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Lecture 22. Midterm II Review


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time out here on the floor of the of the of the the arrival of the 1st half of this year and I want you to know that this is 1 of the few years on the on the bond on the 1 wants all of the you the fact that they 1 of the questions that of musical this is my 1st novel the goes on to really want to talk about the truth so you can only 11 0 0 only on the USA and all the way from many of the rest of his life in Europe although some of the deal
Friday to a mid-term where do you live with that thing for the capital and Bloomberg tried last fall for In the course of the
company the you it's not for lack
some of the things we have to cover all of the money will go that Bolton at the national program the number of all of
Europe and the world it would was the come from or I want to know that it will be inferior to that of the sort
of things happen all the people of Hong Kong that's 1 of the literary agent is entitled to and it
was found yeah I had a lot of it is a we're going to where did the British nationals were calling on the the
number of units sold so there was no word on the job of the you this is the kind of money find
or the it is this is the it could be loneliness the need the number quality the people of the shares start you know there's 100 different than that of the you just have to wait until
we use the word about the plot will need to what
the Is that 1 goal of the you want to call the and that was directions more assets from the 1st 1 wall the the they you have the government is also seen 1 aged in their trading
hours of the usually
at all this because of this thing here the manager of foreign this bases you have all of which are on the phone and you're wondering it is time to move on question this is an insult to his all of us what it on the other
hand the organizational I know don't that if there was a lot of
interest in this and all the and so you can see look at the time of the movement and With the importance US President conversion from moles to Max heating only mountain malls legislation
here you multiply the ball last month and and conversion can also
be done comestibles if you have a certain amount of rent by the end of the year year these are the but that's not what I meant start of 1 of the conditions demand was taken at a particular elements so that's the 1 moment ,comma then announced that it will happen injuries but the element contributed to 1 of them for years the numerator and denominator of that formal talks about a lot more so
here over the years that
contributed by times on issue don't know what missionaries here on the need for 2 years ago what are you what are massive senators of the different elements the few elements of hydrogen and oxygen From the representation of the through the last
match of works current this
same moles of current 1 will become 6 times the lowest part of the his contribution of foreign to the world this is total of 1 will come out of the most at 182 . 7 in even at all shortly His ratio 6 on this divided island home times 100 gives us a 39 . 5 6 How many things you need at this yeah this is not the
1 of the things that come with your help that will have his that means the world to be allowed to use the Internet is not about the history the world somewhere has win the last year yes you know where
you simply always the rules you cannot you decide that if you're on the wrong side of the road the petition that had the it not only that but the use of arms and munitions the result of the long None of yeah there's no explicit look at the mass of
hydrogen under the same 14 times the movement's fighters this contribution Of the massive contributions by the end of the match and this is the ball as total compound once again that racial times 100 gives us 7 points there is a sense that the so-called and finally the last part of the the city of 6 of the suffering of the 6th hole a
lot of people on compound 6 times the moment
16 red walls the body of another sort that ratio and 1 on the personal use of the 2 of them you have the right to impose financial matters and that not just won't you will you all of you at 1 of missing 101 all want is also on the references right this year and this
should be the work of the crime is just 1 the it central on the director of the form the fact that this is the
balance the following elections where it is found in reaction to his the government has the normal last barium oxide levels of arrested this as I said this is that way so we have to rely this titled What Cheer and years
you go back so the company in
and so on ruled out as the 1st woman to win that there was not much of a very there is 1 year on despite glory that's the National was going on they don't want to you as 1 that many of these 2 there some kind of their forefathers mediating
because we have not made it more we know that this is what I have stated this chlorine
profitability relative to this constitution some of these 2 years I also like to management of the they said that they're not going to want to do and wanted to know that we have to use more efficient organization of the OK another 1 difficult question where anything can
work in a workable plan the and that that the 3 assault is 1 of the
Act the other 1 is headed for gasses or so you would have had to call on the water on the city you can call it that postpone to the activities the products are apparently more and had a soul which is against what sort of left and right from there I'm
really is on the last day or so there is chance to move you may have been lost in her you need to have quality of life of the police so this is the wisest to minus item any 3 and catatonic to them later in the just might have tried to and then asked 3 that as useful make sure you that there
is room for newcomers that would being able to write this column
correctly the literary the United States here everything out of him that but we know that you about some of amendments that the other reactors is not so difficult I don't the agency of in the gas phase pulled out all the OK on the front lines I time to the war what did
realize as charged along In many of the problems that we see on the
assault on the Indian and the other 1 is the sole goal is my the hundreds of millions of some kind of Asia investors you put on on Dec so now we're going to go with it so responsible on the planet science to hear the case all along the road to the some the fire and then on to the next government which is sold over the years there is only 1 of the best of these this part of the inspected some of the same there was no different this time around the United States and then let the two-time really these also has 6 floor that so the user can exert pressure
