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Lecture 15. Fun

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Lecture 15. Fun
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UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:07- Fun 02:08- Puzzles 02:54- Balancing Equations 07:15- Limiting Reagents: Diagrams 09:50- Limiting Reagents: Cl and O 18:42- Percent Yield 22:46- Example Problem: Excess Reagent Molecules 28:06- Example 31:03- Example 33:31- Exploding Cars 35:23- Exploding Cars, Slide 2
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the policy of the country and the you go on and on and on and that is I I would like to think that a lot of parents that they I think it would be a solvent the operators of the at the center of the world in the name of the rest of us that is was not the place where you from what about the use of the land within the capabilities the you think that you know now In the light of the people like the policy of the government of to and on what moral lacks the calculation .period please NOTE comparisons with the water next to
last time being this is not new know it's just a very good job search that even this 1 it has a lot of good quality the on the other side is that the user who were inspired
by breaking out of the car with these madam since our location on the United States of his but
some of the I don't think regions that will invite all the way so you know what but you do not have listed on both the same amount of that on the other 2 years is only 1 of the Is there a lot money this is true in the United States in the world by the time the use of them they are on the computer we the idea is that we cannot on the guy in the
world there are some of the things you would do
doing everything it could be that there anonymous From the Office warning use among I need you to know that this is not going to stop trying to make 1 of most direct and no 1 wants come on this show right
1 of the 4 years that the 1
is wanted me to any number of products to next misleading quality but this is not a you have to make your office the time is not this would be the right to take that also has a work you want to find out if you want to know what to the these I think the number of this is just
the you start over at the those that I have to see what is going on there are ,comma 3 of the yard during prime time to time so you know what that means is what the solution is also looking for
ways to ease the crisis here so
much From there will not be at something this is time it only some of this stuff you can go to the time so use of the time and the use this is a good 1
this is a problem having all so soldiers get you don't to go on your resistance war can bring back to that because president while the
problem lies in the years after the fall of the actual losses on this and this is most likely won't to play on on the eve of the University of he was the 1 of 2 things for
compliance what do you want to say to you and that threat or what 2
it's always with some of the things that on that so Mitchell you discover going through the middle of and then they lots of its so this is a government that is regional
units part of the it you have to have many of the most this
reaction at the end of this stage of the guys who have that as part of his greatest it 1 each 1 of us wanted to make 1 you year and need to offer 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6
articles of the remaining 6 1 promising not to make the
that world a day and that the United States and the work each 1 in 200 of the hydrogen molecules introduced to parliament on seasonal only 6 of the 10 . 2 3 4 5 6 stories . 6 while those that I used left so what situation after happened she was is the truth
about the history of the Act and the city of there are of the
photos and 6 stations and 2 nations led to accusations on what they that's the end of this month not because I have access to the it is 1 also are the same as me also worries this guy is probably at his Washington home in the morning I want to part 6 loss to understand this year alone according to the top of the disease finally the
world you know From 1 of the most
some of the compounds containing chlorine and this visit comes to you know it will react access features to this deactivated the other elements of the old concept known as Point is limited and it will produce soon products HCL and age the quality of the In determining your whole life you 1st part of the people
that's the 2nd the 1st of the year was there's a lot of the that right the underlying economic growth and the
hundreds of changes the so what is the place you know and was on the right track and I know that I am really Asia and the Association of American Universities is over produces HCL and nationwide look at that then I think Germany remains at the White House and the this is from "quotation mark I see
that each mole on cm x or y can produce following each year you is that it is act on the other hand the on is the axles on the Net because the story gives rise to 1 the 1st that warranted the
next step therefore the 1 you
want to jump to mastermind of so long as also it's all 1 organization of this work is not a Bloomberg is this so you know the regulation of this government funds from the that's more than the 1 not that that all
over world but also because problems in the house and
have a principle the quantities involved guidance during the rest of your life with perhaps the lack in you are going to see animals each year ,comma moles operational the rest of the season should that would be quite a lot firmer bundles of 18 out of comparable age to politics
and relation to the absence of innovation in if you you know what it
said there was there there is no known that that's something we can do again grants converted to calls by the people at of the America back from 1 of the Act was used check the units this passed
this conversion to give you the number of moles in the final 1 really thanks to the experience of disco the
