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Lecture 25. Review Final Part II

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Lecture 25. Review Final Part II
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UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:06- Review Final Part II 01:20- Feeling Good? 02:37- Organic Molecules 07:11- Solution Stoichiometry 12:29- Solution Stoichiometry- Acid-Base Relations 18:50- Solution Stoichiometry- Redox Reactions 28:15- Solution Reactions- Final Example 34:13- Solution Reactions- Final Example, Slide 2 37:54- Solution Reactions- Final Example, Slide 3
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most Wallstreet there is also a problem as long as the please Mexico's I don't have to part of intelligence a lot of all the time so now all of these items but no 1 wants to promote 1st by the To get smaller and 2nd by war the following year at quarter traditionally year and some of us holding the this way by the and that was it the at the very across of the world the Internet and I call across the from was 1 of the wettest this solvers 4 times that of of any of the 4 major ones is the answer to users warned that amounts to lot at the humane thing to quickly check so it means that the company known as the source of the results the war on here and I don't want the will finally the time 0 2 euros fossils were on the walls of the mosque here intends to use the and directions if there was result of while I this only once in the head you can handle find 1 about the importance of the item on the day that on your side whose so I don't want to In United Front said the product sold last nite that the setting up of a report on we knew something was year yes that was the year that the new 1 of the most it was this if like but the excavated for years on this side of the site across the mountains that he was to that is the way you have 1 year to the the end of a long but that doesn't give you some examples that was taken from actual that to me is that the press the this is isn't business a lot like Pacific to me 2 solutions don't for a solution of 1 part of the day a volumes and in the solution to the began calling him a liar who drove the south the 1st part of the the question is is you have to write yeah and you can get 1st recognized cultural items and the right result I don't think it said that the here they wanted With this the force the fastest growing polluters also underlines the world's just lost to Romney I really don't always have to lost souls so much of the moment not 1 is going to receive hearing but it is not really a reminder that there's also by a sole source of income it was not the result of an their services that is that's the part that really really happened this is a problem that case with his with the charges
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volumes of it would be possible ,comma said all time that's a lot of work on the Hungarians of during volume titled began milling around here but this isn't a leaders who wanted 0 meters and malaria people's business most of the GDR each ADR delivers Monday's off some of its a good number here I think the burden on of this is all I need to neutralize all off this is the number right 1 currently used to Wall age and more I want to you on the 1 year to the end of the course I want to go to stadium that currently there has to be the that there is long he cited unconfirmed number 8 yards each the number of new now the cost of the law that there more than half of the company's president the 4 companies expand abroad the and will work all right but when you give you at all serious problems following the end of the year and disillusioned forms the new solutions states have so I'm not surprised that it was not the only active and then of this you know we have here ,comma exudes all the various problems all over 2 lost souls to Martinsons from Seoul City some of you forms the salt there was also sales as to the loss of the the also the loss of some of the issues that the government was centered around here and that is what we always do this is already a thing of all was always solve distant will use warned you have to know all about it because it's almost all of the people Europe 0 here is what the people out there please In other words soul and the spirit of the because of the change what is the dearer than the souls of the the this is 1 of the plan is something that is not what you say about the United States on Tuesday nite From the ministry is you have got fall the you can on you ask that was the end of the year and this is the only normal life at the another 180 of the ball the Financial will have in while the number of the salt and on the way we you 4 this is fully solvent and that's all I can go see him oxidized to losing 1 of those 0 2 lost the use of electrons in the car were taken on a life of their own lost 0 Consol so that no 1 be used how many of these oxidation have this city production that was known at the time ,comma distrust of electrons and refining problems integration copper and zinc lost so this fall but the the government said on the
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