on the yuan would find that here I write to you you again so you have a reaction
and the person is right and we have and that lasted from you that you and elected the Clinton where the completely on integration and then also at the same time we like to be so that is have so this is
called piracy and asked piracy and that its use of plants that is so you have brought those of 2 reactions is passing these reactions had to use a it's going to be the own minus the form was that some of you they are the sponsors the reactions in the form of molecular ,comma APC is fully resolved what is aging last year stunted Interactive is only 2 months before the water the liquid and then the other 2 lines soldiers last year the CIA and that it 1 need what is this In the the whole you know it's not on the hole not I'm
going to leave you with this the United out of the media and the was formed public opinion on question thusly so How do you like this at last the amount of aid lost him if both the result that I have the following the call and do not do it's their are aged lost see for lost in the war there no agreement on
both the media and the locals so many people I mean
I this is not and me I don't miss the truth but there are so many months Mike and not solely you're available stable and
lived on the other side those
lost now that's a compliment or it would happen to was on the other users political so here don't last that there were some of the two-year forces crossed the spectacle expected I'm knows I'm here on both sides of the
river In this work but the president of the
united against the law and that the problem and it stated in the year and the year of the process and the left is simply the proton contraction of rocks and to form part of this 1 some of of
whom them have gained the Nunavut
where all this the answer is no and there were a lot patent that where there is an age be among the 1st Earl Park and you're always looking at what was once 1 of the biggest Massachusetts I think the case and that the
problem of the call but that's another
we have the right to be a like other completely on international equation of this reaction is not the case in the face of the right now I want to stress that we have a long long the eliminate trade barriers approximately 2 reactants so it's not about again for older Poland and purposes and the are reactants products are all figure out which is somewhat that is the Pacific I can lead to more nominations with nitrate and aluminum hydroxide which only
the most aluminum hydroxide overbearing it is not the time for all the
world it is not Bloomberg it's only Pacific there is little rocks the fact that aluminum oxide alone is the last appointment 1 the worst means anything of that sort of thing are always at the end of the United States should not there growing worse is to what always the problem that the reader to to OK
so let's not that all these things into on that this 1 is ironic and also outsider aluminum and nitrate bearing and advance 10 is a three-day visit to the music at 600 sites within hours nominees that come right to the head that you have to set to them to look at the start of the same year as to them to mobilize history it's 6 in care and the other side I have precipitated which was
announced underlines that is a solid there is no reason call
you can work yeah we have good nite OK so let's figure out which ones on spectators in 2 years and most of the missing won might CU 6 6 usually crosses of 3 Bulgarians and cheaper it's like they're also analyzed the crosses that this is not does not process because you don't often hear this is part of solid again on furiously results of this of so what I'm wondering is going to be a size and said that is the the great
1 this there a if thing
and to get the to say to we have to do is to show world that was so well I can divide full agreement to have 1 3 loss so that is needed
polish this it is you
don't have to do go that then I felt confident that the over a long period of time what should you not that this was the whole of the year I 1 things some of all right with you you we
realize that the blue balloons no so you should be half what do you want to hang on to what the I'm not going want to the be very the
young animals reporter who has about for half a number of
roles wall equals called the sovereignty and the time you for you go out and find a way to do that with this fall and is eager to the user of the to read all the following USA In terms of
understanding from the government plan while the it was right that following the example
this the 1st time since the 1st day of the month so I have 1 6 7 5 .period solution also also ,comma people sitting on the use of water has the added To make the point that the more of solution that's about all I can use this equation you where someone I have I have this situation before which is the biggest metropolitan malaria to which this is 1 of the violence this number is the amount of
leaders such as the number is like there's a
malaria and happily and I can also determine their also have alerted after that means I think I'd like people new to this feature so that's what areas so with 4 times the show anytime the entire view of malls In animals actually my Honourable Members of this
explicit that is 1 of the 4 walls there are still in use in Newark some the Sudanese malls and almost all the known as the Bird's back to more than more on 1 this is the work that is the denominator which is the concentration that you want to have anything to do with the money want to
have the to the tourism 2
1 6 the meeting initially I had this your . 6 5 but on the other side the border 1 of thing them for a
long time before I had to work on you want to know how however the question
that finally there is the need to when traveling on business and this is the time all of that something before worse so I have this is a constant threat this is the start of the week To get volume is on
file that and you know it is optimistic said but rather than just 1 more women L it is very
interesting but not enough you get that you probably want to buy the what whole thing will turn on the news this year you to have hold the promise of a new this is not so we can and usually followed the firm and that was going on in there but that In Europe World War I and 2
years to get a lot of things that I want to do the
highs and lows through the window those things you guys can and that on the favorite of all different on what reversing this month delivery numerous well now he's going to
look at however the use is also very the won't and this this
is Rufus Sewell this is what we I see and hear if you a lot of
things you have to the Commission I said that's what will you do that you
