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Lecture 24. Review Final Part I

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Lecture 24. Review Final Part I
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UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 01:42- Evaluation 08:37- Topics Covered in the Exam 09:53- Examples-Show your work 12:01- Redox 13:52- Sapling hints 27:02- Calculations and Examples (Significant Figures) 31:20- Significant Figures, More Examples 32:10- Conversions 36:07- Math: 39:50- Quick Calculations 41:30- Molar Mass and Molarity
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and in New York and the 2 of you don't believe in that is what you want to go all the way the operator of the testimony of the on the phone from this plan and the 1 the figures of of the
throughout the the year ,comma critics on the right to use all of these the perhaps
the time was on on all steps called office of the Americans and the cost of progress in the back of the head of the right and that all life the history of the world of
work at the next the law on th and the generalist generously offered to
them that being and I believe that this article is like a
box on some of the I just had the right to respond the "quotation mark Monday on the other
side the 2 the yield on the 10 year all
right so essential for Friday at the moment the only thing that we were told although the
the was working and all of Europe you know what some of the money you can see
and that's what I believe the death toll the prosecution most
of the year yes also constant and it was only "quotation mark the idea of being 1 of the nation's most of my life off-and-on during cold weather I think the British as
usual the index :colon your calculator cellphones we don't like so much so that knew that all over the world on the
part of used in and then there was a lot what are the issues of the you don't find what you read about in the history of the universe of the best was known of on the Monday at the
hearing ,comma not "quotation mark all of this at the end of the market the company a
through the there this part of the you can think about is the will of the people from 2
1 2 the on you would numbers they 68 units prefixes and all the rest of the new kid on the block home who
you know it's always there you know that part is that your understanding of the world and we thought it would section 2 years of also the the the past work is unique the form of program which is how many times over here and I don't want to talk about basic architecture and icicles on the way
and then we should know something about were told when you work members of the public but promises that was a the basic part of then as it is be that made molecules from them as needed the
majority of the them the people of Hong Kong that was the government's grip on animals science namely the
summer we started talking vol Mascagni's dies and ask percentages all elements the on the use of part of the final then look at chemical reaction Soviet molecules that are actually engaging in kind role
in and around the past and should be a balance
a reactions and come up with the rest of wisest numbers on what is being out of the meeting more children in 1 they the on
you will fall earlier this year
the and against full security solutions another minute ,comma so and then the actor in the letter was an expression of conservation and along with the rest of the year the
currency Connie in the solution or in what water usually have the number of according to the report on the number of for a long period of time standing on of the
few times that of the rest of this year compared to the rest of the world has seen it all to do with part of the show there were no the people who
knew how to set up an interview at are debt not I'm going to
say most of the not since taking over from them they don't want to realize this is a business that you now is a question by about the independence land that don't lose half understands that should 1 rest of the operation you were very misleading you have to go home from the office solution and this is the beginning of the end of the mold 4 the
most of of the rest the 1st thing you
have to remember yeah yeah right now we then the animals is something that can be converted to in Milan In the most of all the only thing the all the groups and can you not 1 of the best results I think that this is not the only 1 of its leaders are
also the ones who are going to be very I want to run it was also on the also all right see you something correctly this is better
than what hearing last List of the once he we are part of the University of Texas at this time
executive set the up a new sold and that is the greatest of all this is 1 of the things that have been saying the you In this already what's great about
who was going to call just off the bill I can get a new 1 it is something of this sort of
thing you know the way it was this year those who did the works you know when it's going to be willing to discuss that don't
have this is the part that they were not you up you didn't mind on that
wrap around the issue of the union the commonality already actions where does not stated that about something that is Louisiana counseling the example of this is the latest incident have made the firing the Newseum that and it probably is being there is a lot of this is the 1st of all right again it was the end of the day after the government and is running from the scene is that what this time due to loss this last opportunity to solve problems on the want this Russians that proper and is the the following this is the of this work that the electrons lost by requiring really need not worry about but the only way happened to go well there so the government following in the right you know what
it's like to work in the event a useful there is the political will to so you're sounding work the
report said here is that the cauldron but hopefully will clarify his of the United States also the the work prior to the level of
the the grass on the side of the during the what is the government come on and then there will be no problem so you see 1st of all it's going to be used to monitor the progress of the deaf he told me that they wanted to be the so
anything 1st he really is happening and what is proper answer this is going to in the
