said so if all of course saying water but I think people should
fractions of what was going on and as was ending and political control and then they just dissolved because they should we think that this is the increasing range if so end of the don't be dissolved measures some of the real interaction we must 1st separated following what it that's all that's important for us and it's all the things that water and water I don't think that you a waters
and hygiene but should know
despite the warning breaking ground in English liquid with subsequent considerable break that 1 interaction dissatisfied provide holders of high-yield bonds renewal won gold in war so great that would cost other important won't mention bonds .period soluble in water so yes culture but we that you had
no agenda decides to something like when nothing but this letter the gentle so there is no option but to lure the of the are was located along with the another lack man of a plan they are this was the best of young the revised 1124 while 24 minutes past you and I know that's most slides I ground welcome additive down but some of Hollywood's most of my myself that's that's my excuse but we do have some sympathy from the necessary questions for me in the removal of organs have 1 I don't think so the years I have been contracted website has he got the other ones of I had was that so the sides of much war on the war electrolyte 6 Friday at the end of of that business receded and hasn't been here all week so I anticipate all have site that only cheered asking about to that good environment start so we have to something to 11 . 4 per hour I must go through this again I think it will be all followed by a decline in the In the event of a I'm good enough I'm thinking that this was a lot of that bridge .period U.S. from the federal areas of the Union lost Williams that 1 of the
categorization of Roma were talking about and a key factor in the crash reference this is also the immediately it was a break so it is in the right program would we do we took what continue at 6 AM and we'll open it up to you to have the despise insisted we know that this is going to the because
I mentioned before when we open
up this container personally had 6 alongside and the crashing around randomly and they're just going to have to do with its eventually finds hold and awaits "quotation mark this is going to happen and so we have an equal amount going from 1 side to the other and will not coming from that set aside from the we have with no 1 wants to adjust to other what and so but this is only
6 so islamist success so
in this distribution for a 5 2 1 final and 1 this configuration label is 5 2 1 5 and the 1st thing in the morning a statistical weight since there 6 ways that would buy fight on 1 side and 1 on your right and I will once 5 to 1 on 1 side the final on the back also is going away 6 players the final design and 1 of them so we have considerable all
possible ways for your agency that so was born to
continuing on thought we have 15 different ways were 4 from the side and to hear green Bloomberg for a whole bright yellow red use switch he returned here which switch the yellow but that's a light blue 1 as a whole is configuration although the possibility of East the continued on your 15 different ways to arrange for receiving that news for the use of force to Belarus 1 2 3 4 1 1 5 6 7 of their last reviewed that I'm sure
country this is wonderful news so
faced on with push on to the kingdom and after that we reach there you
can yourself cellphone small you can just right out of college and have not been here so that the
reader 20 different ways to but the configuration of 2 4 5 1 0 6 of the major and they have the same way as 4 to 5 years this is type when I it's 0 2 4 5 1 person seems to send for that has the same as the 1st container for a 2nd year having 2 this 1 5 and 1 at the same point 5 and 0 6 6 and it was where do
you want we just go back to work I'm wondering is right why don't you just you know
what I want to say something there also that so there In this year and
that the was there is only 1 possible way we have 6 16
it's 6 in the 1st year if I go to
justify 1 would work means there are 6 different ways to do so despite the snapshot of
the debt right will be ready by the of the contract and the physical distribution will not constitute the insects based on the history of the company chairman you know what I know that 6 firms small canvases by what just because that is more likely to normal more working relations with this thing In the last 2 weeks yeah I must understand that the earlier this week
is not enough that's all I'm leaving room for others and is not there all this is the physical way it's saying cringe contributed from all possible dissolution no watching it what the UN so it
was that by this is the only 1 there's
only 1 key it's happened 16 years 1 possibility where was next I have followed the
possibility of having violated 1st and 1 of these and so this has consistently said it's 6 times more likely to
insist and the fact that you're that they bring you out there 2 so to the apart from that you have to wonder why the directions to get step go to court you're all possible
ways the right for 1 2 said there are 15 different combinations so the the animals or wholly original .period has some configuration has been keenly aware that show this exact remember these allegations that all the colleges that 1 of the oldest critical so wide the picture of this right now I don't know distinguish that talk away from the fallout from the end of the in
2nd scenes inside her as untreatable and my of my on to set of the national debt the stuff over and over I'm going to have
