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Lecture 23. Redox in Basic Solutions

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Lecture 23. Redox in Basic Solutions
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UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:07- Redox in Basic Solutions 02:51- Midterm Results 07:56- Midterm Woes 11:27- Midterm Woes, Slide 2 20:16- Redox Reactions in Solution 22:07- Balancing Redox (Basic) 24:40- Half-Reactions (Basic)
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always again the movies Is this a hold on the city that not part of our the release of all the people way through were you that was 1 of the state of the art however ,comma succeeded beyond that ,comma hold ladies see you on this is not the end of the war on this is of time owners of the company the program ,comma this whole thing is not actually a number of years so we
have to do it something win the this is 1 of the men he said that all the
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prospect that the common ground is the community you don't always have been and will always on time because this is the soul of the I'm the
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on any given right and you know that you will not have to see "quotation mark it was not
doing this for quite some time and time again on the fact should there you start and you know there was the last question 1st filed a no this it is following momentarily sold announced on I'm have formal finding the soul of yours it also the environment not just on the reais because it is coming this fall 1 created led to but it's all that so I know something this to and To make fun of that music and
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the end of the year on that to removals at this fun I'm don't believe in the right because it did not have the power of the media that the do women to have a lot of people on the I have to remind all the
Commonwealth the goal of this is not that that some of the old data and
worries from around the world market this year the number of so the use of the you on the Indian side of the border of the 2 . 1 9 this here is the national so that the Honourable unless all of the of the years to use and you know more than you they got you there is 1 the this is the number of let to solve bilateral matters ,comma consultants here that it was inside I'm sorry to 1 of the 4 so was this it that we a bought this is 1 1 of the meetings there is is 1 this on this that would be
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mean another thing I .period now you practice is tells you that once was also on the run from the date it is a great honor information using dangerous weapons and that it following the hearing he
also it's about the unit the the important thing the the next 1 the he said members should on the way on the other finally usually and the dollar was filed I don't think so try some of office this time and now you want to be on the last day town wherever this is all right in the end the movement who are using the of the universe
you're right on the head of the agency and were at the heart of the use of the law we have the will of the people your
job is not to allow him to be the use of force in case of an users can and need warrants for electronic was shall initial reports from the past history of the European Communities and regional policy there was no successfully the fastest time in the last fall the I apologize to all the tools for you to do that and that's all talking to former head of state in the nation this is not the only 1 it was really began to focus on news the political then it is possible that you can do integrated the pressure said there they know on this is a lot of it is last time on the other hand in the universe we could I find it on the back of grounds that we the set of the movie the new ship the prosecution of course you need needs of from the threat of rain is the EU and the possibility of a report on the results of the and that you are the if you want the quality of life and you know this is the the URL to them and if you're really needs this there also see the roster of the I was most of the buildings in New York from the you're ready to call for all of you that you to use the former she found herself to be the problem is so full of America's history who is the head of we're not going along with it for the
year .period we were members of the the problem with the rest of the year the last thing we regret that In the the that's what the doctors each year that the also in
the war artist in there and that the what do you do that you have start using
the yuan and losses on the part of you often however on May solutions .period so we have an issue on which if you are on the this and it will remain so don't already and we went out and possibilities that we explained it this way for example while
the we will lose the same thing in order to remove the and not much a reduction in violence the all of that and that it is rare and 1 of the some on Monday press the original that's all of his arrest but said that about a redox reactions on the basic conditions but anyway I don't use the same tools that everyone must use that reaction that for acidic solutions to balance the equation as asked if there were an act of war and that is no the
a peace I don't know if this is what we're not going to want to be based loosely on Saturday and I don't know that not
all the time to get rid of all that was going are worried losses and that was it and all the losses on the part of the policy review on war nor was it was I generate H alone on 1 side and the opened combined management lost 10 of their so I
1 of the most beautiful woman the office the rarely used to on the number of these fine 2 last year we also make sure that requirement that the 2 1st number don't you the number of users and that the child you the United States ,comma the 2 yesterday that the on
Friday on the it's not so issued is
it is on the some variant of the wall memorial or is here at end
that we need to do that he said the prevented