what do you think you on the other hand the at rest of the response of these materials all the glory at the regional office in Montpellier so this is not the amount .period all right this is the quality of its long I'm going to America .period the
issue this is a division of
deputies to 1 2 4 France's demonstrable digital each station you want to obstacles that you have to work through the walls so this is the next this line that is that while
the so the music and finally
preparation the chlorine and reading I have a quantity of oxygen in the quality of the ratio between the 2 is the reason the stuff on the walls of geography have rocketed around malls of art so that the right buy if you want but should and Argentina off I would not of the generation
resulted in the for each quarries I didn't find out where the meeting was part of the laws governing the award right so
that was the problem was known as the life at the start of the because of the bad I have years each 1 CEO the . 5 out of he said the meeting was bolstered the finest people models you know what I was going to to I think he'll do follows
that if you the only during the year this was a slightly different figure saying that I had to have something His mother on the other day "quotation mark yeah more they I to because they're all should you need
some new issues this is not to use on the good will of all the that is it also to use the money to buy them here and talk to you about the the other 2
also yes no this year it's about the people in America all I have had with
the remote but with the 1 molecule based he on the Net on occasion that this year the horror of war and he soon the all independence
the only half of there are the
opponents of the year I would 1st of all the things that go on we want to understand the problems facing the world of work that some of the following another reaction the memories files are terrorists sees its age 14 is converted into this scene too Major form that's reaction is also other stocks the
directory that this is the case that I want all of
this was converted into 1 the activation if you look this process is 42 . 5 what this study bacteriological text must be fed to produce a former 81 grams of fiber at some of the works more often and you on the
1 hand on the what is the exact 1 In the 1st half next
month will union the state of the art an excellent you do is that's a you would like to know how many balls of the project going on and will be a friend you want to but paragraph where it is not something that I want 48 while former 81 grants provided by
most the conservatives tournament there are
7 1 1 austerity so the form the head of the 71 cents or more of the common stock during the reaction that it 1 1 moment has decided to create a losers along with salt yeah what are you
going you need so much on
most of the Korean War so long as the where are the busiest point of pride on the theory that the waters of the deficiencies of started out and this set so they can do about it you this is all but
certain that at times the amount of the release more more he's 1 the of the the problem
with the water you know what perhaps the worst of the recession since World War Prime Time and the amount of work that should get you you know who you are so that is
not ready for this .period
71 rumbles divided by its fractured 14 . 2 things you might have stop I does this is the only walls University also said immediately in grants so they have to do with her life by all that get on this
but some of what is known as the result of the American people want and this is the 1st of is the same by raising the level of now the only thing that is in the lead and the reason are likely to do what you have think about the problem of all the enactment of of the University of many oxygen combustion reactions that CEO to interracial love comes up I certainly number of
the activities of the pop out the action is called the problem was
that the law that says I've 17 molecules all men and 1 woman 42 a lot of money in the world the company more than I think they should going to the the accident all of
Europe this this summer what I
have to do is to determine which of these reagents were there but it's the same thing I want to know the mole ratio means that there would be a balanced bridge that you need to move on the regional all that that means want want the cooperation this is all the more I wasn't always that
actually did the the number of people in the
original it the view of the euro but that lose most of the peoples of the region at the time of this title the United Nations the cost of the
work on wall 4 that kind of thing here you raised the International this is about finding the qualities of the
nite the number was others were wrong some 70 molecules or Ch 1 of hundreds more difficult to say that this is what is natural not anymore but just because the ratio there's people African
1st of all the doesn't matter which of the proposals this will the race appeared to be going on and on and on and on and on all the the number of times in the ball 1st you won't want to miss the solidarity time
effects on this is smaller 5 BCH CH 4 mechanisms
limiting reagent amid all the answers because of we have something like off after OK so common to most wanted to hear that they had a 71 70 molecules of method where you reagent I think it was number
of reactor the number of reacted to the have to move on to the
pitch of you the the name of the year to each of you on it and it will support that each of the 2 more about this from the across the road from the past several times to meet was 1 of 14 more
after years of losses so far only
1 yes you have 100 miles from home to work no I think that the provision of steps in malls number users the standards of workers we were greeted at the company would not comment on
Berkeley's just to get used to send them
off in a different reaction this is also provides a reaction it's a different kind of but never indicated of the number of the molecules after this reaction has proceeded on December the at 1st the bullish on the where was 2 moles of this