to deal with possible links I want to use only 1 possible statistics and the impact of the construction of Florida statistical reasons for
people with real problems so
that 383 preceding the same thing to the next relations we are 1 differently because of that and then we were asking why don't seem like the configuration alliance that some figuration to win 1 for any of finally there was it's 0 1 1 6 in both have the same way as living so 16 0 has won the past 2 years In Europe 6 that 1 possible the duration together I had to make possibilities of kidnapping and 6 the fire during the so whole possible told the reason the possibility for something
that sits in Europe the snapshots there are 2 of the chances that I will take
snapshots shot 6 1 and 0 in the other 3 small and if I have a lot of
space the head of the US 64 at time if the advertising randomly will concede that foreign Washington were 3 1
3 and yet we doing this kind of so remember 20 correspondence between 3 so free 3 plus the chance to see born to report to the 15 so on to 15 3 3 4 1 and 2 for another 15 that's harmony right as some sport utility the team's 3rd that figure yesterday in a game of and I C 1 of the and was keen to keep what time will see 6 0 5 1 1 5 0 6 so the 16 0 right you what it's 0 so that you know the final 1 that should sets will want to find out who he said told him working at work the chances seeing very few on 1 side and all the other is very small only 14 before have 6 times since the number of possibilities increases exponentially the chance of most of the sun and the
gasoline additive used in the government considers possible
so they spread out it's more likely that they I will be fighting a million the chances of the scene the millions of what happened on the that's been relatively high cost in Europe a couple of times with him likewise if European leaders of all their delegates most likely outcomes together so quickly which based from the 1st time you
itself meaningless the 100 dollars loss of memory and you find out it was roulette and stupid and replace lifting of kinds out of the city around them I don't know where I only have large numbers
about a newly even distribution so considering that sold than you as you mentioned before it and the solitude to be like that it's overwhelming like that of soluble dissolve if there is no energy of interaction between part like the little so it's pictures
again we we have a of 1 function sorting or sitting in it's not like that for the citizens this is 1 of those interactions and like idea have no anti-corruption
however we know that there are forces between Adams and participation by without mentioning earlier we notice was and no many in the Flying that's only for 5 years center city war this was written in stone priority the require energy that was in line with war so there we paralyzed and consider songs on the wall of the research foreign states Britain and parts employment from another source for at the end the solitude and traffic for war approaches we have American forces in these waters to pull out of the stadium the most track I have sold for more and more I think you were on of
your strongly on the side of the the injured party so I have to be unbearable in Britain 1 more chloride with Singapore and Finland please do what you want and that you need to I think over the end of so
if all the images are exactly the same thing breaking the water or water and place the city for last no different than anyone in the erection of 1 water the greatest part of solution all right considering the idea that there was no basis in the
statistics it's going to solve this were increasing that I don't have reason to it's 1st time going through without really thinking about the development and so dependent handled the Delta region dissolving measures some of
those really interaction we must 1st set resulting molecules and Solomon you and in the future together and if that is a good thing to have happen naturally and it takes more and more than enough to not going so
Water have that work of hydrogen
bomb warning and we ran a lot of loss almost Eichenwald and their and quite soluble in water before the ceremony right I have a lot from water rates something else something of the same old injury .period no inexperienced bond
so I think the ammonia and bring it closer toward I do agree on strong regional this increases that the interaction between water and that's it so I think the more likely is to that in this case would
want soluble in water so ethanol methanol ethylene glycol reusable water right where they have a lot of of pressure on the national debt region also has a full range of and warned pension bonds with water and so it can dissolve thinking going right "quotation mark and inspirational on the other hand the launching of being like hexane H. Adams owner of foreign is all very much relief to layers right for just year landing at will the only so much a part of this for a 2nd the have way will say Texas and Texas and what the don't Donald was in its
taxation work forces that have worked for them right just this version of the incident happened on this and I didn't have any of this is that passing over the years so as long I want to hold this year "quotation mark long transitional have done what I want to this so I'm trying to get it I have to protect the president in the history of the fall but I haven't really strong 1 now you have seen on the actions of the it's not taxing of having a lot of water it's not that I also warned that the it's just sort of institutional or violent means the loss of its interaction with the United agricultural water with the tests because here action also recently so we're not surprised by the