and and Germany lost sold 2 that well enough to return to the end of the day that the other side of an analyst at his news sources and sold the required
because this the soul of the
party is going to be converted into them and I don't think that so sold on the role of the I have been used the role of the effects of what I'm going to have sold it in hands asked to
have solution and that is was so let's see what this means what the use of any also have
that's what is really at the heart of the the if you lose like this all as to my new job in years to come the clearly has lost some of that this many find that this is just the 1st of this is
changing in the office of the presidency sold on the western
alliance the year to March Americans to what I here and a higher status that was for what note that the extent of what 2 last year this is not a member of the next day she had his soul just wanted to the 1st 2 months the and the reduction have
reacted is this this many
discovery process so as to what was about Boston so this on that matter we the former including up to wife . com and that is where offices the U.S. this decision said this is a war that has led losers so you can
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of the all you I need because of the year and it is a solid is 1 of you that was all you have to have a resources or on of right now is 1 of the it was also appears as if there was 1 of the most of the
practice too it was solid on the assumption that new assault began in the in the least although most of the people of work this is what on what you have here it was a very good news for the fiscal and all the work the results of a better life and doing
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that is all about the that's the only it's too much you is 0 1 and have this is just 1 of the hostages electoral victory here of general
this laughter I'm very happy with this
but he said the you may want the to the hearing the article this is my 1st year so that was sold to somebody is going on the and what they say the matter many of whom lost soul among with something so that you can 1 the soldier you also need about the management of the the White House in
the fall of the government and the result was clear throughout the this
year although it said there was a need for the money you the government said it managed to post losses it most 1 of the world's finest minds to find all right across the board might need that most the
message from the sources said that
at the start of the there is a lot to do what this year we will have 1 on the water was used we have to and be look at that time of the views the
From the ins and outs all of us
in the media From so now on the 1 hand on the shoulder of the road no oxygenated water inside correct then we have always known that no comments on the back of a 0 . 15 years old you you have to make this year and is lost by the end of this year the government and so the United States last phone 5 losses and compensated with 5 of the York wire need to
add 5 electrons
those despite loss charged in total that these components so I don't want to work at the end of the security was that a Seattle and then the 1st reaction after elections and 5 in the production of a reduction in the way relations the Bloomberg has
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when the fire Forest Tennessee around elections here that is going on at the center OK he added of the final following 2 comments on the I don't want to be part of the central respiratory muscles and so all of the further Normandy most of the time then there was no guarantee across and this funny you're writing this book
.period this is my final result that would proceed as it were as of 16 in front of a
number of years a version of that into a new war 36 thing to said to it's fun but a song that there is a right and world think have those aged block for the items that changes 60 on March the 2nd time 160 undermines there are 16 points Monday genocide the shortest way the new science has become depressed we
and on this side also of
16 arrangements they should have at the end of the month and that he was 1 of the 2 on water In general 61 some money from this point out in the ladies by 16 quarters of the year Michael ignorance and here is what 661 recently announced that it had received more than
modest aid in the form of
a number of so that aid from the EU the wall the can cost up some of that and this process agents 616 South American States 81 not based on properties with 1 of the on
board I made a lot of hard and water the solution is
always going as the United States it is for this it is for the Olympics Mary sold over and also reduced the size of the year the use of this kind of
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the way across the world that only some of the lessons of the language and rock if you don't some of them are gone in reaction once again and this is my solution that's year as the elements extraordinary I was going 8 times to 16 16 1610 right there is no hard in useful the 16 stating of Solis said here too From the many solar many 2 people I what that maybe who
the time has almost all of them all 7 soapstone rituals yourself from here and most of and oxygen oxygen 80 under water and sometimes also use of 60 people have died from the peroxide and indeed the that means
that there is now and I find that
many of these last 2 years to the 5 4 on top of that activity on the site later this year I have not been here this 16 miners 169 of the senators was neutral this is truly has managed to do this said as 14 14 to in the manager her here and there really
is nothing new you some of the heart and the murder of material for the rest of the world care and I of yeah yeah on the Net this month you the
soul of Europe part of that is that money to do it you know what yes it also we're all around and with of so I have to do that because of this part of the so 1 it was time to hit the ball very useful and he hit on the side of the the Union of but whole thing you have In a letter to the court for an analysis of last year the the order you you want to what we have here there are about to see that all he almost all too
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