extent to the so far there is no incentive for the fact that on the of what's old it is part of the sooner we can work in other words part of what they want this what's the status of all of this is end
OK so it's not I'm a little worried that if they aren't the
only ones you're almost any of the 1st year and this year the father and the around this is the right 1 so is about but in this case the last step is the amount of money in the power of God is not that we need find losing some of the it was also the year of I to 1 is don't know what is it going to be the key to this the is survival of young is that the 1 that vote so that the bonds that it was the best thing for 1 of these this is not something time the this is the proper use on the way out of the what hands that without a young you have the 2 of them so much that you need to I don't know know what I'm saying is part of the
ceremony on on the it's not something you based on a major source of news the leaders of the 2 countries in the world in prepared
where Oregon the court was and generate more most of the time when I knew what they were most look this
year and that's when I got to know
firms 2 were lost to all this was the job on the and hope is that this is the right of the public of the the observation it was the end of key at the it's
some these know this is that the president of the American involvement with the proper the use of the also the work of Ericsson sites therefore sold used to form a government that's the center of the city of how where and so on and so and controlled much of the focus on the way we should not be forced into single she says that you should focus on these things the current of that was the status quo in the same year but most of them women and children and I'm going to is my work last year he said the Net another this is not something which is in the United States has accused the government of fast
but there are some of the whole of thing 2 do you know In final related to you know that answer that but the final decision was 1 of the world's most strongly in the 1st quarter of the youngest of his immunity from the new law on the Internet and pages it is certain that the rules of so this is a very good today and I'm on the the and what is going on here this year is somewhat as long as the water 1 meanwhile the young do you know what you want the From the start of the on the whole time so what is the solution for a while and is a student of the future of those are the Commission said that the all were born .period they have also in the creation of the universe In call I think it should be done with it I don't know that is what we need 5 the past the some of the Czech all of us who watched from the side of the law that miners once lost and energy to do this is part of the so you go the use of this around again I want this to done he is the time of the year the question is all the the it was only later this year and next year but in the case of the following year it's so long there were lost the use of the head of the land in
the last 2 some of the new government announced it was have the always not hear you at all we want to hear the news to
move next to 1 of the original music and literature no so we want to this time ,comma the he was forever that was the start of the through the end of this year is on the wall of the story .period that between up the deaths of the the 1st was the first one was considered so the work of the you can do right I want it was balanced by problems in the relatively
there was a a time of homework and is really helpful in getting comfortable with the this difficult people do pretty well on on farm so what I'm and bring property titles .period again but let's rewind and brother in the back you know the that was designed to prevent is we he
that some of you it was and
although of it old often basis says you have the number and the same number as the of leader the flight number the Soviet Union
and the fact is that rules that the answer should have the number of people the release precise None of the among was big former so we
really need to know all of us all manner of me to here we want to work with well then you don't appear to all of the standard line went on the 0 this country and the people that
are this is not only so far this year I want to no they should also you know that you know that on the the disintegration of interim did and I don't believe this the government will also known as the at France has done on this
museum and this much foreign some of them the have to install financially already 15 . 6 the same people worried that the number of calls most of them will ask for a study by all parties getting business the answer but this should be given reason despondently is the least size
used to for this summit entities 1 6 1 I 2 numbers these you either have to have some of the new year the 1st thing know we have a lot the running of this whole
thing that's all and move on the problem is that the figures from the state and this has been put him on this but I had this to say to result at up to see this kind of you realize this year as long as and then we should also be involved
now L this is a company that has the same not part of the 1st of of the year in year out of the nation's that Parliament had wanted Brazil the problem is that there are 2 schools of his again none
of the example of the kind of system that centers of each element used to hold on to the north so that is the kind of this comes from this fall I think we will have 48 hours on part of the small fighters and because of oxygen that's less than a point in time the mall at the prominent divided by following stock finds Vermont and New Year's while the number of and the quality of care is you should not have
another the market for answers
and history this novel right focus on the support system comes in the form of a kid is not by that this was what you would have to be placed on the decimal point 3 of the 4 the answer is going to be in Boston I would not say what it is that you take risk the city for a moment and that is also used for years for on the market you can say
what you wish for advancing answer should be enforced but many of his it was the 4th in the what has happened and what we that was the year of the he this is of the only this is the limit on the 1 of the best part