time next week for award doctors offices of that finally we have some problems we speedily 1 not track but at senior at time we got 43 the appointed time durable 5 questions here and the exams Tuesday it been a little cover chapters 511 . 3 you want to read but a quite focus on 511 repeat just Caicedo was 3 so will discuss recent exam question during their owners and questions with questions and still goes out what factors influence the boiling point and melting point of yourself what influence the molecular shape fumbling with great so I think will be the problems which you might find solace during
periods that you think about all animals over together right to go and just think about this for 30 seconds right while through at it was talking about it's very hard to get it it said it was the 1st prices start at however
factors influence the language and not simply because is and added that was so we are going .period includes letters were going .period colleges you I have put in to get those that break apart from each other right with gas that so very strong interaction are going to increase my whole body was briefed on the actions of of the title of taxing the not have it's write to reconsider I II Hyundai IV that although London's version costs on unification with those in Poland that's what I really encourage people to read the text but I would like to book a lot of changes in the works so the melting points imposed by similar factors but packing is 1 thing all the talk of mentioned in the election but well the layers and layers of together Park close there and how strong action right to know that I just in positive livestock .period routes together according to the polls on March the thing itself by having a little less together than concerns China Britain part to go from India legislation face looking harder to pull apart and we with if that happens -dash get something this that all of the
things that of the material the parties the National it's not going to do so well promises national
they had planned .period this so I just snatch will have the latest version forces may also have low boiling point it's still range of which is really has a lot to do have deliberately .period year pressure is applied against the background the American communities of pressure versus temperature we know that we drive 0 2 the best minds said he would find the stuff that's about 190 miles at the right price range so it's important gratitude urine solid form dry dry-ice right so as this 1 bars around 1 year at a temperature of 105 were in this region right here where we result as it warms up we had a right to the gas stations instead of only so we'll just 16 bars pressure perhaps you too numerous temperature sunlight increases pressure write a series of divorce and then I increased temperature than oleander and its invention it's you yes is was and in the final what is so something has to be in that
a lot points to of do view something 2 . 1 it's something that will have the same difference and the same things have very very worried of of smaller in the world and in the end 1 you're not going to that go so what you have here is following the meat while pursuant to the top of the profits on the sale of the postwar period of the idea in the a small so other
than that he will hold a hearing on the news that so against nature has no interest on the bonds and 10 per cent the mobile treaties signed the low-pressure fusion throughout the the whole new users try separating 2 what will the percentage of you by following the end of the round this year would you from taking the heat out of China 1 thing about the justice of the peace N N at the end the I thought the reason GM lost with 2 it tells a relative rates of fusion small workers like universe where announces all of this for 1 moment that is borrowing over too those are it's not ready the rate of the 1st things going through a small divided by the rate of descent and going through a small equals the mass of the
2nd thing over the massive fraud take so far wasn't this makes sense I have Oregon you around Europe you need not so much put them into a meeting with a small rise at the the same temperature literature which would mean that you was right and we have our own ways of that means moving very quickly it's fancy around very that this is the way they have a better chance of being groomed for children in the back wall side that was introduced to the different inside the following year foreigners still in tents and small size hole only when
you hear around taking the overall through so we take this employed in those nurses and take the rates we can find out the appreciation of the Richmond Consol or there are 2 were taking a he leaves for grants from the sport so what this means is that the appreciate that relative rates and remember that Best of all parties the ratio is 3 . 1 6 2 that worsen the will go through the whole polls report once it's too times fast as whatever order and we haven't seen you in a brief what kind resting alone supporters saying that for 1 moment the rate is going to be really want to the article and so we said that we are meeting 1 of the main units we know that the rate of the previous fusion fuel to the 3 . 1 6 2 times to whatever that and after 1 stage of effusions we have sections Howard's whatever accurate 1 of the after 1 stage of fusion will have a relative numbers of so Oregon that someone going through I'm going to have to organize public monuments are going through and there's only 1 . 1 work by Union forces are out of work and so on and the same period and so detectors and helium at 3 times faster rate I'm going to have point really wants to know some of the things through and so what happens is told I have to point 9 plus the . 3 1 to that's how much thought through and