region for the funeral what would you Federation was 1 those the the only downside risk in the park that was actually that of it all Europe the decision to go
to the front of the people want on this number less than that of any other areas around the world with the sea of the and all the company year
call it again and you will
be released integrated into the we have common Washington the roster where is the number of people who to if you have been takes the for each to August 15 was on the way to the top of the fact that
the you all the data reacts to the ratio of the also reacted takes over 15 months at the time of the fire was not known to have reacted reversing years of government service the the standard normal people on the ground and how to go about it almost on the other hand 5 8 5 is that they are sold by the time the I "quotation mark to call that they have
a lot because there is no other way to you what can talk to you on this day 1 of the wounded pride .period
and not the other the this is and 1 of the I don't know ,comma agreeing that it is in the eye and said that they thought he knew the I want to be there are
Bloomberg said national it is there was no need France has holes were not normal told that you are a friend of the malls the also it's not that New
York was 1 of the ones
that last 1 to be humorous again this year the some it was have it's a little weird even tho
within the necessary as long as the at
the same number of including the Asian Games and convert them to remember on the Net out for 1 reason each to use this I take with you on this status to number of months below that of the United on me this is the man that I had been sort take effect this summer I have exactly 1 would have
the company this is involved on
Valencia and the only 1 to he there last you could
no it was if you think of all the the it was not clear the unity there are a lot of work to
do and that this past year
1 of the 1 of the most in the last what of that's the problem right now it seems wrong but the this is 1 of the only 1 of love haven't this happens here not only do we have
to do up in the scandal right to work there is no you have to that the
Germans was In time to so what is it is the only 1 of the leading to press the right of all the that's all 1 of the leaders of each 1 at the end of the month In might the Celeste was none of
that is that they don't think about moving out of the immediately but only about really is the mother of 1 of the least of which was a difficult task the density of cattle that is number right given the brand and then the heart you also reported that some of from 2 . 4 meters below he is reaction someone on the staff of a dissent where you want to
it is you want to have a quantities of oxygen inherited that operate 4 reacting
explosives that means levels of oxygen for each 1 will have to regions fact let's see it to believe that this is what you're and it is not possible for the of them a lot year that were in being the it's up to you yeah that's the only thing at all
and how many more than that I'm
going to reversed and that's the way it was here is that it would seem that the rest of the year for the rest of the rest of the year said you have the rest of the world this is a message that none of the
problems of the cities around the world in the some of the
leaders of this most of the match there is man for the around In the past the moles of so much of you usually the practicable the man of you have to ask the yeah also has said that man about now the vote
but he would have been I hung
around 1 while you I find people think that goal that is not but there is a need to know what happened 11 times water well problem is I don't have any and I think this fall you have do there was a role we cannot find
a vision that is not story on the whole that so this this that was not you know that Bloomberg you
want to 5 of the said when it was the company where the is needle what is these are not yet so I guess on the other side it but I want to you can and although there
is both "quotation mark the following is the most
common also falling under the you the last match the moment balls computers operational security holes and another 1 I was in awe a lot of it is going to take part in the meeting the 2 leaders you want to something for the Americans job but even
so I don't is know not convert years inequitable because I have reverted to we will hear from all sources of wife 52 years by this version that uses about and on top the 2 of the more so since he moved here you you want to get us out of this in the revisions to the rules about this and we have 1 thing in
the world this is not about not even in the duration of the army all year the article vary
someone who actually knows that what was it on so I'm they all want to live on the last thing I know this is almost what that means infielders painting out of murder final as the calculation if is the worst affected all year despite what was thought to be on walls so I could the company restoring again on
the assumption that the a
moderation the want we'll have to let so we need to .period calls oxygen have Washington on 11 for each formal so affected by this this year the number of calls most of the time the boards of the 2 friends the mass and then I'm going to move
the body fire this of work
last season following the 1st from a number of parties the number of active in also of rents in the number of through this that's what you have to
build a new during the year 1
0 1 on top of 1 of is reviewed the approximately to have become normal we also read but there is no
small thing what can we they are the ones who were then in the area 1 of the lessons there but is they also
use more of also used to think like ballrooms that the actions of the performance of their duties but
you know where you can go with them because most of the time of the sale but 1 of the you have to think about it and make it all the because Of the all the all alone in the beginning of of the love of the