look at most of the people who really want to when you actually is not alone what I have tried to be fair that is larger than what the decision that I have to do with this what is not as large ones as of Louis the limiting reagent How much Texas religion Islam to conceded that no calculation however is that is the interests of the 2
but the started the looting created related to come on through more Mauritius wanted 1 so I concurred little direct means I have yet right 1 of started the miners with the Justice this is not going to do it in this is same the
community itself the moment when the political the introduction of the do you units this is
a situation to 3 guys move on to the ball 5 6 7 8 guys in red None of for us nothing to worry about 1 to 2 that each will guide likes that to learn but so what we found is that is a lowering of the committee meetings said that is soon to warn you that you probably know this 1st the security of England and
all you there were some of the country in the
region 250 this is the duration of the union and whether it is part of what is the same way that you man equations that his reaction to get to that point number actually the acid rain and they always believed that you want to move on to production of flat to tell you what the agency could forget to use on fruits and 1 of of the things
you have the money To the amount that you
just stand there and is a real known that the directions the there is a lack
of policy the use of the Kurdish on the always all right that is 1 of the the worst thing is that of a man who has worked with him there have been at some the original From that the ratio of 1
of the the less numerous than I want you to read Bloomberg it's problem on the form ,comma actually I always thought walls all injuries to calculate how much of it to
some examples this is a list of sufficiently the actions I have very well right and have hiring so what can question is how much of the Pacific and is made in this is very it's always from the heart of the grant of the Pacific need more research 1st
correct balance that's that's right
out of the legendary for his wife and then hiring to be sold by the CIA for plans to solve happened to ask the barrier to lost only 1 match the various fields barium sulfide is this ,comma vast barriers to also plans to mine means once-over with an read the court I want to last week the it was
the only region 1 lost you balance unsuccessfully has into to their freedom of debt so now and always equation the single that loaded the bases for the last time you you know the popular during the meeting don't directly what authorities to win the game net
immigration this
situation following their meeting 1 kind of sulfur from various the results of this simplifies the dramatic but afterward almost instantly and politicians of all that out because the only thing that could result in the prejudice 1 barrier to 1 so I can't give firm that I which 1 the related to the
so for the 1st time in most of the time the great that the reaction was so that's the only thing you have to have come from around world this interview animals buried each variable right you don't want the southernmost like this that led to the volume of new malls
a number of calls this point
1 of the year's highest point to malaria and in the number of very much to loss of year in the numerator nominated exactly as the number of calls from Seoul and that this is the sole finally answered each 1 will come out of this year and it is not the time to read the history of the guy guys with the formal on the ground this in means the denominator is animals of all you are on 1 6 7 is the ratio of the media the numerator is the limiting the
Berryline using the
Internet to happen so that you're wrong yeah the numerals all year I'm solution yet but is not the goal of
this 1 yes there really
is because . 1 years .period more use of yet the number of miles off I really no matter so the whole thing
all have the sole right now the right
of each 1 0 allowed so as to need so the don't want to will explore the use of renewables the this is important if you
don't get usually b the it
would be it is found to be sold in the form of treatment
that was something we so that's Barrasso by some of the stuff very because of the reversal I to some they wonder who's won the support of 1 1 the that same amount the malls of the use of steel . 0 2 times 1 it's still uncertain
bolsters hold you brand sold by multiplying the moment last gives the amount of the bond
programs from various that was the 1 word and not have the right to vote and his table together on numerous off so be sure you you can work that the following is a list of places and that's all that you have to go to court against the likes of the the all I started
900 numbers the
protests although that's 1 reactant chemicals and the other guys you got on that debt has sold is suspended for the Pacific is going to detail sold because that's is what I did not but that was all areas of London the notes that with about at the very core of leaders only optional resulted in the
Soviet Union Pacific that the spirit of this isn't now this is a
great deal about the terminology reagent with were they always do look at the ratios in the equation we have these 2 reactants this is 1 mole 2 1 mobile for one-to-one
means history of Britain 1
and the actual numbers aren't you 1 all business all the walls of their room someone 2 for this or not but we know this is the land that solvent In this case are not encouraged to the
human race he don't have to go wherever on Dec solvent
the government how many grams of the city is the Pacific visible interior the summit of Mount Doom was among the start with the number of mobile limiting reagent test sulfate confirmed that the number of malls all reserve the number 3 1 2 1 the number of most of the decision converting the novels of Father themselves they want what with don't 1 it was 1 of
the more massacres
Italy among the various nationalities example that has already been alright dairy last fall himself is affidavit 1 to show you that not only are for 1 year the example of of this is the last of this age splits ammonia was based a base that is later on Friday the forming initial lost in the last minute the government of the United States
and the need to know what you want and that's all I
want to come from the core of the Resistance and I'm on the other
coast city on Friday
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Abstract UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:07- Midterm II Review 01:46- Midterm II Information 02:20- What Will Be On the Second Midterm? 04:34- Moles and Mass 07:12- Mass Percentages 11:48- Balancing Chemical Equations 17:43-Chemical Equations 22:26-Chemical Equations, Slide 2 26:31-Molarity and Dilution 28:32-Molarity and Dilution: Midterm Example 32:04-Limiting Reagents 36:37-Limiting Reagents: Midterm Example 43:52-Precipitation Reactions 46:50-Acid Base Reactions

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