this is how much you there is that's not going to so increased from 10 per cent during the 26 per cent I believe that shocked shocked and uranium as example of this is the 1st lecture on separate planes
balance on the use of uranium isotope separation by the end of the war in the Central Bank of the West Virginia there was no danger what's right now with the Russians and the the culture the next question exchange it is essential that we have won just 2 of the next century the minister stressed no matter what the opposition .period the company said that during the sitting right in the 1st stage are said in the 2nd half of what we know that the thing that was presented here
what was what that means 1st thing I have even unless you might say that the court had plenty of work now what originally was so like playing that knowing the difference in the rate which was once a student of
history decreased in the culture both the being almost no union facilities more on this so
you have to get the said the title of year at parts of the world it is the of following the same presented volume I think you know what I I was
referring to the point of view that on this day the I don't think so so this makes sense let's say want so the hearing is going to increase faster and faster order as a matter of all over the country and you 10 years in had the 1st year so it can it's not on to let users are going to have to all right so were over and 1 for the group reported on Sunday led by
continuing to see some 200 grams more than that now to move Over and over 1 and the testing or want to know healing soldier after that you have ask the sense that there is a I all it's just the latest in a series you have your location we would want to know
exactly how much this is a demonstration of the creature to compare right we just said that we say that are 1 overall to the was the point of it so I pretending that whatever the respondent and I just hope that 1 of the relative to that sort of thing 1 can appreciate all we want use that had and say that we have the interests of the people want to buy a car I think the
problem is not 1 of the great tiring start as far as his bluntest tossed out at 12 20 and that the aimed generally don't get more questions if you have a question broken down at the end of some but in a way is
among the young we have the right so practice followed friends recalled that the data was against follows the creation of state as follows and I read through relatively yield aspirations just there is a year instead of you because you are great but not assets so it added the collection that agents were the swearing-in of mines and B so where the guest specific parameters 18 the depend on gas their position on that we have a equals 1 . 1 9 2 years where the young people and he also 0 5 1 5 years from now and what is the volume of 1 of steel that by themselves the extent to which the pressure to reduce the number of testimony to that point out something that show what we want is looking at something more units that I don't use of NRI and where the walls of the small squares and the U.S. leaders that will for me to add 2 things together they have the same right and so automatically I know you because for a elsewhere on the square to equal each year 80 has to be swear to cancel the sale HCM City Haggerty a Molesworth cancel out the most the fastest that could dangerous a situation similar to end the town volumes of the year's end also will have to be used and so be going to prove because more so on the use of the Internet an times excuse to go
and take a moment to you are trying to find the year or whether it was always to try to find a volume of more 5 resources to attend pressure groups set don't try and solve the United Way to urinate urinating but quick yes using the equation and you have a strong .period factors that was willing to almost 50 years the said after shocker earlier in quarter rumor he has the deadly closed and then quenching calculator a couple destined to lead a spot on the brink of the trial N and yet at
that it Francisco going in the phone over so the 1st thing that job is fond of telling new product 1st Celsius development you don't understand this advice is to use he was the 1st test almost all right and Newfoundland of correctly so I figure out that and our team figure out and do not they are petitioning the accuracy of some the on parking on last year's going around much rightly asks the accuracy don't think the end just your three-digit Richard reviewed it could cut out there the earlier and problems with the room your accuracy and year so you have to keep that engages all the time so in this case using many digits so far as is practical and forward when he didn't think it was only after need more together 3 digits of year so you stop to figure out what you don't and that Nichols 22 . 8 2 or 3 years 88 from here you so we started with the ideal gasses volume going next so for using the words you graphic or whatever nature of the previous credits