of the the reason that it's not resumed after the decimal
point to say that whenever you know yet to be able to construct arrive without converting 1 unit is something else and 1 of the most these are people that will
be the power to that celebrates the
boxes Is "quotation mark volume Foster given inches but I cannot answer you need so there is clear message on the a 1 side of time In
view of the number of genes associated with death so I think the prime rate is 1 way to do
it the definitions in the promotion of interest an incentive in relation to the leader and year so but friends and I can convert Egeland said the hospital this is public-private converted centimeters by multiplying by this unit that 1 8 2 1 4 5 seconds is 1 of the top is with about crossing out the incidents and everything which in parentheses you now this year
said since then "quotation mark usually takes
reservation no we want to each of the 2 1st set forth and the once that were a good most likely numbers and then had this convergence that reads all of this is that it happened because of the unique 1 version to convert the all against on the basis of
race his homework just the of but for the people of the world yeah it was worth it said he was the
idea 1 to please send you will want to come here next was elected to desert I could learn that you
can In testimony of 1 of
the most the following is the office of U.S. and British company in the back of the head of the university's number about 2 dozen interviews and want to to use the leaders said in his letter that you might this by without losing face that is to say that this was that will need parliament is used to call him over the head of children the on so
this is our moment of
them announced last year that there is almost unique wants to hold on the unite density of In a moment of Mexico over mounds malls no it also said that you can serve this convention which would have been told by the number of all the most fundamental and then there is the notion that a number of moles In the morals of a solid in leaders canceled all of this fall
you to this is 1 of some of them have been agreed you something to learn the you're being bolstered a
year or more letters about that he said is in use during the meaning of is that this is really all that on the that year and use your relations with 1 of the most liveable what did you learn from them since the death of 1 of
you that you the following fare abounds in the 1st
the half of used to cost more than enough to warrant the the following are some of the worst all right the 1 never guess this is just is
on the side of the warranty also at time year of the Woman Who are you get the books and I want talk to you have to look the don't want this some of the things you want on the whole the online on the that little learned yeah but that the
government and the military government leaders of Council sulfate resolutions an assistant concentrations non-aggression wins this skeletal a company called off because of this funding there was all this with that of other malls I know this will earn people's 1 which
areas of the world the American people the on the side many and in August when the regional tools all right to use all of the people and the year
of the Horse of the year the the following you know that you have to figure out what always if you're not supposed to use some of the things we can have to find new markets brands of tells him sold that we're all in this solution get sponsor number of
calls on all the aspects of the brand you you can look at you more
you always have the formal launch of the no 1 has to wonder what the solution is that this is not we want said that packed was used to on the other side of the problem did you know that you you're not going to very be
something that I think the Japanese government because I think that the around solution another alleged that the maps that sort of thing more while
volume with density we should you need to know this is going on last year over year you have no of mass and this is the last thing you want to functional I'm this again will only imports from 1 of the nation's
do when traveling in France this is a difficult question is what will
come to the fore the concept of they it if you know this is a very extensive and very practical situation you have a certain volume of all solution moment leaders and you have the
absolute amount of so you must have some of the major media the fastest man in the office of the members of the 1 by friends of the
solves all moment I you want right because there was no the malaria so the man most of you have to to realize a lot so we must this false remind union at the end of the last great removal ,comma outside and the fuel for that used some of it he does all that mean water to get the read so reminds 1 of the worst each 1
molded into the walls of some sort of firebrands divided
by the mass of sodium phosphate again this year the number of .period so fast this is the amount of social policy in more than among the leaders of the the yeah some of intended
and about 100 mom the story of the past year the removed so each 1 of the problem is that the should not of this it's not that there is no evidence that he was the son of a phenomenal ,comma compatible with the kind of and head of the household involved so many uncertainties there is some point in time 2 em you have to learn something from inside where and
when to do it and we know all areas of the will the the when
and many of the something the you use 1 1 of we will use all their response what sort of phosphorus from From
this is a program on the way home is not only about half of them in the
years ahead of the the economy but it's ammonium hydroxide was this is the ammonia capsules if the aged lost something in the so long as you don't hear from on
many of molecules he added forms of delivery
,comma movies and do what is that nitrogen dioxide nitrogen on Nov 9 1 this is not the only intermittently on always have priority all although some questions and
yes we can always an hour it's hard for you to do this that's right that the
use of natural gas on the manager 1 of the soldiers might try something from which this is 3 the 1 that aluminum oxide yes but most of which were considerably higher than the the rest of the I going to I want to
know what was on last
year on Friday 2nd