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Lecture 18. Acid-Base Reactions

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Lecture 18. Acid-Base Reactions
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UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:06- Acid-Base Reactions 01:37- Acids and Bases 03:39- Acids and Bases, Slide 2 05:12- Acids 08:25- Bases 10:29- Acid-Base Reactions: Hydrocholoric Acid and Potassium Hydroxide 15:53- Acid-Base Reactions: H+ and OH- 17:48- Acid-Base Reactions: Perchloric Acid and Magnesium Hydroxide 24:03- Titrations 25:22- Titrations: Neutralization Reaction 26:41- Youtube Example: Titration 28:06- Indicators 28:49- Indicators, Slide 2 29:52- Acid-Base Reactions: Neutralizing NaOH with HCl 35:35- Acid-Base Reactions: Hydrochloric Acid Added to BA(OH)2
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next week we