verified references to that right so the sale will be if we go back to the media but infiltrated an a half years Romanian soldiers by solving priority so we can do right back it's this summer with the more complex equations that give them off the streets so we started just he'd be as a guess which doesn't have the year and then again in his words skew over to the correct answer so if we let our function of volume equal to which he had lost 4 . 1 million to Europe in points where hundreds of minus . 0 5 1 5 6 out batteries or during which "quotation mark we have this equation right we're trying to figure out what so you can easily make this function that depends on
Anastas pressure was agents for a long time .period martinis and the sides go back to that slide so our function
pressure loss what I want to use words here over the square so that 80 the
statement was divided by the square of times the miners in the socially just figured out there was a good man and a function so sewer flooding values of the leaders that are starting yesterday is that the vast region just the people's human which we all know that I think that destiny is 11 . 4 1 2 1 2 3 I'm aware this is the end here's this is the function of volume in the years Indiana Oxford about which of the 11 . 4 1 2 1 and the column on that so it will reduce the ideal gas law we have 11 . 4 1 2 1 4 seats are going to have to do with do on that volume is I'm guessing at 11 . 4 1 2 1 the function .period was calling into our function is 23 . 0 8 6 7 2 years it's Our target value which is on the right track where he was going to have ask what because along with the were taking at 1st yes Green function we know they are used .period pointing to what we really were trying to accurate so the so-called 4 1 5 1 2 1 2 us to figure it out so we go a little smaller than right of way too well
in your conscience and I will so so 11 . 3 Quebec I just think this is where the future of Europe directions so 11 . 2 5 president so the can actors were looking for the obvious reason between 11 . 2 5 to 11 . 3 so rounding 3 years later asked that's 11 . 3 Bloomberg think of it
so the time for them to do so in a very active I don't have not right we can replace all of this with and that's the so going forward the question was what while there was a volume equal to the rest of the United there a question that has something to do something that about we did not it that yeah I think there's more of a problem let me just go ahead I think yes we have an X-ray diffraction question we have the following its current rate 12 minutes I think this is the last problems politics a during the Carter health expressions that right what level of that of the 1 1 . 5 4 points the final Urich that'll restore the first one crack the and mingle Chadian transporter .period within the year after the discovery of a book made a pact with the EU explanation of the facts housework so we have out there so this is where you only as you probably know about that so the incident angle of radiation is 14 . 1 7 degrees and it's also the way was . 5 4 points of Sunni crystallized cubic lattice and other people arises from the house on the orders of he
was mention of the itself its structure is simple What is the radius of the of further formation would you need to identify which of course would be 1 of the world's most of all 2 at the despite the friendly down-to-earth actually see people like seeking work and some of but the I thought we win the obvious that the article prime real quick before it over it and when asked there about me is my can cost is that the members on the Hill which is the same people that I work observation of phenomenon and the death of 3 high highball high that ran from the release of history they I want to read by her mother to I group think of my life I have been thinking of bid
it was thought I to a first-order fracture and food and water were thinking about this equation 1 normally uses and I think this 1 right which as we have 1 time we which we are about to give that equals to turn the some of of the they were solid orders so let's go back 1 2nd here there is an assumption that he when it says that assuming critical attitude clients and people arises from the palace was used without saying he was a measure of distance in Fremont where they actually do that right now please let 1 so when make that branch only making that subject so if I just saw the well the end of manager that corresponds to the viruses we made assumptions in the 1st place and so did this is the distance between the 2 quarters on the day
the point is a sociology at 3 1 4 5 principle giving itself this used to walk around we're trying to solve the radius Indiana the cubic lattice hands of humans and their passenger right that the catch each other and I know the difference in the world the new quite close to the right course Hillary and yet we distance the radius is just . 1 5 17 years the so China sir it was found the question persons upon confirmed that the right moving on the area of the town of candidates so we were trying to find the the but returned from
that's right out of the meeting need for adult identified actually so fighting finally of the already have volume right after a radius was the last thing that we would need diversity units
salaries while I read it's right because they were the ones that have contributed to 1 1 so we can figure out how animals are all in units so if we knew the density of the France percentages where we know how many grams analysis of costs and find out if no agreement can only look over Iraq and that's all so it is very very true re-elected experience our cost of model of the known structures in that is 1 the president of but have I'm not saying yeah we that the Russians have worked regularly it was like the so they only know notes that taking that some of the people collapse outside black writers from Britain would then a particular time and place and what about